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Google quietly takes gag off Mississippi AG after wrecking ads probe

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Money talks

It also silences people.

White hat hacker AI bots prepare for DARPA's DEF CON cyber brawl

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"The cyber reasoning systems will also be networked so they can examine their competitors' software for flaws ... "

Imagine if they were let loose on the internet.

"Walker said DARPA was encouraging hackers to use the source for their own use."


Next month's Firefox 48 is looking Rusty – and that's a very good thing

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I couldn't help it.

A bad day for DBAs: MIT boffins are replacing you with a mere spreadsheet

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I'd go for a SIEGFRIED or maybe a SIGMUND backronymn. They sound helpful and reliable.

IoT puts assembly language back on the charts

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re. the Twitter link

I like the bagless Dyson soul harvester. It's the ultimate IoT device.

Behold the ROBOT RECTUM... medics' relief

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Re: An idea worth of the 21th century

You seem to have misunderstood the technical details. Or was it wishful thinking?

ZTE Axon 7: A surprise flagship contender

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"... which I'll expect they'll get in an update."

The only mention of 'update'. Will they be updated by ZTE or by anyone?

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware goes FULL SCREEN in final push

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Re: Desktop Takeover

"That sexy interface ..." ?!?

I have to disagree with you there.

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Re: Updates off - Rock on

"I have records of all the laddies here that swore they WOULD NEVER upgrade to Win-7. Wanna see them?"

You've been storing our comments and data mining them for a long time. Is your real name Microgoog Facetwit? If you show them to us, will targeted adverts be included?

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Re: Wine to the rescue!

"The official Linux Mint site only offered me 17.3 yesterday - will go looking."

You must have just missed it, LM 18 (stable) was very recently available on Linuxmint.com. Don't worry about the dark colour scheme, you can change it to something less modern and then customise it.

You might prefer the MATE desktop which is more 'traditional' than Cinnamon.

Man sues YET AGAIN for chance to marry his computer

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What happens when he dies? How will the computer inherit and administer his estate? What if there are children?

Encryption, wiretaps and the Feds: THE TRUTH

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"If anything, this suggests encrypted communications is working – federal and state investigators who need warrants to spy on people are giving up on crypto-secured natter. It's not worth the time."

If encrypted communication is used by criminals and terrorists in performing their evil deeds, then surely they should be spending more time spying on people who use encryption. Then again, it may be that encryption is mostly used by people who don't want the Feds listening in on confidential business discussions or 'romantic' conversations.

Evernote riles freetards with two-device limit

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You could set up a simple FTP server at home and have FTP clients on all your devices. I did that with an old NSLU2 device (small, solid state, no moving parts) a few years ago and have the clients on my Android phone and my home computer. It works. What it doesn't do is give notification that there has been a new 'document' uploaded but you could sent a text message if it's important.

Looking good, Gnome: Digesting the Delhi in our belly

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It's what Nautilus used to be and it's good.

Brit startup adds intelligent search to Amazon storage

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Re: FFS who came up with *that* name?

Try looking at their website and learning anything. Really, try it.

Put storage inside the individual hosts of a virtual cluster? You're CRAZY... Like a fox

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Re: who is actually reading the article?

I just hope she doesn't feed it after midnight.

Fat-thumbed a BGP entry? Relax, now your pain has a name

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re. "...the Druids of the Internet, ..."

Do they report to the Elders of the Internet?

Hey cloud lawyer: Can I take my client list with me?

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"She also emailed a small amount of this information to her friend, Mr Murphy (not his real name either) who worked with a third party in HR, to assist with her appeal."

Someone in HR assisting with her appeal against her employer??

"Shortly after she submitted her appeal, Mrs Smith’s employer became aware of her actions ..."

What a surprise!

Gravitational waves: A new type of astronomy

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"... the passing gravitational waves only moved the mirrors by ..."

As I understand it, it's not that the mirrors are moved/disturbed but that the 'very fabric of space itself' is compressed then expanded along the direction of propogation of the gravitational wave as it passes by. Hence, a single detector arm can't detect a wave passing at right angles to its axis, so they have two detector arms at right angles to each other. (This rasise the question of what happens if a gravitational wave arrives from vertically above.)

If anyone has a more rigorous or correct explanation then please share it.

Apple faces Beijing blackout for iPhone 6

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Re: "Don't do business in China" - Carl Icahn

"China changes laws everyday , ..."

and they vary from city to city?:

"... and the decision – if allowed to stand – only applies to the city of Beijing itself, ..."

You Acer holes! PC maker leaks payment cards in e-store hack

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Storing CC security verification codes

Is this allowed? It shouldn't be.

GitHub presses big red password reset button after third-party breach

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"... practise good password hygiene and enable two-factor authentication to protect your account ..."

Shouldn't that be ".. OR enable two-factor authentication ..." ?

Microsoft planning blockchain-as-a-service for Azure apps

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Just wondering

"... nearly-tamper-proof digital ledger." ... almost impervious to falsification, "

What are the situations/conditions where they can be falsified? Perhaps if the blockchain was under the control of a single entity like a bank or a large corporation?

EPO president caught threatening independent appeal board

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This is strange

If he was appointed then surely there is a way to get rid of him? An extreme method would be to tell him he's fired and send security guards in to escort him off the premises. Why can't this be done?

Man dies after UK police Taser shooting

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Re: From The Independent newspaper:

It wasn't a joke, I was serious. If I'd been the one to call the police, I'd have wondered afterwards if I'd done the right thing given what happened.

However, you do make a valid point regarding standard procedure by ambulance crews.

