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Mad Aus gov accuses Sydney hacks of hacking

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I Sympathise With Aus Gov

I always draft out my secret plans by writing them on my garden fence, but the damn neighbours often read them. (Their dog pees on them as well but that's a separate issue.)

BBC iPlayer rejects open source plugins, takes Flash-only path

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Auntie Never Lies ?

"Since launch in 2007, BBC iPlayer has always used content protection in order to provide UK audiences ......"

I believe that from launch, the BBC iPlayer has in fact used 'access protection', based on the IP-address of the incoming request, to shut out non-UK viewers (which is reasonable).

This new arrangement is in fact a form of lock-in to a particular technology and I wonder if Tom 7 has hit the nail on the head.

The BBC statement is misleading to say the least.

Xerox sues Google and Yahoo! over patentspeak

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Nothing New (not much anyway)

The 'patentspeak' sounds like a Computing Science research paper written in the '90s, or earlier.

I'm sure that all these ideas and implementations were explored to death by many students and researchers in universities all over the world. Does anybody out there know about prior art?

Council backs down on CRB checking grown-up lecturers

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Vulnerable Adults (And Children) In Caerphilly

It seems obvious that every adult (and child) in or visiting Caerphilly is vulnerable to (having little or no defense against) the stupidity and petty-mindedness of the officials of Caerphilly County Borough Council . These fools can have a very real and sometimes tragic effect on the lives of ordinary people.

Hence, any such group of people, with so much power over others, should be subject to CRB checks if they wish to remain in their appointed posts.

I'm sure they will understand this and apply for CRB checking very soon.

Pope pooh-poohs airport perv-scanners

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Catholic bears?

"Pope pooh-poohs "

I think you're getting this mixed up with the 'bears in the woods' scenario.

1.3 million phones found down back of the sofa in UK

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Jobs Horns

Strange Things Do Happen

"We weren't at all clear what that entailed, except that no-one was dressing up as an iPhone."

A quick look at this:


and the related videos will show that many people actually do and it's been going on for a few years. (There is no suggestion that the people in these videos had stolen the iPhones or made any fraudulent representation of any kind.)

Icon: The Devil made them do it.

Apple squashes wobbly jub app

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Get 'em while you can.

Is the presenter Australian? (If he's a Kiwi then I apologise for nor being able to tell the difference; see FOTC).

If he's from Oz then he'll soon have an additional layer of censorship/blocking to deal with.

NASA's WISE opens 'candy store of images'

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re. Do we have any news...

Is that the one with the big additional lenses over the optical sensors?

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Re. You're kidding

"..to get a different view angel."

I never thought about asking the angels to pass it along to get a different view. Should we all pray together or can we do it individually?

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Nice But Could Be Improved

That 12/22 micron image is wonderful and shows some fascinating structures but the view is too 'side on'. Before the coolant runs out, they should try to move the satellite a bit further up and to the right to try and get a more 'head on' view.

Google typosquat cash pegged at $497m per year

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re. Is it significant

"...even though they probably stole the money they are paying with..."

Yes, but the store sells them crowbars, knives, guns/ammunition etc, and then takes a percentage of the money that the dodgy-looking types make from using these 'tools'.

Analogies can be fun to play with.

Attack code for Firefox zero-day goes wild, says researcher

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Have a look and find out


Swiss prostitutes armed with defibrillators

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re, health advice

"Note to oldies - Amyl Nitrate for sexually aroused pensioners is not clever."

Probably not, but I'm sure this "pharmaceutical assistance" is a reference to Viagra which, I have read, has led to an upswell and a persistent, measurable rise in oldie-sex, of both the amateur and the paid-for kind.

Why you subsidize Google's Soviet-style Net

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Google Bots Bad Behaviour Binge Burns Bandwidth

"...Google's bot insisted on blithely ignoring the robots.txt and crawling every damn forum thread page by sodding page.."

I have read, many times, that Google's bots are very well behaved when it comes to robots.txt compliance. Have I been misled or did you not set it up properly?

'Fat birds get laid sooner, have more one-night stands'

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You Need To Wait A While

I've obviously read the article in much better detail that most commentards here - please note:

"....on the Italian island of Ventotene....."

This behaviour is only when they are on holiday in hot places. So, you'll need to check out charter flight prices for an early summer holiday.

Westminster politicos told to grasp Vista nettle

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A Question

If this 'IT Support Team' (who I'm sure are all experienced IT professionals) need Microsoft support for Windows 2000 and/or Windows XP, does this mean that:

a) Microsoft haven't managed to get Win 2000 or Win XP working properly yet.......or

b) The IT Support Team are a bunch of useless idiots?

Voda goes ultra-cheap with handsets for the developing world

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@ Yet Another Anonymous Coward

Where do you all come from ?!

Aussie net censorship turning Chinese

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re. AC spooky coincidence

Be prepared for a spooky experience in about 12 hours time.

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High Horse Coming Through.......

"As long as Australians are free to read articles such as this criticizing the law, I don't see any threat to Australian democracy."

