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Glum, depressed ... and addicted to Facebook, Twitter? There's a link, say medical eggheads

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I'm wondering

What's the difference between an egghead and a boffin?

Pothole campaigner sprays Surrey street with phallic paintings

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A lonely pastime

"... after spraying their penis images around the Surrey street’s notorious potholes ..."

He needs to get out more. Oh, ... wait.

Met police commissioner: Fraud victims should not be refunded by banks

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"... connecting through a device that has an address in one of the IPV4 private ranges (10.n.n.n 172.16-31.n.n 192.168.n.n) is clearly using a LAN."

Whatever the complexity/simplicity of your home LAN wiring and Wi-Fi, when you connect to some site outside your home then you appear to be coming from an IP address assigned by your ISP. Have a look at www.whatsmyip.org to see a clear demonstration of this. (Also useful for checking that your VPN is working.)

Police create mega crime database to rule them all. Is your numberplate in it? Could be

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"... follow some basic rules to protect ourselves – ..." etc.

They forgot to mention using strong encryption.

BT: We're killing the dabs brand. Oh and can customers re-register to buy on our site?

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Clean and simple

The great thing about Dabs was that I didn't need to register an account with them and could pay by verified Paypal account and have it delivered to my Paypal registered home address. Click, click, ... click - job done.

I hope I can find somewhere with similar simplicity. I'll start looking - any suggestions?

Comms 'redlining' in Brussels as explosions kill up to 30 people

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Safety Check

It's a pity that it takes a private company to come up with and implement what seems to be a very good and useful idea. Having said that, I shudder to think of the delays and 'negotiations' if separate governments, even if limited to a region such as the EU and supposedly with a common purpose, were to try to come up with anything similar.

FBI backs down against Apple: Feds may be able to crack killer's iPhone without iGiant's help

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@Charlie Clark Re: precedent

I see you're a member of the SS (Syntax Stormtroopers). Much fiercer and more scary than grammar nazis or spelling nazis.

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@redpawn Re: precedent

I've worked with two dyslexic people, at separate times in the past. I've looked at your previous posts and they are remarkably good for someone who is 'dyslexic'. Well done for coping with your condition.

Google gives away its internal $200 patch analysis tool for free

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I'm happy

... that I didn't buy one before the price dropped. That's always annoying.

Yahoo! kills! more! passwords! with! push! notification! app!

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Re: Trust us with your phone number!

No f**king way! I don't forget my passwords but if I do then they're printed out neatly on a single sheet of A4 paper, which I very rarely have to look at and then only with the rarely used passwords.

If that fails, they can send reset links to another registered email address or use a security question, which is really another password with a hint.

If you feel that you have to use SMS push, for whatever reason, get a PAYG SIM card in a cheap second hand Android phone and use that for SMS push and no other purpose.

P.S. Google look at your IP address when you login and will make you jump through hoops if you use a VPN or login from a different physical location (same thing I suppose). This happened to me and the VPN went down halfway through my verifying my identity. As a result, they told me that my account had been hacked and I was forced to change my password. This hasn't affected my Android phone, as far as I can tell; it probably uses an authorisation key that was loaded when I first signed it up.

FCC boss: Oh look, net neutrality didn't end the world after all. Surprise!

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@ Red Bren Re: re: former telco lobbyist

Or a wizard's staff, with a big iron knob on the end.

Microsoft will rest its jackboot on Windows 7, 8.1's throat on new Intel CPUs in 2018 – not 2017

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@kb Re: "One solution is to boot a Linux USB stick ..."

I'm very tempted to respond to your comment, almost line by line since I think that you are wrong/misguided in so many ways. It's early on Sunday morning though, so I'll only try a little stab:

"... either a programmer, or someone who ONLY uses the Internet,.."

You're wrong, so wrong. I'll leave it to other people to explain why, if they want to. The fact that other people could easily explain why, even though they don't know me, says a good deal about your limited outlook. (I've just noticed: "limited outlook" is not a sly joke, it just happened.)

" .. that do not run on your OS ...", "... the software required to get our work done ...", ".. Your OS is useless to us ...", "... your OS doesn't run ..."

I believe this is a rhetorical technique called 'othering' and in your case it seems to indicate some kind of bunker/siege mentality. There is no 'my OS' involved here, it's all in your head.

"... software that are mission critical to people's daily work that do not run on your OS ..."

That's because they haven't been written/developed to run on Linux.

"...thanks to the hostility of FOSS to proprietary software ..."

I'm running proprietary software, written and supplied for Linux, on my Linux box. It works. One item of said software needed me to buy a licence afer the free trial period, but I didn't bother because it wasn't 'mission critical'; I was only playing with it out of mild interest. Another item cost me about £10 for a lifetime license, which I paid for because it's so useful.

As I understand it, the APIs and inner workings of FOSS are fully documented and freely available to anyone who has any interest in them, for the purpose of developing proprietary software to use with them. How can this be hostility? You may have misunderstood what 'FOSS' means.

I'm too tired to deal with the rest of it so please forgive me if I don't bother.

