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Why the Windows Phone 8 digi-wallet is different to the others

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What the ....

"Having given up on getting a cut of the transaction fee the mobile operators are now hoping ..."

Why should the telco operators expect to get a cut of transactions? That would be like UPS getting a cut of the value of the contents of any parcels they delivered. Keep them as dumb pipes because they have a difficult enough job doing that properly.

Renewables good for 80 per cent of US demand by 2050

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Re: *to accommodate high-penetration renewable energy"

Possibly; but what does it actually mean, in technical terms?

ITU denies plans for global internet power-grab

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... change was essential to kick-start the "knowledge economy."

Maybe someone should tell them it started a while ago.

Hackers publish payday loan emails after failing to levy 'idiot tax'

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re."... what AmeriCash Advance characterises as an extortionate demand..."

It's not an extortionate demand; it's extortion. If $15,000 was an extortionate demand, there would be a lower amount that could be regarded as a reasonable demand.

Are you a hot BABE in heels and a short skirt? SCIENCE is for YOU

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I was waiting for them to take their clothes off ......

.... to investigate the action and relative effectiveness of different laundry powders; under controlled conditions with proper recording of results and cross checking by an independent peers.

Nigerian scams are hyper-efficient idiot finders

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@Thorne re. puppies/kittens

Your story does not make easy reading and is very confusing. Is there any way you could explain this 'scam' better, because it doesn't make sense to me, not as you've written it. (Note: I'm in the UK and if I was selling puppies, there is no way I'd ship one abroad so your example had my barriers up immediately.)

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three hours eh?

Did you consider using Google Maps (or whatever) to show it to him, on the map?

You want the Cloud? You can't have proper copyright, then

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The examples given are spurious

The examples given (time shifting of broadcast works, for later private viewing, as a service) have nothing to do with 'cloud computing', except that the service just happens to use the internet and networked storage, somehow and somewhere. These particular examples have been thrashed out in the courts in various forms over the years, with various technologies 'in the dock'.

I would suggest that this 'study' is being used (badly) as a justification and a stepping stone to modification of copyright law and/or the control of copyright law, by people with vested interests in seeing this happen.

"Unless you modify copyright law, the bright and shiny future of cloud computing (and your cut of a multi-billion pound/euro industry will be threatened" Yeah, right.

EU boffins ponder robot copters that carry people but no pilots

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re. collision avoidance on aircraft

Also, for large aircraft, there are ATC systems which have collision prediction and flagging tools to alert ATC staff; and large aircraft fly on predetermined routes at predetermined times. When they converge at at airport, there are established systems staffed by experienced people to monitor and direct them. The PAV will not have these systems (apparently) and so it will be a couple of orders of magnitude more difficult to predict/control and avoid accidents.

As for cars: In the town where I live, there are cars for hire that will take you where you want to go and you don't need to drive. They have built in AI that understands human speech (usually). They are called taxis.

Google blocks MP3 rippers from YouTube

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Re: Utterly pointless effort by Google

Steady on Jon. You're talking about old fashioned analogue technology, which was replaced by the new digital methods to avoid all the problems with fidelity and copying distortion that went with that old fashioned and discredited technology. And you'd need another computer to convert and record the first computer's audio output; it gets silly.

Mad Apple patent: Cloneware to convince trackers you don't like porn

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My clone just went rogue, ....

.... it signed me up to fifteen extreme porn sites and ordered 15 litres of KY-jelly and a gross of dildos. (I should never have given it my address and credit card details.)

This Old Box. And that Old Box. And that one. All of them, in fact

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It's not on the torrents yet .....

... so I'll wait a while.

Mozilla plans multi-engine search results, native iOS browser

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re. ".. vertical row.."

Many people refer to this as a 'column'.

Habbo Hotel to 'unmute' chat so users can show they love it

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Re: The only time I've previously heard of Habbo Hotel

When I first started running around the internet unsupervised, at the tender age of 40, I was shocked, saddened and annoyed by trolling and griefing in various places. After a while, I developed coping strategies and recognised behavioural patterns and markers that alerted me to the type of people I was dealing with. Now, it's water off a duck's back.

