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US college girls: Fatter roomie helps control 1st-year plumpening

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Get it right (think about it)

Blake's (and other people's) body fat and muscle mass will not change much on a day to day basis, no matter how much they eat or exercise; true.

However, a persons weight will vary, noticeably, day to day, depending on how much they eat and drink; depending on the pattern and timing of eat/drink activity and other activity. I suggest that one night you try eating a large donner kebab, washed down with four large cans of beer. This is guaranteed to make your weight increase by at least five pounds. Within 24 hours, this extra five pounds will disappear. It's true, I've tried it, it's amazing; where does it go?

Indiana judges dismiss girl's nipple exposure appeal

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Basic Biology

As far as I'm aware, men do not have 'breasts'. (Where 'breasts' is a euphemism for 'mammary glands'.) Men do have rudimentary nipples but these are non-functional (obviously) and are just a left over due to a missing tidy-up task during foetus finalisation.

So, how can the law, which is supposed to be correct and exact (ha, ha, ha) discuss 'male breasts'?

Pandora tops 1000 boxes

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Open Source Hardware??

Can someone explain what is meant by 'open-source hardware'?

If you buy hardware (chips, screens, etc) then you can do what you like with them, surely? If you fab your own chips, it can get more complicated of course.

Brits unleash world's hottest chilli pepper

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What's so special about 2?

"The figure isn't even a power of 2!"

Why should it be a power of 2? If I was performing dilutions and I knew I'd have to go for over 1,000,000; I wouldn't dilute by factors of 2. I'd use a dilution of 99:1, three times. After that, I'd titrate a sample with dilutant and stop diluting when the testers reported no taste. After that, you note the final amount of dilutant and out pops your number.

I agree that the 'resolution' of the dilution is silly. Its accuracy is a different matter. The major contributor to uncertainty would be the preparation of the original source material; that is where any serious inaccuracy would most likely be introduced.

Google Instant blacklists the Slutskys

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Good Old Days

I remember the good old days when Scunthorpe and Penistone didn't exist.

New 'iPhoD' can 'adjust the speed of light by turning a knob'

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Re. The speed of light

"2. The speed of light is constant"

The speed of 'light' depends on the properties of the medium that it's traveling in. For a bulk medium, like the vacuum of space, a block of glass, etc; this is easy enough to work out and the behaviour of the waves/photons, whatever, is easily predicted. Hence school level physics.

When the photons start interacting with exotic substances that absorb and re-emit, then it all gets very complicated and scientific articles are born.

DVLA says council snoopers are free to take the WEE

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I'd be amazed too

"Out of control dogs menace someone and shit on the path, then jump into vehicle and drive away."

That would be an amazing sight. Guaranteed thousands of hits on You Tube.

Cyber-jihadists deface home of teddy bears' picnic

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The Obvious Question

Can you see light at the end of the tunnel?

Porn-browsing Oz minister quits

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He was obviously testing the firewall and doing research to help add to the blocked list. (That would be my story.)

Twitpic pulls 50 Cent bum burger snap

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Another Use For Butts

As I found out many years ago, you can use your butt to steer a barge. Just wedge the tiller between your butt-cheeks, adopt a comfortable stance facing forward and leaning back slightly; then you have both hands free to eat a sandwich and drink a beer (or food/beverage of personal choice).

If you get your stance adjusted properly, you can turn your upper body to the right, whereupon the barge will steer proportionally to the right, and vice versa. At the time, as far as I could see, nobody else was steering in that way.

Boffin-botherer's LHC doomsday case thrown out on appeal

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Where Can We See Them?

"..a "record-breaking" 14-hour collision sequence.."

Have they posted videos of any of these collisions on You Tube yet? I'd really like to see them.

Pentagon confirms attack breached classified network

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I know your sort

You're one of those technical, engineery type people who always looks at things from a practical and scientific point of view. We've got multi-million dollar procurement budgets and 1000s strong administrative empires to maintain here. There are senators and generals who need to be impressed; you just don't understand.

Scareware solicitors sent to regulator

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Re. Euro Domination

I've just had a look on Isohunt. They're up to Euro Domination 30!

Secret X-37B space plane lost by sat-spotters for 2 weeks

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It's OK Marcelo

When I said "I know where America (USA) is...", that was to indicate my assumption that by 'America', the original poster meant the USA.

You are right to be concerned Marcelo, but please be reassured that most people (I hope) are aware of the geo-political realities of North/Central/South America.

I even knew that Buenos Aires is in Argentina. :) (Brazil has Rio De Janeiro of course, but you knew that already.)

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Clarification Please?

"... America and our own countries .."

I know where America (USA) is, but where are these 'our own countries'?

