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WD and Xyratex discuss future tech roadmap for disk drives

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Big Drives Not Needed

For the _average_ home and even office user, a 16GB drive is all that's needed for a Windows OS and a shed load of installed applications. Maybe some people with lots of meaty apps will need a 32GB drive at the most. User data can be stored on the network or a physically small USB 3.0 drive.

What I'd like to see are small, fast, cheap SSDs in laptops and desktops. The problem may be that laptops and desktops would last longer if they used SSDs rather than spinning metal things.

Plastic plod used police database to find dates

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Suspicious? Why?

I'm wondering why they were 'suspicious' of an adult female PCSO having any kind of relationship with a local adult man (assuming he's not under suspicion of criminality himself).

Deep space COMET FLYBY: First PICS

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Are you that guy who drives really slowly around town, at a constant 30km/h ? If you are, I have some news for you.

Scroogle busted again after Google tweak

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Oi, Kant.

If everybody trained to be a doctor, there would be no finance/support for people to train to become doctors, hence there would be no doctors. Ergo, training to become a doctor is ethically bad.

I could go on but you'll be pleased to hear that I won't.

London Stock Exchange investigates IT 'sabotage'

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It happens a lot

In the past, I've recommended cutting one main power feed to test a system that had two independent power feeds and dual redundant cross-linked battery backups. I was told that would not be acceptable since any problems would cause major inconvenience to ongoing systems integration work.

When that happens, you either scream and climb the walls or you nod your head with a funny little smile on your face.

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What does the verb 'trimphilise' mean? I can't find it in a dictionary.

Sexy Hustler honeys unlikely to corrupt Croydon yoof

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Kids eh?

I would think that the average (male) kid is all over that section of the local paper, wondering when he'll be able to afford a 'stress relief massage in discreet surroundings'.

Testy Turkey re-blocks YouTube over naughty hotel romp clip

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Strong, thick and sweet.

No, not you, turkish coffee; it's what you need.

Microsoft tweaks Hotmail interface to read Gmail accounts

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re. spamtrap

Yahoo webmail has disposable e-mail addresses that send mail to your main account. Easy to set up and delete.

Startup promises money for fanbois

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My curiosity is now thoroughly piqued

"....they've also tried to arrest me for buying an ugli fruit once...."

I may regret this, but please tell us the entire story.

Boffins mount campaign against France's official kilogramme

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I am amazed

"Elaborate precautions are taken to ensure that the kilogramme doesn't change mass - a complicated official cleaning procedure is carried out to remove atmospheric oxidants from the surface. "

This is ridiculous. All they need to do is give it two coats of epoxy varnish and the problem is solved.

Most smartphone users breach employers’ security, says survey

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Tongue in cheek

I'm sure Harry's comment was meant as a joke. It was, wasn't it Harry?

frank ly Silver badge

@ Simple Si

This article is about ordinary employees accessing the company network in an uncontrolled manner using Wi-Fi devices. Simple MAC address filtering with a formal procedure for registration and de-registration of devices is all you need to start having at least the beginnings of security.

Hells Angels slap London dressmakers with trademark suit

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Due to tiredness or whatever, I misread the article and saw "Hells Angels Jaquard Dress Box". I imagined a chapter member carefully lifting this out of his wardrobe and delicately opening the applique decorated lid to reveal his colours, stored between layers of protective paper; then lovingly taking them out to wear them. It may actually happen somewhere, you never know.

P.S. Does anyone else think that the Lace Knit Skull Wool Sweater Dress has elements of Aztec design?

Schmidt: I 'misspoke' over Street View

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I've noticed downvotes (usually single) on harmless/innocuous comments on many occasions. I think there's a downvoting troll in here. Think of it as seeing traces of a rare and strange life-form.

Top 10 Kindle books outsell dead-tree versions 2-1

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How/Why, etc?

"Having the alternative - a touchscreen keyboard - would make the Kindle useless."

I've tried, but I do not understand how you can say this. Temporarily overlaying a QWERTY keyboard onto part of a reader screen, for notes or search string entry, does not affect the devices suitability for reading books.

If you mean that a touchscreen is not as good as a dedicated display only screen (contrast, clarity, brightness, etc), then that may be true in absolute terms. However, the latest Sony e-ink touchscreen displays are very good indeed and I suggest that you find a store display to check out the PRS-350/650

Equality Act causes logistics nightmare

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How do you prove that?

Amazon customer purchases protected by US Constitution

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Yes, _if_ they have a right to know what goods residents have had shipped in, then the invoice value will obviously be held by Amazon as a separate field in their records. All they had to do was ask for name, address, shipping date and invoice value. Also perhaps the type of goods; book, DVD, electrical goods, etc.

But they didn't; they asked for the entire invoice, including details of which goods had been purchased. For some reason, the people of the US are very sensitive about their government knowing which books they have read (perhaps somebody can explain the story behind this?).

It seems that North Carolina's DOR is not staffed by people who know how to think things through.

How average is your sex life?