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"One solution is to boot a Linux USB stick ..."

And then install Linux. Been there, done that, never regretted it.

Too Naked for the Nazis streaks to literary glory

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Thank you Michael. Re: Lovely!

"Quality control should therefore only be carried out by unconscious personnel."

I used to work in a place which seemed to follow that principle.

Hackers demo prototype security scanner that thinks like a human

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"... phrases like 'sign me up', 'let's go' and so forth all signify account registration."

What happens if you shout 'Yahoo!'

NIST set to shake up temperature with quantum thermometer

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Re: big problem with quantum thermometers

If you had a quantum thermometer, you'd definitely know if you needed your coat. Oh, ......

Want to kick butts? Go cold turkey

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Re: Everyone in the study used NRT

"Currently using a Wismec Releaux RX200, and a Griffin rebuildable tank which is rather better."

Were you a Hi-Fi buff in the 80's? You just gave me a flashback to those days.

Linus Torvalds wavers, pauses … then gives the world Linux 4.5

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Re: meh

You're not the only one who can't afford a shark.

Code.org hole gave access to volunteers' email addresses

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" ...the email addresses it harvested."

I once harvested some pictures of my neighbours wife in their back garden. The police were called.

Mechanic computers used to pwn cars in new model-agnostic attack

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Re: Quality Control Pedant

The world we make consists of inconsistencies.

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Re: Signed firmware

I assume it would 'auto toggle' under a certain set of conditions; in which case, those conditions could very probably be simulated by an experienced and observant hacker. We've seen that there are quite a few of those around.

Microsoft has crafted a switch OS on Debian Linux. Repeat, a switch OS on Debian Linux

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I'll wait patiently ....

.... for a clever and relevant hedgehog joke.

'Microsoft Office has been the bane of my life, while simultaneously keeping me employed'

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Re: 1.5V 20ns transient - I can imagine a coworker...

That sounds like it needed a 'wrangle capacitor' to ground. About 50pF usually did the trick; either that or press your fingertip over the wire/track.

Solus: A welcome ground-up break from the Linux herd

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Free to try, worth a try

From the article, it doesn't sound like a beginners distro but it should be worth looking at just to see what it's like. If eopkg is like apt-get then installing from user added repositories should be familiar to many and you can always do an unmanaged install from the developer's binary packages. (Does it handle .deb packages or similar?)

I'd be interested to know how much RAM it needs to idle and how responsive it is when you're waiting for a shedload of files to finish being copied and you decide to click the browser icon to do some light reading while you're waiting, etc. Only one way to find out ........

Bill Clinton killed off internet taxes, says Australian politician

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Not really

"Costello's also being reasonably fair because Australian television networks have to pay a license fee for the spectrum they use."

That's because radio spectrum space is a common resource that can only be exclusively occupied. Copper and fibre cables are a 'private' resource that anybody can lay down and operate (assuming they have enough money and permission to dig up roads).

Dead Steve Jobs is still a crook – and Apple must cough up $450m for over-pricing ebooks

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The best example I've seen in a long time.

Amazon douses flames, vows to restore Fire OS fondleslab encryption

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"...we have the FBI to thank for that."

Nobody is above the law, of unintended consequences.

You're fired! No – you're acquired! Reality TV hits Silicon Valley startups

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"And we would rather have our eyes plucked out than endure any of it."

You've just made sure that I want to watch it. By hook or by crook, or by torrent, I will.

How the FBI will lose its iPhone fight, thanks to 'West Coast Law'

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A question

"I wish I could give the good guys the access they want without also giving the bad guys access, "

Can anyone explain how you tell the difference between them and how you can be sure that you're right?

Brit firm unleashes drone-busting net cannon

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"... single action air weapons over the poundage limit."

If I remember, they needed a firearms license and were only intended for people who killed 'vermin' in a professional capacity. The law may have changed since I Iast had an air rifle.

The thing about the energy limit (13 ft.lb as I remember) was that it was formulated according to how much range/damage-potential it could give to an air gun pellet. This thing would/should have totally different considerations as to how much damage it could cause if misused.

Outsourced Virgin Media techies botched this infosec bod's Poodle fix

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Wait a minute

He let a Virgin Media outsourced agent remotely install software on his computer?

Facebook paid £4k in tax. HMRC then paid Facebook £27k – for ads

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Willing to accept? What does the law say about tax due? Which idiots write the laws? Who benefits from the laws and their arcane formulation? It's not you or me, that's for sure.

Everything bad in the world can be traced to crap Wi-Fi

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"... to blow its secretive mates ..."

Did you mean to write "... to blow off to its secretive mates ..." ? I'm never sure with you. (Sod's Law in action?)

Vendor rep 'Stinky Sam' told to wash and brush teeth or lose job

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At least it wasn't a train wreck of a story.

Rejoice, sysadmins, there's a new glamour job nobody understands

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“Internet of Things Architect”

There isn't an IoTA of justification for any of this.

