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Linden Lab unveils Sadville: Enterprise Edition

frank ly Silver badge

$55,000 !?

I thought I read that Linden Labs had 'open sourced' their SL server code some time ago? In which case, why would any large computer-savvy organisation need to buy in a $55,000 hardware appliance to make their own virtual world thingy?

DDoS attacks topple 40 Swedish sites

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Disastrous Disaster Planning

"All of the media companies affected rent server space from Swedish IT service provider Basefarm."

All the media companies affected shared a basket into which they put their eggs.

Top drug boffin renews criticism of cannabis policy

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@RW re. Oh dear.....

"......must be strictly controlled lest they overturn the State".

There's a way to control people like that and numb their revolutionary urges - give them lots of weed......oh....wait.......

Russia planning nuclear-powered manned spaceship

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@zedee (@Munchausenn's proxy)

It makes you want to weep. Then you think "why should I bother and why should I give a damn?"

(I read that alcohol is not allowed on space missions, so I'm not going there!)

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@Jason Togneri re.vacuum stuff

A vacuum doesn't have a temperature (think about it). There isn't anything there to transfer thermal energy to (think about it). The only way to get rid of heat in space is to radiate it away (think about it) - unless you use a disposable fluid that you piss away in a very hot stream, and how long will that last for?

US DoD snuffs open-source 'misconceptions'

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@djack re. @Martin Nicholls

"...Pushing a copy to an internal user's workstation is distributing that program, therefore the source needs to be available to them...."

I don't think that this is 'distributing' software, under the GPL or even the everyday use of the word.

e.g. If my employer/client provides me with use of a workstation running a customised Linux and associated installed OSS applications to use (word processor, spreadsheet, fancy custom database, etc), do they have to provide me with the source code for the Operating system and their special in-house developed applications? I don't think so. It's a tool they made, for me and others to use on their premises. I have no right (no need, no desire) to see their source code.

frank ly Silver badge

@Martin Nicholls re. Blergh

It's amazing/amusing how people (deliberately?) misunderstand the conditions of OSS licenses.

Perhaps these misconceptions are spread by people who don't want OSS software to be used by Government or businesses. I can't think who those people might be........

Turkish filters block Reg commentards

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In a strangely masochistic way, I love it when you make me use a dictionary.

Punked US Chamber sues faux press release pranksters

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Is there any possibility that businesses will be tempted to join the Yes Men's fake organisation instead of the real US Chamber Of Commerce?

Is it possible that any current members of the US Chamber Of Commerce will be enticed or persuaded to give up their membership because of the Yes Men's actions?

Will the actions of the Yes Men affect the income and future profits of the US Chamber Of Commerce?

The possible scenarios above are the reasons for laws protecting trademarks. If none of the above are likely, then how can the Yes Men be said to have damaged the US Chamber Of Commerce?

China accuses Google of 'malicious' censorship

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Maybe they are just confused

".....might violate the rights of Chinese authors."

China worried about copyright?? Hahahahahaha!

Data-losing companies may be forced to spill to public

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Desensitising the livestock

"...opponents fear that if every breach is revealed the public will become desensitised to the issue of data loss...."

Is this what the purpose of the law is - to adjust the perceptions of 'the public'?

The next stage will be the secret and unreported investigations of politician's fiddling of expenses; with the noble aim that the public do not become desensitised to the issue of theft in wider society.

Microsoft drops Family Guy like a hot deaf guy joke

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The Evil Monkey must have upset someone

1. Choose a popular, hip, with it, well regarded cartoon show.

2. Book an episode for a promo/placement etc.

3. Finally figure out out what the show is about.

4, Run Away !!!!!

Upminster top for tupping on UK bonkmap

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Bad Statistics

I had a look at the map and it seems obvious that it is not normalised for population density - duh!

Facebook enshrines dead people profiles

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I have a bad feeling about this

"Facebook also says it will "try to protect the deceased's privacy by removing sensitive information such as contact information and status updates"..."

Am I the only one who sees the absurd humour in that statement? This article has to be a joke.....right?

Exoplanets dubbed 'Vulcan', 'Romulus' and 'Female Pigeon'

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@Tee Cee re. Bound To End In Tears

If Terry Pratchett is to be believed (of course he is!), there actually is a god of recently discarded pyramid tea bags (and many other small things).

I built a small temple to Him in the corner of my kitchen. I see no point causing offence if it can be avoided.

ICANN goes to Korea so web addresses can go global

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@Piers re. .gay

Does this make you feel .sad ?

Microsoft uncorks Outlook, world goes .pst

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Been there, done that.

"One day, your data will roam free"

In the UK, it already does; thanks to various organisations that couldn't stop a toddler from getting into a biscuit jar.

Reg readers take mobile makers to task

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@James Hughes 1 re. Something with a decent reception

"...designed by a cadre of monkeys randomly bashing coconuts against banana and seeing where the bits landed."

That technique worked for Vista. Oh....er.......

