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Boffins baking big-data single chip architecture

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– half an atomic layer of titanium – (?)

Can anyone explain what this means? (I thought atomic layers would only exist in integer number thickness.)

US gov boffins achieve speeds faster than light

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It stops us from roaming the streets and accosting innocent passers-by with our opinions on various subjects.

It's a public service by El Reg.

Evil plot to control souls via Wi-Fi thwarted

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Re: Damn, they're on to us!

If we want to take over the soles, it'll be lots of footwork, not legwork.

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants

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Re: Waterworld

" ...up to 12 nautical miles (nm) from its baselines."

Is a 'baseline' the same as what most people think of as a 'coastline'; or do the lawyers have an obscure multi-page definition of the word 'baseline' somewhere?

Suppressed data on mutant H5N1 human-killer virus PUBLISHED

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Re: Transmissible?

I forgot 'inter--'. (Though intermissible has not been seen, it is thought that the LHC might detect it when they turn the dial up to full power)

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Re: Transmissible?

Let's see: admit/permit/submit//transmit, admission/permission/submission/transmission, admissible/permissible/submissible/transmissible.

What is the problem?

Britain prepares for government by iPad

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@Jedit - Re: "Why can't they buy their own?"

But, haven't they heard of the BYOD party? (It's making sweeping gains in local government and should win seats in Parliament).


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Is it moderated/censored?

I just had a look on the website to see if there are any guides to help me improve my sex life (don't ask). I tried various search terms but had no results. On a separate search, using the term 'bathroom', I was amused to find guides for 'How To Buy An iPad'.

It may be that iOS users have wonderful lives, in which case I'm not part of the target demographic.

Facebook button triggers tidal wave of human organs

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Breaking News ....

Following a deal between Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew Lansley, the NHS will be sending out a fleet of refrigerated vans to perform doing door-to-door early collections starting next week. A Facebook message will tell you when to stay at home and wait.

How politicians could end droughts forever But they don't want to

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I take your point, but ...

In extracting them and then using them, coal, oil and gas (etc) are destroyed. Water usage does not destroy water. It returns it to the giant worldwide reservoir, otherwise known as the world.

GCSE, A-level science exams ARE dumbed down - watchdog

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When I were a lad .....

When I studied biology and chemistry, we had to dissect a frog then put it back together and reanimate it, using adrenaline and peptides that we'd synthesised the previous day.

Students nowadays have no idea how lucky they are.

Microsoft storage boffins serve up smoking 2012 NFS server

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Phase 2


iTunes fanbois outraged by Apple's sex-life quiz probe

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er ....

You're not supposed to give the 'correct' answers. These are just reminders for what are effectively a set of passwords.

What was my first car?: Rolls Royce Silver Turd

Where was I first kissed?: On my arse



Half of UK smart TV owners don't know what the 'smart' bit is for

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Re: Buy what you're told to

My mother has a son like you. He gave up in the end.

No sex please, we're Telstra

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Just saying ...

"This decision is not about censorship, but choice and respecting gender equality."

It has been the decision of Telstra to remove a certain class of content. This reduces choice and is censorship.

Respecting gender equality would mean making a positive effort to promote 'adult' content that is specifically targeted at women.

Perhaps realistically, "we don't want to upset customers because that would affect our profits". There's nothing wrong with that so why not say it?

'Geek' image scares women away from tech industry

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Re: Eh?

These events are targeted at school/college aged females, hence the word 'girls'.

Mobile phones still safe... probably

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Re: You do know

I bought a cheap packet of crisps last week and I only read the ingredients (in tiny, tiny, font size) after I'd eaten them. Sodium chloride and acetic acid had been added to them as some kind of flavouring agent !! We need to get back to using natural, healthy products and ban these chemicals.

Tech City hailed as saviour of THE ENTIRE PLANET

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Who is the other man?......

The one with the 'I want to run away, but I have to stay' body language.

LinkedIn edges closer to China with new Hong Kong gaff

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I joined LinkedIn a few months ago. It sold itself as an upmarket kind of place for professional people so I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't register myself with any special interests, just gave the minimum needed.

Almost immediately, my e-mail inbox was hit by spam from people who wanted me to read about their research and attend their conferences; and one man who wanted me tell me about his sponsored charity walk. I've told the spam filter to mark all LinkedIn mail as spam.

