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Hunt for Higgs Boson and dark matter now starts ON YOUR SOFA

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If CERN are interested, ....

... there is some strange matter under the cushions on my sofa.


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A simpler solution?

I'd have thought that journalists/activists would want to use mostly a browser, email client and document writing software - not a big load. Why not spin up a virtual machine copied from a 'gold image' and do all your work in that, then delete it? Using external USB storage for the data obviously.

Gartner mages: And the Enterprise Archiving Magic Quadrant top spot goes to...

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No 'Also Ran' or 'Losers' box?

I wonder why not?

Webcam hacker pervs in MASS HOME INVASION

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Opportunity knocks.

Do you spend too much time at work checking that your dog isn't peeing on the sofa? Are you worried that your babysitter might be getting stoned/jiggy with her boyfriend? Do you suspect that your neighbour has been letting your car tyres down a little bit every evening? Can't you sleep at night for fear that your corner shop is being ransacked?

Then worry no more! For only £10 a month, our trained operatives across seven different time zones will watch your webcams for you and send tailored 'scenario alerts' (see previous paragraph) according to your requirements.

In this modern interconnected world, someone is watching you all the time but it makes sense to have it done properly, by professionals who are working for you.

CERN's 2014 Xmas gift from the Large Hadron Collider: Two new baryons

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What do they do?

Are these some kind of intermediary in subatomic interactions, thus explaining any of various forces and fields? Are they just something that can exist, for a short time, if you smash protons together hard and fast enough? Do they actually exist all the time and the LHC 'saw' them in the same way that it saw the Higgs boson, by kicking them out of their subatomic quantum bed with an almighty burst of energy?

Official: European members prefer to fondle Apple iPads

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As a long term Android user ....

... I'm glad they chose iPads. If they had access to the Google Play store, they'd binge on free apps like the attractive analogue clock that wants access to your contacts list and the ability to send SMS messages - etc. You just know their Android device would be pwned within a day.

Bang! You're dead. Who gets your email, iTunes and Facebook?

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Re: Solve this the same way companies do

A nice idea but Apple, etc. probably have T&Cs which block that, or soon will do. As has been suggested, just pass on the account details in your will, or even before you die if you want to make sure your favourite heir gets access to your digital remains.

Call the Commish! Ireland dragged into Microsoft dispute over alleged drug traffic data

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Reality and Reason?

" ...a wholly Irish company (Microsoft Ireland Operations Ltd) must hand over data to the US Government simply because it has a shareholder (Microsoft Corp) based in the USA."

Does anyone believe that Microsoft Corp is 'merely' a shareholder? Did they look at Microsoft Ireland Operations one day and say, "Hey, that small startup company in Ireland would be a good investment. Let's buy a big chunk of shares in it, maybe enough to get a seat on the board." ?

If I set up an email service and put my servers in Cambodia (as an example), housed and cared for by FrankLy Cambodian Operations, am I immune to UK court action to get access to data on those servers?

The Big Data wrangling CIO you've probably never heard of: But his kit probably knows YOU

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Remember kids, ....

... always use a disposable email address and never give them your mobile phone number.

GiffGaff spanked for clumsy attempt at mum-and-dad-humping humour

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"... the blank screen section."

I first read that as "... the blank screen erection." then tried to visualise it. A wasted two seconds.

Note: They were not "having sex". It was assisted personal grooming. It makes you wonder about the people at the ASA.

VMware testing servers-by-the-minute cloud

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Nelson laugh .....

Some ournalists have a living nightmare. It's too funny to fix, so please don't.

Apple slapped in yet another patent battle

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Can anyone explain .....

... what it is about the US District Court of Eastern Texas that makes them a favourite jurisdiction for these types of cases? Is it local laws, local culture, local cuisine, .....?

HORROR! Imagine if anyone could find out EVERYTHING you EVER tweeted

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This could be embarrassing

"But our long-standing goal has been to let people search through every Tweet ever published."

Did the tweety people know that?

Has your STARFISH been DRIBBLING awful SLIME? Scientists now know WHY

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Re: "A method implies an actor"

It sounds like a job for a blind watchmaker or some kind of intelligent designer.

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?

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re. Linux Google Drive client

I use Insync with my two Google accounts. It costs $10 per account for a perpetual license on as many machines as you like. It works nicely and you can have selective syncing of folders. I also have my 5GB Dropbox folder tucked inside one of my Google Drive synced folders, hence giving dual redundancy for cloud storage of 'important' documents (note: only do this on your 'main' computer because I think there's a possibility of sync oscillation. On your other machines, have Dropbox in an isolated folder.)

