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Silicon nanowires: The Next Big Thing™ in chip design

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Relative sizes .....

With a 5-8 nm diameter 'pipe', how does the physical size compare to the lattice size of silicon? I'm wondering about quantum and lattice edge effects starting to affect the behaviour.

Aussie fatties tell fewer porkies

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Re: What the hell does this have to do with the bloody useless BMI?

If you're a medical worker carrying out health screening of a large number of people and you don't have time to give each of them a detailed prodding and poking, or do further tests; then BMI is a useful indicator of the possibility of weight related health issues.

Doctors know that heavyweight boxing champions, international-level rugby players and similar types of people have a large BMI, due to the great big slabs of muscle they develop and doctors know that they have to analyse other measures and other factors besides BMI.

For the general population of 'normal/ordinary' people, BMI is a good first stage indicator of possible obesity related issues.

Death Star SUCKS PLASMA FROM SUN in NASA riddle vid

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My God; it's full of stars!

You're not seeing through it, you're looking into it.

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Re: "alien ship fuelling up on solar plasma"

",,, probably criminal! "

Admit it; you'd done at least five assasinations. (They were exciting, we do understand.)

Seafaring robots shatter unmanned crossing record

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What about wind power?

Did they consider putting a small and robust vertically oriented wind turbine on board for electricity generation?

Android clobbers Siri in Japanese... and English

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Now for something nearly different.....

Have a look at this:


androidme.org seems to be an Android news site that lifts articles from other sources, then runs them through a doubleback translator, maybe to disguise the source.

An alternative explanation is that Bill Ray copied his article from androidme.org and did a very good job of rewriting it - which I'm sure he didn't :)

Underwater Greek volcano brewing Lara Croft style earthquake

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GPS underwater?

Did he put the GPS monitoring devices underwater? If so, how deep can they be and still work?

Pub landlady's footie sat-TV battle moves law's goal posts

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The purpose of copyright on the logos and 'anthem' is to prevent me (and anyone else) using it in my own production. To have the logos seen and the anthem heard by a group of people in a pub is not damaging to the holders of the copyright since it is a 'genuine' production.

The purpose of the logo and anthem is to identify the source or owner of the content to the audience, which it accurately does; so what is the (legal) problem?

Apple slams hard-up Proview for conning the courts

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... trick Proview into selling it the IPAD patents

I thought Apple bought a trademark, not patents.

Galaxies to get the Pluto treatment?

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Does this mean that a large, gravitationally bound, group of stars whose behaviour CAN be explained in terms of baryons and Newton's Laws is NOT a galaxy?

Could tiny ebooks really upset the mighty Apple cart?

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"... a settlement is effectively an admission of guilt ..."

Is it? If you can demonstrate a clear cost-benefit for settling over fighting a case, then it's your duty to reach a formal settlement for the benefit of your shareholders. In the accounts, it can be noted as 'Protection payment to a bunch of Euro-trash gangsters (unavoidable cost of doing business)'

The seven types of commentard

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The next stage ....

Some analysis of our history and our posts could be used to categorise us, then we could have a little symbol by our names with a shape/colour dependent on our determined category; to let other commentards know what to expect.

Microsoft reveals low-end WinPho limitations

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@Miek - Re: Well, at least the buyer's been warned.

I still have my old, original HTC Wildfire - now usurped by an Incredible-S and relegated to 'spare phone' with a t-mobile PAYG SIM in it. It plays videos just fine with a high volume from the built-in speaker. I use Any Video Convertor to squash videos down a bit for playing on my phones.

Web trawlers may have to pay to slurp up German newspaper snippets

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Having your cake and eating it...

"... as well as stopping the Google News snippets the internet giant also stopped displaying links to the newspaper websites via its search engine results."

Which is exactly what I'd do in that situation.

"The newspapers had complained that Google had been "unnecessarily aggressive" in removing them from the search engine."

So they want free advertising and also to get paid for being advertised.

Lingerie-clad she-devils romp past watchdog

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Re: So for all you guys out there...

We'd all like that if we were gay men with a liking for tight revealing clothing on other men.

I assume that Agent Provocateur know their target market and have designed the advert to appeal to them.

Australia considers national digital archive

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Re: What on earth does the this mean?

"... if their output is considered worthy of preservation."

That makes it simple, doesn't it?

Yet another iPhone patent lawsuit

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Re: What kind of deal was that?

Yes, it does sound very strange. Without looking at it in detail, the only explanation I can think of is that Microsoft had some kind of IP input into the patent when it was first granted; or did own an interest in the patents at one time but has sold them on with a 'percentage of future yield' condition attached to the sale.