As long as you are free to read newspaper reports about your kidnap and torture, I don't see any threat to your rights or freedoms when you are kidnapped and tortured. Reductio ad absurdum mission completed, I'll move on.

A decade of techno-sex: Look how far we've come

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A Qualified Maybe

"it is now possible to purchase an anatomically correct blow-up sheep"

If that includes the smell and the dangerously kicking hind legs, you can forget it.

Computer Engineer Barbie coming soon to a toy store near you

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re. the good jobs

My local municipal refuse and recycling facility, a.k.a. 'the dump', has a woman working there who climbs into the skips and levels the loads, picks out stuff that has been put in the wrong skip etc. I don't know if she rides the bin wagons but after seeing her moving around like lightning in those skips, I'm sure she could do it.

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number

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True to typecast.

What an incredibly clean and tidy desk area. He even has a plastic cover for his printer (?) ! Then again, I suppose this should be expected from Kryten :)

'Electronic fags' are useless - US prof's startling claim

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Another Possibility......

......would be to cross a tobacco plant with a tomato plant and then..........oh wait, The Simpsons already did it.

Buster's World gives Guardian Professional balloon-sized headache

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Zip It, Block It, Flag It....?

........That sounds like it could be a specialist subsection of a gay/whatever fetishist website. Has anyone done detailed searches to ensure that particular expression doesn't lead to anywhere inappropriate?

Tories will force BT to open up ducts to rivals

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@Harry re. How about....

That idea sounds sensible, logical, fair and both technically and financially prudent. Snowball, welcome to hell.

OpenOffice is the new David Hasselhoff

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E-mail and Calendars and Tasks...

Use Thunderbird and add the Lightning plug-in. That takes care of e-mail, calendars and Tasks and also e-mailing colleagues with invitations to meetings which get entered into your calendar.

If you need a mail server, there are many out there with free or low-cost licenses and a quick search on Google (or whatever) will yield forums, reviews, etc for them.

If you don't like Thunderbird, someone else will be along soon to suggest another alternative.

Vodafone tosses out idiot tweeter

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'Beaver' would be an advisory, not a warning. Unless.........hmmmmm.

Online Kiwis maybe feeling Oz censor trickledown

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Quite right too

I assume this is whingeing Poms that you're whingeing about?

Windows 7 RC 'buy a copy' shut downs start next month

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Re. Contracts

In all my reading on the subject of 'contracts', it has been stated that for a contract to exist in law, there must be payment (or 'consideration' as it is called). So, unless I pay MS some money (and get a receipt for it) or perform some agreed work for them (and be able to prove that I did), then there is no legally binding contract between us.

As far as I know, this is the situation for UK law. It may be different in other jurisdictions.

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And Jeez to you

I knew I'd have to buy a license at some point but I reasonably (in my opinion) believed that would be to enter and flag my RC installation as legitimate and let me keep getting updates etc. As far as I know, it was not made clear that a fresh install would be needed.

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Why should I bother? (and @Jacqui)

"Escape from the harassment will only come after a clean install of a paid-for copy of Windows."

So I lose all my tweaks and configuration and the entire look/feel that I spent ages setting up since last July when I installed Win7 RC on my laptop??

It's a good job I used a new hard drive for Win7-RC, because all I have to do is put the old XP-Pro hard drive back in and I'm good to go with an installation that I'm used to and that works fine. (Actually, I do put the old XP-Pro drive back in every month or so to update the anti-virus etc).

@Jacqui - The RC download 'terms and condition' explicitly stated that WIn7-RC would go through this 'shut down and deny' process. Also, since it was free, no contract exists between Microsoft and a Win7-RC user. In this situation, they have no obligations towards any WIn7-RC user.

Greenock pensioners cuffed for Tesco 'sex romp'

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Clarification Required

"Greenock pensioners cuffed for Tesco 'sex romp'"

Were they cuffed 'because of' their actions or were they cuffed 'in preparation for' their activity?

It's small points like this that need better sub-editing.

Next from Apple: The Pocket iPad

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Too easy :)

"Sources in Cupertino have exclusively confirmed to the Reg ..."

That was too much of a clue, right up front; or were you trying to be kind to the less bright among us?

Brit kids failing to fall out of trees

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No Way !

"...and acquiring vital keyhole surgery skills"

I've seen the way kids use and manipulate a games console controller. No way are any of them coming near me with a sharp object in their hands!

Cisco offers $250k for your billion dollar idea

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@Prince Perfect

Austin,.... come on, really!

Australia leaves the internet

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A better way of doing it....?

Blanking out your picture on Facebook (or wherever) and putting a black page up on your website front-end is like wearing a lapel badge or signing a petition - it might get you noticed, it might not.

How about, webmasters who are sympathetic to 'the cause', rig their servers to deliver a 'You are not allowed to see this' page when a request comes in from a government IP address?

That should be simple enough and with a few discrete and friendly words in the ear of ISP techs, they could get the home IP addresses of Australian politicians who support this censorship and add those to the 'blocked list'.

Nothing quite like a taste of your own medicine.

Mozilla buries heels on un-YouTube open video

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think of the future....

