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Google spins up 'FREE, unlimited' cloud photo storage 4 years before ad giant nixes it

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"I pay $5 a year for 20GB ..."

I pay nothing for 30GB because I have two Google accounts (15GB on each Google Drive). Is that $5 a year your gateway to further free allowances?

Google puts Android on a diet, names it after the first thing it sees under the sink ... yes, Brillo

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This could be confusing


"Weave is LinkedIn meets Tinder – simply swipe left or right to meet local professionals and grow your professional network."

Does this have anything to do with the spread of STDs, as was recently covered by an El Reg article?

Sex disease surge in US state partly blamed on hook-up apps

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Just an idea ......

Maybe some of the public health budget should be spent on developing 'interesting' personal communications applications for the Occulus Rift (etc). Then the kids and big kids would stay at home and be safe.

Why voice and apps sometimes don't beat an old-fashioned knob

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Thank you for that :)

"He says I'll be able to meet the programmers personally. "Sure," I tell him."

The 'echo chamber' effect misleading people on climate change

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I'm waiting

"... even though there is a solid consensus on the facts of the matter."

It shouldn't take long.

WOODEN computer chips reveal humanity's cyber elf future

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Is it really 'friendly'?

"The majority of material in a chip is support. We only use less than a couple of micrometers for everything else, ..."

Isn't that true for silicon base chips as well? Silicon is not poisonous.

If the cellulose base degrades, doesn't that release the gallium arsenide (etc) active components? If a silicon chip is disposed of, at least the metals and other compounds are safely and physically locked into it.

It may be that the driving force behind this development is the energy and other costs of manufacture, especially for short run batches of specialist devices.

SourceForge accused of shackling GIMP in kinky adware

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It took me all of ten seconds to figure out the new way of doing 'Save/Export' and I understand the advantages. Maybe I'm not 'in my right mind'. It was a long time ago; let it go.

Don't PANIC but ... UNSTOPPABLE robots IMMUNE to injury built by boffins

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"Once damaged, the robot becomes like a scientist,"

It puts a white lab-coat on?

FCC to crack down on robocall spammers' beloved loophole

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@Ole Juul Re: But some people just don't care!

How is the "push 9 to connect" thing arranged? It sounds useful.

This $199 home air-quality gizmo will tell you to VOC right off

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Sends text messages to you

Does it share your mobile phone number with anyone or store it in the supplier's servers? That would be great for sending you 'helpful' messages about new products or letting a salesdroid call you to check your satisfaction level.

Optus plans to skim the cream off the cloud

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I had a scary vision of Optimus Prime

"Which Optus ..., transformers, ..."

Boffins create tiny holographic battery that fits INSIDE a chip

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How does it work?

I can see how they've put lots of surface area into a small volume, to achieve energy density, but what kind of battery is it? By that, I mean what is the physical or electro-chemical principle on which it operates?

Let it go, let it go: How global DNS could survive in the frozen lands outside US control

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Re: Easy enough

Were you and amanfrommars separated at birth or have you been living together for a while?

Pavegen: The Company that can't make energy out of crowds tries to make money out of them

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"The firm is the brainchild ..."

You mean 'brainfart'.

Samsung to create industry giant via mega merger with itself

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"... integrated premium lifestyle services ..."

I need a personal trainer/explainer/translator to help me understand the modern world.

UK.gov confirms it's binned extended Windows XP support

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Re: What next ?

Has there been any verifiable and academically sound analysis of the 'Munich experience' with Linux? If so, I'd be interested in reading it.

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Appropriate picture

Old and dirty, fraying at the edges, in use beyond its reasonable lifetime expectation. But hey, it still does its basic job if you're prepared to put up with it and you don't have the time or budget to replace it.

Cheesy video shows ex-Gooners pronouncing 'Huawei'

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If it was Newcastle/Sunderland

They'd have to work hard to stop them saying "Huawei the lads".

Torvalds: decisions, decisions, top up sun tan or release Linux 4.1?

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Re: One of the rare times on The Register...

Just to satisfy my nerdy curiosity, I tried to sign up to The Register as 'Jake' but it told me that the user name has already been taken. So, either there is a 'Jake', or (more likely) usernames are case insensitive for signup purposes - but not for posting or reference purposes as jake has so definitely indicated. He once corrected me about his name but I accept that names can be regarded as highly personal.

(Yes, I need to get out more.)

Unicode wonks are bringing home the BACON, as an emoji

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Read The Original F****** Literature ?

Web tracking puts lead in your saddlebags, finds Mozilla study

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Re: A revelation

Also, use the Request Policy plugin for Firefox. This blocks any attempt to download third party content whatsoever. A few simple mouse clicks via its status bar icon will let you have fine detail control over whether to allow such content on a temporary or permanent basis. It's easy to use and understand.

Internet Society of Australia changes name to Internet Australia

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Hello, I want to complain about my download speeds

"... a necessary part of the process of making Internet Australia more easily recognised and understood in the wider community that we seek to influence and assist".

So the first thing they do is a name change that makes them sound like an ISP.

Putting your schlong into the reel-to-reel tape machine is a bad idea

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re. title

Wow and fluffer?

Is your career lacking growth? Become a porn inspector! Hint: It sucks

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"Are you prepared to finger the "delete" button on images of genitalia or breasts? Bear in mind you will need to go through tens of thousands of images a day so that means no lingering ..."

No lingering while fingering? Sounds like a cheap and rushed production.

GDS to handle Govt payments? What could possibly go wrong?

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“Government as a platform”

I'm sorry; your payment fell into the GaaP.

New relay selection fix for Tor to spoil spooks' fun (eventually)

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"... the service is often used by the security services and law enforcement when they wish to use the internet anonymously. "

Ha! If they weren't doing anything wrong, they wouldn't need to be anonymous. Isn't that the argument governments (and their agencies) use?

