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Microsoft breaks own world record for IE nonsense

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re. Phase 3

I think it's very clever, the way that programmers keep themselves in work.

Mummy, mummy, there's a nuclear monster!

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Thyroid Cancer Is Curable - but .....

"Fortunately, thyroid cancer – unusually among cancers – is almost always curable without ill effects...."

Not so. It is curable, in some cases by surgical operation (very tricky given the location of the thyroid gland) or more usually by zappng the cancer cells (and the rest of the thyroid gland) with a high dose of radioactive iodine. Either way, the end result is the destruction of the thyroid gland. This has the consequence (obviously) that the thyroid gland no longer functions to produce essential thyroid hormones, which are required for every aspect of body cell metabolism.

The 'solution' to this problem is to take a daily dose of thyroid hormone (in simple tablet form) for the rest of your life. Getting the dosage right takes ages and the absorption via the upper intestine is variable, depending on individual factors as well as the day to day 'quality' of the gut, i.e. it is subject to variations due to 'tummy troubles' etc. If you don't take this hormone replacement treatment, you slowly die over a period of months. While you're messing about getting the dosage right ( 7- day half life in the body, dosage changes take over a month to stabilise), your body metabolism gets royally screwed up and has consequences for the liver and other organs which take years to recover, if they ever do.

Just check out any web-forum for people who suffer from this condition. Removal/destruction of the thyroid gland gives you problems for the rest of your life. I should know because I have to take thyroid hormones every day and I am quite well 'managed' compared to some people in a similar situation.

Thyroid cancer is curable, but it gives you a lifetime of ill effects and inconvenience.

A fifth of Europeans can't work out how much a TV costs

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The Majority Report

'Majority' is the singular of the noun; hence, "There is a majority", "A majority was obtained".

However, 'The majority of them' is a reference to a number of people (or things), where that number must be greater than one. Hence, "The majority of them were confused."

Can we get a majority concensus on this?

Mozilla ditches Messaging wing, eyes social webby sweetshop

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@Notas Badoff

I disagree with your interpretation.

John failed to do_X as did Paul: means John failed, Paul failed too.

cf. John drank three pints as did Paul: John drank three pints, Paul drank three pints too.

(there should be a comma before 'as did Paul')

John failed to do_X as Paul did: John did not do the same as Paul. (but Paul may have failed to do_X in a different way).

Steven Moffat promises 'darker' Doctor Who

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re. 'scaredy cat'

Is she a cat-nun who looks after sick people?

ICO wags finger at York council after data breach

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A Quicker way

"York council is expected to have its new procedures in place by August this year, .."

This can be dealt with in less than an hour. Gather all the staff together, tell them, "If you take away or send out the wrong documents, then you're fired; so bloody well check them before you do anything with them."

Floating Image

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re. not on Wildfire

I think the Wildfire is just a little bit underpowered for some things. I have one and am very happy with it, but am a bit fed up that Firefox and Skype don't run properly on it (the Firefox and Skype sites say as much by not including it on their list of suitable phones).

Australia, give up your fixed broadband!

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I thought so too, but some people don't get it.

LG cries foul over rival's rank language

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Profane Language

Is it a cultural/legal thing in Korea, the use of profane language? Or, are they suing Samsung for making a statement that cast doubt on the intelligence and capability of a defined group of people thus possibly leading to a loss of esteem in the eyes of the money spending public?

Are there any Korean lawyers who could advise?

HP taps Google's print server in the sky

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"... a printer that the users can't find, ..."

My mind is struggling with this one.

BBC-led RadioPlayer arrives at last

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Ofcom License?

"Currently you need an Ofcom licence and a £200 one-off access fee. "

Why do I need to pay Ofcom £200 and get their permission to run an internet facing audio streaming server? (Have I misunderstood this?)

Besides which, leaving aside questions of quality, there are many hundreds of internet 'radio' stations out there and I've been able to use Winamp (etc) to listen to them for years.

Vanilla Ice to tackle panto Captain Hook

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Chatham Changes Your Perception

I once spent six months of 1999 working in Chatham; staying during the week and driving home on Friday evening. Every Friday evening, I'd marvel at how 'pretty' my home town was (by comparison). Working in Chatham is an eye-opener.

Acer boss quits after board disses his future strategy

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Here's Your First One

My Acer Travelmate 8000 is still going strong after just over seven years of hard use. The spacebar has a valley worn in it where I hit it with my thumb and the trackpad is mirror smooth in the middle. None of the letters have worn off from the keys and it works just fine.

It's on its fourth hard drive, but they tend to wear out anyway.

When I spilled a cup of tea on it, after I'd had it for 18 months, within the warranty period, they replaced the keyboard and trackpad assembly for free, 'as a gesture of good will'.

