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Boffins learn to send boredom-beating suggestions to smartphone-fondlers

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Maybe it's an age thing

From the linked paper:

"People who were asked to spend 24 hours without any media as part of a study reported negative emotions, ranging from boredom to anxiety and even withdrawal symptoms."

If I spend 24 hours (or more) away from 'media' and communications devices, I feel relaxed and refreshed and calm. Do I need treatment to 'normalise' me.

ICO probes NHS clinic's data blunder that exposed HIV+ status of 800 patients

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Re: easy enough to fix

Also, it's sometimes 'good manners' and often sensible to let recipients know who else has a copy of the email, especially in a business environment.

BIS shuns Steria HR and payroll shared services centre

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Would that result in infection or mental aberration? Maybe it's a good job it fell through.

Back to school: Six of the smartest cheap 'n' cheerful laptops

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@Andy Non Re: Ubuntu boot results?

Why would you be "... forced (e.g. by Customs and Excise) to run some software that only works on Windows." ? Is this a situation that happens?

Wikimedia sweeps shill accounts after stunt doubles, waterparks scammed

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Even more interesting

This article in The Independent newspaper:


This mentions that the 'operation' was named "Orangemoody" after the name of the first account to be discovered. Then there is the Wikipedia entry for this:


However, the Wikipedia article does not mention the few instances of 'blackmail' that are reported in The Independent though it does use the word "protect" in quotes.

Linux Foundation releases PARANOID internal infosec guide

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Re: burn a hard drive?

I'd have thought that a few passes with an oxy-acetylene torch would make any hard drive unreadable. Your local car repair shop could run this service at a low marginal cost to themselves and make a nice profit from it.

Boffins laugh at Play Store bonehead security with instant app checker

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"... 127,429 shady software offerings, ..."

We've seen articles like this before, from various researchers. Why don't they ever name the top 'selling' dodgy applications? If Angry Turds has been seen to sign the phone up to premium SMS services or if Mandy Blush has been seen to send a phone's entire contacts list to a Vietnamese server, why doesn't anyone ever say so?

FORKING BitcoinXT: Is it really a coup or just more crypto-FUD?

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This is generally applicable

"In future, everyone realised, this stuff has to be done with greater care and attention."

But nobody ever remembers!

New low for humanity: ONE BEELLION lost souls log on to Facebook in one day

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Internet of Transactions?

... it “can actually complete tasks on your behalf. It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more.”

I'm looking forward to stories about this going horribly wrong.

FBI probed SciFi author Ray Bradbury for plot to glum-down America

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Multiple think

“Bradbury would be a type of person who might be invited to attend the Cultural Congress of Havana because of his liberal view but that he had no definite information concerning this matter”.

Oh yes, high quality, hard and definite intelligence. That's what we need.

Auto erotica bonk shocker: ja das ist gut, say 56% of Germans

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Re: Oh really

"... make a lady ( or other female) smile ..." , " ... my old Tranny van ..."

So, you used to drive on both sides of the road?

(Thank you Chris, just keep them coming.)

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Wobbly

Was she wearing a Purley necklace?

Second Ashley Madison dump prompts more inside-job speculation

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Re: What theft?

Along with Velv, I'd add that even before 'computer data' came along, there were (and still are) laws protecting confidential information, especially if someone copies it and publishes it thus leading to harm, loss of reputation, loss of business, etc.

Enjoy vaping while you still can, warns Public Health England

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As an ex-vaper:

I can state my experience that e-cigs are the best substitute, in terms of providing near immediate relief from tobacco craving, that I've ever tried. Also, e-cigs are a damn sight cheaper, especially if you use a tank and buy bulk liquid from any of many uk based internet suppliers. Sadly for me, they did not provide the same 'satisfaction' and so I drifted back to real cigs (roll ups made from cheap baccy).

As such, my personal failure is a win for the well established and wealthy tobacco industry. Also, it's a win for the UK government which now gets more money from me via tax/duty on tobacco. That, I believe, is where the pressure, lobbying and finance to support banning or limiting e-cig supplies is coming from.

Linux boss Torvalds: Don't talk to me about containers and other buzzwords

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The IoT Crowd

Could a 'fork' of Linux be developed that went back to the basics of IoT system requirements and thus produced an IoT OS kernel that was small, well understood and had the advantages of years of bug clearouts?