Telco veteran unloads on Oz data retention laws

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Re: Tower A, Tower B, Tower C

Would the defence counsel for a 'civilian' be able to get access to the telco records? In a case like that, the investigating officers would look at the telco records and say, to themselves, "Ah well, we know it's not really accurate so we won't put this in the evidence file."

BBC telly tax drops onto telly-free households. Cough up, iPlayer fans

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As you can tell when you visit some websites, they know if you're using an ad-blocker. This is usually accompanied by a polite request to stop using it. So, a website owner could, if they wanted to, easily block content from anyone using a blocker. They don't though, hmmmm.

Baby Ubuntus toddle forth into the big scary world of beta

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Mutiny: not a bounty

As the details in the article indicate, Mutiny is just a preset group of paramters for MATE. In MATE, you can have panels on any side you like, all at the same time, autohiding and each in a different colour if you like.

I've run Mint MATE for three years and in January and February this year I tried Ubuntu MATE and Debian Jessie MATE. They all have the same fault, which I've seen on two different desktops and a laptop:

Any drawers you put on the panel will hyperextend, sometimes. This happens as soon as you log on but only sometimes. The icons will drift around from the place that you first put them - not as often as the hyperextension. This has been going on for over three years; it's reported on the forums and I did see a formal bug report about three years ago.

To fix the problem, until the next time it happens, is a simple matter (that takes time and effort to find out about) and I now have an icon driven command (killall mate-panel) that does it for me. Make sure you close the drawer before you do that command. You can do that by clicking on any icon in the drawer (if there's still one visible) and then closing the application that it launches. Failing that, you Logoff/On again. It's very frustrating and a bit sad that they put so much effort into eye-candy and don't deal with basic problems.

Don't get me started on the mutual tripping-up between pulseaudio, alsa and jack. (Try "/sbin/alsa force-reload". That often works.)

Dirty data: Tech-heavy Thames Valley scores big in adultery index

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Re: Whats the percentage of Newbury

Sorry, did you say "...the Vodafone whores..."?

Turkish hacker pleads guilty to $55m maniac global ATM heist

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I'm getting bored with these pledestrian comments.

Greybeard monobrow baldies rejoice! Boffins comb out hairy genes

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It's personality and character that matter

That's what I say nowadays.

Wakey wakey, app developers. Mobile ad blocking will kill you all

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Arms Race?

Has anyone tried in-page ads where the advertiser has a link to the website's server backend and reserved space on the page? (If not, can I patent it?)

Google cloud wobbles as workers patch wrong routers

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"Google network engineers are refining configuration management policies to enforce isolated changes which are specific to the various switch types in the network."

They were told to 'update the routers with this patch'. Next time, they'll be told to 'update the routers as appropriate'.

Crowd-funded OpenShot 2.0 delivers graphic Linux package

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Re: If you want bleeding edge

As far as I can tell, the only way to get it onto Debian Jessie is to download the sources and support libraries and compile them yourself. I tend to shy away from that sort of thing. (I'm trying Debian Jessie (8.3) because it has the MATE desktop now.)

frank ly Silver badge

If you want bleeding edge

I've just got version 2.0.6 running on MINT by:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openshot.developers/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install openshot-qt

It recommends that you add the frei0r plugin and that's available from the MINT Software Manager. I'm hoping it's a little less complicated than Kdenlive and more suitable for my amateur dabbling.

Intravenous hangover clinics don't work, could land you in hospital

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Re: "amps up the immune system and detoxifies the liver”,

The cannula should be made from oxygen-free copper and be plated with 99.99% pure silver. The saline + vitamins solution should have been stored for twenty four hours under a green light, to achieve the required activation state for this particular treatment. Unless they've done that then its not going to work properly.

Science contest to get girls interested in STEM awards first prize to ... a boy

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I wonder

If there was a drive to encourage boys into teaching, nursing, etc.; would it be called Handsome Interested? (After reading so many articles about sexism, I've become sensitive to it.)

Canonical accused of violating GPL with ZFS-in-Ubuntu 16.04 plan

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Does anyone have crystal balls?

"Oracle famously fought a protracted lawsuit with NetApp over ZFS and who can employ it and when."

Could there be a situation in the future where someone produces a product or appliance that uses Ubuntu (including ZFS), where this product sells well and makes lots of money for its manufacturer? If so, might Oracle sue them for use of ZFS?

Cook moves iPhone debate to FBI's weak ground: The media

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Re: Anyone heard of a "subpoena"?

Compelling a reluctant witness to testify in court is not at all comparable with compelling a locksmith to make a special tool that will open the locks of all his customers or even to break in to the home/office of one of his customers.

If the lawmakers want to save lives, they could compel car manufacturers to prevent cars from travelling faster than the local speed limit or ban the use of tobacco products or severely limit the sale of alcoholic drinks. Why don't they do any of that?

Awoogah – brown alert: OpenSSL preps 'high severity' security fixes

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Re: Security defects in the age of ubiquitous connectivity

If we continue your analogy, this is like one version not only not functioning correctly, but producing poison that seeps into the rest of the body. With software security, the more you have running, the bigger the chance of a serious failure happening.

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