"... a government such as Iran or South Korea .." Ah yes, that axis of evil, supported at one end by the satanic roller bearing which is South Korea.

Boffins learn to adjust body clocks

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More details please

That sounds interesting and may be useful for me. Is this something that 'works for you', or has it been observed and noted generally?

Apple demonstrates how to do touchscreen desktops

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Patent Award Conditions..

I thought that patents could not be awarded for 'innovations' that were 'obvious'. That, as shown, has to be totally obvious.

Verbatim MediaShare 1TB Nas

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You have to load Verbatim software onto your PC to use it? You have to register on their website to use it? That is crazy.

A Synology DS110j (single bay, empty NAS box) can be had for £107, ordered from Scan and other places. Fit the SATA drive of your choice and you're away with a very well featured and very flexible NAS box that you can load up with many different services, including media streaming, and much more.

Boffins baffled by 'magnetar': Ought to be black hole, but isn't

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Communication Skills

"..They will be rare as hen's teeth and probably have some weird crap going on around them..."

I understood that bit. Can you re-write all of it for me, using that simple language. If you have time. Please.

Chair maker punts $6,000 iPad recliner

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Essential Extras

"...twin low-frequency Crowson TES 100 drivers mounted below the chair's arms to "transport you into a visceral experience.".."

What about twin, vacuum connected drain holes in the seat, to transport away your visceral experience? You could sit in comfort, all day.

iTunes disses doctorates

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There's more...

".. So that's everybody with an ordinary degree and above .." (waves hello.)

When I recently bought something at Comet, on the customer details section of the screen (which I could see), the drop down menu for customer title included 'Lord'.

I can only assume that the back-office techies were having a bit of fun. Or, perhaps this was in response to Lord Somebody making a formal complaint about his title not being available when he went to buy something there.

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re. Yup, Happened to me as wel

You could try reversing the neutron flux. (If it's a heart attack, anything is worth a try.)

Turkish groom accidentally sprays wedding guests with bullets

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A Special Form Of Darwin Award?

This may sound cruel, cold and callous, but, since he killed his close relatives; is this a case of THEIR genes coming back to bite them?

Moon actually dryer than dem dry bones, say boffins

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Oh No!

" ... attach said spacecraft to asteroid and push it into the vicinity of the Earth,..."

Why did I feel a shiver of fear as I read that part?

Google faces trial on ageism claims

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Maybe You're Past It

It's probably because you're old and slow and you don't know how to use the intertubes properly. It could be your browser too; install Chrome and your comments will fly onto the page.

This comment appeared a mere 15 seconds after I pressed the Submit button.

Conficker's 6m strong botnet confounds security probes

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A squid is already damp!

Please ignore the simpleton.

Carnivorous plague mice 'wiping out towns' in US Midwest

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re. boffing

...or shagging with shagging.

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It's all relative

".. the West of the Midwest."

Is that the same as the Far West?

Hotmail upgrade finally reaches 350m users

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Think About It

"..You can also open/edit Office documents on the Web which is something never seen before.."

Could that be because these Office documents of which you speak, are in a proprietary format which is owned and controlled by........Microsoft; and they've only recently started doing it?

" You don't need to have Office installed."

You do if you want any 'advanced' (= reasonably expected) features - such as copy/paste between a web based document and an old (Office 2000) installed application. I know, I've tried it.

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My Dog

My dog is far too sensible for that; but I have a hotmail account.

Indonesian parliament gets smut eyeful

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I beg to differ

"..all possible permutations of the joke on 'religious tenants', and none of them are funny.."

That would be an ecumenical matter. Yes.

BCS Linux-baiting sparks flame war

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@AC 15:59

Are you one o'tham thar power engineers? Five Amps? pah! that's leakage current.

Court slaps down coppers in photography case

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re. FFS - Why..

Because law abiding people provide low-risk push around fun.

Stealth fighter in Canadian Wikipedia brouhaha

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What are the rules for this in Canada?

"Canadian defence spokespersons deplored the matter and stated that the perpetrators of the naughty edits will be hunted down."

What are the written regulations/laws, which state that it is forbidden to write disparaging comments about a politician (or anyone, or anything) on a public website? Will every blog and comment section of every website be swept, to find traces of this type of 'bad behaviour'?

Wikileaks publishes encrypted 'insurance' file

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"..It seems a regular piece of garbage claimed by leftists, communists, and socialists,... "

You forgot the gays and the Jews and the Gypsies.

We had to destroy the village in order to save it. - Wise words.

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"I'm not sure why we would," Gates said. "You think he's going to tell us the truth?"

He then asked, "What's this 'irony' stuff I keep hearing about?"