Veedub flub hubbub stubs car-jack hack flap

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There's a lesson

Don't tell the manufacturer what you've found about problems with their product. Just publish your findings.

Sex app Tinder in public meltdown – because a journo dared suggest it was, well, a sex app

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So easy to inflame.

Dropbox adds USB two factor authentication for paranoid Chrome users

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Re: If you are carrying an USB key for authentication.

Because if you lose it, someone could read all your data. Oh, ...... wait a minute.....

CAUGHT: Lenovo crams unremovable crapware into Windows laptops – by hiding it in the BIOS

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@thames Re: When is a BIOS not a BIOS?

"It is open source, it's GPL so vendors can't add some proprietary "extra sauce" without releasing the source ..."

In an ideal world, that is true. We live in a less than ideal one though. Nowadays I'd only feel 'safe' if I could strip and analyse it myself or rely on a trusted review by an independent organisation.

Google's new parent Alphabet owns abc.xyz – and, yup, there's already an abc.wtf

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The spark wars will start soon

"Its main inventions (so far) have been monkey bionic arms and a potato cannon."

Ok, small beginnings but .......

HTC caught storing fingerprints AS WORLD-READABLE CLEARTEXT

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I don't trust anybody to get it right.

Not now, not ever again.

AIDS? Ebola? Nah – ELECTRO SMOG is our 'biggest problem', says Noel Edmonds

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Go now, please.

"My energy will return to where it came from – part of a massive, incomprehensible universal web of energy."

He used to be massive and universal (in the UK anyway). Now, he's just incomprehensible.

That's not an Ofcom email about your radio licence – it's a TROJAN

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Re: "Please do not open this email and delete it."

This sort of task is delegated all the way down to the office junior, with verbal instructions at every delegation stage.

STOP! You – away from the keyboard. There's no free speech in our China

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This raises questions

"Chinese police officers will be installed within the country's largest internet companies ..."

Where do the power and data connectors go? What sort of interface do they have?

W3C's bright idea turned your battery into a SNITCH for websites

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Solution?

Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data, charge up your battery a bit/lot, then reconnect to the wonder-web.

Re/code apologizes for Holocaust 'joke' tweet

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Everything is personal in some way, to someone, somewhere.

'Q: What's blue and doesn't fit? A: A dead epileptic.'

I heard that joke a few days after my sister died as a result of trauma suffered during an epileptic fit. I thought about it carefully and decided that it was funny but I didn't laugh. I didn't have any kind of 'words' with the person who told the joke either, because I knew that I would have laughed at it a few days previously.

Viagra found in Chinese 'Kung Fu rice wine'

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He broke that piece of wood and didn't even move his hands

It's not his hands you need to watch.

Lottery chief resigns as winning combo numbers appear on screen BEFORE being drawn

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Re: Lotteries and cheating them.

"He decided he could only make $600 a day from this method, so he told the gaming commission."

I'd be happy to do that for $300 a day.

BT Sport website AND app go TITSUP – footie fans weep

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Re: Can someone make Sky go offline every Sat/Sun afternoon?

I'm not sure about that. It could be their chance to have some 'me' time or catch up with friends.

Buffoon in 999 call: 'Cat ate my bacon and I want to press charges'

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Too polite

"Right I'm very sorry sir but it's not a 999 emergency 'cause your girlfriend let the cat eat the bacon. I do apologise but it's not a police matter."

Try: "You're an idiot. Get off the line or we'll come and arrest you when we're not busy."

This is TRUE science: Harvard boffins fire up sizzling BACON LASER

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Thumb Up

Fat cells - oh yes!

'A puff of smoke and I could wear my 32" waist jeans again. The second degree burns were an inconvenience but it was worth it.'

Octogenarian accused of performing sex act with a SHRUBBERY

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Yes, it's funny to read

This could be an indication of dementia at an early stage. I've seen older relatives and family friends do strange things while seeming to have strange ideas, some years before being committed into care.

Bloke cuffed for blowing low-flying camera drone to bits with shotgun

frank ly Silver badge

How about ....

A shoulder mounted microwave gun with wideband modulation? (Or whatever is needed.)