As I understand it, the .mp3 encoding standard is patented by the Fraunhofer institute who are happy for anyone to play (decode) .mp3 files but you have to pay a license fee to encode .mp3 files on a 'large scale' or commercial basis. My own audio editor did not come with an .mp3 encoder, I was given a nod and a wink to download the plugin from a 'grey' website, that is how tight the control of .mp3 encoding is.

Fair enough, good luck to them, they made a good product that is easy to use and became popular and for all I know, their license fees and terms may be very 'reasonable'.

However, that was way back in the past when the only people who encoded .mp3 files were techie enthusiasts and serious commercial concerns. Now, we have a situation where every web-surfer in the world wants and needs a common encoding standard and such a common standard should and must be agreed on by all major organisations.

The question I would ask is, which pillock (or pillocks) accepted and agreed a standard that was covered by a patent ?! (....and i wonder what inducements were offered by the patent holders, because I'm a cynical old devil).

If the world (and several dogs) could only agree to use a payment free, open source encoder then it really would be free of control and influence (and arm twisting) by vested interests.

I do realise there is the question of maintenance of standards, wild forking etc, but that could be built into the license conditions perhaps....? Any comments?

Amateur goof makes Twitter account hijacking a snap

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A Minor Point

In this use/meaning, the word is pronounced as 'twat'.

Boffins birth uber 'net neutrality' dowser

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must not interfere

I assume that you wouldn't use a tyre pressure gauge because those evil things take some air out of your tyre.

Police arrest MD of dowsing-rod 'bomb detector' firm

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Think before you comment

"At least it wasn't made from badgers' paws."

Badger's paws do work for that actually. I was assured of this by an old farmer who hangs around at my local pub, he does know a thing or two about badgers.

IFPI wants another stab at OiNK

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I think......

.....that if the police carry out a 'justifiable' investigation against you, then any inconvenience you suffer (including loss of earnings, sales, etc due to you being in custody or having had equipment confiscated as evidence) is something you have to accept as the price for having organised justice in society.

The only redress you would have would be against the police (that takes ages) if you could show that their investigative actions were not justifiable (difficult, since it is widely accepted that the police have a duty to 'investigate' all reports of alleged criminal activity), or against the party reporting you to the police if you could show that their complaint against you was not justifiable.

Hacker brings multitouch to Google's Nexus One

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Say it isn't so?

"Introduced and trademarked by Apple, multitouch gives users ..."

Are you saying that Apple have trademarked the word 'multitouch' for use on touch-sensitive input devices? If so, that is amazing and amounts to 'restraint of common language' (I think I just coined that expression). I hope I've misunderstood this.

Avatards rush to name sprogs Pandora

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yes but......

.... many do not and never will. Hence, Pandora will go the same way as Mercedes (and probably some others that I don't know about).

Yanks floored by nail guns, computers and baseballs

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...and since her son would have been shouting 'help!', it was a computer help desk.

E-book readers attract unwanted VAT

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Imagine That !

"...rather more difficult than calculating the square root of -1."

Easy, it's 'j' (or 'i' if you're a physicist or a mathematician). No calculation needed.

Brown offers free laptops to deprived UK schoolkids

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"...to help kids from cash-strapped families do better in exams,..."

When I was a kid, I didn't have access to a computer and my family were cash-strapped, but I did very well in my exams. So, how does that work?

"...we want every home linked to a school."

I could throw a network cable over the fence to the infants school adjoining the back of my property, but I don't see what purpose that would serve and who it would benefit. (Having said that, I'm sure the kids would enjoy access to my large collection of music, films and cartoon series but they'd have to accept bandwidth throttling from my end).

Has any of this been thought through?

Westminster lays ground for shared networks

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Let Battle Commence ?

"..does not prevent others from taking advantage."

"...we will be in a strong position if there is any challenge,.."

"...will be run as a competitive dialogue.."

"..there is a question over how much freedom they have to act independently...."

Is it my imagination, or are they mentally getting ready for a fight? Whatever it is, it sounds like a golden opportunity for the lawyers.

Hackers break Amazon's Kindle DRM

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A frigging fridge magnet ?!

Who the heck buys a book because it comes with a free fridge magnet? Everybody's already got a coffee mug. I don't want to chat with the author. 'First dibs' at the next book? - what kind of sad sap would get a rush out of that, (and what if it's no good)?

I want to read a good book and I'm willing to pay for that. (I'm also willing to freeload it if it's on the Torrents in a suitable form).

Does anybody remember reading good books? Does anyone remember buying vinyl or CDs because they included a free fridge magnet?

Special Ops robots now do psychological warfare

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"Or do you wish to disagree?"

I wish for a quiet life. I don't think I'll get one.

Google fined for book copyright

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Hang On A Minute

I love free stuff as much as the next freetard, I've got loads of it on my hard drives, but I don't for a second think that I have a right to possess it.

Do you ever stop to consider that those books were written by someone working long and hard to write them, someone who's living depends on getting a cut of the sales, via appointed publishers?

I may be morally suspect for grabbing what I can while I can, but you are intellectually suspect in every sentence of your comment.

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