It was an Acer service guy who told me how to prep a new hard drive and bypass the security so I could install Windows on a replacement hard drive - how's that for service?

(I'm not involved with Acer in any way and this Travelmate laptop is my only experience of Acer products.)

Wi-Fi body wants hotspots to override 3G

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@JasonW re.No thanks..

"..the wifi hotspot in my pocket..."

As a matter of interest, which service and equipment do you use? I'm considering going down this route.

How to slay a cellphone with a single text

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Pr0n domain approved by ICANN

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Different Strokes

"..over-clothed soft porn crap."

What if the clothes are good quality, thick leather, with lots of straps and buckles....?

I'm going, I'll get it. You can guess which one it is.

Average Brit has three mysterious keys

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These strongboxes that you have the key for..... did you sell/give them to wealthy people who own lots of jewellery? I've had an idea........I'd better not talk about it.

Apple patent foresees ultra-svelte iDevices

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Is it really patentable?

"..an audio-plug socket that's smaller in diameter than the thickness of the device in which it would be used."

All the audio plugs and sockets that I use are smaller in diameter than the thickness of the devices that I plug them into. This sentence could do with some rewriting.

As for Apple's effort here; it's 'imaginative' but I wouldn't call it an invention; it's a particular design. Hey look, we made a cutout in the case with a matching cutaway in the socket so the plug body doesn't foul on entry!

I've just thought of a design that would allow protrusion of the plug body from both sides of the case. It uses thin steel rods that the plug displaces and is then held in place by as it's inserted. Can I have my patent please?

Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'

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We all play a part in definitions - It seems

""APP STORE" – is used to describe Apple's online store in 88 per cent of the references found in The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), "an online collection of over 410 million words of popular texts."

Isn't that because Apple is the first to get a big presence with an online STORE for APPS?

COCA; hoovering up blogs and tech articles and commentard musings for your benefit and education.

Three pushes UNLIMITED data to PAYG punters

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re. "..allows tethering.."

My Android 2.2 phone acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot, so I can 'tether' my laptop or netbook and connect to the internet using my Tesco 1-month contract SIM (a measly 500MB a month).

Surely it's the phone that 'allows' tethering and it's nothing to do with the mobile data service operator. Even if it was, why should they care what you do with the data as long as you stay within the contract allowance?

Just wondering.

Sony wins subpoenas revealing visitors to PS3 jailbreaker site

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May I Be The First To Suggest........

That we all visit this website and download any videos and instruction documents that we can find relating to this matter.

It is important that as many people as possible learn and realise what that law requires us not to do; so let us study what George Hotz did, so that we can avoid doing it ourselves.

Android malware attacks show perils of Google openness

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Yes there are and yes they are

I downloaded the free AVG antivirus app from the Android Market after reading a review of three different ones. Try typing 'Android antivirus' into a search engine.

Can HPC methods yield 92% help desk satisfaction?

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This call might/will/may be recorded?

On a strict interpretation of English, "This call may be recorded .. " is a granting of permission for the caller to make an audio recording of the call. It's almost an invitation or suggestion :)

iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

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When Two Tribes Go To War

Actually, it's one tribe against a loosely knit coalition of anarcho-syndicalist collectives.

Hungry boffins turn 3D printer into snack maker

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It's Been Done

"...such as gravy-absorbing meat sponges."

It's called Quorn. (I know it's not really meat, but when you get to the molecular level........sort of.)

Dixons prices up Motorola Xoom for Blighty

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The Modern Way

"... the retailer chirped."

Did they tweet as well? That would be more appropriate.

I'm waiting for a summer crop of Wi-Fi only Android tablets running 3.0 as a minimum; my Android 2.2 phone will act as a little WI-Fi hotspot. After a market shakedown, some serious reviews and some fondling in high street stores, I'll be ready to pick up a bargain on e-bay.

Seagate launches XP-supporting 3TB drive

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Back To The Future?

"...and maybe a motherboard made in 2012 or later." ?! :)

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

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When I use a word......

"...Mainstream Dictionaries Do Not Have a Definition for the Term APP STORE..."

'Mainstream' (I think he means 'recognised and authoritative') dictionaries do not have a definition for the word 'genericness' (since there is no such word). So, how can Apple use the word 'genericness' in its formal presentations in a court of law?

US Supremes trash AT&T's claims to 'personal privacy'

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Another word is 'Wonderful' :)

"...We trust that AT&T will not take it personally.”