Microsoft's Windows 7 buy early plan builds to climax

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Gift Giving

"Given this is the shop-tasitc season of Thanks Giving and New Year - a period that boosts revenues of companies serving consumer markets"

In the UK, we don't have Thanks Giving and we don't traditionally give gifts at New Year. We have a thing called Christmas (on 25th December) which is a time for buying lots of gifts, especially for family members. You should try it in America, I've never seen it mentioned in American sourced articles so I assume you don't have it there.

It started off as a religious celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (Christ Mass) but it's turned into a simple, secular, booze, food and consumerism-fest. Whatever, consumer stuff sells in the run-up to Christmas.

California pair charged with multistate credit card fraud

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@James O'Shea re. Idiot

He also packed a photo-ID card in with the illegal devices. You forgot to mention that, or maybe you were just overwhelmed by the waves of stupidity.

WTF is this country called America?

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Confusion in Canada

Do they enjoy boffin' seals on Baffin Island? This may confuse the main issue but it had to be asked.

Free download turns BlackBerry into remote bugging device

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@Mike Flugennock re. loving my "dumb phone"...

My Nokia 6310i is still going strong and I've bought another from e-bay in case it dies. It does everything I need and nothing more.

NZ town cans rabbit-chucking contest

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@AC 10:10 re. "if someone threw..........."

"...Playing with a dead rabbit is the same as playing with food, both acts are morally wrong...."

So that's why my Mum and Dad got annoyed with me when I used to make a gravy lake in my mashed potatoes........ I always wondered.

How about if they went ahead with the idea of the kids throwing bean bags, but the bean bags were in fact stuffed with rabbit's feet (for luck)? (Luck for the kids, not the rabbits, obviously).

Complex licensing hamstrings EU music market

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Wait a minute

" Extensive fragmentation of rights and the lack of effective rights clearance mechanisms create challenges to efficient and transparent music licensing,"....... ....etc...

Who was it who set up the labyrinthine cross licensing agreements, exclusive distribution rights and bashed the ears of lawmakers for years to get this rats nest enshrined in law?

Step forward the big record labels. I'm sure they'll be able to do something sensible.

Crypto spares man who secretly video taped flatmates

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@Martin Budden re. l33t hax0r

"That guy can decrypt anything in three seconds flat just by mashing his keyboard randomly."

That's how I generated my encryption password so it stands to reason that he could generate the decryption password using exactly the same method. Makes me wonder why I bothered .......

Barnes & Noble mulls Android SDK for Nook reader

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Marketing - the noble profession

The B&N ebook store does not sell books outside the US. "We're put in several mechanisms to ensure we're adhering to international copyright laws,"

This is not about copyright laws. It is a market carve-up agreement between the large publishing houses. B&N have agreed not to 'trespass' on the UK publisher's patch, in return for which the UK publishers don't sell to US people. So, here in the UK, we have to pay more for books than they do in the US.

Same old story.

Bond's Dr. No dies at 91

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@Andus McCoatover re. Forgive my ignorance

The man with the pussy was Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

I tried to Google for "man with a pussy" and was shocked!

I have a question too:

I thought Dr. No stole money from his chinese criminal associates and they chopped off his hands as a 'fitting' punishment. Also, they shot him through the heart, but his heart was on the righthand side of his body (a rare but perfectly functional abnormality). So he survived, etc....

Have I got confused with another character?

BBC Trust boots 'Open iPlayer' plans into touch

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@ Alistair McFarlane re. Don't know if anyone noticed, but

"when they first launched iPlayer they were told they couldn't fund it using the license fee as it was available to non-license fee payers as well."

BBC radio broadcasts are available to non license fee payers, all over the UK and all over the world. That argument should have been stamped on and shot and buried as soon as it was uttered.

Who said that anyway?

ESA proposes ion drive Sun-dodge Mars commsat ploy

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@ The Mighty Spang re. witches in space

He means 'occulted'. Dictionaries are so useful, check it out.

frank ly Silver badge

@AC 00:53 re. @frank ly

Time taken for a signal to travel back and forth - about 40 minutes. (speed of light limited)

Time taken for a 'message' to be transferred - some hours. (channel bandwidth limited)

Ok, that should make it more understandable.

frank ly Silver badge

Signal Delay?

"...the time taken for messages to travel back and forth - already some hours when Earth and Mars are far apart."

The Earth is 'only' 8 light minutes from the Sun and is 1 AU from the Sun.

Mars orbit is about 1.5 AU from the Sun (you're getting the sense of scale here...).

So, how come it takes 'some hours' for a signal return trip Earth-Mars when Mars is at the other side of the Sun? It should take about 40 minutes. (I've drawn a diagram, I think I know what I'm doing here). Even allowing for elliptical orbits and wobbles etc, I don't see how they can say 'some hours'.

Judge rebukes copyright enforcer in ringtone case

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Special ringtones, who needs 'em?

1) Get Audacity (or similar free audio editing application).

2) Get your favourite music and cut out the bit you want for a ringtone. Save as .mp3 file

3) Load onto your phone and enjoy your free ringtone.

