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Orange declares mobile broadband price war

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True meaning of 'unlimited usage'...?

"Each provides customers with unlimited mobile broadband usage between midnight and 9am, in addition to a 1GB, 3GB or 10GB monthly download cap."

What does that actually mean? Does it mean that I could download as much as possible between midnight and 9am and that data will not count towards my monthly cap? That is what it sounds like but experience shows that 'unlimited usage' has a strange meaning where ISPs use it in their advertising. Can anyone tell us what it really means?

Sony widens its e-bookshelf

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The 'Sonyinsider' linked article refers to the PRS-300 and PRS-600 models. Is this just a model naming difference for use in different markets? (Why do they do that?!)

I like the idea of an e-book reader, I really do. In fact I have the free Mobipocket Reader software on my Win 7 RC laptop and my Win XP Pro EEE 901 netbook and I use Gutenberg to get lots of out of copyright books; I've yet to investigate Google's offerings. Using Firefox, I can read lots of free online newspapers and 'magazines', in high resolution colour at home for free (zero additional cost over my existing cable broadband). With my Vodaphone USB broadband dongle, I can do all this in the middle of a field somewhere at a fairly low cost. I can also watch full length films and listen to a large library of audio files on the built in storage.

Why would I want a tiny, 8-level greyscale display device with a piddling 512MB of internal storage?

AMD demos live Magny-Cours migration

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.....on hearing of the use of this piece of kit, you can say 'Never Mangy Cores!'.

(Two minutes of Google whacking and Wiki fiddling will let you understand that remarkably inventive play on words.)

Aussie net filtering goes into reverse

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Similar words....confusion....

"..a picture of the blonde Ministress, suspiciously captioned: "Coming soon"..."

Am I the only one who read that as 'blonde Mistress' ?

UK border control can't count

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@AC 23:30 re. To infinity

"And don't even get me started on imaginary numbers!"

Imaginary numbers are useful, my imaginary friend counts with them.

Microsoft ultra-thins to 'out cool' netbooks, Apple

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Big Brother


"..will attempt to push Windows as a lifestyle concept on PCs, phones, and TVs. "

Isn't that like pushing fleas and lice as a lifestyle concept?

Tiny typo blamed for massive IE security fail

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Job Title?

"...originally pinpointed by reverse engineer Thomas Dullien..."

Should that be 'reverse engineering expert'; or is there something strange about Thomas Dullien?

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

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@John Dee re.@frank ly

"My anecdotal offering is as rigorous and worthwhile as the many anecdotal offerings made here that twitter and facebook are for those with no friends. Yes?"

Yes indeed, but you are obviously a much more serious and intelligent person than many here so I expected a considered response. I got one, thank you.

"Is that how you talk at parties?"

I don't get invited to parties.

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@John Dee re. @Michelle Knight.......etc

"I'd also like to note that out of all the people I know it is the ones with the fullest and happiest lives and the most friends who use Facebook and Twitter."

Are you claiming a causal relationship here? If so, which way round does it work? Are those 'and's strict logical operators or do you need a few 'or's and brackets in there?

frank ly Silver badge

Clarity and Accuracy

"..a "vulgar synonym for the human vagina"

What are the synonyms for non-human vaginas? That question had to be asked.

One possibility would be to use compound words, e.g. cat-twat, horse-twat etc.

Hollywood demands shuttering of Pirate Bay

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Protection is better than cure

"..to protect the illegal distribution of roughly 100 films and television programs "

I'm all in favour of protecting the distribution, but I suspect that the studios actually want to 'prevent' it.

Feds suffer from 'serious' IT security talent shortage

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@Dillon Pyron re. Lies, Damm Lies....

"..Our house is about $114/sq ft ($124/sq m if I've done my math correctly)."

Sorry to tell you Dillon but you were way wrong on that conversion. You did what looks like a linear yard to linear metre conversion. You can figure out the rest yourself :)

Amazon acquires online shoe fetishist

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A small complaint..

I realise that your headlines and sub-headings are meant to be amusing (and they usually are) but in this case it was downright misleading.

I've just been through the Zappos.com website shoes section and there is nothing exciting there. There may be some 'low hanging fruit' people out there who found something to enjoy but for a connoisseur it is merely pitiful.

Yours more in sorrow than anger....etc

Kingston SSD Now V

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All I need.....

is 14GB for OpSys, Pagefile, Hiberfile and programs on my laptop. The rest of my 40GB HD is for a bit of headroom, working data and a few movie/music/picture files. Any important data is stored on an external drive.

What I'd like to see is a 32GB SSD drive made up from two lots of 16GB tied together with a simple RAID-0 internal controller - that baby would fly. Add an e-sata port and I can plug in a big fast external hard drive at home; I'm happy to use my 16GB USB stick for working away from home.

