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You have the right to be informed: Write to UK.gov, save El Reg

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re. Quadsys

I fully agree with your arguments and opinions but I'm confused by your use of the Quadsys situation as an example.

If people are charged with an offence and appear in court then this is a public event, in principle and in practice. Provided you report the facts, as stated in court papers and announcments or by repetition of court journalist's published articles then how can anyone use a legal procedure to prevent you from reporting it?

Is! Yahoo! dead?! Why! web! biz! will! rename! to! Altaba! – the! truth!

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Alt-Tab switches between open applications and Alt-A selects all text. I know because I just tried them. It could be something subtle and significant.

Verizon is gonna axe its 'unlimited' data hogs

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Re: Semantics of a word

"... when they perceive you to be using a home broadband connection for business services."

What do they base that on? I remember that Virgin Media used to have T&Cs that said you can't run a web server at home but I thought that was because they'd designed their network so it was better at delivering data to homes than accepting it up for redelivery.

Prison librarian swaps books for bars after dark-web gun buy caper

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Re: Andy Tickner from the UK Organised Crime Partnership said...

Their motto: "We're a Family"

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Re: Post-truth or PR ?

"... the fact that this guy was running drugs into a prison uncaught."

That is an assumption of yours, not a fact, as far as I can tell from the article.

Soz fanbois, Apple DIDN'T invent the smartphone after all

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The segmentation model

Why does a "stay at home mom" need a five day battery life?

NSW government drops a Catch: Bus Wi-Fi is a privacy nightmare

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“It is also a trial so we have a long way to go.”

Does this mean they'll be collecting even more information in the future?

Cache flush: AI poker bot to compete against top players in tourney

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I said 'poker player', not 'piano player'!

On a more serious note, watch out for Carnegie Mellon researchers showing signs of increased disposable income. Do they have ethical guidelines for pitting their research machines against humans in online poker games?

BOOST! LEGO's computing future and its ground-breaking past

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"... although there is not as yet any such thing as a bidirectional filament lamp. You can however get bidirectional LEDs."

All filament lamps are bidirectional. All LEDs are unidirectional. Some LED luminaires have reversible polarity because they contain two LEDs connected with opposite polarity. I need to get a life.

Microsoft goes retro with Vista, Zune-style Windows Neon makeover

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Re: retro?

"... classic look dessert theme ..."

Android seemed to be running a dessert theme with their release names but it wasn't consistent.

Mattel's parenting takeover continues with Alexa-like dystopia

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Re: This is good

Does anybody remember the borged baby in Star Trek?

Internet of Sh*t has an early 2017 winner – a 'smart' Wi-Fi hairbrush

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"The gadget vibrates angrily ..."

It also has a smooth cylindrical handle. I wonder if it's programmable from the smartphone and if there's a 'premium' app for that.

Bitcoin breaks US$1,000

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It's bad, the news says so

Here's a recent article that appeared in The Independent newspaper 26 Dec:


The first thing it does is to associate alternative currencies with white supremacists. It quickly goes on to mention terrorists and criminals:

“And it runs contrary to the very fundamentals of the transparency and accountability that we’ve tried to build for the last three decades to tackle terrorism, human trafficking, money-laundering and many other types of criminal activity.”

Here's a good one:

"This ability to financially disrupt, disable and dismantle nefarious networks, is crucial to US national security, USTreasury officials say. "

It goes on with more:

"...and refers to bitcoin as a revolutionary innovation that’s “breathtaking in its ambition” and striking for its “attempt to overthrow a sovereign authority.” "

I suspect a move against Bitcoin in the near future, after a few more articles to prepare us for an extension to the continuous war on terror.

Top-Secret-cleared SOCOM medics hit in 11GB govt database leak

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Re: Measurement Units?

It's only a bit of a mistake.

The Register's Top 20 Most-Commented Stories in 2016

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Re: It's not "Fake News"

It's "dissenting information".

Peace comes to troubled embedded-Linux-for-routers community

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Re: Second Law of Thermodynamics confounded!

Splittist! .... Joiner! ......Splitter! ....... Mergist!........... Forker!

Support chap's Sonic Screwdriver fixes PC as user fumes in disbelief

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But if you store them in the tube, you can't stand them on the desk in a logical pattern related to their original location and reassembly order. (Not that it ever worked out well for me.)

Raspberry Pi Foundation releases operating system for PCs, Macs

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Re: Nice, but, please, no "Windows Blue" windows title bars!

They do that (or give the option) to ease the transition away from Windows.

I have a spare 60GB SSD so I'll give it a try soon.

NIST requests ideas for crypto that can survive quantum computers

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It must have a master key that will be held by the government and various law enforcement departments. It must not be possible for bad people to use it.

Ad-slinger Turn caught with its hand in Verizon's 'supercookie' jar

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"... Turn has agreed to be open and honest with customers about the tracking practices ..."

Which 'customers' are these? A 'customer' is someone who willingly pays for goods or services that they want or need. I'd say the correct word here is 'victims' or 'targets'.

Non-existent sex robots already burning holes in men’s pockets

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Anything can happen and it does

" ... perhaps becoming overly attached with their cars, for example ..."

NSFW: Try a YouTube search for "man sex car exhaust". Really.

Sexbots could ‘over-exert’ their human lovers, academic warns

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I'm waiting for ....

... the whiskey bottle that refuses to open if it thinks you've had too much or if it suspects that you are likely to drive soon.

View from a Reg reader: My take on the Basic Income

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Re: recent reg articles featuring basic income?

{Deity} forbid that any of us should learn about the lives of other people and be exposed to ideas and opinions that differ from our own.

