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Android Trojan distracts Japanese with anime and porn

frank ly Silver badge

The really suspicious ones are the 'attractive' and free analgue clock widgets that want full internet access, ability to send and receive SMS, read phone state and some other stuff. Big WTF! on those.

The only 'Contacts' on my phone are the ones that the SIM card forces on me. I use Colornote to mantain lists of contacts and have widgets for family, friends, work, etc; which works great with Android's built in ability to recognise text that is a phone number or e-mail address, highlight it and action it with a single touch. That way, you get to decide upon and layout the contact information in a way that looks good and is useful to you. (This will work with Evernote and just about any text file app).

The only disadvatage is that I can't tell who is phoning me unless I recognise the number, but that doesn't bother me.

I have considered rooting my phone so I can use a fine grained permissions blocking app, but that's technically a bit too much of a step fopr me.

Cloudy QR code bike theft stopper gets Police thumbs up

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After a little thought .....

..... Just print the QR code with 'stretching' at the edges so that the data blocks look square when viewed centrally head on with a camera. This would mean that you'd need to stick them to the bike frame with a particular 'curve orientation' but people willing to pay $30 a year to get this protection should be willing to read the instructions carefully.

CAPITALISM without PROFITS - Welcome to the Instagram Era!

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Re: Oh, god...

If it's any comfort to you; imagine how the people at Seedrs feel about it. Oh..... wait a minute.

Facebook defends support for CISPA monitoring bill

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Re: Uh, yeah. Right....

Do foreign intelligence services and international organised crime figures have much of a presence on Facebook?

FBI track alleged Anon from unsanitised busty babe pic

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Lost in all the obvious humour ...

"A review of log files from the Texas DPS website revealed that it had been compromised on February 8 ... utilising a SQL injection vulnerability ..."

The Texas Department of Public Safety can't even look after their own safety. How long have SQL injection vulnerabilities been widely known about, understood and fix measures been available?

Apple, publishers and ebook pricing – what does it all mean?

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@Euchrid Re: And the authors who .....

Thank you for that interesting contribution. I didn't know about Amanda Hocking and I wish her and others like her well.

My second point was confirmed when I searched the torrents for "Amanda Hocking"; her books are all over the place! (I did not download, I just had a look to assess the availability in preparation for my comment.)

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Re: And the authors who produce the goods, where are they in all this??

" ... authors themselves have no distribution channels and publishers have that monopoly."

Not true. For ebooks, places like Baen Ebooks (www.baenebooks.com) and others have channels where authors can sell their books. There are also ebook publishing houses (on the internet of course) who will package your manuscript into an e-book (as a paid service) and have various charges depending on the publishing and sales model an author wants.

However, hardly anybody (in the grand scale of global numbers) knows about these outlets, which is no good for blockbuster bestselling authors (think J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, etc). Even for middling authors, unless their ebook has DRM, then a popular book will find its way onto the torrents in a very short time. People who are capable of looking into internet niches for ebooks can easily find the popular ones for free on the torrents; I know I did :)

For paper books, an author can go the 'roll your own route' via the so-called vanity publishers but the question has to be asked - why didn't J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown (etc) do this? Probably because it's too much hassle and they are happy with the deal the existing publishers gave them.

If authors who want more money want a better deal, they will have to spend lots of time not writing books, but chasing publishing and distribution opportunities. It seems they've decided not to bother.

Soup up your home network

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Forgot the obvious

Can you give any links for 'proper' antennae please Danny?

frank ly Silver badge

re. extension strip

I too have run a Homeplug from an extension strip with laptop and other devices plugged in, with no apparent problems (I had a short network cable and was too lazy to find a longer one). You could do some simple speed comparison tests if you had any worries about performance.

Publishers fork out $52m in Apple ebook pricing settlement

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Re: Cartel behaviours

"Did I say allegedly often enough in there?"


New fake anti-virus shakes down frightened file-sharers

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" ... the use of Dropbox as a delivery mechanism ..."

This Dropbox reference was thrown in right at the end, with no explanation.

Do you get an e-mail from the bad guys with a link to their malware laden Dropbox public folder? Do Dropbox themselves install the virus the next time Dropbox has an auto-update?

A bit more explanation would be nice.

Vevo comes to Australia

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Re: Subeds, please

There is a 'Send Corrections' button for that, on the same line as 'Post A Comment', and I nearly used it for that purpose.

However, in this case I've decided to interpret 'local reigns' as meaning 'power/influence in these regions'. That's just me; you do what you like of course.

German scientists link two labs with ‘universal quantum network’

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Re: FTL?

@Unicornpiss: Essentially, yes. This is what the article is about. Actually, I'm not sure that "... effects passed to one entangled quantum particle will instantaneously affect its partner ...". It may not be as simple as 'push one atom to the left and the other atom moves to the left as well'.

@DryBones: It's not science fiction. It's science fact; was predicted by Einstein's theories and has been demonstrated in various laboratories for quite a few years.

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I'm a qubit confused.