When will anybody make this for me?

US space superloo claps out

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@cookieMonster re. Never underestimate...

"..yet when confined to a sealed environment, probably one of the most important jobs going.."

Quite similar to a vending machine technician then...?

Swine flu will [enter scare words here]...

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Now I'm worried

"It kills about 1,500 people in the UK every winter - but of course that is dull old people flu,..."

I'm a dull, old person :(

Wikipedia's Gallery guy hung up to dry?

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@AC 12:06

"..wikimedia, an American company, don't think British law is applicable?

Why doesn't this surprise me? "

It doesn't surprise me because I know and understand that the USA is a different country with different laws. You have to get used the the idea that individual countries have laws that differ from the laws of other countries.

Try reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_systems to get a basic idea, then read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_law and follow this with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_common_law. It's fascinating :)

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

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@jdandison re. The Welsh

Any place where sheep farming is a noticeable activity gets these comments from their neighbours. I believe that Australians make similar jokes about New Zealanders. (How they can do that when they have, or had, massive sheep farming themselves is a mystery).

Anyway, it gets lonely out on the moors and in the hills, cold too on those winter nights..........

Visa dings teen for $23-quadrillion restaurant charge

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@Leo Maxwell re.Actually, that's a bill from Milliways

"(The restaurant at the end of the universe for the uninitiated), it had to catch up with him at some point in history. "

If it's caught up with him, it must be a bill from the Big Bang Burger Chef.

Twitter's underwear exposed after Google Apps hack

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At least the Gnomes didn't take them

"Twitter's Stone compared the breach to having one's underwear drawer publicly rifled through: "Embarrassing, but no one's really going to be surprised about what's in there."

Doesn't that depend on what kind of underwear is in there? I'd have no embarrassment at all if anyone saw the contents of my underwear drawer.

Gaza youth 'corrupted' by aphrodisiac chewing gum

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@Sarah Bee re. AC 16:49 re. The ultimate aphrodisiac

"..why dont my posts ever get ever posted I give you gold and you ignore me! .."

Can we have a special section for rejected comments please? I'd love to read them :)

Google data center born without chillers

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@Steve Evans re. My Idea..

"They really should install data centres next to municipal swimming pools and saunas."

Many people have had that idea, making good use of the waste heat. I can only assume that the data centre designers have decided that the cost of the heat exchanger infrastructure and operating costs would not be covered by the revenue from selling the dumped heat.

Does anyone know more details about these design considerations?

World's oldest mum pops clogs

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@The Dark Lord re. @Version 1.0

"...and there's a reason why women cease to be of child bearing age between 40 & 50. It's because their children fare less well when their parents are dead."

Actually, the reason is a bit more complicated than that:

In ancient societies they bred young and a 45 year old woman would be a grandmother and her children would either be successful breeding adults or dead by then. Any new children at that age would be a massive risk to her own health, that is why women have the menopause, to protect themselves. They then go on to contribute to tribal group success by doing 'old folk stuff'.

Apart from that small point, I agree with you.

Ofcom clears decks for WirelessHD

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Expert advice needed please

"..At that frequency wall penetration is going to be out for everything but the flimsiest structures, so think set-top-box-to-TV-screen rather than anything more interesting."

66GHz has a wavelength of about 5mm so I assume that any use of readily available co-ax cable is out. Could you use a length of copper pipe with a small directional collector horn at each end if you wanted to go from living room to bedroom, etc? A three foot length of copper pipe would be enough for the journey from corner of living room ceiling to a bedroom corner TV table, for example.

Mobile directory blames press for latest failure

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Ahhhh, testing

"...She said it had lost two weeks of testing because of pre-launch press reports."

So, the testing was done by the PR department, who were too busy dealing with pre-launch press reports?

Well, why not? We all know how easy it is to do thorough testing.

NHS hospitals struggle to hold back the malware tide

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@john loader re. Malware infecting a dictaphone

"...- must check my toaster is virus free."

My toaster refused to let me check it and insisted that I have a slice of toast, or alternative toasted bread product.

Steve Jobs snubs LSD daddy

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@AC 15:33 re. amfM

"....by the big purple dragon making love to the pink unicorn ...."

You have just created an obscene image of inter-species sex in my mind. I now have to give myself up to the police. I'll tell them it was your fault !

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@Webster Phreaky re. Coke Head...etc

Welcome back Webster, we all missed you. Where have you been? I heard you went for a sabbatical in an ashram. What was it like?

Russian snatches world's strongest 'intimate muscles' crown

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Does anybody remember the brief glimpse of the 'kegelcizer' machine on a Futurama episode when Fry went to the gym? Whoever was on it was lifting quite a load.

