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You own the software, Feds tell Apple: you can unlock it

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Hypothetical situation ....

If I manufacture high security doors and locks of my own design, can I be compelled to break into a house that has 'my' doors and locks fitted?

Mostly Harmless: Google Project Zero man's verdict on Windows 10

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re. "ultimate bug bear"

Did he manage to take a picture of the bug bear?

TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief

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Sauce for the goose

"... 400,000 people who have recently undergone credit checks for new service with the company."

That's 400,000 people who, sadly, neglected to perform 'best security practice' checks on Talk Talk. However, I don't think there's any way they could do that since we rely on these organisations to police themselves.

If MR ROBOT was realistic, he’d be in an Iron Maiden t-shirt and SMELL of WEE

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I find that a large straight sided plastic bucket/tub is much more convenient for emptying and for filling as well as being less likely to be knocked over. You can put a small rubber duck in it to lend an air of jollity to the room if you wish.

Google stock buy-back: You'll groan when you realize where that $5,099,019,513.59 figure came from

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Re: Stock is way up after results.

Will this affect executive bonuses?

UK/China cyber security deal: National security attacks still OK, it seems

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Recent press pictures

There's been a lot of news articles about this visit with pictures of Xi Jinping in various places and situations. In every picture I've seen he seems to be bemused/confused or fed-up/bored. Am I misreading his body language and facial expression?

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief

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Re: well I like the spending time with family bit

I know that Office 2000 (yes, I'm behind the times) seems to run perfectly well under WINE and that WINE claims to be able to 'emulate' all the way up to Win 7. I haven't tried any other 'major' Windows applications under WINE, just minor bits and pieces that I like to use. Can Photoshop run under WINE?

US nuke boffinry to be powered by Facebook-inspired Linux servers

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Re: Where is that 'like' button

Just hope that your new friend doesn't get the urge to visit you.

openSUSE Leap: Middle ground between cutting edge and conservative

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Leap with MATE

I'm wondering if the Leap version of MATE has fixed the problem with panel drawers, where they often open up all the way down/up or across the screen. I recently did a fresh install of Mint 17.2 and MATE still has this problem (as it did in Mint 13 MATE). I suppose I could try it to find out.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella is paid $18m – and would trouser $20m if sacked

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@Lost all faith Re: "Windows 10 was successfully launched"

Before you make any serious/major changes (or better still, every month), boot up from a GParted live CD then clone your system, home and data partitions onto a spare hard drive. Then, you can recover from ANY foul up. (You will probably need to run the Boot Repair utility, 32-bit or 64-bit version as appropriate, the first time you restore a Linux system like this but after that you just clone a backup and restore as needed. I've been doing that for over two years with Mint and it works every time. Try doing that with Windows; no, don't bother :)

BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans

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I see their logic

"Auntie Beeb said it had instituted the blockade to deter pirates from ripping off its dramas, comedies, documentaries and other programs, which are funded by TV license-fee payers in Blighty."

Because nobody in the UK records broadcast programs and makes them available on torrents.

Elderly? Disabled? You clearly need a .38" Palm Pistol

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@sisk Re: Metrication

Thats 1/2 mv^2, unless it's an antimatter bullet.

Boffins' twisted enlightenment embiggens fibre

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Immediate use?

Can this technique be used with existing undersea and terrestrial cables or does it need to use 'special' fibre? Will existing repeaters amplify the signal without messing up the OAM modulation?

Connected kettles boil over, spill Wi-Fi passwords over London

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I thought the article heading was humorous sarcasm

But no, it really exists!

OpenBSD source tree turns 20 – version 5.8 of project preps for show time

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Is it a FOSS development leader requirement?

"Its founder, Theo de Raadt, may be known for his cantankerous outbursts, ..."

Slacker vendors' one-fix-a-year effort leaves 88% of Androids vulnerable

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Because the mobile network operators provide subsidised phones on contract, hence they insist on having their version of Android on the phone, including all their spyware and crapware, which they are responsible for updating, if they ever do.

Microsoft mavens promise proper quantum computer in 10 years

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The good news is .....

