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Google de-listing of BBC article 'broke UK and Euro public interest laws' - So WHY do it?

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"It's potentially illegal because they've been told to weigh the merits and not just de-list everything that gets requested."

It's not Google's job/duty to weigh the merits of 'public interest'; it's up to a court to make a decision on such matters, if this is a legal argument. If the courts aren't happy with Google's amateur decision making, they should spend time making legally binding decisions for each and every instance.

'Spy-proof' IM launched: Aims to offer anonymity to whistleblowers

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Re: you know your demographic

Which one has the pointy ears? Can we see pics?

Is there too much sex and violence on TV?

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Re: Cohorts!

And some of those are now dead and thus not watching TV anymore.

VC who wants to split California REVEALED as Silk Road Bitcoin slurper

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Splitting California

Yes, get rid of the poor people and everybody else's average wealth will increase. It's obvious.

Travel website Hotel Hippo yanked offline after data leaks spotted

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Again and again

" ... he could input booking reference numbers other than his own and view other customers' personal details, simply by making a small change to the URL."

This, as we know, is one of the oldest faults in the book of security failings. Leaving aside questions of which useless developer created the website, the management of this company are responsible for its security and they should be the ones to be hit by sanctions and fines (ha, if only).

ISPs haul GCHQ into COURT over dragnet interwebs snooping

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Don't they have Crown Immunity?

In UK legal actions anyway.

Sorry, chaps! We didn't mean to steamroller legit No-IP users – Microsoft

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They lie

I try an ftp connection, via cable internet and by mobile internet:

"Status: Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NONAME - Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known".

Error: Could not connect to server"

BBC offers briefest of teasers for the next Doctor Who

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Thumb Up

I've upvoted you ...

... for your brave display of klutzpah. (Cynicism beyond the call of duty also gets my upvote.)

Catch cack-handed baggage handlers in the act with Ericsson's SPY SUITCASE

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Ericsson has the patents on this one.

"Blah ...technical stuff ... blah .... implemented within a SUITCASE." Patent awarded.

Speed of light slower than we thought? Probably not

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Re: Silly question...

As I understand it, light (photons) are not affected by gravity. Space itself is distorted by gravity and so it looks as if light is deviating from a straight-line path.

Microsoft's anti-malware crusade knackers '4 MILLION' No-IP users

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They got me

(mystring).serveftp.com is not working right now. Fortunately I do know the IP address of my home so I've just made a copy of the connection details and replaced the hostname with my IP address. I've paid for this 'premium' service, damn it.

So, if anyone misuses a subdomain of serveftp.com, Microsoft can grab the entire domain and stop anyone using it? Bastards.

Distributed Linux OS wizards CoreOS release first commercial product

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Updates by outsiders

If you're worried about the 'quality' and suitability of updates, can't you load them into your own repository and then decide which ones you'll allow onto your system after doing test and checks on them?

We got behind the wheel of a Tesla S electric car. We didn't hate it

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A quick couple of points ...

" ... the power consumption in kilowatts per mile .."

A meaningful figure would be kilowatt.hours per mile, the energy consumption. You don't 'consume' power. The battery will have the ability to hold a certain amount of energy, hence an idea of your possible range in miles.

" ...the mathematically complex miles to the gallon ..."

I don't see what's complex about mpg. My car gives 40 mpg on a long motorway run so it'll slurp 2 gallons if I drive 80 miles. Simple.

Saddle up for the Tour de Firmware

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All the way

How about the pedals drive an alternator that charges a battery that drives a wheel axel motor, which is controlled by a twist-grip on the front-right handlebar? It would have regenerative braking of course.

True fact: Your CAT wees ... like a racehorse

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"... a long and wider urethra results in faster flow ..."

I don't understand why a longer urethra would result in a faster flow. Wider, yes, that seems obvious. Can anyone explain?

Today in IT news: iPad Fleshlight a reality

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I want to see ....