New boffinry: North Atlantic could be massive CO2 sink

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A Little knowledge....

I suspect they haven't considered the entire system and would be tinkering with just a small part of it.

Suppose they did this, small amount of extra iron in the sea, phytoplankton grow more, absorb CO2 from the atmosphere (via dissolved CO2 in the sea), phytoplankton die (as all living creatures do), then they sink to the bottom of the sea, they rot, they release carbon dioxide and methane as they rot...........oh crap!.

All the 'extra' CO2 in the atmosphere has come about by burning fossil fuels, which were locked up carbon. We could grow lots of trees, chop them down and bury them in deep mud and then that would remove CO2 and lock up the carbon and also provide a source of coal in a few million years time for our descendants. I doubt if anyone will take my ideas seriously though :(

Vulture Central unleashes RegPad™

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A brilliant idea

"(Please note that the RegPad Flex™ is not supplied with a biscuit-dispenser, for obvious technical reasons.)"

Perhaps if they were pre-dunked in the coffee........?

Open-source .NET splits for extra Microsoft protection

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They might, they might not..

It may be that Microsoft have achieved their objective of further splitting the FOSS community here; lots of may be and might be discussion as well. I'm not a software developer and wouldn't know Mono or .NET if they bit my backside but I'll give my opinion anyway...

Isn't this (or shouldn't this be) a legal problem? People are talking and arguing about what Microsoft might do in the future. This should be about what they might BE ABLE TO DO in the future.

What is professional legal opinion on these arguments? Have various what-if scenarios been run through by the lawyers? Have any _formal_ responses been obtained from Microsoft's legal counsel? What is the legal standing of Microsoft's 'promise'?

Even if I was a top level software developer, I doubt if I'd be qualified or experienced enough to answer those questions.

Schneier says he was 'probably wrong' on masked passwords

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@jake re. Levelsof importance

"..but if anyone managed to get 'em I wouldn't exactly cry about it."

I can understand your thinking here but I have the opposite situation.... Many years of important e-mails, documents, photos and lots of work is stored in Googledocs and Hotmail accounts so I NEED a secure pasword. Fortunately I have a good memory and have made up a strong password, because I need to care about my security, especially when I'm away from home and using an internet cafe.

US edges towards mobile antitrust case

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@AC 20:18 re Sheople

I think the established spelling is 'sheeple', being obviously derived from 'sheep'.

On immediate viewing, 'sheople' looks like it means a bunch of female people.

Boffin predicts pee-powered cars

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She's taking the......

"..hydrogen can be extracted from urine through electrolysis at a fraction of the cost of producing hydrogen from water."

I'm prepared to believe that this is true, since pure water is a very good insulator and you'd need a high voltage to force current through it to release hydrogen at one electrode (and oxygen at the other).

However, for commercial hydrogen production using electrolysis, you'd use a salt solution (which is very cheap) and is a much better conductor of electricity. You'd get chlorine at one electrode (that you can sell), hydrogen at the other electrode (that you want) and you leave behind a solution of sodium hydroxide (that you can process and sell).

What she's found may be true, but urine is not nice stuff to collect or work with and it would be expensive to collect in large, pure quantities, so I don't see how this will have any commercial value as an industrial process. It may get her a research grant from somewhere though, which is an good result :)

Olympics bosses probe mobile tracking tech

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Tehnology may be clever...

....but it can't beat sneaky.

I'm not especially clever and I'm not particularly sneaky, but after 5 seconds of thinking about this I realised that all a 'baddy' needs to do is buy a pre-loaded PAYG mobile from e-bay. If they have a plan, all they need to do is turn them on at known intervals for quick mutual status checks then move away after they've finished talking. Terrorists would most likely strike at public areas, where there are hundreds of people with 'unauthorised' mobile phones, not much use there then. If they sneak into what is obviously a 'private' area, they could turn their phones off first.

Even if the authorities manage to note that these phones are being used for something 'bad' (and how would they do that?), the worst they can do is contact the network operator and have them cut off. A check of the account holder would trace back to the poor bugger who sold them on e-bay.

Please tell me, how is this system supposed to be any good for anything useful?

NZ lad punts nude mum snaps on net

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@Yorkshirepudding re. my eyes!

"it burns! wrong so wrong!"

Huh? She looks pretty damn good to me. It's a pity about the disfiguring facial injury but that may clear up after time.

Tory plan for MS, Google, others to hold NHS records floated

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Just a Quick Check..

......UK health records "could be transferred to Google or Microsoft." .....

......replace the clunky NHS computer programme with the free-to-use Google Health". .....

......the chief executive of Google, sits on Mr Cameron’s economic advisory council......

Am I the only one who is climbing the walls and screaming "NO, NO, NO!!!!!!" ?