Bundestag won't reveal web block list on 'national security' grounds

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And another one

"However, sources in the Bundestag told El Reg ..."

That's El Reg on the list, as a threat to national security.

Hole in (Number) Two: MYSTERY golf-course pooper strikes again

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If I was inclined to do this

I'd work my way through all the holes on the course then break into the clubhouse for a drink.

BONK! BONK! Windows 10 whack-a-mole – Microsoft still fixing bugs

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Re: ?

It might be a subtle joke about not being able to get things right. (?)

Bloke who tried to get journo killed by SWAT cops coughs to conspiracy charge

frank ly Silver badge


It sounds like attempted murder to me.

SOHOpeless: Security stains on Honeywell's Tuxedo home automator

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I don't understand ....

.... why anyone would trust an 'agent', under the control of a faceless company to lock the door to their home properly and keep it locked.

SPLAT! STAR THWACKED, GUTS flung into space at 15 per cent of LIGHTSPEED

frank ly Silver badge

@Little Mouse Re: Disappointed

I have a vivid imagination and you just ruined my lunch.

Yours Truly, more in sorrow than anger, etc.

Want longer battery life? Avoid the New York Times and The Grauniad

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Re: Outside, trying to get in


Now I remember: Certain sites didn't just crash my browser, they caused an instant system shutdown. This was running Linux Mint 13 with MATE on and old laptop. Does anyone know how that can even happen?

frank ly Silver badge

Outside, trying to get in

Using Firefox; if you use the Request Policy plugin and NoScript (of course) then you can see a list of third party content that the page is trying to pull in as well as the third party scripts.

As an example, reading an article in The Independent newspaper website right now, it tries to pull in third party content from 25 other sites and 25 scripts from those sites. I block them all and can still read the articles.

Sometimes you get a blank space in an article and that can be filled by allowing some obvious content delivery network site, if you really want to. Then of course, allowing just one third party content site gives you an entire new set of third party scripts trying to get in as well as a new set of third party content trying to get in. It's a surreal jungle out there.

I've got to the point where, if i'm keen to see stuff, I give temporary permission for all third party content but close the tab if it needs third party scripts to work.

As someone earlier mentioned, I've had sites crash my browser under Linux and they will never be visited again.

Galactic BIRTH: ALMA peers 13 billion years into Dawn of Time Itself

frank ly Silver badge

@King Jack Re: This is maddening

Or, wherever the Big Bang happened, it became our everywhere?

Cyber poltergeist threat discovered in Internet of Stuff hubs

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Re: "But you can still be a Hotpoint."

It's understandable, Indesituation we have here.

(Coat: The scruffy patchwork one.)

Jeep drivers can be HACKED to DEATH: All you need is the car's IP address

frank ly Silver badge

"... by knowing the car's public IP address."

That's when I started screaming.

Driverless cars banished to fake Michigan 'town' until they learn to read

frank ly Silver badge

Surprise ...delight ... yearning ....longing ...... breakout!

North Korea's Red Star Linux inserts sneaky serial content tracker

frank ly Silver badge

"When analysing the OS ..."

I assume they read the source code which was freely provided by the distributor?

Dwarfworld PLUTO may not have a real DOG on it - but it does have a TAIL

frank ly Silver badge

I wonder .....

If an asteroid mining space mission met another asteroid mining space mission and had a fight over the asteroid in space, resulting in damage and casualties, which (if any) laws would apply?

STARS SNUFFED in massive galactic whodunit

frank ly Silver badge

Questions, questions - that's science for you.

If the 'captured' galaxy's gas is pushed out by hot gas in the cluster, the intergalactic space of the cluster is full of hot gas. Where does that hot gas come from, why is it hot and what keeps it hot? Why doesn't the pushed out gas get heated up and join the hot gas collection? Maybe it does and there's a massive cloud of gas diffused throughout the cluster with galaxies hanging around near the 'centre'? Can they see any indications of this?

Evil computers sense you’re in a hurry and mess with your head

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"I could no longer ... , piss in my own toilet ..."

The bathroom washbasin is a multifunction device.

CVS shutters photo website in credit-card hack attack scare

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Re: Booze and sticky carpets

"They are run by vultures however."

I didn't know that The Register was diversifying in this way.

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