It's round and wobbles, but madam, it's a mouse pad, not a floppy disk

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Re: Poor instructions

I was once (probably more times) responsible for 'poor instructions'. I'd left an MSDOS floppy with a custom autoexec.bat file to be used by a junior clerk, while I was away, to enter some data that would need to be gathered and processed. My instructions were, "Put the floppy drive in the slot and switch the computer on." When I returned, I was told that it didn't work.

She said, "But the computer was already turned on so I didn't need to turn it on!" You have to think of everything.

Beauty is in the AI of the beholder: Young blokes teach computer to judge women by their looks

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"... a convoluted neural network ..."

That would be 'convolved' or 'convolutional'. The word 'convoluted' has use in everyday language (and biology) to mean something different from the mathematical processes of convolution.

Crim charges slapped on copyright trolls who filmed porn, torrented it then sued downloaders

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Re: Old Will had the right idea

"No question of that; for I have seen him whipped three market-days together."

Yes, that sounds like a reasonable punishment.

Could a robot vacuum cleaner monitor your data centre?

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"So we imagined the machines would likely be considered innocuous by visitors and decided to test whether they could serve as an extra line of data centre defence."

It wouldn't look so innocuous if you strapped a frikin' laser to its head.

Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo! Galileo fit to go: Europe's GPS-like network switches on

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Re: Brexit

No, but the ones covering the UK will start transmitting in French so very few UK receivers will be able to understand them.

Poor software design led to second £1m Army spy drone crash

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Re: OK here's a fix....

Or a magnetically actuated switch, or ... or ... or.......

Kids, look at the Deep Learnings! (We’re just going to slurp your data)

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"I keep a lot of sensitive stuff in Evernote, including interviews with anonymous sources. This is bad."

It certainly is. Didn't you encrypt it?

Bluetooth-enabled safe lock popped after attackers win PINs

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Re: Why??

Especially if the fool keeps it in a Bluetooth-enabled safe.

Arista takes a round off Cisco in long-running legal battle

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sue --reason copyright

invalid syntax

Tech titans tentatively trot toward Trump Tower to talk turkey today

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It gets 'better'

Here's a story that you couldn't make up:


Did somebody make it up?

'Emoji translator' sought by translations firm

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Re: First one

It's not a chapel, the entire building is the place of worship so it's a church. Maybe it's a trick question and the correct answer is Whitchurch rail station.

Is your Windows 10, 8 PC falling off the 'net? Microsoft doesn't care

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@Mage Re: Options

To fix problems on Linux, I log in as root because it's so easy to change stuff when you're root. I gave root a really ugly colour scheme to make sure that I'm not tempted to use it too often.

Using an alternative desktop manager sounds like a good idea so I'll try that too.

Marc Andreessen has a pretty creepy relationship with Zuck

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A puzzle

"Zuck essentially wanted to be able to sell most of his Facebook stock while retaining voting control of his social media giant."

Where has all my cake gone now that I've eaten it?

Hardware Labs sees off Nvidia trademark sueball-smasher in court

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How many cars and motorcycles have a GTS or GTX model variant?

AI brains take a step closer to understanding speech just like humans

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"... participants were paid three cents per recording"

The end results were not worth the money.

HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'

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"Not mentioned in the story is whether the website would, in fact, allow you to print this image on a T-shirt."

I'd like to see them stop anyone printing that image on a t-shirt (purely for personal use of course).

Real deal: Hackers steal steelmaker trade secrets

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Re: Why exactly is a blast furnace online?

"... a blast furnace needs to be directly responsive to sales and market conditions."

" A blast furnace has a huge lag time in response ..."

Those two are mutually exclusive and neither of them will be solved/met by allowing your control system supplier to update the controller software over the internet.

The only time you need any of your installed software to be updated in a hurry is for functional shortfalls or for security holes. Everything else can wait.

Cassini tickles Saturn's rings ahead of final death plunge

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Does Uranus have rings?

Just idle curiosity.

Microsoft boffins think VR visions will rival drugs by 2027

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Life will imitate art

"Nicole Immorlica, senior researcher at Microsoft's New England research lab, describes a world in which a person's value is measured by Facebook interaction ..."

This is what happens when 'futurists' watch Black Mirror.

Icelandic Pirate Party asked to form government

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Re: Enquiring minds want to know..

A broadside then boarding and hand to hand fighting. It will be carnage.

Microsoft, IBM, Intel refuse to hand over family jewels to China

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Re: How about domestic software?

What sort of reaons does 'uncle Wu' give for censuring open source? It does seem strange that a nominally 'socialist' government would censure a community effort.

Exclusive: Team Trump's net neutrality guru talks to El Reg

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Very mixed metaphor

"The stick holds operators' feet to the fire with the threat that the regulator can take more action...."

Has anybody tried waterboarding them yet? I know some ISPs who deserve it.

Plastic fiver: 28 years' work, saves acres of cotton... may have killed less than ONE cow*

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Re: presumably the outraged are aware that...

"... will cease ride in any vehicle not certified animal free"

Does that include a horse drawn carriage? What about a horse with a wood and cotton saddle? It gets complicated doesn't it? :)

Hackers waste Xbox One, PS4, MacBook, Pixel, with USB zapper

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Just an idea

Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to make a USB to Mains adapter cable?

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Not just data lines

I wouldn't call it an 'engineering design shortcut' since the design and the product were never intended or expected to deal with a lunatic putting 220V onto the USB lines. Maybe expectations and specifications will be modified from now on. Does anyone think that a 5kV isolation requirement is overkill?

Europol cop took terror dossier home, flashed it to the web accidentally

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A blast from the past?

Was he still using Limewire?

There were many people who exposed their entire C:drive with that.

Hull surfers cut off by router attack

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That picture

I'm sure that's not a picture of the Hull coast. Then again, it might have been developed a bit since I last saw it.

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