Sealed with a kiss: Er, 80 MILLION BACTERIA

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So, ...

... when my neighbour finds me kissing his wife, I can 'explain' that I was helping her to build up her immune system?

Big shadowy orgs should stop scooping up everyone's personal info – say Google, Facebook

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Re: You want the truth, you can't handle the truth...

Google Analytics and Tag Services: The Request Policy and NoScript plugins block these for me and the blocking has no effect on my 'enjoyment' of the various websites I visit. I've always wondered what they do.

El Reg is quite sparse when it comes to pulling in extenal websites and javascript compared to some mainstream websites thay I visit. I've seen up to fifteen extenal websites being blocked by Request Policy, with associated javascript, and then the external sources try to pull in other sources and javascript, if you allow them. All I want to do is read the text and see the pictures of news articles. It's a jungle out there.

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose

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Re: I no what it is

You're giving examples of spelling mistakes, not grammatical errors.

It's space WAR: Comet launches fireballs at space-invading EARTH

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Information please

Does the cometary debris stream get noticably replenished every 33 years, leading to spectacular displays? If so, when is the next replenishment due?

State Dept shuts off unclassified email after hack. Classified mail? That's CLASSIFIED

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Re: There are constant attacks

I think we can agree that wasn't a spelling mistake, even if it was fat fingers.

You know where Apple Pay is getting used a LOT? Yes - McDonalds

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Re: iColytes ???

Yes, people who suffer from colitis due to bonking before eating fast food.

Are MPs smarter than 5-year-olds? We'll soon find out at coding school – Berners-Lee

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"... because they have got to understand how powerful a weapon it is, so that they can make laws that require people to code to make machines behave in different ways.”

Why did he have to phrase it like that? This will all end in tears before the division bell.

Space Commanders rebel as Elite:Dangerous kills offline mode

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Re: It's for kids!

My inner child just told you to eat his shorts. I'll have stern words with him.

Meet OneRNG: a fully-open entropy generator for a paranoid age

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To rule them all. It would be New Zealand wouldn't it?

Coat: No explanation needed.

Free antivirus software, expires, stops updating and p0wns the world

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Re: What are the infection rates for desktop linux users?

Also .... are there any attempts at Linux viruses/malware out there? I assume that most 'ordinary' people running Linux are not running as superuser, unless they make an occasional sudo effort while system wrangling or if they are foolish.

Rare Stegosaurus skeleton moves into plush London pad

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" ... weighed as much as a 4x4 vehicle"

How many fridges is that?

Pharmacist caught spying on friends' med records fined £1,000

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Re: And only £500 for 1000 Orange records?

It's about breach of trust by a registered professional and the sensitivity of the information being 'misused'.

HMRC dishes out tax rewards to GOV.UK... for inking deals with MEGABUCKS SIs

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A key question for suppliers:

("... and (iii) use of the infrastructure is for non-business activity.")

Which games are bundled free with the equipment?

Why did men evolve map-reading skills? They were PAID BY BONK - study

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Additional explanation?

A man who could range further, and get back home safely, would be better at hunting game animals and bringing food back and also be a sought after leader of hunting groups. Such a man would be a more attractive mate than less skilled men and hence have more women desiring him.

OMG, that CLOUD has a TV in it! Sony goes Over The Top in telly wars

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Re: Proof they don't get it

I suppose that you don't want to see adverts between and during the programmes that you're watching either? :)

The question would be; how much are you prepared to spend to have the situation that you want? The tv channel companies rely on selling your, and thousands of other eyeballs to advertisers, as a captive, guarenteed by habit and measurable statistics audience. How much would you pay and how would you pay for the content you wanted to watch, when you wanted to watch it?

£2k burning a hole in your pocket? Let this 'advanced' DRONE relieve you

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Re: Legislation may not be required

"... but can't justify it at home...."

You don't have to store it or use it at home.

'Scope boffins get INSIDE URANUS after snapping mystery spots

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It all depends ...

... on how you pronounce it, internally as you read. (I was chuckling all the way.)

Philae comet probe got down without harpoons

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Re: Good luck, at the end of the day

I saw a news item that featured a duplicate of Rosetta in a test/simulation chamber and I'd be surprised if they didn't have a duplicate of Philae available for prodding and poking. If you're building something like these, the marginal cost of making two instead of one (at the same time) is a very small fraction of the project budget.

They could give a duplicate Philae (or its component subsystems) a good hammering in a test chamber to see what failure modes are induced under what conditions.

