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UK's Watchkeeper drone 'can see footprints through cloud'

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re, drinking straw

Having a very narrow field of view so it seems like you are looking through a drinking straw.

Council urges army drinkers to break the law

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I can relax

After reading all this, I'm so glad that I have grey hair and a receding hairline.

Academics must check contracts' effects on user rights

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Programmers = Artists?

Authors, musicians,...artists, are not 'employed' by the studios or publishers. They create work which is then promoted/distributed/sold etc. under various standard forms of contract. The author has to produce the work first.

'Development shops' employ people to provide their hours slaving at a desk and they may or may not produce anything useful or original in that time. When and if they do, it is 'owned' by their employer. This form of contract of employment is standard and has been for many years.

I don't think any variation in standard forms of contracts of employment is being considered here.

Reg hack gives forth in Wikipedia doco

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Judge by the cover

"..I mean reasonable in tone and made by respectable-looking people. For example, I was really surprised to see Cade Metz on screen;.."

Can we see a picture of Cade Metz so we can judge for ourselves if he is 'respectable-looking'?

I for one do not want to read articles by ugly or 'eyes-too-close-together' people. If he has a beard then forget it.

'Eternal' sun-plane still aloft after 7 days, aiming for 14

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The Future

If more of them are made, they might migrate to the breeding grounds. What happens after that does not bear thinking about.

God-blocking web filter ironically hard to find

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You Gotta Have Faith Robert

"If no-one can find it, then it doesn't exist ...."

You are wrong, so wrong! If you can't find it then it is simply beyond your ability and understanding at this point in your life. You must strive to find it and get closer to it in your daily life. Open your eyes and let Godblock into your heart and you will truly find eternal salvation.

New Jersey car prang woman blames carjacking

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This Modern World

"..charges including " ... hindering apprehension"."

So it's illegal to run away and you get additional charges for it? Surely there are long standing historical precedents for the folk-tradition of running away from the authorities after committing a crime. It's part of our heritage.

Hubble eyes sun-roasted exoplanet

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Art, it's a mystery to me

How did they get the artist onto that moon/planet so that he/she could have such a good view of HD 209458b getting a hot blow job?

Thieves steal 3,000 laptops from US Special Ops contractor

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Some know, some don't even know they don't know.

Ahhhh, you're one of those guys who knows stuff and knows how to find out about stuff.

Sepp Blatter dubbed 'Bellend' by SA gov website

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Shouldn't that be 'Hoisted by your own Lampard'?

IBM preps z11 'system of systems' mainframe

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Money Matters

"...as well as decimal math units (for doing money math without having to round single-precision calculations)..."

I thought 'money math' was usually done with scaled integers for speed and accuracy?

Bendy bike inventor scores design prize win

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@Andy 17 re. One problem

That would be true if a D-lock was used. If you used a big chain then you could wrap it round the lamp post before looping it through the wheels - problem solved.

(This also has the advantage of giving you a good workout as you cycle around with a heavy chain draped over your shoulders.)

Yorks cops charge Segway rider under 1835 road law

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Legal Stuff

It seems the legal argument will rest on whether a vehicle powered by an electric motor can be considered as a 'motor vehicle'. They actually get paid for this.

Mother faked ID to 'disappear' child from school waiting list

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@Lou Gosselin re. Re. commentard ...

"... many people who have been holding key exchange parties for years..."

I've been tried to get invited to a key exchange party for years :(

Telco sets honey pot for nuisance marketers

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... sweet. :)

Women would rather be on Facebook than on the toilet

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On Facebook.....On The Toilet....

I thought the two were equivalent.

Feed curry to sheep, boffins suggest

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@ oolon re. hot air

"...21 percent hydrogen.."

So that's why they burn well with a blueish flame.

RAC prof: Road charges can end the ripoff of motorists

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@skelband re. some points

"...The road tax is also a good legal vehicle for checking MOT and insurance which has its use..."

