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Special Ops robots now do psychological warfare

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They may be efficient and effective, but would you believe a leaflet given to you by a robot?

TfL deploys privacy-busting voyeurcam

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Just wondering

Is that a bottle of Mateus Rose on the window sill? (I gave up trying to figure out what was happening on the bed).

Google 'in talks' over Googlenetbook

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More details needed

"...it will only run on a flash drives, and not traditional hard drives."

If it will only boot from a flash drive, I see no problem with that, since flash drives of adequate capacity are heading for a reasonable cost. The question would be, 'can it interface with a hard drive?' and the implication seems to be that it will not. Is this the case?

What about USB drives and network drives? So many questions.................

Vigilantes R US: Private enterprise takes over

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Stop it. That's our job!

A spokeswoman for ACPO added: "...There are well documented instances of unsubstantiated or malicious accusations, mistaken identity, or misunderstandings leading to the persecution of innocent people."

Yes, the police would have a lot of experience of that sort of thing I suppose. (Thinks Durham DNA sampling and UK wide photographers/terrorists.)

Royal Mail promises 2nd class service on postcode data

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@AC re. monopoly

I understand and appreciate the details of your comment, except for the monopoly point.

I'm sure that Royal Mail have a monopoly on collecting letters and small packets/parcels from members of the public, for delivery in the UK. (Things may have changed since the last time I read that somewhere.)

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Are They Claiming Copyright?

It doesn't say as much in this article but it seems that Royal Mail are claiming copyright over the postcodes and their association with geographical areas.

I thought that for copyright to be claimed, there had to be evidence of creative effort, of some kind, that could not be easily done by someone else acting independently.

I could churn out a UK post code listing of my own devising with not much intellectual effort and the only reason it would be of no use is that no one else would be using it. Royal Mail claim they have put lots of work into this PAF, which is true, but that work was done in the furtherance of their own business activities, not for the purpose of selling the database as a desirable creative work.

If my post code is X21 2LM, that is a simple fact, with no artistic or creative merit and it is a fact that has been forced on me and everyone else who wishes to use Royal Mail (effective monopoly) services to contact me. They should have no copyright over simple facts which they have forced onto everyone else.

Maybe the local council will start claiming copyright over street names next. After all, it took a lot of creative effort to come up with Dangleberry Avenue and many a late night head scratching session was needed to assign my house the number '37'.

(I believe this has a good comparison with the TV channel programme listings, which are also simple facts.)

A Deadlock Holiday

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Stob it! It's all too much

"..and obtaining a deadlock holiday, .."

I actually anticipated that one. I feel so proud of myself :) ........btw.....well done!

Lawyers claim Palin hack suspect's PC had spyware

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Yes Indeed

I did that and somebody started posting mindless, trite and offensive comments to El Reg articles, posing as me. (That's what I told the Moderatrix anyway).

Apple's alleged Kindle-crusher set for spring release?

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As a side issue....

.....for £20, I bought a PC-Line wireless keyboard and optical mouse from PC-World; it connects to my Eee PC via a little USB dongle and is fantastic for ease of use on long sessions. The keyboard may not be the sort of thing you'd like to lug around with you, but to have that optical wireless mouse for web-surfing and for photo viewing/editing is much better that using the Eee trackpad.

I thoroughly recommend you get one.

T-Mobile data scam detected a year ago

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Arse - Elbow.....

....Left hand - Right hand, etc. Has anyone in a government agency ever tried behaving in an honest and honourable manner?

iPhone app transforms speech to text

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Too Late

I believe that Apple have already patented that idea.

Media monsters float co-op ebook 'storefront'

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History is a valuable teacher, if you pay attention

I'm sure these publishers will get their act together in the same way that the major record labels have got their act together.

Tory peers to protect kids from anuses

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I can understand their concern.............

.......since when I was a child, my mother made me wear a blindfold whenever I did pee-pee or poo-poo. I still have that reticence and cannot open my eyes from start to finish until my body is safely tucked away and covered again.

The idea of seeing someone else's body fills me with horror and disgust. They are protecting us all.

Samsung P2370HD TV-monitor

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Every little helps

"It’s a welcome that suggests you’re going to be helped through this experience rather than left to fumble on your own."

They seem to have got the psychological engineering sorted out nicely :)

eBay wanted to buy Craigslist, Whitman tells judge

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What we say and what we mean

"Whitman .... told the court that her former company made it clear from the start of talks that it was interested in owning the entire company."

In the past, I made it clear to various people that I was interested in forming a committed, long term relationship. They often were upset after I screwed them and moved on.

Combat walker machines: $3m for new studies

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Thinking it through

"...and running on diesel would avoid a regular mule's problem of eating up its own load with fodder requirements."

So who carries the diesel for Big Dog?