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Thumb Up


"...by branding it as a type of hyperactivity (basically saying that women have a disorder if they do it too much!)."

That could open the floodgates.

RIM boss joins queue to kick Jobs

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@ Garibaldi

"...under the notion of democracy, and other Orwellian labels."

That's what I call an Orvillian statement.

Vatican confirms Simpsons as Catholics

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Why Not?

They have an imaginary god, so it seems quite reasonable

Dane-Elec myDitto Nas device

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I tried to find specs or reviews of the likely data transfer rate for this; no luck. Existing references to Dane-Elec products are for flash memory, USB sticks and external hard drives. Suddenly, they come up with a two bay NAS drive (and a one-bay unit also available, according to their own website). The Dane-Elec website is very light on technical details.

I'm wondering if they are a front or rebadging operation for an established NAS producer or a far-eastern maker of generic internals. Any tech detectives out there?

Jobs savages 7-inch tablet competition

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We are not amused

"...in our opinion," Jobs said in royal third-person locution."

'Our' is 1st person plural. (He/she/it/hey is third person) It's the use of the plural (in 1st and 2nd person) that is the marker for speech to and from 'royal' personages.

UK promises 'transformative' cyber security programme

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Fount of all knowledge

"Which tends to argue that some people in charge of setting up our transformative cyber security programme can't tell the difference between the Reg and the US Air Force's 333rd Training Squadron,.."

Maybe he wrote to the USAF 333rd and they told him that they learn all their stuff by reading El Reg?

Jobsian fondle-slab in SEXY FILTHGRAM CRACKDOWN

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Careful Now!

You're not allowed to say that. Or are you? I get confused.

frank ly Silver badge

Maybe. It all depends

If shed in sufficient quantity, on a very cold day, it could be a veil of tears. In that case, it would also be a vale of tears style experience. We need more data and some funding.

Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition

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Home Brew Efforts

"There's no memory card slot on the PRS-350, but with 2GB of on board storage, you may not need one "

With my PRS-505, I can load up home made pdfs via the SD memory card slot (I use free PrimoPDF, there are many others). These can of course include maps (ripped from Google Maps) and whatever text you fancy that you can type or copy and paste. Hence, if you do want lots of documents like this, an external memory card is a good facility. Why would you want to do that? - If you're going on holiday in the wilds of Wherever, you can load up with maps, guides, lists of places to visit, etc and have them all on one lightweight, low power consumption reading device.

As Jules 1 indicated in the first comment, it looks like home brew efforts get the best out of these devices. I've never used the provided Sony software; it's a pain. Calibre is great.

Scosche Solbat2 solar charger

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"I'm planning a two-week cycling trip .."

Fit your bike with a dynamo and recharge your batteries from that. If you want, you can reach down and disengage it before you go uphill, or only engage it on the downhill stretches; but watch your fingers! (Do they still make them? I remember them from 'the old days' when I had a bike.)

Gov rolls out 'dedicated area of the internet' for digi-ware tests

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Wrong Image

I was thinking of a different kind of fertiliser; the back end of a bull stuff.

DIY cloud box Pogoplug gets integrated wireless

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If I understand this correctly....

.... it's a NAS adapter with external storage (via multiple USB connectors) and a WiFi link (if wanted) to your router. It also has built in file serving/streaming utilities. Er,.... I've had one for six years now, except that mine (Plextor PX-EH 250) has built in storage of 250GB already, has only two USB connectors for external storage and can only run an FTP server, not file streaming.

If I wanted my own 'cloud' (i.e. local network file storage, accessible over LAN from my home network and with file transfer/streaming over the internet), I'd get a Synology DS110-J for £112, and fit it with a SATA hard drive. Then I'd have a big and fast network drive with much more than just file transfer/streaming.

They seem to be using the word 'cloud' as a modern, with it, cool, fairy-dust word, to sell a relatively cheap NAS adapter.

WinPatrol blames McAfee for lost business

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Retaliate! (Accidentally of course)

So, how about if the next update of WinPatrol identifies McAfee software as malware? If WinPatrol follows it's internal procedures correctly and ships it off to it's labs in Outer Mongolia for confirmation testing, McAfee can't really complain. (I'm not suggesting that WinParol would ever do this, but it's what I'd do.)

Besides which, the cynic in me sits up and takes notice when software claims that rival software is a problem.

Stuxnet 'a game changer for malware defence'

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"..was granted a five-year extenuation to its responsibilities last month. .."

extenuation: noun - 1.the act of extenuating. 2.the state of being extenuated.

extenuate: verb - 1.to represent (a fault, offense, etc.) as less serious.

2. to serve to make (a fault, offense, etc.) seem less serious.

3.to underestimate, underrate, or make light of.

I don't get it.

Danube sludge peril: Brown trouser time or not?

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Joined up thinking

If the biggest 'problem' with red sludge is the high concentration of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), then why not mix it with some acidic waste from somewhere else to neutralise it? Maybe that would need communication, cooperation and joined up thinking......ah, no chance.

