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Sean Parker launches Chatroulette killer: For why?

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The Pink'Un ....

...is what people expected to see on ChatRoulette. I suspect that little will change.

NHS fights record £325k ICO fine after clap records appear on eBay

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"It is a matter of frank surprise ... "

Surprise doesn't cover it. I was amazed by the stupidty and gobsmacked by the mendacity of all involved.

How is it that we live in a society where this can happen? What the F can we do to stop it?

Council builds £2.8m shared database of vulnerable kids

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Re: Similar/Related News ....

Second bit: No, I can guess the long term security of 'anonymised data' and I can predict 'mission creep' once the police get a toe-hold in the database. Once the first girl is pulled in for questioning, she'll tell all her friends, word will spread and they'll stop going to clinics.

First bit: Would it be that difficult to 'train' an experienced medical researcher, or even an ordinary GUM doctor, to detect and flag up unusual testing rates for individuals or groups in an area?

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Similar/Related News ....

Police in Manchester are making attempts to get direct access to the NHS database of 'sexual-health' of teenage girls in the area:


I assume they want to do the job because they are so much better than quaified medical researchers at analysing medical data to establish patterns and predicting possible causes. I also assume they can effectively spread the word to young girls that these details will not be used against them in any way.

Telefonica chooses stable of young ones to make it money in London

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"The old economy, that is familiar to many of us, is disintegrating ..."

So, no more food growing and manufacture, no more clothes, no more houses and cars. no more civil infrastructure. No more bankers ... woo hoo! Takes my clothes off, turns on my laptop and awaits the rapture.

Flexible Willow glass displays thin and curvy gadget future

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Re: Vidoe long on pretty, short on information.

I would have thought that most combinations of steel and modern ceramics would be good to beyond 500 C. for industrial processes, provided the temperature change rate was controlled...... ?

Earth bathed in high-energy radiation from colossal mystery blast

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Re: hitsorical record

I was about to pour scorn on your source because of "... the Mericans and the men of Kent ...", then I realised that I wasn't reading it properly.

GAGA: Spinning blades, welding, wi-fi, what could possibly go wrong?

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Re: I shall be following this project

Why hasn't anyone considered using goats? HiTech isn't always the best tech.

UK music-rights collection: Where does all the money go?

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Re: Organisational infighting ?

" ...taking a cut from ISPs by levying these commercial beneficiaries ..."

How does Virgin Media benefit from me downloading music from somwhere or tapping into a streaming service. I pay them a fixed amount a month for the ability to slurp data, and if I do slurp data then that increases their costs by stressing their network. So they don't benefit from me taking part in 'music sharing'.

If you believe that they are a convenient place to tap into, since they are a known entity with money sloshing around, then why not levy a fee on the Post Office for every music CD that they deliver. After all, that would be logically equivalent to a levy on the ISPs.


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and ....

... what is your conclusion?

Google to show China what it's missing

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Is Android 'worth much' in China?

".. its Android platform is in a market leading position there, .."

Android is open source and the phone makers and service providers stuff it and layer it with their own sauce and can even determine which apps market is used. The service providers control routing to external services and the government add internet restrictions on top of that. I don't see how a local variant of Android being popular in China has much benefit to Google; apart from kudos, but only among those Chinese who know and understand the situation.

Universe has more hydrogen than we thought

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Re: It's confirmed by the money as well - !!

I can understand the reasoning behind this idea, but what do you do if a coin of value greater than $1 is needed. Do you have one and do you have a native animal to match it?

Firm applies for .sucks domain

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Re: Entertaining idea

I've applied for .scum and would let you have DavidHicks.scum (and a few variants) at a good price.

Milky Way DOOMED to high-speed smash with Andromeda galaxy

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Re: Galaxies in clusters

Space is big. If you think that going to the shops in Andromeda is a very long way, then you simply don't appreciate how big space really is.

SkyDrive slips snapshots into cloudy wallet

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@Longmeister - Re: why not stored in the cloud?

Do you have one of these 20MB/s upload connections? Do you know anyone who does? (If you do, please ignore my question and carry on living your wonderful life in data heaven.)

Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'

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" ..dual interview with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs .."

Shouldn't that be a 'duel' interview?

Hands on with the Intel-powered Orange San Diego

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Volume Slider?

I was worried when I read that, (dust and dirt ingress leading to noisy action). Then I saw the picture and realised that it was a volume rocker, phew.

P.S. Why do different manufacturers have different button layouts for Home, Menu, Back, Search? After two years of using HTC, I'd have lots of frustration trying to quickly operate the San Diego.