..... it will automatically and fully update itself to Windows 10 within seconds.

UK's Lloyds Banking Group scrambles to patch account-snooping security hole

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Bank Of Scotland Halifax

It's filthy and it's got pigeons nesting in it. I'm sorry but that picture offended my sense of decor(um).

Ring Chime: Needy wireless doorbell or $30 bling t'ing?

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Another way

You can get a wireless doorbell with battery powered push button and two small mains powered chime units for between £10 and £15 on ebay. If you want to spend more money, you can get then with more buttons and more chime units.

Drunk driver live-streams her slow journey home

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A hint of the future

“... does not provide officers with access to Periscope as an authorized software tool and therefore they did not have the ability to monitor the driver’s actions.”

So, load up police computers with Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, etc, etc ..... then watch their efficiency soar.

Internet Architecture Board defends users' rights to mod Wi-Fi kit

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More common and closer to SoHo

"because a manufacturer ceasing operation would otherwise leave all hardware orphaned from update, which itself poses significant potential security risks."

What about manufacturers declaring EOL on one year old kit and leaving it with unpatched security holes?

Half-secure not good enough for Chrome users says Google

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Re: Why...

Conspiracy theories in a comment please........

Science Museum celebrates Ada Lovelace

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Early developments?

She seems to be holding a mobile phone. Did it work?

Volvo to 'accept full liability' for crashes with its driverless cars

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What ifs

When Volvo say they'll accept 'full liability' I'm sure they don't mean to give a free meal to every idiot who deliberately rams a driverless car. They mean that they will not slow down liability payouts by trying to legally offload onto their own suppliers. If you do ram a driverless car, you can bet that there will be efforts by Volvo, and others, to establish the facts and causes of the incident and to establish blame, as is perfectly normal in all traffic incidents.

At this early stage of development, it would be fairly easy to have small video cameras with outside views making a 5 minute (or whatever) looped recording onto an on-board SSD, along with car speed parameters, etc. This would be designed stop recording in the event of a crash or collison and so provide some evidence as to what had actually happened.

Hackers can steal your BRAIN WAVES

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A device monitors and records some kind of signal. The recording is stored on a computer. The computer is 'hacked' and the hacker can read the data. ..... Is this a surprise to anyone?

China wants international peace pact online and under water

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No. 5 is interesting

= No criticism of government.

Boffin's easy remote hijack hack pops scores of router locks

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"The penetration tester is planning on examining the "overlooked" area of internet-of-things security as Singapore undergoes its massive smart city project."

That sounds like a job for life.

Google's .bro file format changed to .br after gender bother

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The .vag extension is offensive to people who care about pollution caused by diesel cars.

Top VW exec blames car pollution cheatware scandal on 'a couple of software engineers'

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"You're telling me these engineers snuck that code into the software and no one said this is breakthrough technology, we need to patent this," said an incredulous Collins.

He does have a point that management (and many other people) would have been incredibly incurious as to how the cars suddenly started showing much better performance than before the software was modified.

China cuffs hackers at US request to stave off sanctions

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Logically ...?

What they are accused of doing can't be illegal in China because the Chinese authorities would have arrested the entire PLA unit if it was. Have I misunderstood something?

NASA boffins on Pluto: We see skies of BLUE and... RED water ice

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Pictures of Pluto

Am I right in thinking that sunlight is the illumination and they use a very long exposure and accurate camera tracking during exposure?

Australian Prime Minister runs private email server

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Re: Just need an email from that server

Does Malcolm Turnbull know where his private email server is?

'Safe Harbor': People in Europe 'can get quite litigious about this'

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Thumb Up

Re: Deal or No Deal?

Or maybe the US corps will sue the EC governments in secret session, in accordance with TTIP provisions? That sounds like an easier way to make money.

Tiny Robot Smartphone: Invasion Earth 2016 – prepare to be facially recognised humans

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Re: Uh-uh, Nope, no way!

You talk into its feet, then it whispers into your ear.

Talk revealing p0wnable surveillance cams pulled after legal threat

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I've said it before ....

