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AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world

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@Phil Kingston

My Wacom Intuos tablet had a driver update (on Windows) that totally changed the settings GUI and gave me a cloud based parameters storage and loading 'facility'. The idea is that I can more easily manage its settings and have them backed up in case of accidents and also, of course, easily migrate my tablet between different computers.

I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled from the CD then blocked Wacom software at the firewall.

Lap(top) of luxury: Porsche Design revs up 2-in-1 Windows 10 slab

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Re: Fashion Victims

"... Penal Tracking Bracelets..."

I didn't know that many people rushed out to buy these. Did you mean Penile Tracking Bracelets?

Google Chrome 56's crypto tweak 'borked thousands of computers' using Blue Coat security

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Re: "That these products broke is an indication of defects in their TLS implementations,"

"... managing to bring windows 10 into the conversation ..."

Is this an example of Godwindows law?

Licence-fee outsourcer Capita caught wringing BBC tax from vulnerable

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Re: "High standards"?

I got rid of my TV and license about 3 years ago after informing them via their website that I no longer needed it. They've never contacted me since. I don't have an aerial on my house because I used to watch via my Virgin Media cable. I cancelled the Virgin Media TV service of course.

I'm wondering what the logical (if I can use that word here) difference is between us.

Alcatel wants to be Android, but different – and another crack at the Windows market

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"energetic young consumers",

= Children?

Dell offers crunch-in-a-box set of Edge teeth to Internet of Things things

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"... operating temperature extremes from -30°C to 70°C"

That upper limit seems a little low for an engine compartment in the summer. Am I worrying too much?

You're Donald Trump's sysadmin. You've got data leaks coming out the *ss. What to do

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Take the battery out?

Machines taught how to 'smell' by new algorithm. How will they cope with shower-dodging nerds?

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Re: Dreams

I can't recall ever experiencing the sense of smell in a dream or ever expecting it or wondering about it in a dream.

Bee boffins prove sesame-seed brain is all you need to play football (well, that explains a lot)

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The boffins couldn't understand it so they didn't try.

Nokia’s big comeback: Watches, bathroom scales, a 3310 PR gimmick, Snake, erm...

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Re: Makes you wonder = "Two days battery life"

"... the glovebox emergency phone, ..."

My experience of having a 'glovebox emergency phone' on a PAYG card is that the carrier (Vodafone) cut it off after 4 months of not being used. I asked them what happened and they said it was 'for security reasons' and they suggested that I call my own home land line every month, "just to make a connection with a couple of rings", then it would be fine.

This was about five years ago and I don't know if the carriers are still as stupid.

Pai, Pai, Mr American spy: FCC supremo rips up privacy protections for broadband punters

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Re: VPN please

I use PIA (Private Internet Access) at US$40 a year. Easy to setup an account and the software for Linux and Windows is easy to install and use.

They are based in the USA so you can bet that the NSA/CIA/FBI have a direct tap, which is something to bear in mind.

Swedish politician wants weekly hour of paid sex. For exercise

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It takes me five minutes so that's twelve sessions a week. I just couldn't do it that often.

People built AI bots to improve Wikipedia. Then they started squabbling in petty edit wars, sigh

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Niels Bohr

I'd like to know why they fight about him.

Ad men hope blocking has stalled as sites guilt users into switching off

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"Some 24 per cent of users polled said they rejected ad-blockers because ..."

... they didn't know how to turn them off and on again.

"The proportion of UK adults using blockers remained at 22.1 per cent ..."

This might mean that 22% of UK users know about them and know how to use them and that group is now saturated.

More brilliant Internet of Things gadgetry: A £1,300 mousetrap

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Good planning

"... had Agile techniques employed during its construction."

So it can deal with agile mice.

The last time El Reg covered IBM Domino we used a chisel

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That's not a brontosaurus

Anyway ........ A brontosaurus? You were lucky!

DomainMonster mash: Hundreds of websites vandalized after Brit web host server hacked

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Re: I really shouldn't... But...

I'm sure you can manage at least one more verse. Go on :)

Google devs try to create new global namespace

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ann@example.com is a unique identifier (within the internet as we know it) so I assume that this address is used to send the initial private keys to 'Ann'. After that, is the existence of the email address and service needed? What happens if example.com goes bust and Ann loses that email service?

Is your child a hacker? Liverpudlian parents get warning signs checklist

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Re: What a load of bull

Did you gradually introduce her to more complicated locks? Was she hotwiring your car when she was 10?

NZ firm tucks into $27m on the back of VR 'hologram' promise

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Holo-, Hologram

The word has become so debased that it's not believable anymore.

Connected car in the second-hand lot? Don't buy it if you're not hack-savvy

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Puts my deerstalker on

"... the vehicle nearly always outlives its first owner."

