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Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150

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"... 4:3 ratio monitors .." With a matte screen - for goodness sake !! Why oh why ...? .....

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Use Cases

".... buttons to control the OSD conveniently placed at the side, rather than underneath, making them easier to reach."

Not if you use two monitors side by side with a twin output display.

Wi-Fi hotspots can put iPhones into ETERNAL super slow-mo

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I always believe what people on the internet tell me. Life is simpler that way.

Indian cops spice up protests with pepper spray-armed DRONES

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Don't Lucknow ....

.... but I've got a very powerful drone control transmitter in my backpack.

RELICS of the Earth's long lost TWIN planet FOUND ON MOON

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re. "incestuous"

It sounds more like sibling rivalry.

Microsoft, Getty settle image snatch 'suit

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Just wondering

If Getty don't want anyone to find their images, why do they make them findable on the internet?

Do androids dream of herding electric sheep?

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Emergency Planning

"It doesn't bark, and it doesn't bite, it doesn't need feeding ..."

But can you eat it if you get trapped in a snow drift on a cold winter night?

Google wants Marvin the Paranoid Android's personality in the cloud

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Obvious response:

How the heck can that be patented?? It's an obvious idea (been expressed before in many sci-fi works) and is an obvious extension of existing 'software' modification techniques.

Bored with Blighty? Relocation lessons for the data centre jetset

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Re: Depresses me that consideration for UK areas...

The North Sea would make a great heat dump and would be a short undersea cable run away from the Scandinavian data centres.

Dell's scaly-headed file system gets bigger and bitier

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Re: What's the photo from?

How to Tame Your Dragon? Some similar children's entertainment?

E-commerce enterprises gently told to update those protocols ... or else

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"Small shops can pass the regulations through self-assessment,..."

I've been using cash in small shops and petrol stations for years.

Linux Australia hacked, warns personal details exposed

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Data Security

Given the prevalence of these types of 'hack', why aren't personal details stored in encrypted form as a matter of course?

Feds ponder jamming journo comms in Australian Parliament

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"... a Liberal MP's ill-judged and since-deleted Tweet humorously threatening a trawl of a gallery hack's metadata."

That is what politicians (and others) see as the real value of storing metatdata. It's a tool/weapon to be used against your 'enemies'.

Boffins: Large Hadron Collider NOW movin', we're getting down and crush groovin'

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"and if they can't? Are we all doomed?"

Mallorn will reverse the polarity of the magnetron flux and save us all.

Torvalds' temptress comes of age: Xfce 4.12 hits the streets

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Re: too little too late

I also prefer MATE to XFCE having tried them both two years ago when I got rid of Windows 7 in favour of Linux Mint. As I recall, XFC didn't quite cut it for my tastes and seemed a bit more clunky and less easy to use than MATE. However, I will try it in the near future because two years is a long time in software development. If I can't get the latest version from the Mint repos, I'll install Ubuntu to try it; it costs nothing but some personal time and it's a wet Easter weekend.

Light the torches! NSA's BFF Senator Feinstein calls for e-book burning

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If 'they' want to ban it ...

... then I want to read/watch it or eat/drink it.

Dot-com intimidation forces Indiana to undo hated anti-gay law

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I avoid controversy by refusing to wear clothes made of fibres.

SPY FRY: Smart meters EXPLODE in Californian power surge

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Re: disinformation

In the UK, individual homes along a street are usually connected to alternate phases (240V phase to neutral) of the 3-phase main distribution network. This is to even out the load between the phases among a group of individual buildings. Large commercial and industrial premises are given all three phases and relied upon to do something sensible about phase load balancing and any power-factor correction that may be needed.

Project Spartan: We get our claws on Microsoft's browser for Windows 10

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If your computer isn't connected to the internet, does it keep nagging you to tell you that you're missing out on a "great experience".

UCLA trumpets supercapacitor for wearables or implants

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The abstract is interesting, if a bit short. This is not a classical capacitor, it's a 'hybrid supercapacitor' and seems to be a device that stores energy by electrochemical reactions, as well as classical capacitance effects.

Yes, AT&T, you do have to go to court with the FTC

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The strange part of the argument is that "other companies do it so it must be fine".

Nuclear waste spill: How a pro-organic push sparked $240m blunder

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Three points

1: "And organic stuff is made from grains: possibly the chaff from wheat or corn."

Was the wheat/corn grown on a certified organic farm?

2: The idea of mixing oxidising chemicals with carbohydrates is a good one, if you want a strong exothermic reaction.

3: For something as important as this, they didn't have a proper specification of materials? It just said "mix it with some cat-litter." ?

Netflix teams with AWS to launch VHS-as-a-service

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Re: Early start...

Thank you for reminding me what date it is. I'll read more carefully for the rest of the day.

Prostrate yourself before the GNU, commands Indian DEITY

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Thumb Up

Re: Nice fit

"Pantheism and linux distros." A perfect cultural match :)

Anti-gay Indiana starts backtracking on hated law after tech pressure

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He needs an accountant

"I just can't account for the hostility that's been directed at our state,"

It's a simple audit trail.

Why Feed.Me.Pizza will never exist: Inside the world of government vetoes and the internet

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Did the United Kingdom or Montenegro or both of them object to that one?

David Cameron's Passport number emailed to footy-head

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@caffeine addict Re: defaults

The last time I had cause to 'play' with an Excel file that was password protected, I renamed it to a .txt file and opened it with Notepad - the password was clearly visible. Excel may have improved since then.