Mozilla lights fire under Thunderbird

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...will it be resident in the Cloud....

....and will lonely John still be in exile there?

Pig plague alert: Avoid missionary position

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Evidence or Proper Analysis?

Since 'reverse cowgirl' is equivalent to 'doggie style' with a 90 degree rotation about the Z-axis, I'm thinking that this, as well as the inelegant 'twisted spoon' would be just as good and not as uncomfortable.

Did they do any real research for this or is it just some magazine hack's opinion?

Crooks 'too lazy' for crypto

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Hello, hell, hello !

"Mark Stokes, head of the Metropolitan Police's Digital and Electronic Forensic Services ..."

"..Stokes, an electronics engineer who uses TrueCrypt on his own home computer."

I wonder what he's hiding on there? I wonder if his colleagues will ever ask him to hand over his encryption Keys under RIPA?

Swedish lactating bloke's dream turns sour

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@AC 17:06 re. Why

Just in case they want to become women later on.

Space butterflies invade ISS

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@Grant re. video of one flying

It's trying to fly in a tiny box through a fog of larva poop! Why didn't they have a simple air circulation system with a filter over the outlet grill? I just felt sad watching that :(

Intel puts cloud on single megachip

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Is this where the money went?

"..the compute-intensive Black-Scholes financial modeling app,.."

This is just a renaming of the 'Black-Hole' financial management system that banks have been operating for the past few years. If it gets automated, we can go into recession faster and more effectively.

Vetting database is mighty maths mess

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@John Square re. They had this idea

Perhaps in honour of the glorious Gordon, they can all wear Brown shirts.....?

MPs slap ICO for bad language

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Mind Your Language

"Bad official language deserves to be mocked, but it also needs to be taken seriously...."

I love that statement :)

Royal Society offers all-time top boffinry selection online

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@TomatoQueen re. Ben Franklin, Renegade?

Just because you won the war, that doesn't mean you can write your history.......oh....wait a minute....

LHC smashes Tevatron record: Humanity enters the unknown

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@Everybody re. luis sancho

I think he deserves credit for learning how to write using paragraphs. Well done luis :)

Notts County Council sprays £82k on PC smut trawl

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It's Tough At The Top

"PCs belonging to individual councillors are scheduled as next on the list to be checked."

So, roll the checks out on the minions, catch a few and create internal awareness, then check the high ranking people - after they've had plenty of time to 'sanitise' their PCs. Brilliant!

From what I've read (a long time ago), these checking routines search for groups of pink(ish) pixels. Given that it's Nottingham, there may be some coalminers there who would be immune from these checks.

Green politician says oral sex is part of being Swedish

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Understanding Going Down

"Free speech comes naturally here"

But surely you can't speak freely if your mouth.......................er...have I understood this properly?

Sh*t the bed, it's Comment of the Week

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@Major N re. 1

That would be an interplanetary laxative actually. It is against Federation laws to use intergalactic laxatives within two light years of a planetary system.

Generators and UPS fail in London datacentre outage

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@Chris Miller and MCP

On two occasions in the past, when working as a systems test engineer in large (nameless) companies, I have suggested cutting the main power feed (at a non-busy time and with advance warning to all staff) to test the backup power facilities and procedures, recovery process, etc.

(Note: this was at a stage before a facility had become fully active and part of everyday company activity.)

Each time, I was told that there was a danger of disruption to services and possible damage to equipment, so that would not be allowed by 'management'.

By the time my brain had finished doing mental backflips to try to understand their point of view, the meeting had ended.

Coat, because at the end of the day, I got paid whether it worked or not.

Fring brings Skype video calls to mobile

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No Video Thank You

Unless the lighting is very good (with more than one source) and I've recently had a shave and I feel in a very good mood and the camera is at a good angle, then I look like an axe murderer with a hangover; or so I've been told.

I will not be using any form of video call no matter how cheap it is.

Opera plugs hole in Great Firewall of China

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@AC 06:44 re, Re:Re:Absolute pish

"You're brought up to be told what to do, and although this breeds people with a high IQ due to the comprehensive and exhausting education system,.."

Quite a mix of biological, educational and social assumptions there but I'm not qualified to say if you're right. Are you?

Erotica 09: Bit limp, but crowds still up for it

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Back To The Drawing Board

"...a radical mix of Victoriana and sci-fi, represented brilliantly by Engineers of Desire.."

A reasonable starter description of Steampunk there. However, those Engineers Of Desire are just producing soft porn with a BDSM fetish base and a badly done Goth topping.

If a woman wears a corset, it doesn't mean she's Victorian. If she also wears welding goggles, it doesn't mean she's Steampunk.

Methinks a niche style bandwagon has been jumped on by people who haven't really made much of an effort.

