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NASA scrubs Endeavour launch

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Plumbing again

Why is plumbing so difficult to get right?

Surrey schoolkids whip out 12ft todger

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@Bob Merkin re. What?

In the UK we say 'bloody kids!' then forget about it after making them clean it up (if we can find them). This is because most of us can look back into our memories and say 'that's nothing compared to what I once did when I was a kid'.

BTW: Arranging loose bricks into a pattern is not 'defacing' anything. Making a rude word where no member of the public can see it is not anti-social and can not embarrass anyone; the roof was never intended to be seen by anyone. What they are guilty of is making 'unauthorised art installations' and this will soon be written into the rules/laws to allow the authorities to deal with similar situations in the future. That is how we deal with this kind of problem in the UK (I'm not joking)

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

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@AC 19:43 re. Amazing

"Next they'll be telling us higher earners drive more expensive cars too."

I've noticed that. Do you think the two are related in some way....has anybody studied this?

Imagine! Government to legislate against badness

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You are next in line

"..Readers should lookout for laws that guarantee world peace and an end to all disease. We would not be entirely surprised if, by this time next year, it has been made a crime to be unhappy."

Just you wait until they outlaw sarcasm and cynicism. (Journalistic 'humour' will be no defense.)

German lad hit by 30,000 mph meteorite

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Bouncy meteorites

I don't understand how small, hot high speed rock, that can make a 1 foot crater in the ground, would 'bounce off' a boy's hand. I'd expect it to blast a hole in his hand and leave nasty burns. Similarly with the 3,86kg meteorite that 'bounced off' a radio. Can any meteorite experts help explain this?

Buffalo Terastation III

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@Andy Turner re. Does anyone......

Synology and QNAP NAS boxes have a facility where the entire NAS drive contents are automatically copied onto either a connected USB drive or over a network to another of their NAS drive products. The idea being (obviously) that you can quickly get up and running again if one fails (or is stolen).

This may work out well for you, but then again why not just hide a RAID-1 NAS box in the loft or somewhere else anyway. All you need is a low power mains supply and a network cable. If you use the mains-ethernet kit (e.g Solwise, Devolo, etc) then all you need is a mains supply to it and you have a hidden NAS drive.

Periodic table adding new element

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@Steve 70 re. Alchemists!!!

Making gold (number 79) out of lead (number 82) in this way is not possible. You could try a variation where you blast small lumps off from a lead nucleus and hope that you get gold left behind, that may work.

The value of any gold you manage to create would be tiny in comparison to the cost of the process of making it though. A much better way is to use a special process that I've developed which gives recoverable quantities of gold at a guaranteed profit. This process was perfected while I was at university in Nigeria. For a small investment, we can go into partnership with this process; please contact me to increase your wealth greatly and bring blessings on your family.

Junior astronomer spots junior supernova

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I hope that from now on, this type of object/process will be called a Caroline Nova, or maybe a Carolinian Nova. (There is already a very well known Moore in astronomy so that name shouldn't be used.)

Bing 'better' than Google for advertisers

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@lennie re. Bing?

"Bing is working quite well for me.....I haven't searched for something there that it couldn't find."

I just got crushed by your implied assumptions.

One fifth of humanity deprived of Milky Way

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@laserage re. @ Slartybardfast

For those big industrial fittings, you'd need a proper rifle; or multiple hits from up close with a legal limit .22 pellet.

People without broadband in 'I don't want broadband' shock

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What is the point?

"..One of the main policy objectives of the report will be to increase broadband penetration..."

Why? Yes, why? I'm sure that many El Reg commenters can flood this page with 'good' reasons for having a broadband connection at home. I myself get withdrawal symptoms when I'm away from home, so I got a netbook and a mobile broadband PAYG stick (a nice combo!).

The Government have set a target (of sorts) but have they stopped to ask 'why' this is important? Has any analysis been done of the cost/benefit of making the effort to do this, or is it a 'good thing' that must be pushed at all costs? One thing is for sure, when the Government sets a target, anyone who resists that target or gets in its way will be regarded as an enemy of the state and will be regarded as needing some serious re-education.

Microsoft patches record number of security bugs

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@Geoff Mackenzie re. @Whitefort

It's all about trust.....................Microsoft........................er......

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