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Good luck, at the end of the day

"Since the harpoons failed to fire, the lander is likely anchored by its three ice-screw legs."

Or possibly fewer than three. It will be important to find out (if possible) why the thruster had failed and why the harpoons didn't work. For now, we can breathe a sigh of relief and raise a glass, or three.

WATCH: Rosetta astroboffin TATTOOED with PHILAE from the FUTURE!

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@ukgnome Re: Your article is in bad taste, Jasper

Doesn't that eventually disappear ........er....... nevermind.

Yorkshire man NICKS 1,000 Orange customer records. Court issues TINY FINE

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Re: What's with the Yorkshire thing?

There may be some people who don't know where Calderdale or Halifax is, so this is useful for them. (There used to be lots of places called Halifax, almost on every high street, as I remember.)

Sixteen shades of grey survive Viennese quantum optics test

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Re: grey?

Did you watch the video? (turn the sound down). They scanned a greyscale image and encoded it as sixteen levels of grey to send across the optical link.

Fridge-size probot headed for comet touchdown

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Re: In space no one can hear your sonar

".., sound travels pretty well through rock ..."

Yes it does, but how will the sound be coupled to the rock through the vacuum at the comet's surface. Maybe Philae will smear it with a big blob of K-Y Jelly? Maybe it's actually radar and not sonar? The devil is always in the details.

Texas boffins put radio waves in a spin

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Re: Breadboard

Yes, it is heartwarming. Even better, if you look closely you'll see that it's an old bit of wood from the 'recycle' bin, with drilled holes from a previous use.

(Coal fire? You were lucky!)

Reg mobile man: National roaming plan? Oh UK.gov, you've GOT to be joking

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Re: Grammar

There should be a comma after the "Oh" and a semicolon (instead of the comma) after "UK.gov", then a fullstop at the end of the sentence.

Well spotted.

Boffin imagines Wi-Fi-defined no-shoot zones for wireless weapons

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Any gunsmith (or keen workshop operator) could easily bypass any mechanical interlock. I wonder if some people who 'work' with computers and software have ever touched hardware in their lives. This is aside from the major logictical problem of redesigning guns and retrofitting all existing guns.........

Oracle gives HR tool to track your fitness

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It's important to keep the livestock in good condition

Just that.

Be Your Own Big Brother: Going to pot

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@xj25vm Re: Flawed Solutions & Superficial Analysis

When measuring the electrical resistance of wet soil, you need to be aware that using a d.c. voltage/current could easily give you electrolysis effects or even plating of your electrodes. It might be wise to use a.c. excitation of the resistance probe.

Have you tried purely capacitive sensors? You could make a simple one using two plates of metal, fixed a short distance apart, that have been dipped/painted with epoxy resin to remove resistive effects. Ideally, the plates would be perforated to allow rapid migration of soil moisture between the plates.

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Re: Tamagochi in the real world

"... a dangerous looking slug is in proximity....."

Remotely operated frickin lasers!

Hot, horny bees swerve planet-saving duties as climate warms

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Even I, who've never kept bees, knows that the majority of active honey bees are sterile females with no interest in mating. The only purpose of the small number of males (called 'dones') is to breed with the queen bee when the time is right. It may be that what the drones get up to in their spare time has a slight bearing on this but the majority of pollinating bees are the sterile females (called 'workers').

Note: It may be that the bumblebee population is being discussed here, since they have a different lifestyle and social organisation. I'll wait for someone who knows to comment.

Got a STRAP-ON? Remember to TAKE IT OFF at WORK

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re. Rampant Rabbi, etc.

I didn't believe you, until I looked at the website. Now, I don't believe the website. (No, I'm not going to order one to find out.)

Newly public dot-dentist flogger Rightside's shares jump on strong domain sales

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Is this allowed?

"Rightside announced that it has received $8.6m in income in exchange for dropping its bids for seven new gTLDs ..."

Isn't this auction rigging of some kind?

FTC tells 'scan to email' patent troll: Every breath you take, every lie you make, I'll be fining you

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Point of responsibility?

If I buy and use a networked scanner with a 'scan to email' function, then surely any patent breach responsibility lies with the manufacturer of the scanner?

Why 120 people protested outside San Francisco City Hall (Hint: 'Hybrid' net neutrality)

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Re: The penchant for bad public policy goes on

"I doubt most companies or the government are going to pay for access to the fast lane .."

They might even pay to have that traffic go in the slow and regularly dropped lane. Just part of the paid options list when everything is for sale.

Crooks are using proxy servers to build more convincing phishing sites – new claim

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...someone _who_ can speak English.

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