If you make use of the quantum entanglement of two atoms (which are stored in different places) to instantaneously convey information from one place to another, don't you destroy the entanglement? (Or is that only for entangled photons?)

Have the experimenters demonstrated instantaneous state change transfer from one entangled atom to the other?

The entanglement can (it seems) be created/restored by exchanging a photon, but this is limited by the speed of the photon.

So, the best you could do is to 'prime' a set of entangled repeaters and then use them up for a one time instantaneous message, then have to wait until they were re-primed by 'slow' photon exchange.

I may have misunderstood this; have I?

US sues Apple, publishers over ebook pricing strategy

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@LOL123 Re: economics .....

"The problem is I think the typesetting and format conversion work, which is not ebook friendly..."

When an author has finished slaving away on his/her manuscript and dealt with all the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and sentence structure, etc; it will (hopefully) be in the form of a Word document (or similar). If I was given that, I could knock out an e-book in a few minutes and send copies to thousands of people at zero marginal cost, (I'm on the intertubes).

So, I'm wondering why e-books should be so expensive. Do authors still submit manuscripts to publishers in the form of ink on parchment? Even if they do, how expensive is a copy-typist with document layout skills?

iPad to reign unchallenged as KING of FONDLESLABS

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That's 'fandroid' . 'Fanboi/Fanboy' is for iStuff.

DARPA boffins seek Terminator-style disaster-zone rescue robot

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Re: Human shaped robots are the least practical idea ever

" .., a tractor unit that can attach to different modules to transport, deliver and perhaps even operate them?"

We're back to International Rescue again. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

frank ly Silver badge

" emergency situations don't usually come with good WiFi."

Anybody who could afford to stock and deliver a robot with the capabilities of this thing could easily afford to also deliver a super-duper, encrypted, noise busting radio comms system along with it.

170m people 'upgrade' to Google+, but how many stick around?

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Re: And...

That's 'valedictorian'. (Or just 'dick' in some cases.)

frank ly Silver badge

Oh My God!

I set up a G+ 'presence' when it first became generally available, just to see what it was about. It looked clean and simple but I didn't take it any further. The thing about Facebook (it seemed to me) was that it was full of pointless crap from pointless people. (I do realise that it's up to me to create my own meaningful crap and share it with meaningful people; but I'm lazy).

Just now, after reading this article, I clicked on my G+ button to see what was happening. I got a page (or about 5 page depths) of pointless crap from pointless people. I then had to find how to reduce this to zero, which I did after a while. What I could not get rid of was the list of 'Trending Items', so I had a look at one, a well known company related one.

The first thing I saw (apart from a big news picture) was a response comment of "You're a c**t" (without asterisks).

At last, Google has managed to emulate Facebook. They must be very proud.

Matt Groening reveals location of Simpsons' Springfield

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If you tilt your head 90 degrees to the right ............

.... it looks like Homer eating a doughnut and not realising that he's on fire.

(Maybe it's just me......)


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Re:GPodder - And again, why?

I just tried GPodder. It's a little 2.68MB program..... that requires you to install 211MB of Python software environment before it can do anything.

Dark matter hits you once a minute

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Re: Human Body Mass

Or a Big Matter Accumulating Commentard.

RIM: BlackBerry sales to US gov still on the rise

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Ok, show us how it should be done.

That was a very short article so it shouldn't take you long. Can you enlighten us (and the author) by rewriting it in the way you think it should be presented; as an educational service?

Culture jammers connect Lego clones with 3D printer files

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Re: I hope they have good lawyers

In theory, you can get to sarcastic/ironic by running full tilt at screaming batshit vitriolic and passing through it. In practice, few people manage to achieve this.

frank ly Silver badge

I was shocked

"... but we’re not going to do the acronym because it is NSFW " - if you think that's bad, you should read their website:

".. the Kit encourages totally new forms of intercourse between otherwise closed systems"

Forensic snoops: It doesn't take a Genius to break into an iPhone

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Re: Counter measures

"...I was stupid enough to feel the need to keep anything incriminating on my phone."


Foxtel gets foxed by ACCC

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Linear Channel?

Can someone explain what a 'linear channel' is please?

China's Internet Society backs online censorship

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Re: :/

If you read the article properly, your analogy is not correct. It's like the BBC (etc) reporting that Nominet (or whoever is more appropriate) has called for web companies in the UK to self-censor.

"...every government does it, it's not even news worthy."

So, government decisions and 'guidlines' that affect many companies and lots of people should not be reported?

'Don't break the internet': How an idiot's slogan stole your privacy...

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Re: Gladly.

I prefer pottage myself. It has much more minerals and vitamins as well as a more varied taste.

Asda knocks out Kobo e-reader for £49

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Re: MAF to ePUB

That is amazing; epub and mobi too. Thank you for the link, it's now on my Firefox toolbar!

HTC One X Android smartphone

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Re: @Arctic Fox: When contemplating the latest generation of high-end smart phones......

While I agree with the main sentiment of your post; as long as a phone has WiFi then there will be cheap data transfer. (I wonder who'll be the first to get rid of it?)