IE bug leaks private details from 50m PDF files

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re. Not a vulnerability

""We can confirm that this is not a vulnerability," she wrote in an email. "

It all depends which dictionary you are using. The Microsoft in-house dictionary has some interesting entries for 'vulnerability, secure, etc '

ISPA slams Mandy's copyright land grab

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Style Error

"Someone tell Lord Sith ...."

I think you'll find that the correct form of address is 'Lord Mandy'. The 'Sith Lord' is one correct form of address when referring to him. It is not correct to call him or refer to him as 'Lord Sith'.

Triumph in Geneva! LHC beams up and running again

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@luis sancho re. "The sword of damocles"

"...they didn’t evaporate, proving that Quark Condensates, made at CERN, will absorb light & matter without evaporation..."

That doesn't prove it. It raises some suspicions that they might.

P.S. Learn how to construct paragraphs, they are useful and helpful.

New 'reversible' paralysis-ray turns victims blue, flaccid

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More Importantly...

...Never mind all the crazy ideas above (and below); I want to know how they got a Zeppelin dreadnought to work on the moon!

Parents demand control over text messaging

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@ Gaz Davidson

Did your parents leave school with any social skills? Did you? If so, was it because you used a mobile phone or because they had watched television?

LHC starts beaming Saturday: Collisions Dec 3

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Thumb Up

This is all wonderful !

Big thumbs up to Chris Stephens.

Gang sentenced for UK bank trojan

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WTF again !

This is similar to a recent article involving use of computers to get into bank accounts and transfer money as theft.

How can these people be skillful and organised enough to do this, yet not know to use an IP connection that cannot be linked to them personally? Hmmm, maybe it was old-fashioned police work (observation, deduction, informers, etc) and not the e-crime skills of our plod that did it?

Hackers in keyless Windows 7 entry

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In Simple Terms Please, ......

........ How do I stop my working copy of Win-7 RC from freezing up (or whatever) on me in June 2010?

NASA: the Moon is a hydrated mistress

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@Ned Ludd re. sounding negative

I assume your attention span didn't get you as far as the final paragraph?

Office 2010 beta sneaks onto wild wild web

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@Jimbo 7 re. @frank ly

It is from an old Office 2000 install CD that I have and it calls itself 'Outlook 2000', so that seems conclusive to me :)

It will read mail fine (I loaded it up with account details from my old desktop installation). When I try to send mail, it gives me an error message "An error occurred while attempting to open the Windows Address Book. Unable to find the WAB DLL".

I had no problems at all with Outlook 2000 running under Win 2k and Win XP on a series of laptops and desktops and on my Asus EEE901 under XP.

Under WIn-7 RC (clean install on my old laptop), it fails to send mail as noted above.

(Word 2000 and Excel 2000 work fine. Access 2000 seems to work but I don't use it)

Maybe I could do lots of digging around, check out MS tech sites and suchlike, find this WAB DLL thing and install it...................

No. Thunderbird/Lightening installed with no problems and works very well for me.

frank ly Silver badge

May I Be The First To Say.......

.....I'm still running Office 2000 and it still works just fine. (But on Win-7, Outlook 2000 falls over when you try to send mail. Never mind, Thunderbird/Lightening works fine on Win-7)

ISS piss recycler packs up again on eve of Atlantis visit

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Lateral Thinking

"The rest of the ISS water-recovery system, which harvests moistening goodness from sweat in the station's atmosphere, is said to be working fine."

The solution is obvious..............spray the urine in a fine mist into the station's atmosphere.

What was that you said?

Facebook status bolsters alibi in armed robbery case

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""This implies a level of criminal genius that you would not expect from a young boy like this. He is not Dr. Evil,"

Huh? I could have figured this technique out when I was 10. Another good trick is to give your mobile phone to an 'alibi-accomplice' and have them send text messages to your family ('I'll be home in 2 hours, have a meal ready' etc) from a location about 40 miles away from the bank robbery you are involved in.

There are many more such techniques. I'd better not tell you since it's fun to figure them out for yourself.

Urinating Spaniard soaks Street View's Canaries

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What I wonder is......

....what had he been eating/drinking to get that coloured, fast drying pee?

Google backs enormous load of balls for Olympics

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"...their footsteps harvested by energy-collecting devices that transform the people's potential energy into electricity".

And slow them down a lot if this can 'harvest' any useful amounts of energy from them.

Don't you just love it when architects try to do anything practical?

Microsoft yanks Windows code on GPL violation claim

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What's in a word

"...what projects are hosed on CodePlex"

Maybe they really are are hosed :)

Eight charged in $9.5m payment processor hack

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HUH !?

How does anyone manage to be clever enough to plan this and pull the job off, then be stupid enough to be traceable?

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