... a Teddy Love going down on that thing. (Yes, I know I'm weird.)

Devs: Fancy a job teaching Siri to speak the Queen's English?

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Re: "this writer's Apple Map app has started giving directions in a Welsh accent"

I'm sure they know Llaregyb about it.

Creepy battery-operated teddy bear sex toy..,sadly, this is for real

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But she's not wearing a teddy.

Can we see pictures of her wearing a teddy? Have I misunderstood something?

US Supreme Court: Duh, obviously cops need a warrant to search mobes

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In some ways ...

... it's comparable to entering your home and looking through your files and correspondence. If anyone had the pattern-swipe 'password' to my phone, they'd have access to my Gdrive, Dropbox and private ftp server.

Gid E-Up? Vulture's claw presses pedal to metal on VW's 'leccy motor

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Re: "If the battery is fully charged, no regenerative braking occurs."

With a suitable control system you shouldn't notice any difference but you raise a good question.

EXPOSED: Massive mobile malware network used by cops globally

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Re: Hacking Team?

I'm wondering why Syria would have a Torah printing and kosher dill pickle canning campus. Apart from that, it all made sense. Maybe I should be a UN weapons inspector.

David Cameron wants mobe network roaming INSIDE the UK

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Re: Nightmare

I wish your downvoters had replied properly instead of just slapping you. I can imagine the benefits to the operators of sharing the infrastructure at the connection end-points; much like the gas/electricity companies don't have separate pipes and cables going to your house. Whether they like it or not, the telcos are just another group of utility companies.

Firefighters deliver trapped student from GIANT GERMAN LADYPARTS

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It's a boy!

coat: yes

For one night only – Ibsen classic gets the Dolby Atmos treatment

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Re: playing one night only == pompous waste of time

Gene, it's a technical review of overall quality and experience, especially the audio. Don't worry:

"The video recording included three 4K cameras although Ghosts is only a full HD release."

You can buy or rent it soon. Your enjoyment may vary :)

Barack Obama was almost eaten by a robot giraffe

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Did Freddie Starr eat the President's hamster?

Just wondering

Gemalto rash cache clash dashed: US courts trash Android patent bid

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What about ....

... Intel and AMD licensing this patent so they can use on-chip caches? Has that happened?

Gartner deploys new converged-systems quadragon rankings

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"Completeness of Vision"

What does that even mean?

Auditors blast Blighty cops over binned multi-million pound IT project

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The real problem is at a higher level

"Surrey Police then ended up replacing its crime information system with one from Niche RMS, a less expensive option that was already in use by a number of different forces."

Facebook reveals open network gear to drive WEDGE between itself and Cisco

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That 'Chassis'

It's the most elegantly minimalist design I've ever seen. (It's ok, I know the diagram was drawn by marketing people.)

IoT cup claims 'instant' identification of what's in it

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This is a useful development ...

... as a last stage check that your monkey butler has done a good job. They're good but sometimes they get confused.

Eating a fat bacon sarnie? Have a defibrillator handy

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re. "fat bacon sarnie"

What about a bacon fat sarnie, grilled to pleasing crispness so it delivers its nectar in little squirts as you slowly crunch it between your teeth. Something so good can't be bad for you, surely?

Beer: To sluice the remaining fragments from between your teeth

Restaurant chain uses CARBON PAPER to fight credit card hack

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Also ...

... give instructions to their customers that the credit card must never leave their sight during the payment process and make sure the waiter doesn't look at the security number on the back of the card. Oh, that's where the signature is ........ hmmm. Better still, pay with cash.

US Marshals seek buyer for Silk Road's Bitcoin

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Re: Um, what?

Maybe because that would be treating the Bitcoins as a legitimate/working currency, which is something other tentacles of the US government don't want to happen?