There are obvious alternatives: Display an MoT disc on your vehicle. Have issuance of an insurance certificate conditional on your having an MoT disc. The details of vehicle MoT and personal carrying of insurance are already held on a central database. Any police officer can make a radio call and find out if your vehicle has an MoT certificate and if you are insured.

The tax disc tells a police officer that a car had an MoT and that the registered owner had insurance *at the time it was issued*. It does not prove that the car has an MoT at the moment or that the car is insured at the moment for the person who is driving it.

Apple seeks antenna engineers after 'Death Grip' debacle

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@Ian Stephenson re. @Paul172

I'm sure the corrrect term is 'particave'.

Computer grads can't even get jobs offering personal services

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It's always something

"... who might of started on Cobol..."

The old guy might have demonstrated better English language skills as well.

Beeb sacks teaboy, hires Press Association

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I remember

I do remember seeing that and thinking it would be a pretty good effort for a 10 year old. It was a 'bring your kids to work' day, must have been.

German arrested for Adolf Hitler ringtone

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A Blue Joke

I thought he wrote 'smurf', because they have big caps.

Secret ancient code, basis of all modern civilisation, cracked

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As I Suspected

"... I participate in full contact origami. ..."

Now I know you're insane. Only true crazies do that.

Russian spy ring bust uncovers tech toolkit

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MAC address spoofing.....

... FTW.

Or, try better procedures, such as going to different, busy, open Wi-Fi hot spots and sending each other steganographised holiday pictures via Skype?

If something works once, they get complacent and keep doing it without thought for possible countermeasures. These people need El-Reg commentards to act as consultants.

Secret docs reveal Dell knew PCs were faulty

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Ahhhh, Dell

A Dell telephone support engineer (who did help me get my old Inspiron working again) told me that computers (he didn't actually say 'Dell computers') were expected to last for two years. I said that was probably due to leaky/faulty electrolytic and tantalum capacitors. He said, "No, it's most components. We're always surprised when computers last longer than two years".

Flying car gets helpful road-kit weight exemption from feds

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A Light weight Idea.....

They could strap wings onto a Reliant Robin fitted with a propeller. That should work out fine.

House of Commons to digitise parliamentary questions

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IT's Entertainment

"Bell told Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson that despite past failures the commission still intends to press ahead with a shift to electronic delivery."

I used to feel annoyed at all the Government failure to use IT properly. Now, I just laugh at their quaint and bumbling efforts to get to grips with the modern world.

Hoodies swipe bus for YouTube joyride

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Not Strictly True

"...To drive a bus like that takes a considerable amount of training..."

Apparently not. All it needs is misplaced bravado and mind boggling stupidity.

(Can someone who knows about these things tell us if these vehicles have ignition keys or similar security measures?)

Chinese military banned from blogging

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Big Brother

I see a solution

""A 32-year-old single soldier in Tibet received letters from more than 30 girls after his family posted a profile of him online to help him find a girlfriend."

It looks like his family did not give his e-mail address online, but invited letters from interested woman. They would most likely get much more than 30 replies so they must have filtered the responses and only sent the ones they thought were suitable.

This arrangement could work well as a filtering system to protect the soldiers. So, protect yourself from internet harm by always using a chinese letter.

More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

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re. a little bit too keen

"...Having purchased every version of iPhone on each launch date, I have never encountered this problem...."

As you said, this person has a much more serious problem they ought to be worried about.

Yours are relatively minor ones.

'It's as though I've got Jonathan Ive's personal tool in my...'

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Ahhhh, It's A Parody

Say no more. Nudge, nudge; wink, wink.

nCircle purges posts after researcher's arrest for explosives

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The Horror!

"... possessing potato guns with the aim of endangering the public..."

Hanging's too good for that sort!

England versus Germany: Quaff real ale

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Alcohol free contentment?

"... the sedative effects of hops is reckoned to be down to a chemical called dimethylvinyl carbinol..."

Can I get this in tablet form?

Student's brilliant idea: A peer-to-peer social network

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Season 4 starts tonight

Season 4 of the IT crowd starts tonight on Channel 4. For some reason, probably pre-release publicity effort, episode 1 has been available (not in perfect quality) out there on the torrents for a few days.