4) Get bored with it, realise people are laughing at you, go back to a standard ringtone.

45th Mersenne prime revealed

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@ -What is the point?- people

This question is often asked, by many people, about many scientific and technical activities.

(They never ask this about artistic or other 'creative' efforts, perhaps because they don't 'understand' art but they definitely know all they need to know about science and technology)

The standard answers are out there and can be searched for and found. I could tell you, but what would be the point?

Internet coalescing into lump of Google

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@AC 23:59 re. @Brian Miller

That was nearly good enough for a FoTW but you need more capital letters. The way you ask irrelevant 'challenge' questions was fine though.

You do have a point about Pirate Bay itself not being the only source of P2P tracking capability and the change to file-hosting sites, so that took you out of the running. Try again later.

Fanbois howl over data-munching Snow Leopard bug

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What kind.....

..... of idiot keeps 250GB of data on a computer, with no external copy in case of HW/SW failure and then..... oh, forget it; they deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

Packard Bell EasyNote Butterfly

frank ly Silver badge


"..‘In Mandarin Chinese the word for butterfly has become a symbol for long life...."

That really does need a leap of the imagination.

Ralph Lauren says sorry for incredible shrinking pelvis

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Dumb (as well as skinny) asses

"After further investigation, we have learned that we are responsible for the poor imaging and retouching that resulted in a very distorted image of a woman’s body........."

They needed an 'investigation' to figure that out?

What about an admission (and apology) for issuing DMCA takedown notices that were not justifiable?

Honda slips motorised unicycle into e-car

frank ly Silver badge

More needed

Is a spinning bow-tie and a big red nose included in the package?

NASA moon-bomb probe strikes rich seam of fruitcake

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The moon is a verb




Yes, it is. ......er.....I'll get my coat....

Giant megaships to suck 'stranded' Aussie gas fields

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@Brutus re. @Duncan

"...could we make then nuclear powered, just to really piss everyone off?"

No!! They'll be able to use the LPG they harvest to fuel their own engines.

With all that surface area up top and a wet, mild climate, they can cover it in topsoil and establish a nice little self-sustaining ecosystem, set up farms, etc. I know..... I'm getting carried away here.

Almighty rumpus in Swedish lesbian enclave

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You couldn't make this up......

.....Oh, wait a minute... Well done and thank you for brightening my day :)

Lunar ice-mine pole prang probe looking good, says NASA

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@AC 10:13 re.wtf

"Did that title make sense to anyone?"

Yes. It's highly compressed english, a parody of the style used by tabloid newspapers; used here for humerus effect.

Get with it.

'Stop NASA bombing the Moon!'

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@AC 14:19

"...Never did like the Clangers anyway...."

You'd like them even less if they retaliate. (Shudders at the thought of what the Soup Dragon could do if it was unleashed on us.)

Welsh yobs clobbered by cross-dressing cage fighters

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Simple Rule For Personal Safety

When out at night, in any condition, follow this simple rule:

You do not mess, with a man in a dress.

Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave

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Pah, this is nothing

This story is pretty mild compared to most of my fantasies.

(Congratulations to El Reg headline writers, keep it up)

PunterNet thanks Harriet for massive upswing

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@The Bug re. Or better still

"...some bloke in a dress with a funny hat believes that sex is bad."

Using elementary Googling skills, I've found lots of pictures of blokes wearing dresses and funny hats who obviously believe that sex is a good thing and great fun. You need to be more specific when you make that kind of statement.

CCTV website recruits video vigilantes

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@Pete 2 re. and still no-one will watch

"..no possibility of an audit and no way of verifying that anyone is implementing the service the customers are paying for..."

I suggest that for £20 a month, you and I can go round the country staging fake muggings and break-ins at the premises of our clients and then check for adequate reporting of these events.

If we get enough clients, we can hire staff to do the boring work such as writing up reports etc.

It will be fun and we'll get lots of exercise. We can take it in turns to be mugger and muggee and will probably end up as You Tube stars. What do you say?

Black-hole sniffing 'laser combs' are go, say Brit gov boffins

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Ah, but can it detect 'gravitational waves'

I thought that the problem with detecting gravitational waves using any timing and measurement technique, was that since space/time becomes distorted then the instruments themselves are affected by this distortion and so their 'readings' do not show any difference.

e.g. space becomes slightly compressed and so the distance reduces, but the speed of light also reduces by an equivalent amount and so the timing of the signal does not change.

This does not affect detection of local gravitational effects due to relatively small massive bodies, but will be a factor for a gravitational wave which will affect a massive region of space/time, and all the instruments in that region.

Did I get that right or have I misunderstood the problem?

Tories told: Don't scrap NHS IT

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I have a bad feeling about this

"...Patient records are now expected to be widely available by 2015,..."

Yes, on every train seat, rubbish skip, dumped PC hard drive and lost memory stick in the country.

Cynical? Me?

Yank slams El Reg 'zio-fruitcake' Playmobil 'crap'

frank ly Silver badge

@mycho re. @frank ly

I need time to work that one out.............

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