BSkyB blocks The Pirate Bay for millions of Brits

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BSyB statement

Why didn't they just say, "We have blocked access to The Pirate Bay in accordance with an order placed upon us by the High Court - (reference details)" ?

Did the court order specify the nature of any public announcement regarding this matter?

MPs brand BlackBerrys for bobbies scheme a failure

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"The Office spokesperson said that this time things would be different."

They said that last time (and the time before that).

Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III

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Re: I have invented the 'Jobsian Number'...

Have you ever considered doing something with your life? (If you get any ideas, please share them with me).

Samsung Galaxy S III

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Me neither. People might think it's an iPhone :(

Publishing barons: Free speech a 'cloak for tawdry theft'

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@David Hicks -Re: They don't have fundamental rights

"..works are not created in a vacuum.."

A very good point. Authors, of whatever kind, do not spring from the womb with an idea for a good book or a great script in their heads. They spend years living in society and observing us. They watch us as we struggle and work and laugh and love and despair and then die. If it wasn't for us ordinary people, they wouldn't have any ideas for stories. They are leeching off us!

450-year-old football was hard to kick

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Wait a minute ...

"At a combined 890 pages, the collection of papers isn't likely to be lugged into many pubs. "

All this (and more) would fit on a smartphone or tablet. You have to keep up with the times.

Vauxhall Ampera hybrid e-car

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Just wondering ...

"I can’t really say the same about the touch-sensitive buttons on the centre console though.

They apparently use less electrical power than standard switches .."

As far as I know, 'standard switches' use zero power and have done for many years. Perhaps Vauxhall didn't explain it properly.

Shanghai cops set for online 'crime' crackdown

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"..monitoring all of the web sites registered in the city,"

Does this mean that in China, a "website" registered in a city has to be hosted on servers in that city and operated by people living in that city? Or, maybe, the chinese police don't really understand how the internet works? Or does it work differently in China?

Trekkie wants to build USS Enterprise … in twenty years

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Re: Maybe one day

If we did, what would it call itself?

'Biocoal' fuels steam train comeback

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Re: eco-wank alert - carbon neutral definition

If i grow a tree from a seed, then cut it down and burn it, surely that is carbon neutral as well? The thing is, I have taken action that causes the tree to exist in the first place........ It gets complicated.

(P.S. It's jizzmag that has all the wank stuff in it.)

People-powered Olympic shopping mall: A sign of utter tech illiteracy

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Down with this sort of thing! (When will it end?)

This sort of thing has been going on for years, at regular intervals. I am fed up with architects, 'designers' and various know-buggerall idiots proposing this sort of thing. If they did it alone, among their friends, then it wouldn't matter. As it is, they can influence politicians and real town planners (with budgets to spend) and cause money to be spent (wasted) on 'feasilbilty studies' and 'technology demonstrator projects'.

Nobody, not anybody, should be allowed to spend public (taxpayer) money on any project with any technology content unless they have at least an 'O' level (the old style one) in physics.

There, that's my first draconian law as World Dictator. I have many more but I won't bother you with them on a Sunday morning.

Vatican in pact with Microsoft to initiate world's youths into Office

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Fom the book of Balmer

And the children cried out to the Lord, saying,

"Why must we suffer so, to be led as cattle and herded as sheep, fattened for the feast?"

The Lord said unto them, "I gave you free will, for I love you."

The children then said, "But we have no free will Lord, we must do as our parents and priests tell us."

The Lord said, "As I love and care for you, then so have I given charge to your parents and your priests

to care for and nurture you."

The children looked at each other and then said to the Lord,

"Do you actually know what happens down here, oh Lord?"

The Lord coughed and said unto them, "I'm a bit busy and have to go elsewhere."

The children wept.

Crazy Texans dunk servers in DEEP FRYERS

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Synthetic 'silicone' oils are not flammable and are well established for use in heat baths. In fact, you could put a fire out by throwing silicone oil over it. They may be more expensive than 'chip fat' but this is ok since the oil is not used up or degraded by this cooling application.

Silicon Roundabout touts startup jobs for 'ninjas' this weekend

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Re: "We build things that don’t work. We iterate."

Sorry - spelling correction:- it's 'irritate'.

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"We build things that don’t work. We iterate."

Is it wrong of me to find that funny in a good way?

Russian satellite beams home 121-megapixel pics of Earth

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Re: Cold War

If someone else does something good, it doesn't make me look bad; it makes us all look good and makes me happy that it's been done.