I watched it earlier this week, it's hilarious :)

'Biggest thing in farming for 10,000 years on horizon'

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@James Hughes 1

That's the obvious and understandable implication. However, there is still a large and active market for perennial grass seed, despite the fact that people don't, in theory, need it.

What I'd like to see is Government/central funding with Open Source style releases of all information at regular stages. However, since there is money to be made, you can bet that someone will try to grab the IP for it, probably by bribing politicians.

Middle-aged sex: The X-rated photo guide

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Thank you! :)

.XXX to get ICANN nod

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Black Helicopters

@AC re. such as

Pah! My ideas are far more sophisticated than childish word games. You could not comprehend the magnitude of my evil genius.

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If I register a .xxx domain, do I have to put porn on it? If so, how much porn, where, with what prominence, etc? If I don't put porn on it, can people make formal complaints to the registrar?

These are not idle, surreal questions. I have a business idea for a non-porn .xxx website.

US energy-weapon project going well

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Economics of Production

"..the Reg's apparently large readership of evil billionaires may have to wait a while."

These things can only get cheaper as time goes by so evil millionaires will be able to buy them and will drive up demand. After that, mass production will arrive and they will become commodity items. It's a veritable virtuous circle of villainy.

Women reveal all for X-rayted pin-up calendar

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Really NSFW

Never mind the coxyx; that woman doesn't have any clothes on! (Shoes don't count.)

Middle-aged sex is crap: Official

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you got me

I tried typing 'sudo scientific nonsense' on a Linux command line and my computer froze up! What was that about?

Getting women's phone numbers a matter of mood music

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@ Chris W re. Slight Flaw

"Men don't go in florists"

You have misunderstood what happened here.

This was men who had been placed in a florists and then had the door locked on them.

If romantic music was playing, it reduced their ability to pick locks, break down doors or throw heavy objects through the windows. It is thought to affect the decision making processes as well as motor skills.

A Rumba with a Roomba

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I am not alone!

"... You know how a hard disk defragmenter, scurrying around its sectors in a neat graphical display, is the most hypnotically fascinating thing to watch? Of course you do. .."

I thought I was the only one who did that and have been ashamed to tell anyone about it. I feel so much better now it's out in the open.

DoS attack stuffs Turkey's internet censors

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Must Try Harder

"..We are at present unable to locate the original press release referenced by Dr Akdeniz."

Have you tried Googling for it?

HP and Yahoo! team up to print ads in your home

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"What we discovered is that people were not bothered by [an advertisement]. Part of it I think our belief is you're used to it. You're used to seeing things with ads."

You have to laugh. It's that or cry.

Did the iPad just save Wired, and Conde-Nast?

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Yeah, Right

"... Subscriptions are particularly cool from the publisher's perspective because you've got the name and address of the purchaser and the beginnings of a relationship. ..."

The beginnings of a spam-storm is more like it. Then, if you were stupid enough to give them your phone number........ :(

Easy-peasy science GCSEs binned

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Re.Re: We Were......

You were lucky!

Burger van busted offering free takeaway porn

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What offences?

"The operation went well and we are now looking at the evidence to see what offences have been committed."

I thought they knew what offences were being committed. Isn't that why they arrested the two guys?

Wannabe Jedi drool over potent laser 'lightsabre'

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Does it make the 'whoom-whoom' sound? After you've blinded your opponent, the sound will be the only sporting chance they have.

Lightning bolt smites 60ft Jesus statue

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Thank You

" ... The flameout has inevitably prompted wailing and gnashing of teeth as locals ponder why a bolt of electricity would choose to light on a six-storey high structure with a steel skeleton standing in a predominantly flat area.

“I think it’s a sign of the end of the world,” Paul Wright, told the Dayton Daily News “If lightning is going to strike God, then there’s no hope.” ... "

Oh how I laughed at that. (Does this mean I'm cruel and cynical?)

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