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Verizon promised to wire up NYC with fiber... and failed miserably – audit

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Third World City?

The agreement was made in 2008, for completion by July 2014. It's taken them a year to figure out that it hasn't happened. Does anyone at the NYC authority or anyone at Verizon know how to run, manage, monitor and report on a major project?

Sprint: Net neutrality means we can't stamp out download hogs

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Pure BS

Net Neutrality has nothing to do with data caps and throttling the speed for the heaviest users. Provided that the contract T&Cs clearly specify the conditions under which throttling will be applied, and those conditions are content-neutral and purely related to data quantity downloaded or uploaded by a customer, then they can throttle away - according to the published contractual T&Cs.

Super Cali goes ballistic – Uber says it's bogus (even though its contract is something quite atrocious)

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@diodesign Re: frank ly

You've obviously put a lot more thought into it that I did. Well done; it is a serious business.

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Re: Kudos

"even though the contract terms are something quite atrocious" would match the rhythm of the original song. They should have tried singing it after they'd written it.

United Nations sends peacekeeping forces to Internet of Things war

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Off topic but on picture

Can anybody tell me why there is sideways venting of the 'exhaust' at the end of that 'gun' (please forgive any misuse of terminology). I'd have thought that it would waste energy and give large stresses at the end of the barrel.

YOU ARE THE DRONE in Amazon's rumoured new parcel delivery plan

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Re: Well, it did work for Uber..

You'd risk death by snu-snu?

Cinnamon 2.6 – a Linux desktop for Windows XP refugees

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I'll stick with my MATE

Just over two years ago, I installed Linux Mint 13 MATE and was pleased to note that it had dual monitor support. My memory on that subject is hazy but I think I had to install the Nvidia Linux drivers for that. When I tried a fresh install of Mint 17.1 recently (just to have a look at it), the dual monitor support was there as standard - yay!

MATE also had (and has) adjustable/variable fully customisable pop-out panels and applets with customisable pop-out drawers that can have their own population of customisable applets. It was like Windows XP with extra nested goodness and all the cosmetic trimmings that you could be bothered to faff about with. You can copy the settings to another installation if you know (or can figure out) which configuration folders all this is stored in.

If Cinnamon has become that good, I might have a look at it since there are often rumours of MATE development coming to an end. All I wanted was a replacement for Windows 7 with a desktop UI 'paradigm' that seemed to make sense - now I have it.

Hating on 'Like Farms': boffins trawl for Facebook fakes

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I pleesed n happy with read this artical. Is a must read.

POD RACING: SpaceX will build the Hyperloop railgun tube-way – you bring the ride

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Re: No human will ride

"Meew meow, meeooooww meow?"

"I'm sorry, Fluffy; I'm afraid I can't do that."

Cortana threatens to blow away ESC key

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I'm in awe

"... you'll prise my ESC key out from under my cold, dead, left pinkie."

When I started using either thumb to press the spacebar, I thought I was advancing in my abilities but you're way ahead of me.

Beats loudspeaker silenced by Apple after $3bn buyout, report claims

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@ Vladimir Plouzhnikov Re: I hope the woman in the photo gets happy soon

Damn! I've been wasting my time all these years :(

Fire, fire! Just move your data centre onto my lawn ... Oh rats!

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I'm wondering

"But the spectacle of a small data centre on the front lawn meant “it wasn't long before it attracted the police, who sent someone round armed with a straitjacket just in case."

What law(s) was he breaking and/or what danger did he pose to himself or anyone else?

Vauxhall VXR8: You know when you've been tangoed

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We want information.

"You can watch all this going on with suspension, slip and steering information in the on-dash display."

Especially when you're poking it around a variable radius bend on the way to a motorway filter lane in rush hour traffic.

I Saw a Man, Once Upon a Time in Russia and How to See the World

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" I am reminded that obscene means "off stage". "

Collins: C16: from Latin obscēnus inauspicious, perhaps related to caenum filth

OED: Late 16th century: from French obscène or Latin obscaenus 'ill-omened or abominable'.

GAZE upon our HI-RES DWARF PICS of Pluto, beams proud NASA

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There's a bright area shaped like Africa just south of the equator, early in the video.

Don't panic. Stupid smart meters are still 50 years away

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Big Brother


"... the government's rollout of smart meters should be "halted, altered or scrapped" to avoid a potentially catastrophic government IT disaster."