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From The Independent newspaper:

"Officers were called on Tuesday evening by a member of the public who had become concerned about the welfare of the man, who appeared to be injured in the Morfa area."

I bet she wishes she'd called for an ambulance instead.

Austrians are most likely to bare all on beaches

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That picture

Olive oil wrestling! Has the injunction been lifted?

Workers rejoice! Marx’s vision will become reality, argues SAP veep

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"He said youngsters may no longer have the desire to own a car, ..."

If everybody is running an Uber service, nobody will need to own a car. Oh, wait a minute.

Japan travel agency fears leak of 7.93 million records, passport deets

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Why does a travel agency feel the need to store passport details of its clients for years and years? Are they required to do this by law in japan?

Linux devs open up universal Ubuntu Snap packages to other distros

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Re: Interesting?

Ok, I remember the bash part but forgot the Ubuntu part. This is happening more often nowadays, I just can't keep up with events.

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"I'm sure that Microsoft will want that for their Ubuntu compatibility layer."

Is this significant or is it old news that I hadn't noticed before?

Chinese loan sharks seek salacious selfies as collateral

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Re: Monty Python had this sorted 45 years ago ...

I remember watching that and talking about it the next day at school. Is it really 45 years ago?

Russian government hackers spent a year in our servers, admits DNC

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"...two files had been stolen."

Does that mean that the files weren't there anymore or that logs showed they'd been copied to a remote location? Maybe the "clumsy attempts" included not modifying the log files after exfiltration. It would be interesting to know the technical details.

I spy with my little fibre, ten million or so galaxies

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Thank you everyone, for your well written and informative replies. This is just one of the great things about The Register.

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If you want precise positional information about a distant object, surely you'd need the individual sensors to be as far apart as possible. So why are these fibre optic heads placed so close together that they have to be careful not to make them collide with each other when adjusting their aiming line?

Hack the Pentagon shutters 100 bugs

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Access control

"Bug hunters must first pass a background check before being permitted to hack the agency's web properties."

Black hats (especially foreign ones) can't pass the background check and so are unable to hack the agency's sites.

Orlando shootings bring Facebook's safety check to US soil

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Re: Hi victim count was caused by coconspirators

"There was an online post ..."

Do you believe everything you read in online posts?

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for the price of 36 Instagrams

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"This combination will make it possible for new experiences such as a LinkedIn newsfeed that serves up articles based on the project you are working on and Office suggesting an expert to connect with via LinkedIn to help with a task you're trying to complete."

Oh yes, that's the really scary part.

Now Google backs everyone's favorite trade pact: The TPP

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It means we all get to use secure encryption with key pairs provided by our governments to protect us from nosey foreigners.

Robot lung probe wins licence from US authorities

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A robot that wriggles and jiggles and tickles inside you? What will they do if it won't come back out?

Lexus cars suffer Purple Screen of Death – code bug turns the air blue

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"errant data"

Oh, the irony of using 'errant' data to update a navigation system.

Bloke flogs $40 B&W printer on Craigslist, gets $12,000 legal bill

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Re: Countersuit

Indiana Trial Rule 36(B):

"Any matter admitted under this rule is conclusively established unless the court on motion permits withdrawal or amendment of the admission. Subject to the provisions of Rule 16 governing amendment of a pre-trial order, the court may permit withdrawal or amendment when the presentation of the merits of the action will be subserved thereby and the party who obtained the admission fails to satisfy the court that withdrawal or amendment will prejudice him in maintaining his action or defense on the merits."

If you read just the first sentence, you'll realise that the legal system is a law (and a language) unto itself.

'Massive great big' vulture goes AWOL in Somerset

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"Anyone who does eyeball the magnificent beast is asked not to approach him "as he will spook away", but rather to call handler Ben Potter, ..."

Does he lie on the ground and pretend to be dead then grab its legs when it comes down to have a look?

Latin-quoting Linus Torvalds plays God by not abusing mortals

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"Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi." is the latin phrase, so he didn't say it in full, he just hinted at it.

'Whites are taking over': Race storm hits heart of Africa's internet body

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Let's keep things as they are

"... has been pushing for greater transparency on the part of the organization, including around the organization's finances.

There has also been some controversy over how the organization disposed of its last remaining blocks of IPv4 addresses, which are worth millions of dollars in the open market."

Capitalize 'Internet'? AP says no – Vint Cerf says yes

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Travelling Wave Amplifier Tube was changed to Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier for some reason. I noticed that when marketing departments started producing glossy brochures for them.

Mushroom farm PC left in the dark and fed … you know the rest

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Re: “one-man-and-a-dog computer dealer"

"So Gerald and his boss ..."

That may answer your question.

UK Home Sec makes concessions to please Snoopers' Charter opposition

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A strange one

"A further concession will raise the standard for bulk access to medical records to “exceptional and compelling” cases only."

I thought the government were planning to give all our medical records (bulk access) to Google for 'research' purposes?

In what sort of case would the security services want bulk access to medical records? I'd have thought that they'd want access to the records of individuals or small groups in cases of terrorist cell sieges and hostage situations, etc.

You deleted the customer. What now? Human error - deal with it

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Belt and braces

"The information must have been important as he kept that disk for years – just in case."

But not important enough to have two physically separate copies, it seems.

EU wants open science publication by 2020

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Legal workaround?

I can understand that an author who was desperate/keen to have a paper published would sign the copyright away to Elsevier, etc. However, I'm sure the contactual agreement would not say that they couldn't do any more research in that field again. So, if an author wants any previous papers to be made public, all they'd need to do is "repeat the research" one weekend and produce a very similar (but not identically worded) paper on Monday morning.

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