Jailed Brit con phishes prison, gets bail

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Oh, the details

Using a mobile phone, he 'posted' a website that mirrored another one? I'd like to know more details about what he actually did but I suspect that we'll never know.

Atomic clocks' ticks tamed by 3,000 entangled atoms

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What I find interesting, and amazing, is that the act of detection of the photon (which has had its polarisation shifted by interaction with the atoms) seems to affect the entangled state of the atoms. Did I get that right?

I'm still wondering how you can use that as a clock.

Exercising with chocolate: Festival and tours galore

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Before anybody starts

There were three website links in the article, so it does have IT content.

Dot-sucks sucks, say lawyers: ICANN urged to kill 'shakedown' now

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I'm old enough to remember ....

.... large advertising posters that said "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux". Oh, how we quietly smiled.

Forum chat is like Clarkson punching you repeatedly in the face

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Your jokes about 'nobend' and the entire no-bender sloganeering issue on social media are a disgraceful attack on the LGBT community. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

To BALDLY GO where few have gone before: NASA 'naut twin to spend YEAR IN SPAACE

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Re: Baldly go?

The sub ed deserves a slap upside the head for making a pun about slapheads.

(Do I get the job now?)

Optus must hire checkbox champion after epic router, voicemail borking

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If most people made an effort,

they'd find it difficult to do something as bad as all that.

Amazon cloud threatens to SMASH the fundamental laws of PHYSICS

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@AC Re: 30 Days to back out - there's your limit

If you have friends/family, you can store a backup disk at their home and offer them the same favour in return. Or, you could have a small and cheap FTP server running in each others home for this purpose.

TOP500 Supers make boffins more prolific

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"Perhaps surprisingly, research output in computer sciences didn't improve with HPC ownership,..."

If I had use of the world's fastest racing car, would it make me a better driver or car mechanic?

Favicons used to update world's 'most dangerous' malware

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Re: Darren Pauli, see me after class!

Nowadays, you get detention for not using the Tips and Corrections link.

Rubrik back-up killer emerges into daylight with $10m in funding

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Re: The pictures are getting worse...

The Register heading is coloured red. Tenuous visual puns 'R' us, perhaps?

Greedy web borg Facebook to SLURP news websites' golden nuggets

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You can log out any time you like ....

.... but _we will_ never leave.

(I failed at any attempt to extend the lyrics. Sorry.)

That's a big 4Ker of a cosmos: 3D planetarium to open in Bristol

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100 seats?

Looks at the stairs and handrails, looks at the sphere. Is it bigger on the inside?

Metadata retention is no worse than STALKING: Turnbull

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Re: Sort of right Malcolm . . .

"That is labour intensive so they only do it when there is good reason to. ... the nature of the process imparts certain safeguards for the public; ... "

Those 'safeguards' are also accidental and not designed in; a happy accident as it were.

What safeguards are designed in for the metadata retention processes and laws? Is there legislation to forbid the use of information for blackmail and harassment purposes? Can a police officer or civil servant be prosecuted for leaking news about your little STD problems in order to punish/embarass you? Where are the protections?

Storm gathers around CDN Cloudflare after doxxing allegations, Pirate Bay deal

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"... one ISP put the cost of maintaining a block at £3,600 a year per site, ..."

I find that hard to believe if it's "per website blocked". Once you've set up the blocking mechanism, you only need technical admin effort to add new ones or remove 'cleared' ones as needed, surely?

Taylor Swift snaps up EVEN MORE pr0n domain names

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Re: Perhaps

I'm making an animated cartoon about you doing something in the woods.

Boffins twist light to carry 2.05 bits in one photon

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Just wondering

"... the two properties form the “mutually unbiased bases” ..."

Do they mean 'mutually orthogonal', or is 'unbiased' a different characteristic?

Mono Magic: Photography, Breaking Bad style

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Ah, I remember ...

... developing slide film in the bathroom, after fiddling under the duvet, with a bucket of warm water as a temperature control bath and a small bucket of very hot water for topping it up. It's very easy if you keep to a procedure and I had good results from the first attempt. I thought they were good anyway.

I used to take stereoscopic picture pairs and viewed them in two small hand-held viewers fixed side by side with a piece of foam rubber betwen them to enable fine adjustment.

I've thought about trying that with my digital camera using two pictures side by side on the screen and using the cross-eyed technique but never got around to it. Has anyone done that?

3,500 servers go down – so my FIRST AID training kicks in

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Sounds like 'fun'

"... when the power was re-established, a lot of hard drives died. "

Had they died because of the previous sudden loss of power while they were doing something? Were they all old? etc.

Ancient SUPERNOVA EXPLOSION contains enough dust for 7,000 EARTHS, say boffins

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More stuff happens?

Doesn't the shock wave also compress existing dust clouds, causing them to coalesce and produce new stellar systems? It's a hotbed of creation out there.

Cops cuff Colorado girl for allegedly poisoning mum after iPhone ban

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Re: What a relief!

She's probably too young to remember Steve Jobs.

Nesting falcons interrupt £200m Vodafone 4G mast upgrades

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Many years ago ...

... (late 70's) I worked at the Central Research Labs of EMI Ltd, a quite old building. A kestrel (or two) had found their way into some crumbling brickwork on the corner of the bulding and were seen regularly going in and out. That corner housed a small old storeroom which contained an archive of highly classified documents. It was assumed that they had shredded some documents to make their nest.

Nobody with the required clearance was willing to go in and look, so it was decided to leave them alone until the nesting season was well over.

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