What does the operation of smart meters have to do with the government or goverment IT?

Use snooped data in court? Nah, says UK.gov - folk might be cleared

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It'll be fine

We can rely on the integrity and professionalism of the police, security services and the civil service, etc.

INTERNET of BOOBS: Scorching French lass reveals networked bikini

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That video ....

.... is very light on detailed technical explanation. I had to watch it three times and pause to examine the computer screens.

Europol operation crushes phiendish global phishing ring

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"That database of "lawfully held European custody photos" is "a stand-alone database of legally held custody photographs ..."

Of course; what else could it be? Is there a difference between 'lawfully' and 'legally'? Ask a lawyer.

Google wants you to buy Nest CCTV, turn your home into a Brillo pad

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Very useful for web-savvy burglars, yes.

Moon blocks Uranus for stargazers Down Under

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Sensitive Asstronomers

Slooh statement: "... will see the planet Uranus ..."

Notice how they put the words "the planet" in there, even though they're totally unnecessary.

In memoriam: Christopher Lee, Hammer's Count Dracula

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He met Tolkien and had a drink with him

Sir Christopher actually met Tolkien in a pub (some kind of organised get together so admirers could meet the author). Afterwards, he said that he was star-struck and could barely talk to Tolkien. This was at a time when he was already well known and admired for his Hammer roles. As such, he was the only member of the cast/team of LotR who had met Tolkien.

I did watch the Hammer Horror films on tv when I was young and Christopher Lee was the only character who scared me because he played his roles so well. RIP Sir Christopher.

Oculus Rift noggin-bucket ... heyyy, errr ... have we all got them on already?

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Getting a comfortable stereoscopic image

"A dial on the bottom of the unit adjusts the gap between the screens and the user's eyeballs so he or she can focus on the images."

I'm sure the focusing between screen and eye is done using lenses which are adjustable to take account of varying degrees of short/long-sightedness. Is there also an adjustment for inter-screen separation to take account of varying inter-eyeball separation distance?

No Silicon Roundabout U-Bend U-Turn: Build that peninsula boys

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re. How Old Street will look

It looks unbelievably clean. (I haven't been there since about 1980 - did it improve?)

Teaching kids to code is self-defence, not a vocational skill

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Safe Computing

What the kids need, to learn how to use computers (more) safely in everyday life, is to have their computer infected by a malware laden USB stick given to them by their teacher, with the specific intention of wiping out their project work files - they won't have been told to make backups of course.

That experience alone will introduce them to data backup and restore processes, anti-virus apps and the problems with autorun for external media.

After that, they can be encouraged to visit a school LAN based website that throws a shedload of malware into their computer with various effects. That would give more experience of what can happen to you if you're not careful and then they can learn how to put protection mechanisms in place and practice self-protective behaviour..

Spanish TV journo leaves subordinates cowering after verbal shoeings

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"In response, CLMTV said: ..."

What's the Spanish for, "Let's shoot the messenger." ?

Capita wins four out of five stars for 'good', 'inexpensive' service

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Re: Advice for Government

.... and monitor them very carefully.

Facebook decides space isn't its final frontier after all

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I'm wondering

If you wanted to bring 'the internet' to parts of rural India (or wherever), how much would it cost to lay fibre from the nearest large 'well connected' place and then use fibre/cable/mobile/WiFi infrastructure to distribute connectivity to where it would be needed and wanted?

The 'main feed' would be a quick and expensive up-front cost but the local infrastructure could be built gradually over time. Also, the local infrastructure could involve local suppliers and workers responding to local demands and consumer tastes.

It's 2015 and hackers can hijack your Windows PC if you watch a web video

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Re: Missing the Most Important

I resemble that remark.

Brit plods' post-TETRA radio omnishambles comes home to roost

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Re: Jamming.

If they're cheap then for the criminals they're simply a 'cost of doing business' and they can be abandoned where they were placed.

Facebook tosses creepy Place Tips beacons at stateside retailers

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Re: I own a business

(No idea why you were downvoted for a well written comment)

If you get the beacon and play with it, please tell us about it in the next relevant artice.


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re 'no restaurant'

Actually, they'd be cleaning up and closing down at the Big Bang Burger Chef.

Life in plastic, it's fantastic: Playmobil supremo dies at 81

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There aren't many people who can claim to have brought years of fun and pleasure to millions of kids and big kids.