Google warns against ISPs hard on web filth

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Thumb Up

I agree (upvoted)

No flames from me, I agree with you. I've had a look at porn on the internet and have been appalled by the banality of it all. There is no plot develoment, no character analysis and exposition, not a sign of context within wider societal issues. Everything is ersatz emotions with no recognition of the tragedy of the human condition. It's always a happy ending.

Canary Islands host long-distance quantum teleportation

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Not Fair

I've been a bit annoyed by the way that Alice and Bob have been getting lots of interesting work over the years. Now, they've been sent to do interesting work in the Canary Islands !

Met cops' CSI mobe-snoop tech sparks privacy fears

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Just wondering ......

If I have encrypted pictures of me taking a dump, stored on my phone, or other device; and I'm forced to hand over the key by law; can the officers concerned claim that I have caused them offence and alarm? Or, is it their own stupid fault for demanding to see personal pictures stored on a private device?

(Mine's the one with the fresh turd in the pocket; do not search me.)

Zuck weds self to lady friend in surprise ceremony

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Re: Good luck to him.

By this sneaky method, he made sure he was the best dressed man at the wedding :)

(Mine's the grey morning coat with the top hat.)

BBC deletes Blue Peter from BBC One

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@TRT re. - Ignore the Blue Peter angle for a moment....

No I didn't but I may try to find it for the lulz. On a happier note: Try to find 'Materials: How They Work' on BBC iPlayer, presented by Mark Miodownik who is a real materials scientist. It's a 3-part gem of a series; very, very rare.

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Re: Janet Ellis?

Don't kids nowadays have LCD video projectors so they can have soothing images projected onto their bedroom ceiling to help them get to sleep? (Drifting clouds, an albatross in flight, etc)

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@Asgard - Re: Ignore the Blue Peter angle for a moment....

I know I've become older (and hopefully wiser) but I can't believe that people in TV land (especially presenters) have become so much dumber and more superficial. (Is it me; is it?).

I can remember when Horizon and similar programs were fascinationg to watch and were produced as an educational and informative product. Now, when I watch them, I almost feel embarassed for them as I see how they try to present and explain things in a way that makes me cringe ...(ok, I'll stop typing now, before I unleash a torrent of bile on you all)

Fastest-ever hydrocarb scramjet hits Mach 8, doesn't explode

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Thanks for Re: More information:

Thank you for those informative replies. That's one of the reasons I enjoy El Reg :)

(I had thought that the fuel-air mixture in a 'jet' combustion chamber experienced a 'continuous explosion' effect where the flame front travelled at the speed of sound. Apparently not, or maybe the compressor output air speed is pretty high... some combination.....whatever.)

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More information please

How does current hydrogen fuel usage compare to hydrocarbons in terms of energy per stored kilogram, or on a stored volume basis?

Re. supersonic combustion: I thought that all 'jet' engines had supersonic airflow in the combustion chamber, which is why the burning fuel doesn't 'explode' out from the front of the engine.

US dope farmer in Walmart rattlesnake chomp shock

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@Peter Fox Re: copy editor fail

WalMart is a monolithic behemoth. (I've been looking in one of those dictionary things).

Iranian firms told not to use foreign email providers

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Re: So what will they call 'their' Internet


China begins work on world-beating MEGA power cables

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Power Calcs

I make this an average continuous power delivery of 4.2 GW. I assume the 'world beating capacity' of 8 GW is because of a factor of two margin in the design?

How does this compare to other notable power transmission systems?

(Am I the only one who thinks that '37 billion kWh per year' is a clumsy way of expressing energy units?)

'Shame on the register to post wrong informations'

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" .. lawmakers find it so unwordly .."

I read that as 'lawnmakers'. After the reference to the MP Black Knight, I started thinking about The Knights Who Say 'Ni !' Saurday evenings eh?


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Re: spinny!

If I remember correctly, a Mr Garrison of South Park invented the vehicle you are thinking of. It had some user acceptance issues though.

At last! A use for Blighty's phone-boxes: Free Wi-Fi hotspots

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Don't give your mobile phone number to any organisation ....

.. because they will sell it on and you'll get bloody spam texts. If you reply with 'Stop', they don't stop or they pass your number along to another f***ing text spammer. The mobile operators don't care because all those people texting 'Stop' makes a tidy income for them with no extra effort.

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Re: what kind of person stops to use a Spectrum access point

That's the most mysteronous comment I've ever seen.

Microsoft digs Doppler to effect gesture detection

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This has possibilities

Will it Hibernate if you wave 'bye' to it, or Shut Down if you flick 'V's at it?

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