EU probe into Apple's taxes: It's NOT to do with double-Dutch-Irish anything sandwiches

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" ... the Double Dutch and so on is available to all"

I'm sure it's not available to me. If it is, can someone please explain how I can do it?

Greenpeace rejoices after getting huge renewable powerplant cancelled

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Re: Why...

Also a higher power carying capacity for a given specification of transmission line. This reduces capital costs.

So, what exactly defines a 'boffin'? Speak your brains...

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Re: A boffin is ...

I'd say no to that Jake. The main and original characteristic of a boffin is the effect they have on 'ordinary' people, as in the perception of them by service personnel during the technical developments in WW2. Boffinry is perceived by ordinary people and therefore should be defined by ordinary people. (It often involves the eyes glazing over and some mental dislocation when a boffin explains their work.) It's not a group you're invited into by fellow members, it's a club you're put into by outsiders.

Dallas Cowboys to return 'dumbass' Texan's chopper

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The Dallas Cowboys have located the quadcopter ...

They went into a huddle around it and are trying to figure out how to get a touchdown.

HP starts a memristor-based space program to launch ... THE MACHINE

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At executive level:

1. Propose 'The Machine'

2. ??

3. Profit

Evernote taken out by DDoS attack

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Feedly is now not loading

Some time in the past hour, Feedly has become so slow as to not load. I wonder if the DDOS attackers have moved on. For the past 24 hours, Yahoo has been dong a slow load because they insist on sending me to some kind of overloaded password change page. It's treacle out there.

SLOW DOWN: Insecure-by-design software on road

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An interesting project

" ... signs managed by the software be assigned an IP address the general public cannot access, ..."

The world's largest LAN.

'CAPTAIN CYBORG': The wild-eyed prof behind 'machines have become human' claims

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I'm working on it

"He installed a chip in his arm, for instance, and claimed that he had become the advanced guard of the Terminators thereby."

I've installed lots of chips in my stomach and bathed them in a special alcohol solution as a fuel source. Nothing's happened yet, so I think they need more fuel liquid.

Egghead dragged over coals for mining Bitcoin on uni supercomputer

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That's the NSFBM

Not Safe For Bitcoin Mining

UK govt preps World War 2 energy rationing to keep the lights on

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Seven years is a long time in politics

"Everyone seems to have seen this coming – except the people in charge."

Would I be right in thinking that the people in charge when these decisions were made (or not made) have moved on to pastures new? (Possibly with non-executive directorships or regular consultancies with those companies whos activities were promoted and chosen.)

Facebook's new self-destructing pic app SELF-DESTRUCTS

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Re: Really?

So the best thing to do is reply with a picture of a cat's genitalia at first, then you can always say it was meant as a joke? (Social etiquette in the modern world confuses me.)

Silent, spacious and... well, insipid: Citroën's electric C-Zero car

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@Russell Hancock Re: correction needed

The MoT has a (government mandated) maximum cost of about £50 for an 'average' car and many test centres will do it for less than this. That is cheap for what they do and the government doesn't get a penny of this money, so it's not a tax. Insurance .... meh.

Semiconductor boffin: 3D NAND don't need NO STEENKIN' TSVs

frank ly Silver badge


Simple diagrams illustrating the differences in structures would be very helpful here, or links to them.

Russian Interior Ministry cuffs iPhone ransomware suspects

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When indulging in criminal activity ...

... make sure to keep lots of evidence and associated literature in your own home. You know it makes sense.

Everyone can and should learn to code? RUBBISH, says Torvalds

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Commercial importance

Given the 'importance' of the music and other entertainment industries in this modern world, perhaps everyone should be able to compose music and screenwrite/act/direct a film?

EU privacy A-Team tells Google: Get a grip and obey OUR laws

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"... vowed to investigate if Google refused ..."

That would have me trembling in fear.

Strategy Boutique ultimate 'tech'-gasm: 3D printer drone GoPro vid stream QR code

frank ly Silver badge


I wish more people could be this creative.

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