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RIM retracts denial on consumer devices: Pulls out, spins in circle

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They finally noticed the Elephant in the room.

About time too.

Mistakes over GCHQ codebreaker's death crippled inquiry

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Re: Make him look like a perv

Given his job and his clearance level, and being a 'new boy' at MI6, it does seem very strange that he would knowingly use his home internet connection to visit sites that could be regarded as even remotely 'dodgy'. Also, it seems strange that the police would release that information at such an early stage in the enquiry, unless they also linked it to an appeal to members of the 'dodgy' community to come forward with any information.

IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz

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Re: It's only two more fricking Bytes

6 - 4 = 2, so it sounds like she's talking sense to me.

Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist

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It sounds like fascist dogma, or communist dogma, or corporatist dogma, or morarchist dogma (just change the bogeymen to suit).

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Big Brother

With tears in my eyes, ...

... I came to realise that I loved Professor Norgaard.

Apple slapped with second Siri senility lawsuit

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Re: Encroaching Senility

It's the constant stress and the unreasonable mental workload. It's Siri that should be suing Apple.


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What percentage of these planets ....

... have black monoliths on them?

Panasonic talks up TV for the blind

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Re: Which 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' sketch was that?

I've withdrawn my post because it made me look like a bigger idiot than I actually am. Thank you for your kind reply.

(One of my many security and privacy plug-ins was blocking the You Tube content in the main article)

AVG nukes stalking ads at press of BIG SHINY BUTTON

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Re: OR (personal choice here)

I'd add Request Policy to that list. It prevents web pages even loading anything from outside the main domain. So, it does need tweaking intially to allow some useful stuff to get through.

I never see Facebook and Twitter sourced buttons anymore, and I don't miss them.

Harry Potter e-books go on sale

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I'm not sure about this

"... but Rowling's seven novels have finally made it into the digital domain."

A friend told me that all the books have been available for free in various digital domains for years.

Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth

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Re: Flight conditions

Anecdotal evidence suggests that deep sea divers and caisson workers either have very good teeth or no teeth (or dentures/crowns).

UK.gov gives nod to .scot

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@ /dev/null Re: Yes but...

SF = Scotland Forever!

Dot Pharmacy: New web weapon in war on duff drug peddlers

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@graeme leggett

lloydspharmacy.com is the online portal for llyods Pharmacy which is a UK registered business with headquarters in the UK. As such, it is part of the UK 'pharmacy association' (I did not say 'cartel').

The UK authorities do not allow .co.uk presence or .com registration via UK registrars for any pharmacy that is not part of the UK pharmacy group of companies (I did not say 'cartel').

Up until two years ago, the online pharmacy I use had a .co.uk address. That .co.uk address disappeared and I now have to use a 'foreign' address (same company, same location, not allowed to use .co.uk).

So, I still get my cheap meds as long as the price comes in at less than the £15 VAT threshold, so I order more often.

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Re: So...

The NABP represent American pharmacy groups. This would be an ideal mechanism to prevent competition from medication resellers who are not part of the NABP group (I did not say 'cartel').

I make this comment as a UK resident who regularly purchases essential medication from a foreign internet pharmacy, at a price much lower that I can get in the UK. I can imagine the consequences for me if UK pharmacy trade groups took similar action.

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"... fight the unlicensed sale of counterfeit treatments online."

As opposed to the *licensed* sale of counterfeit treatments, which isn't mentioned so it must be ok.

Baidu! boss! says! no! to! Yahoo! gobble!

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"... a bang-up HQ in Beijing."

I'd love to work there.

Giant paper plane thunders across Arizona sky

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They forgot .....

... to stick a Playmobil pilot onto it.

Australia Post launches inbox and cloud storage for all

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I'm getting a nervous tic ....

... thinking about all the ways it could go wrong, and I don't even live in Australia.

Mobile operators mourn death of embedded 4G

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Re: Carriers use DPI to detect tethering

With Firefox, you can change the UA string to whatever you want (I'm sure). So, can anyone give some suggestions for what it could be changed to?

Robotic surgeon successful in first prostate snip

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It's not a robot.....

... it's a remote manipulator, fully controlled by the surgeon.

Thai floods derail Hadron-colliding antimatter boffinry

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Re: I have a few gigs spare

Nice idea, but my quick and dirty estimates say that if they wanted to crowd-source 1 Petabyte and associated calculations using distributed PC-type equipment; then they'd need 10 million volunteers and the public networks would take a big hit on bandwidth.

It's still a nice idea :)

LibreOffice will have roadmap for cloud service next month

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re. Mail/Calendar

Have a look at Thunderbird (e-mail) with the Lightening (calendar) plugin. I use Lightening to display and modify my different Google calendars, since you can have calendar files stored on any network location (including the internet). You can convert a calendar event to an email invitation and I think you can have emailed invitations go to your calendar. It's all free so you might as well play with it.