......"....with people 'owning' their own data, including their health records."

Oh, they do jokes as well :)

Conviction overturned in MySpace suicide case

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@JayB re. Colour me confused

"..so why are the first 4 posts on here baying for her blood?"

I'm one of the first four posts on here and I'm not baying for her blood. I was asking a question about legal matters. You can colour me confused now that I've read the responses to my comment.

frank ly Silver badge

@AC 06:36 and AC 07:50

@AC 06:36 I was one of the first three commenters so I assume you're referring to me as well. I've no idea what triggered your flaming first paragraph. I did read the article, I have read previous articles on this case and I do realise that the prosecution were wrong to bring 'computer misuse' charges. I was asking what the situation (and possible legal avenues) would have been if it wasn't a computer that was used.

"the law under which she was being tried and the fact that it is completely fucking irrelevant to the case."

Didn't I say that? .."The method by which this woman tricked the girl was irrelevant to my way of thinking about the case." Oh yes, I did.

@AC 07:50 "..So under _your_ way of thinking, you are now guilty of a computer missuse crime "

No, I argued the opposite. The use of a computer (for written communication) is irrelevant to what that woman did to the girl. I gave the example of old fashioned letter writing as something that would probably have had the same effect on the girl. I asked about other laws that could be applied to this sad situation.

I get the impression that many people here have some kind of 'interpretation filter' operating when they read comments.

frank ly Silver badge

Computers are just tools

The method by which this woman tricked the girl was irrelevant to my way of thinking about the case. What would the legal situation have been if she had used the old fashioned 'penfriends' style of wtitten communication, sending false photographs, fake loving letters etc. You can say what you like to another adult (as long as it doesn't involve fraud/libel) but if you're communicating with a child then isn't there a 'duty of care'?

(BTW, my real name is not Frank Ly)

PC giants ship Chinese censorware anyway

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Poison Them !

If the Green Dam software is using the Solid Oak servers for updates, it should be easy enough to create an update that checks if the installed application is Green Dam or genuine original Solid Oak. If it's Green Dam then the 'checker' update can pull down all kinds of amusingly poisoned further updates from the Solid Oak server.

Mrs Slocombe's pussy vanishes from Twitter

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@David W re. Are You Being Served

"..dividing society up based on every 5k of yearly income?"

Income, or how much money you have has very little to do with it. It's a mixture of family/social background and connections, career, education and lifestyle; more or less in that order. Very similar to the rest of the world in fact, but perhaps more rigid and more intensely thought about that in some countries.

Many Brits will deny this and tell you that society is far more egalitarian than 30 years ago; they are talking wishful bollocks.

UK DVD sales plunge...

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@AC 17:29

"I'm annoyed by the way DVDs seem to go missing from the box in a way VHS never did."

Imagine if films were released on micro-SD card. They'd probably end up in the vacuum cleaner :)

Trading Standards calls for online knife sale ban

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The kids need skills

Internet?? I have a nice bench vice and a good set of files. Give me a longish piece of metal and I'll make a knife for you, it's easy. Since I got the graded set of diamond grit sharpening stones, I've been able to make some beautifully sharp edges. Kids these days, they have no idea how to use and make simple tools.

Satanic blob beast menaces North Carolina

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Not very frequent frequenting?

"..Ed Buchan, environmental coordinator at the Raleigh Public Utilities Department, explained to News 14 Carolina that the creatures frequent "sewage and pond sediment",

"..“I’ve seen a lot of sewer TV before and I’ve never seen them. We were surprised. We didn’t know immediately what it was.” ”

Aren't these two statements mutually exclusive if this man really does know anything about it?

Whatever it is, it really does look freaky!

Prof: People reject news which conflicts with beliefs

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@Scott McKenzie

"..The Sky IS blue (well it's not actually... it's just showing a reflection of the sea,.."

I've always wondered - why does the sea turn red in the evening?

Spanish boffins develop bat-like sonar-vision superpower

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Slight Problem

"..detailed resolution using this method could even rival that of sight itself" -

So, by detecting energy with a wavelength measured in cm, you can get better spatial resolution than by detecting energy with a wavelength of nm. .....

After I read that, I couldn't take it seriously.

Conficker left Manchester unable to issue traffic tickets

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I'm not surprised

"...council's disaster recovery strategy, which the incident exposed as hopelessly inadequate."

Of course it was. They only wrote it because they had to. I also bet they never tested the recovery procedures because that would have been too 'disruptive' and senior people would have been without e-mail and internet access for a few hours. Bloody typical!

Home Office ditches compulsory ID card trial

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Can you believe politicians?

Wacky Jaqui said they would be compulsory. Alan Johnson says they wont. Can we believe anything that politicians tell us?

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