NatWest calls off legal attack dogs

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"...and a line making clear the site had no connection to the bank"; just in case there are people out there who are as stupid as us. Thank you.

Ballmer and Softies sacrifice sleep to catch iPad

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re, Plugging into Google's glorious backend

Didn't Google 'open source' their glorious backend, or parts of it? Or maybe they shaped it up from open-source in the first place (I may be wrong or confused here, but I'll get to my point.....)

For corporate use, a large enough organisation can set up its own glorious backend and have it's employees plug into it, over site LAN, internet and via-mobile connection. Privacy problem solved as far as data retention and analysis go. I'm assuming that all this is available as FOSS in the first place, needing only minor tweaking and customising to suit.

Is anybody doing this or looking into it? (Or have I totally lost the plot?)

Nude trampolinist bounces free from court

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re, Hot chicks on a trampoline

They were wearing bikinis - where can I find the naked ones?

Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G 18.4in laptop

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Why oh Why ?

Can somebody please tell me why so many laptops have the trackpad well to the left of centre?

I'm right handed (not that I see it should make any difference). I operate the laptop with it placed 'centrally' in front of me and I type equally with both hands. I use my right hand to operate the trackpad and I move my right elbow back to place my right hand over the trackpad. Is this left-side trackpad positioning meant to make it easier for me to 'swing' my right hand over to operate it or something like that? If it is, it doesn't work for me, I've tried them and don't like them.

Reboot key Brit 'ready to save internet'

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Way too melodrammatic

All this jumping onto transatlantic flights is ridiculous. All these people need to do is sent their key in an e-mail to the datacentre. Then, they do a copy/paste job and it's good to go.

Chilean tarantulas menace Bolton

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@ Scott Mckenzie re. Hmm

"... 'spit hairs' that's not quite accurate, they can flick them from their abdomen using their legs"

You're just splitting hairs.

Serpent imprisons rattled Yorkshire family

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@ Number 6 re. "7483"

That was just the number of that particular beast. It's the way the local council keep track of them.

The Camel: Nokia unveils user designed phone

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Me Too

"My 6310i is still the perfect phone:"

I've got two, and two spare batteries. I can't think why I'd need anything else.

If I made a small effort, I could set them up to send and receive e-mails, but I can't be bothered because I have a netbook with a broadband stick for that.

Mozilla tames Firefox tab monster with Candy

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Bookmark Organisation

" Being able to order my bookmarks in the same spatial manner would be a definite plus. "

You can create named folders in the bookmark container. Those folders can contain more folders and......bookmarks. As you run your cursor down the list of bookmarks folders, they pop out to form their own windowed list, etc. (Have I misunderstood what you were wanting?)

Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon

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No degrees of separation

" a bunch of Senators, allegedly the most sophisticated political thinkers in the land, "


In the mind of people like this, there is no separation. Everything blends into a grey sludge that must be controlled and, ideally, prohibited.

Soon, all a character will need to do (in print or in voice on-screen) is say "two girls, one cup" and that publication, or episode, will be banned.

The mindset is: if you stop all references to something, then that thing itself ceases to exist. This is sympathetic magic at its most basic level and gives you an idea of how primitive their minds are.

Empires built on free code aren't cheap

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Use by friends and employees is not redistribution.

" ... if facebook modified GPL code, would the licence not imply they give back to the OSS community? "

If you modify GPL code and redistribute it, then you have to give the source code, including your modifications.

Using modified GPL code for your own purposes is not redistribution of the code. A company or organisation can install modified GPL code on thousands of computers and use them for their own activities, provided those computers belong to them. What they must not do is give the executable to anyone and say, "here, this is cool, try playing with it at home." (in that case, they must give the source code as well).

Judas Phone: more Photoshop tomfoolery

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@Jan 0

I think Tom was being too subtle for you. There are two situations in which the use of 'their' would be appropriate. Tom implied one of them (flaming - lack of thought - getting things wrong.) Tom was saying, 'if you want to flame, do it properly by making spelling mistakes.'

The other possible use of 'their' would be if the word 'stupid' was treated as a noun, for the purpose of humour. Compare with the word 'smarts', used to mean 'qualities or evidence of intelligence'. (I realise that 'stupid=noun' use is not a good fit for the original 'Because their stupid' post.)

Malaysia bans 'satanic' Man Utd kit

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Every Cloud...

"...For example, one recent edict banned the ancient practice of yoga because of its links to the Hindu faith..."

Some bright spark could develop 'Muslim toning and relaxation postures' and make a mint in Malaysia, with an illustrated book of poses. (All models to be old men wearing thick baggy clothes.)

Dell warns on spyware infected server motherboards

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@AC 11:37

Was the receptionist fired? She should have been.

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