Maybe it's good for children to see trolling and griefing on the internet before they encounter the real thing in the real world.... develop their recognition and coping techniques at an early stage?

Want to meddle with IP rights? Use the law, not amended regulations

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When a politician speaks .......

"Business Secretary Vince Cable offered his "assurances" that future changes to the law in these areas would be subject to "proper parliamentary scrutiny" and that, in practice, the "order-making" powers would be used to ..."

Oh yes, you can always believe politicians when they tell you what new laws will be used for and how there will be proper scrutiny if they are modified.

I thought that parody and pastiche were already protected under copyright law, as was a 'reasonable' level of copying for genuine comment and criticism?

iOS was SO much more valuable to Google than Android - until Maps

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As a side issue ....

"..scandium to the people who make the fuel cells that Apple uses to power its expanding server farms and data centres."

Are fuel cells used much to provide power to server farms and data centres? How about an brief article on the subject?

Voyager ticks one box for interstellar arrival

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But what is it?

Is the interstellar radiation thought to be made up of gamma rays, high speed particles; and what are their intensities compared to local interplanetary space?

I realise that no instrument has been there to measure them, but what are the theories?

Honour for Queen's IT manager

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Re: Good for them

Is your real name Sidney?

Tumbleweed-plagued Google+ is minus Bejeweled and Wooga

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Re: Tumbleweed-plagued Google+

"...most of Google+ activity is in private circles."

So, do you spend your evening jerking from one circle to the next, or can you take part in more than one circle at a time? (I do have a Google+ account but nobody has invited me to join a circle. I was thinking it might help if I made myself visible.)

ICANN eggfaced after publishing dot-word biz overlords' personal info

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ICANN have invited me .......

.... to a drinks party at a south London brewery. I won't bother going.

Outrageously old galaxy spied birthing new stars at furious rate

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Re: I'm so over pendantry.

I'm not. 'Birth' as a veb is often used for the physical act of giving birth, e.g. as in 'birthing pool'. The verb 'bear' has the implied sense of carrying along a burden (joyfully we hope) during pregnancy and also supporting a child after the moment of it's birth.

As such, for inanimate objects such as stars, to say that a galaxy is 'birthing stars' seems fine to me.

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Re: Tense is everything... (but common usage prevails)

It's a standard way of talking about visual records. When you show a picture of a family gathering that was taken 10 years ago, do you say, "At the time this picture was taken, my brother was eating lots of cake", or do you say, "There's my brother, eating lots of cake."?

Apple adds gay and lesbian icons to iOS 6 messaging

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@Tigra 07: Re: My only question.... Point 2)

"...hanging around tall people will make you tall."

I tried that for a long time and it doesn't work. I know this is only anecdotal evidence but I thought I should share my observations on this one.

£CHING: ICANN bags $357m from 1,930 dot-word domains

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Re: As somebody...

Ok... set up and use icannstuff@mydomain.com, filter everything to go to spam unless it's from icann.com (or whatever they use). This is the technique I use to get rid of 99.99% of spam sent to my 'mydomain' email addresses. I also use yahoo adresses and autoforward them to a collector address at my 'mydomain' email address, with similar filtering techniques.

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Re: As somebody...

You should have used a disposable Yahoo e-mail address for the application.

Another investor pulls out of Habbo Hotel after grooming claims

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Re: The plural of 'chaos'

Chaos is a state/condition and is not countable, hence it has no plural. Consider 'happiness', 'loneliness', etc.

Hurry up, EU: CERN boffins need clouds to hunt Higgs boson

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Re: Cern LHC has become the Augean stables

After reading that, my mind is now in a Perpetual Harmonic Oscillatory state.

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Re: There must be

I think the sheer amount of data would overload all the public ISP routes across Europe.