Ex-PM blocked Steve Jobs knighthood

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Programmer's Progress

Chapter 1 - The Gates of Fortune

The good Sir Billius drew his steed to a halt, by the side of an artisans workshop in the hamlet of Cupertino. There he did spy the hunched and haggard figure of a jobbing master craftsman, named Steve. Sir Billius knew this Steve, from many years before, for they had once been rivals in the craft of making calculating engines. Such times were long past for Sir Billius. He had moved on to higher things and now walked among exalted company. So high were his achievements and so exalted the company he kept, that a foreign queen had bestowed the honour of a knighthood on him; hence his steed was well pimped. He wondered if Steve would recognise him and called to him thus; "Yo, Steve, long time no see! How's it hanging?" (Put some more introductory detail in here)

Chapter 2 - Joust a Minute

(Get somebody else to write this)

US trade rep bashes Baidu for 'deep linking' naughtiness

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Bet me to it..

If you enter, "<film title>" torrent, into Google, you get a list of torrents carrying the film. So, why didn't this 'report' mention Google? Could it be that Google has a cosy relationship with the US government?

ECJ gender ruling 'could throw insurance into turmoil'

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Raw Data

The insurance companies themselves will have that data, since they are the ones who hold the details of their customer claims. However, they would (should?) use the data to determine risk and set premiums; so that data and their analysis of it may be held as 'company confidential' since it can give them a competitive advantage against other insurers in the same market sector.

I don't know how the insurance companies operate at this level, so perhaps somebody who does know can chip in here...........

Midnight theft left Vodafone users bereft

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Plan B

My pigeon loft is ready and on hot standby for a situation like this.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4

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re. Work around

...and don't hold it in your hand (or your prehensile tail if you're a fanboi).

Anonymous hacks Westboro Baptists during live interview

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Jest a Theory

I have a theory that Shirley Phelps-Roper is in fact, 'Jester'. Notice the fixed, manic grin; the painfully constructed appearance of jollity and clumsy bonhomie. See how she weaves strawmen with a smile then cuts them down before they get a chance to move. Then again, maybe I'm paranoid; maybe she's paranoid. Who knows ......?

Security shocker: Android apps send private data in clear

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Be careful.....

...... I've heard that WinPho 7 doesn't have Google app support.

Moderate boozing good for your heart: Official

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Causality Fallacy?

I have wondered about this conclusion, which has been reported quite a few times over the years, regarding moderate drinking and cardiovascular health, etc.

Could it be that people who do not drink alcohol have other factors in their life that increase their risk of heart problems or stroke?

e.g. known pre-existing illness requiring them to avoid alcohol, unknown pre-existing illness that makes drinking alcohol an unpleasant experience (either immediately or the morning after), being an uptight and miserable grouch who is lining themselves up for a heart attack or stroke eventually, etc.

Did the 'research' properly take all this into account?

Google threatens Chrome address bar with death

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Thumb Up

@AC 20:37 re. side tabs

On Chrome 9.0.597.98 under WinXP Pro, it does this. You have to close Chrome and restart it for the option to appear after enabling it in about:flags. Thanks for pointing this out :)

(It'll take some getting used to, I can't handle UI changes.. waaaaaaah!)

Countries where Facebook is not, yet, king

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Be Reasonable Mark

His slide rule can only give three significant figures.

Google Apps boss says cloud computing is your destiny

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Free Ad-Free Gmail

"With the free version – for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and families – you'll see ads on Gmail, but nowhere else."

Yes, so I noticed; even AdBlockPlus in Firefox can't block the ads in Gmail. However, there is a Plugin/Extension for the Chrome browser (called AdBlock) that actually does block ads in Gmail. I was amazed.

I suspect that Google know about this but reason that only techie types will install it and that we're a lost cause for adverts anyway; being a cynical and suspicious lot.

Your mind's '.brain' jpeg-like picture file format probed

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Clarification please..

"...when you make a .jpg file of random data, for example ..."

Don't you mean a .brain file ? (Hence, we see faces, etc, in clouds and glowing embers)

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

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Italian white van man nudges sound barrier

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@Horridbloke re. you're new..

Not only is he new, somebody forgot to take the plastic sheet off his face; so he's suffering from oxygen starvation.

Revolutionary radio comes in cubes

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Arthur C.Clarke Was Right

"Alcatel-Lucent has developed a magical radio that can do 2G, 3G and 4G ...."

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke.

Two councils hit with big fines for laptop blunder

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Am I The First To Remember........

... mal/mis/non-feasance in public office?


We did this three weeks ago.

'Tree Octopus' proves journos no smarter than 13-year-old Americans

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Yes but....

can they be trained easily?

frank ly Silver badge

Important stuff...

Never mind all that research stuff; where can I buy a tree octopus hat?

T-Mobile answers Verizon iPhone with free handsets

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My First Thought As Well.......

......but I'm wondering what the TCO is over a two year period for various patterns of 'ownership' and usage; compared across different countries. Has anyone done the research?

Mozilla plans four Firefoxes in 2011

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If You Like It.......

All the world's a forum and all the players merely commentards.

Motorola Super Bowl ad rips Apple drones

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It's amazing

It manages to combine portentous and pretentious, all in one short advert.

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