PARIS furnished with engorgement

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Not Quite Right

That dress is not the right colour for him. A darker colour would coordinate better with his skin tone.

Boffins build acme e-paper screen

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"...it creates a reflected ray of coloured light which combines with literally millions of ambient light rays to produce a full-color display," the scientists say.

All this from a single coloured pigment? That doesn't sound like a scientific statement. It sounds like a marketing droid trying to explain the 'science' of something. Is the display claimed to be 'full-colour' at this stage?

ICO wants clearer definition of 'personal' data

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....., organisations can be sure to be very good at protecting 'their own' data; e.g salary and bonus payments to senior managers, the home phone numbers of the directors, draft contracts with clients/suppliers, etc; so they should be able to apply protection and care to all data they hold and process. After all, it's about procedures and systems.

Software dev turned rogue trader gets jail and €4.9bn fine

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Oh, How I Laughed

"...manipulating the Excel spreadsheet reports that were providing the bank's management with trading updates..."

Much of 'management' seems to run on Excel spreadsheets that have no configuration control, no audit trail and no security. It's amazing how a well presented chart can affect people's minds.

Research links laptops to 'toasted skin syndrome'

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It's late. An image formed in my mind

"..put some space between its bottom and your thighs .."

I don't want to talk about it.

WD rolls out 3TB today

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Green can be good

I've got a 1TB 3.5" WD 'Green Power' drive, in a single disk archive scenario situation, plugged into the USB port (via an adaptor) of an old Plextor NAS box (for read-only configuration). It runs very cool (because it powers up and rattles around slowly) and it does power down and go to sleep if you ignore it for a few minutes; taking a good 15 seconds to come back up again. However, once you get it awake and interested, it will deliver two video streams simultaneously, with no droppage.

This is a drive which is specified for AV streaming applications, which is why I chose it for my home media archive; other types in the product lineup may differ.

Hull man guilty of snooping on hundreds of medical records

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Wasn't this expected, predicted?

"The court was told he accessed records 597 times..........Trever pleaded guilty to seven counts of breaking the Computer Misuse Act"

Why wasn't this 579 counts of breaking the Act? Why did it take an on-the-ball' practice manager to 'suspect' this, instead of in-built warning systems to detect it?

Have the people who medical records have been browsed my this sad idiot been told that their data privacy has been breached and been advised of steps they can take to bring action against the idiot or the NHS? I doubt it. The only thing we can be sure of is that any Government organisation will totally foul-up any data protection obligations they have.

Fruitcake profs demand strict curbs on killer robots

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Public debate is needed

I'm waiting for them to have a reasoned debate with the International Committee for Robot Arms Proliferation.

The Navitaire cock-up, filleted

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Value Engineering

"..That is a blunder of the first magnitude by whoever designed, implemented and ran the system."

No, it's value engineering. That decision has probably saved at least two million dollars in capital outlay and running costs over the lifetime of the system. Oh, wait a minute.......

US demands right to snoop the world

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I expect politicians to be venal, corrupt and devious, but effective. When I see such naivety, it amazes me (and scares me because she's supposed to be 'on our side').

Video vigilante site emerges from legal battles

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Free Ogling

"..And will it really stop those voyuers who are happy to pay £2 a month to ogle shoppers?."

Those people are truly sad muppets. I get to ogle shoppers for free. Morrisons is just around the corner and you can walk around for hours with no need to buy anything. Just ogle....ogle....ogle.

(They also have air-con so it's a great place to be in the summer [if we get one]).

New Euro multicopter aims bitchslap at American X2, V-22

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A Potential Problem?

Looking at it, those puller props are lined up to slice through the pilot/passengers if they come adrift due to failure or accident. I thought that a blade that was lost in this way had to have a 'safe' exit trajectory or containment, or protective shielding be in place...... ?

The 500 year archive

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re. Slides

Slides do _not_ have infinite resolution. An ISO 50 slide can have a very high resolution indeed, but it is not infinite. The resolution is set by the grain size of the photgraphic emulsion. Higher ISO rating film has larger grains, so you get faster exposure at the cost of lower resolution.

Battle of the US super-soldier robot suits hots up with XOS 2.0

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How about diesel?

Are small, diesel fueled engines suitable?

BlackBerry tablet boots from 'floppy disk OS'

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re. Munter

Gabriele Munter was a German expressionist painter. People in her paintings usually have rough looking faces, with slightly blotchy colours. Hence, the word 'munter' is used to refer to a person or thing that looks rough or crude. This has been extended to mean ugly or even fugly.

Christian group declares jct 9 on M25 cursed

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You can't leave it at that!

10A22J6M25C-90 Is this a secret code? Did you try playing the tape you recovered? What happened next? The story has obviously triggered buried (probably suppressed) memories. We want to know more!

When double D isn't enough - go 3D

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@John 4 re. flirting

I'm sure that everyone you know has learned to never compliment you on any aspect of your appearance, in case you think they're coming on to you.

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