Billionaire astro mining venture long on hype and timescale

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Is it really true?

"Platinum .....one asteroid could generate more of the stuff than has ever been mined in Earth's history. This is true, ..."

Maybe, if there was an asteroid out there, in easy reach, that had a very high concentration of platinum in it. If asteroids are remnants of the proto-planetary cloud that formed the earth (among others), why should they have a significantly greater concentration of platinum than the earth's crust?

Even if they did have, how does the mass of an 'average' asteroid compare with the mass of all platinum bearing ores mined throughout earth's history? How do we find these 'lucky' asteroids?

On a separate note: to return large ingots of purified metals down the earth's gravity well, you could use them as counterweights in a pulley based space-elevator arrangement, with buckets at regular intervals it coud form a cheap launch and return system.

Number-munching clouds are godsend for cybercrooks - experts

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Criminals are using the internet ?!

Pass a law against it, now!

Google motors into cloud storage with Drive

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Re: Offline requirements - just tried it

It only offers offline viewing (not editing) and only for those documents you recently edited and only documents and spreadsheets (not presentations, etc).

It only works with one account, the account you first activate it with. After that it won't play. The offline documents seem to be stored deep in some obscure chrome data files.

Google are hoping we'll store all our data in their cloudiness so they will probably never offer folder syncing to user chosen folders on a local drive (as could be expected).

frank ly Silver badge

Rolling in it

As an existing Hotmail user (only for 'junk' subscriptions) I got a free upgrade to 25GB of Skydrive storage on BOTH of my separate Hotmail accounts. I'll now stroll over to Google and see what's happening to my two Google accounts.

Maybe my free Dropbox account and my free Sugarsync account will be upgraded as a response to all this too. I've no idea what I'll do with all this cloudy goodness.

Martha Lane Fox hits caps lock, yells at small biz websites

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Re: Go on...

At least there will be no shortage of tea and sandwiches while she's in charge.

Nokia's older mobes infringe IPCom patent – court

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WTF! ^2

" So far, 61 IPCom patents have been found invalid as granted or conceded as invalid by IPCom .."

IPCom are supposed to understand patents, they 'deal' in them. In every case like this, for every patent found to be invalid, another patent (chosen by the defendant) should be struck out from the 'pool' and the plaintiff charged full court costs for that percentage of patents struck out from the action.

Home Office 'technologically clueless' on web super-snoop law

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Re: But will the MPs listen to the arguments?

I suspect that the Home Secretary was getting technical 'advice' from potential contracting companies. It's the only explanation I can think of.

Biologists create synthetic DNA capable of EVOLUTION

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I tried reading about it, via the link

"A sequence-specific DIG-labeled probe targeting the extension product is annealed to the extended primers and detection proceeds as in ELISA, using an anti-DIG HRP-conjugated antibody."

Now I know how 'ordinary' people feel when I try explaining how computers work.

Analyst: 'revolutionary, compelling' iPhone 5 out in October

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Re: Analyst

'analyst': Assumes derivation from the word 'analyse'.

The correct spelling in many cases is in fact, 'analist'.

Stray SMS leads to aborted landing

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" ... provided new learnings ..."

What happened to that good old fashioned word, 'lessons'.

ISPs torch UK.gov's smut-blocking master plan

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@John Lilburne Re: Opt-in?

That's quite a gallery of knob-heads. Then again, it is Wikipedia.

frank ly Silver badge

Yes, but

" ... the system already used by most major UK mobile phone companies, where access to adult content is blocked until an age verification check is conducted ..."

This is because a child can walk into a shop and buy a phone (or just a SIM card) on PAYG, using cash. Only an adult can purchase a domestic internet connection and it should be regarded as that adult's responsibility to control access by any children in the home.

Trojan sneaks into hotel, slurps guests' credit card data

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Re: " ... some badly needed consulting."

I think you mean " .. some badly needed clobbering."

Met issues mug-shot gallery mobe app to finger wanted crooks

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Re: Highest density of CCTVs in the world

As I understand it, you are not allowed to place a private camera so that is monitors another person's property or a public place. So the cat in the wheelie bin situation was being illegally monitored?