Perhaps the 'new car smell' has become a slow poison.

Florida Man jailed for 4 years after raking in a million bucks from spam

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moral panic

"... online pharmacies that sold narcotics without prescriptions,"

Where I live (the UK), there are many high street pharmacies that sell narcotics (codeine) without a prescription, as long as you look legally adult. It depends which country you're in for if it's illegal or not. (The pharmacy that I use is in the Asda supermarket, which is owned by Wal Mart.)

As for the spamming with stolen email addresses: string him up.

Sigfox leads with its chin on security for internet-connected things

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Does this mean freedom of speech for Talkie Toaster?


Let's hope not!

Reg tours submarine cable survey ship
'Geo Resolution'

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Interesting - Thank You

That was great Simon. At first I was expecting video but a sequence of still pictures gives better quality images and better resolution. I hope El Reg can do some more of this type of article in the future.

Finally, a use for your mobile phone: Snapping ALIEN signal blurts

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Re: Basically app monitors phone for glitch in reception and sends your GPS ords and time

I can understand your lack of enthusiasm for that. However, a small radio receiver plugged into the usb port of a desktop computer would be fine, provided the innards and software were open source.

Many astronomy enthusiasts around the world would be happy to be part of a giant radio telescope array and would also be happy to devote part of their cpu power to crunching the massive data set that would be produced.

GoDaddy CEO says US is 'tech illiterate' (so, yeah, don't shut off that cheap H-1B supply)

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I thought it was 'software architect' or is that something else?

UK prof claims to have first practical blueprint of a quantum computer

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Nominative Determinism?

Winfried Hensinger: His name is a superposition of Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger. This can't be a coincidence.

Kids these days will never understand the value of money

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Re: The problem with this is spending discipline

So it takes the money out of your bank account with up to a month delay, depending on when you make the purchase. It's not really a credit card.

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Re: The problem with this is spending discipline

You seem to have got your hands on a German bank hybrid debit card of some kind. Hint: it's not really a credit card.

Munich may dump Linux for Windows

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Re: Replacing Linux with Windows, based on *cost*?

"But I still struggle with configuring X, ..."

Is Linux, for offices, really all that hard to setup and maintain, compared to Windows? Perhaps the ecosystem is so fragmented that it's difficult to get components that are fully compatible with each other?

I'd really like to understand why, given that they've had years to sort it all out.

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Re: and this has nothing to do with

Is this an example of the spread of 'alternative news'?

Oracle refuses to let Java copyright battle die – another appeal filed in war against Google

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Watch, listen and learn

"At every turn, in countless ways, the district court issued rulings that obstructed Oracle's case."

Have they ever stopped to consider that there might have been good reasons for that?

Voila! Bazinga! Amazon turns Alexa into an annoying 'cool' aunt

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Re: "the more Alexa sounds...

Oh yes and twice yes. It's like they didn't know about the uncanny valley so they fell right into it.

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Re: I'm tech. but don't get why anyone tech. likes dire shit like The Big Bang Theory!

What frightens me is that my tinfoil hat is useless against all that.

Get orf the air over moi land Irish farmer roars at drones

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“a woman from Limerick”

A woman from Limerick said,

"There's a drone flying over my shed.

Do you think it's the robbers?

Should I call the coppers?"

I told her to shoot it instead.

Alleged HPE fraud man Peter Sage once ran dodgy pharma biz

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I was shocked

I asked the headhunters to recruit an asset stripper. You can imagine the confusion at the next board meeting.

Scottish court issues damages to couple over distress caused by neighbour's use of CCTV

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It's complicated

"The Akram guest house is downstairs from the Woolley's flat. Both the Woolleys and Akram subsequently installed CCTV systems outside their respective properties."

So they live in the same building that is split into flats/apartments?

That's even more reason to have long and detailed discussions with your neighbour if you install CCTV with recording (and audio!).

NASA bakes Venus-proof electronics

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Geek note

4H-SiC is the '4H' crystalline form of SiC, in case anyone is wondering, as you all are, I'm sure. It has more than 250 polymorphs!

(Wikipedia: it's great but consider the possibility of editorial bias and check out the quality of the references and always compare with another source of information.)

Microsoft touts cheap-ish anti-patent troll protection shield for Azure-hosted devs

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Re: Does it come with...

The devil is in the details.

Revealed: 'Suicide bomber Barbie' and other TSA quack science that cost $1.5 billion

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Unusual behaviour

"... roving officers, some undercover, who engage travelers in casual conversation while looking for telltale signs of malicious intent, whatever those might be. Ostensibly, these conversations were voluntary, but seeking to avoid them or being insufficiently forthcoming was treated as an "indicator" that might prompt referral to additional screening."