(I know it sounds weird, but stranger sounding things happen in the financial instruments markets).

NBN Co awards Geomatic Tech with three-year deal

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Those were the days

"The Victorian based company ..."

I imagine colossal racks of steampunk style servers filling a great vaulted hall. Frock-coated sysadmins rush around checking pressure guages, writing on clipboards as technicians lubricate brass valves and pistons.

Ok, I'm going; but it was too good to miss.

Audi shows off OLED-illuminated concept R8

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Re: Isn't the point of an indicator light...

Also, many front indicators on modern cars are swamped out by the intense, almost point source, light from xenon headlights (the function of which is supposed to be to illuminate the road ahead over a wide area, not to blind other road users).

Archos touts Android tablets for toddlers

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They missed the chance......

... to call it the KiddiPAD

ISP Be admits crippling iPlayer demand burst its pipes

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Local caching?

I think that Virgin Media have copies of popular BBC iPlayer content on their 'local' network and avoid similar problems in that way. Is there a reason why Be can't do something similar?

Antimatter asymmetry: new results bring solution closer

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Re: My Concept on the two-sided universe

I think this was covered in an old Star Trek episode where you passed through some kind of isolating protective corridor, that good old Mother Nature had set up to prevent mutual annihilation.

I'm sure someone will be able to give a suitable reference for this in a short time.

'Kill yourself now' - Torvalds throws openSUSE security tantrum

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You're supposed to say ...

"Have you tried turning it off then on again?"

Aussie soldiers let rip on Facebook

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What would be interesting would be for you to find yourself alone among a group of aggressive and violent homosexual men with attitudes matching those displayed by these Australian soldiers.

I'm sure it would be a learning experience for you. You might even learn the meaning of the word 'empathy'.

Microsoft tripped up by Blighty's techie skills gap

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As I suspected

"Uden later dropped in that it tended to be the leading universities who were the most difficult to work with."

These would be the places that believe it is their job to educate their students; not train up code bashers for MS.

AT&T plan: Let content providers pay your bandwidth bill

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@YorksinOaks Re: Re: Just another attempt

If I watch BBC iPlayer, I am paying my ISP to shovel the data from the 'internet' to my house. Also, the BBC is paying their provider to shovel it from their servers to the 'internet'. What happens on the 'internet', in terms of who pays for it, is an arrangement between ISPs and higher level organisations.

If I use an app that pulls down 200MB a day, the app is working for me, installed on my PC or phone. In the operation of the app, it is me who my ISP is shoveling data to and another operator is shoveling website data (see first paragraph example). The app is not an 'end', it is me who is the 'end'

As for 'either organisation (do you mean each end?) paying their way', it is up to the provider of the service (data storage and shoveling) to adjust their charges (and organise their investment and operations) to make a profit. The problem is that they didn't think it through and didn't adapt as their initial assumptions blew up on them. Imagine a postal service that offered an 'all you can eat' deal on sending parcels; they would soon run into problems. If the ISPs want to recover the situation, they will have to think up realistic charging structures and operate in a sensible way.

Molesworth and the New Latin

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Can we have....

.. some illustrations please (in the style of...)?

Avoid flying next to blubberbeasts with seatmate-finding site

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"You can't reject someone who has chosen to sit next to you,..."

So the early players have guarenteed victims? If someone has chosen to sit next to you, they probably have conversation in mind (unless they saw your heigth/weight stats and you're not very tall and not very fat).

Boffins build blood-swimming medical microbot

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re. the simulation

If it did actually tilt when turning, as illustrated, then it would drive into the lower wall of the blood vessel. 'Experience' of fixed wing aircraft, or maybe motorbikes, does not translate into other moving devices.

Death to Office or to Windows - choose wisely, Microsoft

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Re: "ride successful coat-tails into a the big corporate tablet market"

I did say 'corporate *tablet* market' and this article is about MS putting Office onto the iPad tablet; presumably because they don't have a sucessful tablet of their own.

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What if .....?

If Microsoft want to ride successful coat-tails into a the big corporate tablet market, then why wouldn't they choose Android tablets shipping with Office as the way to go. They could form strategic partnerships with those Android using manufacturers who already pay them 'patent hush money' and maybe even produce their own version of Android (Microsoft Ice Cream anyone?)

That way, they could have influence in a crowded and fragmented market instead of getting crumbs from the massive monolith which is Apple.