Viacom's anti-Google copyright case rises from the dead

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YT can be an asset to media companies

It's true that most of YouTube is a massive waste of time and Terabytes but it is a very convenient place to have a quick sample of TV shows and movies (if they are popular enough to have been uploaded). As such, the media companies ought to regard YouTube as a showcase for their products and I'm sure that many use it in this way. I'll bet that they don't send take-down demands for the high quality trailers for movies and TV shows that appear on it.

Is there actually anybody (in significant numbers) who really watches complete movies or TV shows on YouTube, thus making YouTube a threat to media company outlets?

If Google have to remove those clips that any media company wanst to be removed, then they should also remove ALL content associated with that media company, as a safeguard against future litigation and as a kick in the teeth for the media companies.

PLASMA GERM BLASTER GUN invented for cleaning skin

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Re: Temperature

A plasma is a very, very hot state of matter in which the thermal energy is so great that the electrons are knocked away from the nucleus and keep getting knocked away even if they manage to recombine due to electrostatic attraction.

If an electron gets ripped from a nitrogen or oxygen molecule in the air and then gets blown away in a gentle breeze by electrostatic repulsion from the electrode that caused this, then that is a different state of matter. A collection of ions is not a plasma, but a plasma is a (very hot) collection of ions.

I have felt the gentle breeze coming from an ion generator as it blew over my fingertip. I would not want to feel a stream of plasma blowing over my fingertip. Hence my trying to draw the distinction.

frank ly Silver badge

Re: Temperature

That is why I don't think that it's really a plasma, but is an ion beam. High voltage (and low power) ion generators have been in use for a while as air purifier/fresheners, the idea being that the ions induce chemical dissociation of nasty smelling substances in the air.

The same principle (in a directed ion beam) would damage bacteria enough to kill them.

Sky News admits two counts of computer hacking

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Extending the argument ....

My neighbour honestly and truly believes that News International executives have been breaking the law, and has authorised me to break into their houses (but without causing damage to property) and take photographs of any documents I can find and copy any computer hard drives.

It'll be in the public interest, I'm sure most of the public will agree.

FCO splashes millions on Johnny Foreigner's energy 'awareness'

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Just seen that video ...

... It shows the poster being ripped off the wall. It's as if the spokesperson for the BHC hadn't even seen the video, couldn't be bothered to watch it and didn't check any of their own PR output.

Why am I not surprised?

Square kilometre array decision delayed again

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Re: So, there's really only one important question isn't there?

It depends who controls the money (politicians) and how much good publicity they want (loads).

Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs

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Wear beer goggles all the time, .....

... they stop you from worrying about the future.

Scientists plan 3D printable robots for the home

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Re: Trojan attacks of the future...

Remember to disconnect the printer from the network before you go to bed!

Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor

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Re: How many people use these things?

They are very convenient to use but the actual data rate you get is much lower than the maximum claimed speed. I use the old standard 85Mbps units and get about 12Mb/s downstairs (where the router connected unit is) and 8Mb/s upstairs (on a different ring main).

That is plenty good enough for me (10Mb cable internet is all I have) so I haven't bothered upgrading to the newer standard. WiFi may be faster than that depending on how you place it. If you want to try them, you can get the old 85Mbps units on e-bay at low prices.

frank ly Silver badge

Re: When?

They don't work unless they are plugged into the mains, so how can they talk to each other without mains wire?

Arizona bill makes it illegal to 'annoy or offend' online

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What happens to you if ....

.... you use an Android phone in Arizona, to post an Instagram photo?

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Re: Misleading article is misleading

That was a good analysis. But...

"... lewd or lascivious act ..."

This needs to be defined and written down so the people know what they can and can't do. A law that isn't written down is a tyrant's tool.

iPhone fanbois enraged by Instagram's Android triumph

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Nature can be cruel

Just as the habitat and breeding grounds of the lesser spotted jumping vole need to be protected and prevented from being overun, lest we lose this fascinating and puzzling creature; then perhaps the habitat (not sure about breeding grounds) of the iPhone user need to be preserved and protected from alien incursion. I don't think it's too much to ask that some apps be restricted to iPhone-only use, as part of a managed preservation effort.

UK net super-snooping clashes with Euro privacy law - expert

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".. for the protection of health or morals, "

Who's morals are those? I'm happy to obey the law, as has been laid down in writing by Parliament. I'm not sure if I can live and behave according to the moral standards of the senior officers of some police force or government commissar. Where are these moral standards written down and who decides them?

On the other side of the coin, are there any punishments specified for officials who misuse these powers? I doubt it ('official words of advice' does not count).

Scientists refine smart self-assembling building blocks

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Soon to develop into ...

... smart dust or a hegemonising swarm. Either way, we're doomed.

Parents shocked by priestly PowerPoint pr0n

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HTC One X priced up for UK punters

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Re: confused

It's an informal/slang name derived from the operation of the speaking tube device which preceded it.

Are you an ECO POET? Climate science needs YOU

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Re: May I submit a couple of ideas?

I think it needs two more lines between the second and third. Good effort.

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