"An unnamed vendor caught up in the research hit Gnesa with a legal threat after he prepared to present his work at the Hack in the Box conference in Singapore next week.

The hacker then canceled his talk."

Publish the results on pastebin, or somewhere like that. If the vendors want to respond with a public rebuttal then they are free to do so.

US Treasury: How did ISIS get your trucks? Toyota: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Does it have hard mount points for weapons?


frank ly Silver badge

re. " .. Futura mission ..."

Am I the only one who read that as 'Futurama mission'?

Microsoft's HoloLens: Here by 2016, mere three THOUSAND dollar price

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re. battery life

If you're serious about walking around the room, shooting robots, etc. then you'd be happy to wear a battery belt. It would add to the 'realism' and let you think you were wearing an ammunition belt or carrying a spare gun.

GCHQ's SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again.

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re. *Not after actual fictitious Smurfs, ...

Did you think we didn't know that?

Australian boffins say Quantum Pentiums are on the horizon

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Re: Noooo... how long must this go on?

"In a conventional computer, the presence or absence of an electron indicates a one or a zero."

Thats the presence or absence of a large number of electrons gathered at a single storage location, (where they are sensed due to their effects on the electrical characteristics of that location).

Guess who owns Netflix.news and Netflix.website – clue: definitely not Netflix

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Re: in theory

"How can he object without looking like an evil profitteer again?"

He could put it up for public auction?

Apple files patent for long-rumoured iRing-type bling

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Re: therethrough

We have: therein, thereby, thereunder, .. etc, so why not therethrough? Anyway, it's in the OED, therefore it's 'official'.

Dodgy amphetamines drive drug-crazed man on to pub roof

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It's confusing

" ... rated as a Class-B drug in the UK, along with "barbiturates, cannabis, codeine ...".

I can buy codeine anytime I like at any UK high street or supermarket pharmacy. The only problem is that they cut it with lots of paracetamol and that stuff is bad for your liver.

MYSTERY PARTICLE BLASTS from Ceres strike NASA probe Dawn

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Re: Oh no! Not harvest puns!

I think there should be a mountain range called The Alpens.

FATTIES have most SUCCESS with opposite SEX! Have some pies and SCORE

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"It also assumes that you're two-dimensional."

From Lewis: "... it assumes that healthy weight should scale up in relation to the square of height - a patently absurd idea, ..."

The square of height thing seems to assume that we're modelled as a cylinder, which is not a bad approximation - and that's all it is, an approximation to let a doctor/nurse or yourself obtain a quick and easy measure for comparison purposes. It's also only appropriate for someone around average height and build, not a particularly tall or muscular man or woman.

The last time my doctor had a good look at me (almost naked), she said I could do with having a bit more weight. I pointed out that my BMI was 23 and she went very quiet. I didn't point out that she was a bit of a porker and that people tend to want to see themselves as 'normal'.

What does EU farm subsidy get spent on? Yes, broadband for Irish farmers

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Re: if only...

While we're waiting, could I have another cup of tea please?

Herbie goes to a hackathon: Mueller promises cheatware fix

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If a UK VW Passat (as an example) passed its MoT test emissions levels last year, there's little reason why it shouldn't pass them this year. Unless there is a reclassification of the vehicle and the tested pass levels are changed to reflect that? Even so, if the VW Passat is passing the tests due to cheat software, the MoT test process will need to be altered or some formal check of engine software update status will be needed. Will VW owners be 'forced' to take their cars in for a software modification? This will be an admin nightmare.

I'm still wondering about buying a 4 year old turbodiesel Passat.

Macquarie academics send Gmail a ‘Dear John’ letter

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But ....

... the Australian security/spy organisations share all their pickings with the other 5-Eyes countries, so what's the point?

Feds want a phone smart enough to burn itself if it falls into the wrong hands

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Why not just use unbreakable encryption?

Oh, .... sorry.

Pasta is now a THING, says Cisco

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Paddock to plate

It's horses that are kept in a paddock isn't it? Oh ..... that picture ...... right.

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