Being accosted by strangers who try to lure me into converstion is guarenteed to make me tense and glower. Repeated experience has shown me that those sorts of people are usually up to no good.

Biggest Kodi sweep: Brit cops nab five, bag some dodgy sticks

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Re: Too late.

It took me 1 minute to install Kodi on Linux and then three minutes to install the provider repo you mentioned, after finding his instructions via a Google search. (Most of that three minutes was spent getting lost in the Kodi menu heirarchy.) I've been watching Top Cat episodes. My tastes are simple and I'm big on nostalgia.

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@AC Re: Ebay seems to be full of them

You go to ebay.co.uk, type 'Kodi' in the search box and then sort the results for lowest price first. It's amazing what computers can do nowadays.

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Ebay seems to be full of them

Is it a good time to buy one?

Guilty! Four blokes conned banks in £160m fibre broadband scam

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Planning ahead

If you borrow money, someone will want it back one day. Were they detected before they had a chance to grow beards and dye their hair and run away with it? What was their plan?

IBM's Marissa Mayer moment: Staff ordered to work in one of 6 main offices – or face the axe

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A contradiction at the end there

"There is only one recipe I know for success, ..., and that is by bringing great people with the right skills, give them the right tools, give them a mission, make sure they can analyze their results, put them in really creative inspiring locations and set them free. "

RAF pilot sent jet into 4,000ft plummet by playing with camera, court martial hears

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Low level loss of concentration

I once saw a cockpit video (from behind the pilot's shoulder using an officially mounted camera) from a Harrier that was doing low speed, very low level flying over the Scottish countryside. The pilot had a paper map open across his lap and was holding it with one hand while pointing at a location with his other hand, perhaps as an aid to any future viewers of the video. He very carefully pointed at the map and stabbed his finger a couple of times for emphasis.

As he did this, you could notice that the plane was getting lower. He suddenly flung his hand to the stick to pull up and level off. A short time later, a white object on the ground could be seen to flash by directly under the plane. It was a tent and I did wonder if anyone was trying to sleep in it.

Vapists rejoice! E-cigs lower cancer risk (if you stop smoking, duh)

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Re: This is all about carcinogen levels

(I was a long term smoker of 'strong' cigarettes and am now nine months into a 'vaping only' regime and have got down to 1mg strength liquid from an original 24mg strength.)

The e-cig vaping liquid is in fact a mixture of propylene glycol and glycerin, in various ratios depending on the 'feel' preferred by the user. It also, of course, contains a small amount of nicotine.

It's been accepted for a long time that nicotine, as ingested by smokers or in any other therapeutic dose, is not carcinogenic.

I'm surprised that you say that snus use does not lead to an increase in cancer. I'm sure that I've read that snus use is associated with cancers of the soft tissue of the mouth. Also, I believe there is a difference between the 'mini-teabag of tobacco' and 'snus', where snus is in the form of a paste that is rubbed onto the inner cheek or gums. I may have got those two totally mixed up since I've never had any interest in either of them. However, I'm prepared to believe they have equivalent risk if you consider how they work.

Propylene glycol and glycerin are indeed permitted food additives but they have not been 'officially approved' for vaporisation and inhaling. You can't say that because they are safe for one then they are safe for the other. However, I'm prepared to believe that they are nowhere near as dangerous, for inhaling, as tobacco smoke.

I have extensive experience of both inhaling tobacco smoke and inhaling e-cig vapour and I can tell you that after nine months of heavy vaping, I feel a heck of a lot better and don't get out of breath easily nowadays. Actually, I ought to stop now since it's become just a behavioural and psychological habit that doesn't provide me with any definite sense of physical relief. (When I was using 24mg liquid, I really needed it. Now, I can go all day without if I forget my kit when I leave home.)

UK uni KCL spunks IT budget on 'reputation management' after IT disaster headlines

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Reputation Management

"... their bosses brought in reputation management business RiskEye, which set about trying to expunge news of the incident from the web.

After The Register declined to remove its coverage, ..."

How does that work? Do they invite you to their club for dinner, drinks and a chat or do they send a couple of bruisers to your office to tell you how sad their client is feeling?

China announces it wants more immigrants, better diplomats and science-led industry

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Re: Magical Thinking

Do we call him Lucy from now on?

Vizio coughs up $2.2m after its smart TVs spied on millions of families

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A can of questions

"The $2.2m Vizio has to fork out will be split between the FTC and the New Jersey state Department of Consumer Affairs. The TV maker will also be required to delete any customer information it collected before March 1, when it began to notify people of the data slurping."

What about compensation for the 11 million people/families affected? Will the advertising agencies that bought the data also have to delete it and will Vizio have to therefore repay them? Is there any indication that the advertising agencies knew that the data they bought had been collected illegally? How many other companies are doing this?

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