They have lots of experience with 'embrace, extend and extinguish', so why not use Android like that? Hasn't Android been 'open sourced' by Google?

Hey Commentard! - or is that Commenter?

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Re: Niggard

It's been a while since I bought a packet of Mr Brain's Faggots from the freezer section of my supermarket. I must go get some and gobble them down.


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Re: Re: "most Brits find it hard to understand why "Jap" is a racial slur in the US."

What I find amazing is that the Polish word 'polak' (meaning a male Polish person) is now used as a racial insult (but spelled 'polack') in the US against Poles in general. (As a matter of interest, a female Polish person is 'polka', in Polish).

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We're all special now

The word 'retarded', used to indicate mental deficiency has been replaced by the word 'special', as I understand it.

In view of this, can we be called 'specialists'? (Have I got the wrong end of the stick with this one?)


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Re: Utter Testicles

Maybe the human metabolism breaks down vanilla and/or milk products so that some is exuded via the sweat glands and acts as a shark-attractant? This needs some controlled experiments and careful observation. Can I have a grant please?

MP allegedly cuffed after scrap in Commons bar

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"... Joyce, who was seen talking to a blonde"

It's good that he's on speaking terms with Boris Johnson.

Nominet to launch .wales and .cymru

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Re: Wales is not a country......

What is your reasoning in support of that statement?

Aus visual search start-up goes global

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I just had a look at their website and I think it has possibilities. After reading their 'About' section, I found myself trying to figure out the 'axes of relevance' for the collection of shoes and books and totally failing to see any order there. Perhaps I missed it or maybe they are just randomly arranged.

For something like a search on eBay, I can see how this would be helpful if it took item parameters into account, such as time left at auction, total cost, etc. and arranging them in 'space' according to those parameters. Then the question would be how to let the viewer know what the parameters are and how they are arranged.

Grumble-flick chat site exposes flirts' privates

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Re: Re: Dumb dumbs

Thank goodness for Yahoo disposable email addresses.

GPS jamming rife, could PARALYSE Blighty, say usual suspects

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M7S: Re: Re: Re: A British solution - Timing the bells

I was hoping that someone would suggest a network of national broadcast radio signals, with accurate timing information encoded in it (so the bell ringers could listen to it and sync to it).

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Re: A British solution

How is the simultaneous ringing of bells achieved?

CIA tells big biz to serve up bite-size software

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Re: Pun alert!

'Ira' as his name is interesting...

Hebrew: means 'watchful' (CIA, yes)

Greek : means 'warrior' (could be an info warrior, budget warrior)

Sanskrit: means 'the Wind God' (maybe it's all a load of air)

Court claim slapped on bloke via Facebook in landmark case

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And then.....

... encrypted with the sender's key that you could verify using their public key......

It gets complicated. Bailiffs are better, recorded delivery is easier.

NASA sniffs little black hole's 20-million-MPH wind

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Are you local?

"...is found in the bulge of the Milky Way galaxy,.."

(Just wondering if the author is a recent immigrant.)

Toy Story: Mystic Met needs swanky new kit, swoon MPs

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£200,000 salary (including bonuses)

I assume he hasn't had any bonuses for the past ten years?

Wang charged in inappropriate electricity socket use

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More WTF....

"...a short circuit may bring down the electricity-powered rail network."

Then the rail network is not fit for use and probably fails to meet many mandatory standards. It should be closed down until Taipei Rapid Transit have been investigated.

CRACK made by quakes FOUND ON MOON

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Look at all the craters!

Has anyone determined the probability of a building on the moon, of a particular size, being hit by a meteor within a given time frame? I know that most of the craters will be very old, but a tiny high speed particle will not be burned up before impact on the moon, so it seems risky to me.

SMS compo firms fined £200k for typosquatting, misleading punters

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Re: And did they also...

Especially since (IMHO but IANAL) they seem to have counterfieted documents for the purpose of fraud. There's nothing 'special' about the internet as a communications medium, so why does the law pussy-foot around things like this?

Apple antagonist Proview unveils its own iPad

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'Yes Me and AC:19:04

My 'Chinese' is non-existent. But, If I were producing written material in Mandarin, I'd make sure it was checked (and re-written) by a native speaker, living in China with a technical background. To not take that simple and inexpensive extra step would be 'arrogant' of me. To expect the same from others seems reasonable to me.

Chinese smut site boss gets 10 years in the slammer

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"strengthen self-control, self-restraint and strict self-discipline" online.

I know a few web sites with pics, videos and stories along those lines. Perhaps the PRC government should mirror them for the benefit of their citizens.

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