Glass door to the ancient past FOUND ON MARS

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Picture Caption

How do they know there are algae in the crater?

Voyager 2 'stopped' last week, and not just for maintenance

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Re: Kids of today...

Theres also a DVD containing copies of HiFi magazines from the 60's and 70's. We'll seem like total idiots to anyone who manages to read them.

ICANN speak clearly now .gay has gone – Council of Europe

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Re: Genius headline

Gone are the dark clouds that hosted BIND?

The USB Lego, bluetooth coffee cups and connected cats of Computex 2015

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I despair ....

.... for the future of 'civilisation'.

Mad John McAfee: 'Can you live in a society that is more paranoid than I'm supposed to be?'

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"... his left curiously busy in his trouser pocket"

He was checking for Trojans.

Don't believe the hype: When that DATA seems just too good

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Comedy from Tragedy

There was a case a while back, reported in the Register but I forget which journal, where a researcher was fed up with being spammed for contributions. He wrote a mock paper that had fancy technical sentences and graphs, etc. It was funny and silly (El Reg gave the link) and they published it.

When a large number of people started laughing at them, they talked about suing the researcher for damaging their 'reputation'. He pointed out that there was no contract between them and they had asked him to provide a paper. He could also have said that he was always under the impression that they were a comedy journal.

Chinese bloke escapes execution for Forbidden City nude photo shoot

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re. NSFW link

WANIMAL's pics have a dull and lifeless quality with no technical or composition merit that I can see. Are my tastes improving or am I just jaded?

Disconnect app maker runs to EU to moan about Android

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Re: "it interferes with other third-party apps...

Or, Disconnect could offer it for download from their website and the user could sideload it into their phone. That's how people can install AdBlock on Android.

I'm waiting for an Android 'upgrade' to perform seek-and-destroy operations against AdBlock and similar apps. You just know they want to.

Dutch efforts to decapitate Pirate Bay could end up before ECJ

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A good acronym for a coalition of organisations that seem to have been operating without one for many years.

Intel imagines chips in nappies to create the Internet of sh*t things

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Future Proof

"... there's a dual core Atom at 500Mhz in there, along with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash ..."

That's so it can handle updates and upgrades for the entire leaky stage of the child's development.

Silicon Valley, episode 8: Larping, mogging and losing its way

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Re: Thank you ElReg!

"... Pied Piper's own compression software ..."

"... Pied Paper was downloading ..."

Just thought I'd mention it; you know.

Nosy Brit cops demand access to comms data EVERY TWO MINUTES

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I'm wondering

"... the Met saw 18 per cent of its 177,287 data access demands junked."

Does that mean 18% didn't have a court order associated with them, or that none of them did and the ISPs have specially trained staff who make decisions about whether to comply or not?

Amazon reveals KiddieKindle and pocket money scheme

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Big Brother

Safety feature

"Don't let 'em download anything too raunchy, Uncle Jeff!"

If a 'bad' one slips through, Amazon can remotely delete it.

Airbus confirms software brought down A400M transport plane

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Re: "Partly filled with wrong"

My God, it's full of wrong!

It's not over 'til Saturn's spongy moon sings: Cassini probe set for final Hyperion fly-by

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"Hyperion ... rotates chaotically, essentially tumbling unpredictably through space as it orbits Saturn."

"... most of Cassini's previous close approaches have encountered more or less the same familiar side of the craggy moon.

That seems suspicious. It's as if it's trying to hide something on the 'other' side.

MIT's robo-cheetah leaps walls in a cyborg hunt for Sarah Connor

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I'm wondering ....

.... when it will be able to jump onto a ledge or move around corners or avoid large objects. What they've done so far is impressive but as with Big Dog, I've only seen them move in straight lines.

Fumbling Feds lose control of seized MegaUpload domains – to saucy vid slingers

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Isn't it certain that GoDaddy would have sent e-mails to the FBI to advise them that the domain was about to expire? Even my little personal domain has automatic renewal and they email me every two years to reassure me about it. Maybe the FBI just didn't want it anymore?

If the new 'owner' of cirfu.net now has control of the old Megaupload domains, isn't that because the owner(s) of those domains are still pointing to cirfu.net?

It seems like an unlikely combination of half-baked cockup and conspiracy.

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