As for the public helping to identify pictures of witnesses; I can imagine a situation where someone is walking through a park, a good face shot captured on public CCTV while a nasty crime is being comitted in nearby bushes; then their face is presented as 'the police would like to talk to this person in connection with a rape and murder that took place last week'.

The police might state, in writing on the site, that the person is only a witness, but you can bet lots of illiterate mouth-breathing thugs will beat them up as soon as they recognise them.

When you recruit volunteers from the public without screening or training, you get the quality you pay for.

Microsoft retunes Intune for full Android, iOS app integration

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It could work out OK

If the company I work for want me to use my personally owned computing and communications device to carry out work for them, I'd be happy to lease it to them and let them have total control over what is installed on it.

Swiss, German physicists split the electron

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Re: Where did the charge go?

A good question Gordon. It seems important enough to expect them to go looking for it or at least mention it. I suspect that what has happened is that the X-rays picked out some aspect of the properties of the quantum 'mush' that is smeared around the electron 'sea' of this complex crystalline solid.

I also wonder what temperature the solid was at when they detected this.

HTC One S Android smartphone

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micro SIM

Do most mobile network providers hand out a micro SIM if you ask for one, or do you have to chop your existing SIM to fit it into this phone?

I'll wait until Christmas (or just after) to buy a used one on e-bay, as I do with all my phones and other techie stuff. I've never had a bad one yet.

Oakley: 'smart' sunglasses ready to shine

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The frames!!

You aim for retro, push for art-deco, then overshoot to fugly.

Why does it have an earpiece if "everything happens through your eyes"?

US judge orders Apple, Samsung CEOs to get a room

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Welcome to the Borg

“Apple’s attention to design allows people a feeling of symbiosis with their electronic tools, creating a feeling that one’s device is an extension of oneself”

JCB builds Android blower for brickies

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Subtle; very subtle.

Singapore most 'liveable' Asian city for ex-pat IT pros

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Re: Cough...

"... especially those below director level."

When you say 'director level', do you actually mean being a registered director of a company, having legal responsibility for the actions of the company, etc? I would imagine that just about everybody working on any project is below director level, by my understanding of the word 'director'.

Google G-drive app leak sparks 5GB file vault riddle

frank ly Silver badge

Re: This is news?

".. product placement on the likes of Hawaii Five-O."

Bing him Danno!

Ten... smartphone survival accessories

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Item 3: HDMI output cable

So you can use a HD display to share your day's 'wilderness experience'. I had to laugh at that one.

Apple screws UK disties, punts just 13,000 iPads to channel

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Re: "Foxconn-rebrander"?

I don't see anybody defending Context. who are described as 'abacus strokers'. Apple can look after themselves; you should stand up for the little guys.

Google faces WHOPPING FTC fine for Safari privacy gaffe

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Yes indeed!

... and that's what Google said to themselves as they completed the design and looked forward to releasing it.

Mystery hologram disc upstart gobbles InPhase blueprints

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Re: Archeologists in 500 years

The ancient egyptians worshipped cats as gods. Have we progressed much since then?

Samsung boss vows siblings won't see a penny of inheritance

frank ly Silver badge

A tradgedy

I feel really sad for rich people and their families when this sort of thing happens to them. It must be very embarassing for many close relatives as well.

Lesser-spotted Raspberry Pi FINALLY dished up

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@Ian Davies Re: A rubber-keyed speccy?

The Nascom keyboard was very nice indeed, but I think it was the Nascom 2 that had a case. The Nascom 1 was a bare mother of a board where you had to do all the assembly and soldering yourself (while crossing your fingers and praying to every deity you could think of).

frank ly Silver badge

Re: A rubber-keyed speccy?

Ahhhh, I remember typing in assembler code for the Nascom 1 and designing and building my own I/O port decode and latching hardware. Those were the days ........ better days ........... nurse! ....... the pills!!

BYOD sync 'n share

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Belt and Braces

I dragged my Dropbox folder into my Sugarsync folder so now I get my files stored in two clouds. So if Dropbox goes dead then I can still access files from Sugarsync on a different device, and vice versa. There is the consequence that I have twice the data traffic on data synching... meh. (I wonder if they use different cloud storage service providers?)

CAPITALISM without PROFITS - Welcome to the Instagram Era!

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Just wondering ...

... if and when the book will be on sale in the Reg shop. I want to get down with the new paradigms.

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