Xiaomi greets MediaTek with a handshake, Qualcomm feels awkward

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I can't wait

"... LTE-A Cat 6, which theoretically offers 300Mbps."

That would use up my monthly allowance in 27 seconds.

Adult FriendFinder hack EXPOSES MEELLIONS of MEMBERS

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"Email addresses, usernames, postcodes, dates of birth and IP addresses of 3.9 million members have been exposed."

'Junk' email address, not quite true personal details, VPN - I'm safe.

Heroic German rozzers rescue innocent lamb from sordid brothel

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German Law?

"Those conditions did not include being inside a brothel, said Die Polizei."

Everything that is not permitted is forbidden?

NASA plots interplanetary cubesat swarms

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Does anybody know ....

.... what battery technology they use for the very cold environment of space?

Hacker launches ransomware rescue kit

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"... some ransomware will quietly encrypt and decrypt data on-the-fly for months in a bid to spoil backups."

Regular sample recoveries are a good idea.

Mobiles at school could be MAKING YOUR KID MORE DUMBER

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"As to whether parents should ban the mobile phone at home, Prof Beland told us: “I cannot answer this question with our data.”

Meanwhile, a Daily Mail columnist and wife of a senior UK politician has made the obvious connection that seems to have eluded these so-called scientists.,


Google DOG WHISTLING fails to send URLs across the room

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Re: Love it.

Be very wary of anyone who can whistle complicated tunes quickly.

The Internet of Things becomes the Game of Thrones in standards war

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IoT as GoT

Will there be any controversial sex scenes?

"Wijgergangs also highlights another advantage of the Z-Wave spec - by using the 900MHz frequency, rather than ZigBee's (and WiFi's and Thread's) 2.5GHz frequency, the spectrum is less cluttered. And that can translate to significantly less power usage as it reduces the number of retries needed to send data."

So, if every (future) device uses Z-Wave, there's your messy orgy right there.

Robocalling Americans? That'll cost you $1.7m

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Re: And they immediately take no notice.

It sounds like you need to take out an injunction against your wife.

Apple patches FREAK-ed out Watch

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Thumb Up

Re: Virus free!

Mine is a 'Limit' watch, £9.99 from some high street retailer. I buy a replacement about every two years after the battery runs out.

Swedish government wins legal case to seize Pirate Bay domains

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It 'got up again' quite a few weeks ago ....

.... but it's sailed away from .se and took some time to mend its sails.

We caught Chinese technology spies RED-HANDED, claims US government

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Re: High Horse?

It looks like high.horse isn't registered (yet). It would be great for a forum full of pedantic and didactic discussion on a variety of topics.

Are we looking at the first domain name meme? Neigh

frank ly Silver badge

It is both

"... some feel it is a long-needed reflection of the actual internet; others that it is a money-grabbing scheme with little real value."

YouTube Kids 'showed nippers how to make nooses, play with fire'

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I'm now desperately trying to find that spoof WB cartoon that makes fun of censorship. Can anybody help? It's well made and funny!

Amazon cloud to BEND TIME, exist in own time zone for 24 hours

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Re: What is so sacred about 9,192,631,770?

There would still be an eventual discrepancy because Earth's rotation speed is _continuously_ slowing down. There is nothing 'sacred' about the defined caesium standard, but it is very stable and accurate and easily reproduced by scientists all over the world, which is why it's used.

You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up

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Re: open source video editor

What about Kdenlive (KDE non-linear video editor)? Does anyone have any experience of it and how does it compare to better known and more widely used applications?

Blocking mobile adverts just became that little bit easier

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I've raised this point before, but ....

"This would switch the blocking on by default, targeting Google, which the mobile networks want to encourage to share revenue."

Imagine if the Post Office demanded a percentage of the value of goods shipped from Ebay purchases, because "ebay and its sellers are making a lot of money and we should have some of it".

Ricoh rolls out electrifyingly exciting RUBBER!

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Re: Some Ideas

"Not sure if I need more coffee, ...."

You need lashing with a BOFH Bullwhip; that'll make you think fast.

Redmond promises even MORE cloudy crypto

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Not sure about this

"To make the calculations, the client’s data is loaded into the secure hardware in the cloud, where the data is decrypted, processed and re-encrypted."

Doesn't that mean giving the 'cloudy box' your encryption keys? Or maybe the cloudy box sends you a key that you use to encrypt your data first, before sending it off. Anyone?

ALIBABA Vs AMAZON: Let the Global Tat Bazaar war begin

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re. 1688.com

Is this of some significance in the Chinese belief of the meaningfulness of numbers, or have all the 'cool' dot-com names been taken already?

. "Interestingly, Chinese consumers are even buying tea from the UK."

Ah, the cultural imperialist spearhead force of Tetley Tea Folk. The Chinese have no idea what they've let themselves in for.

High-level, state-sponsored Naikon hackers exposed

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an executable file with a double extension.

Otherwise known as an executable file with a name that might fool people who don't have a clue, such as those working in government, military and other nationally important organisations. How much effort would it take to train people about this?

Right Dabbsy my old son, you can cram this job right up your BLEEEARRGH

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I though I was ok with names

I worked for four years in a department where a colleague was called Terry Collins. The next job I had, there was a man called Colin Terry. That really threw me.

Penn State University network sacked by China malware blitz

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Call me cynical

"... a cache of 18,000 Social Security numbers was found on one of the infected PCs."

That sounds like the university was storing Social Security numbers without much security.

Astroboffins perplexed by QUADRUPLE QUASAR CLUSTER find

frank ly Silver badge

Re: "a ten million-to-one chance of occurring."

Maybe so, but they're all in a straight line! I wonder if it's deliberate.

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