Record-breaking laser pulse boosts fusion power hopes

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Re: K.I.S.S.

I understand your concerns, but as development proceeds then miniaturisation and mass production economies will eventually allow neighbourhoods or even individuals to have their own 'Mr. Fusion' reactor, to supply power under local control.

Android store spotted in China ... selling iPhones

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Re: For Frank-Ly

Thank you for that link Martin. I've used my rusty and creaking PSP skills to throw something together, as you can see here: http://goo.gl/2E2n2

It was very quick and very dirty, I know. Please feel free to improve it in any way, lol.

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The perfect logo .....

.... would be a Google android, looking out of a Microsoft window, while taking a bite out of an Apple apple. Can any graphically gifted reader please produce such a design and post a link to it please?

I for one would print it on a t-shirt and wear it proudly.

Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings

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Re: clearly bollocks (and gullable)

But it did look like a large gull, so that's ok.

Microsoft cuts back on Windows keys after pirates grab booty

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Re: Proof reader required at El Reg?

I thought he mean 'pratts'.

Reading plays host to live ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

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If you fancy getting involved - and you're over 16 years of age...

.. and a recent medical check and cardiogram shows that you have a healthy heart.

BoJo backpedals on Twitter hijack in mayoral glory bid

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Re: Just for balance..

No. Let me explaim why....

If Ken Livingston was the Mayor of London and tried to do the same thing, then he would face exactly the same criticism. It's about the principle, not the person.

Nokia invents teeny throbbing tattoos to make your skin crawl

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I have a strange urge .....

..... to start wearing swirl-effect nail polish. That's the power of advertising on El Reg !

Note: I would not use the demonstrated technique. I would use a small neodymium magnet to form unique self-customised patterns, thus identifying myself as unique and special.

The Register obtains covert snaps of Google's new London offices

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Re: It's like 2001 again..."...where money wasn't a problem ..."

Money can't buy good taste.

Tree-hugging Chinese throttle rare earth production

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Re: Su Bo

You beat me to it, with a much better post than the one I thought of.

Apple scores China store patent wins

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Confused here...

Are these patents or registered designs? Does Hong Kong recognise (and define) something called a 'design patent'? Does anybody?


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Re: Usual over zealous permission

I decided to not install it for the same reasons. I'm also pissed off by the way installed apps offer updates that have escalated permissions from their original installed settings. I'm considering rooting my phone so I can use a fine grained permissions control app.

UK drivers' privates fondled overseas in new outsource plan

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re. "..so far always paid the congestion charge in cash."

Right, that's you on the database of suspicious people then.

Humans best crossword-puzzling computer

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... if you get too many correct answers, the Patrician starts taking an interest in you.

Samsung backside-bitten by emoticon patent trollery

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Re: Question (AKA WTF?!)

I have an idea........ Samsung should sue the US patent office for false representations which led Samsung to spend money of a court case and also placed it in a position where it could be sued by Varia. Then Varia could sue the patent office for the same false representation that caused it to spend money suing Samsung. Then Apple could...... oh, wait a minute.

Victorian Taxi Directorate exposes 400+ email addresses

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Re: Just wait for Round 2 - CC

It sounds like the Assistant Manager of Communications needs to be moved to Assistant Manager of Floor Cleaning.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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Re: Dune

The made for TV series adaptation of Dune was quite good and true to the book(s), even if some of the acting was a bit wooden. The film looked like they'd put the book's ideas through a blender and poured it into a script.

Pope Benedict in .XXX pro-Islam cybersquat drama

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Re: catholic.xxx

I'd go with 'broad or wide ranging'; as in 'catholic tastes'. (Please; no jokes about catholic tastes.)

Sex-starved fruit flies hit the sauce

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"Humans’ equivalent, neuropeptide Y, would be harder to manipulate safely, "

I'd like to selflessly volunteer for dangerous experiments involving sex and drinking.

China's police ignore real name rules ... so far

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They already have the ultimate in cyber bullying, by some very big trolls.

New steganography technique relies on letter shapes

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Surely ....

.... this is just a very inefficient substitution cypher?

Supersonic silent biplane COMING SOON ...ish

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".. there may be a boom in the field in the coming years"

I thought they were trying to eliminated that.

Encyclopaedia Britannica - Ah, the memories

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Your scam is not included in this Wikipedia entry. The good news is that you can include it by editing it. You know it's the right thing to do.

Watchdogs quiz Google in Safari cookie-stalking probe

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"... that we didn't anticipate this would happen..."

... and they didn't bother to test for it, despite knowing that privacy breaches are an important concern.

Then again, maybe they knew what would happen.

Boffins build cyborg snails to generate electricity

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Re: Eww

Are you sure that you were holding it properly?

Public service plans paperless future

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@AC 02:49

I'd need pulsed power-jets, and an ultrasonic descaling probe.

Ok, on my way......

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