Got no idea what Hadoop is, but think you need it? You're not alone

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Re: So..?


Here's a starter for you :)

Apple silences mute kids' speech app in patent blowup

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Re: FOSS to the rescue?

"...you can make your software speak English like a butch German woman."

Whatever appeals to you AC :) For the child-user market, I'd think that the parents (and the children) would prefer a synthesised voice that sounded like a child. It may be possible to do this with clever signal processing or existing library modification. Otherwise you'll need some volunteer children to get speech samples from, to produce a 'better' sounding output from the speech library.

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FOSS to the rescue?

Apple are simply protecting themselves, as you'd expect them to do. I have sympathy for the developers of this marvellous application and cannot understand why the patent defense of 'obvious to anyone with a bit of knowledge and imagination' cannot be used. I would think that the target market is not very visible, well known or profitable; hence the dearth of affordable 'solutions'.

Enter FOSS..... A small group of developers should be able to turn out a very nice application along these lines, running on Android or Windows (for general accessibility) and make it available as a free download. (The only 'tricky' bit I can think of is the speech library - but that can be produced by volunteers if a free one isn't available.)

Nokia eyes private equity buyer for bling-phone firm

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Re: The allure of luxury

You could have got it for £96 at ukmulberrybagssale.net. haven't you heard of shopping around?

Top bosses admit: Tweets, Facebook Likes influence decisions

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"... data-dredging ..."

...gives you lots of mud.

World+dog discovers hi-res aerial maps, thanks to Google and Apple

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"..your Big Ben looks like you expect."

My Big Ben is bigger than four inches and It's not available on the internet.

China fingered as lappie disappears from Taiwanese boat

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Re: It's called a laptop!

Structurally, 'laptop' may have the same number of syllables as 'lappie', but the double consonant 'pt' is more difficult to say since it requires a more complex lip and tongue movement at the transition. For casual speech (and casual writing), this is the reason I prefer to use 'lappie', 'deskie', 'tabbie' and 'mobbie'.

(Note: 'mobbie' may have one more syllable than the 'mobe' alternative but the longer 'ie' sound at the end allows relaxed vocalisation as part of a more natural breath pattern.)

Language changes and we should take advantage of increased efficiencies and comfort afforded by these advances.

New UK curriculum ramps up lessons in SPAAAACE

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Thumb Up

Re: Medical?

"here is your blood - it's a good idea to keep it inside"

In 'O'-level biology (early '70s), we used to prick our thumbs with lancets to get blood samples for microscopic examination and demonstrations of blood typing. I still have the scars at the base of my left thumbnail. As a result of this early exposure to blood and pain, I can perform minor operations on my own body when it gets penetrated by wood splinters and metal fragments, with no bother at all apart from the ocassional swearword.

Kids nowadays eh?

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'AC 11:56 Re: Too much added, not enough removed

"The amount of times I've had to correct native English speakers ..."

That should be "The number of times ...", since you're referring to a set of events which are countable. You could say "The amount of time I've had to spend .....".

Fate of dot-word bids decided by ICANN archery shoot-out

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Re: what a load of nonsense

I suggest mud-wrestling matches (or knife fights) between the registered CEO's of the companies concerned. I'd pay to watch them.

'That's a FUBAR train wreck waiting to happen'

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@Curtis Crowson Re: Its FOOBAR

I can't see why FOOBAR is recursive like GNU (but in a better way??). If I've missed something obvious then do laugh at me by all means, but please try to explain it in a way that is clear.

(I'm aware of the use of Foo and Bar as nonce words in programming examples.)

((I'm also aware that I may have jumped into a hole.))

Lamborghini drives Androids towards wealthy pockets

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I've never seen anything like it in my life.

Quickly followed by a rousing rendition of 'Any Old Iron?'

Password flaw leaves MySQL, MariaDB open to brute force attack

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Re: Remote access

Is it possible to create (spin up?) a Linux VM that doesn't have a root user? (Is this what you are referring to anyway?)

Two new Jovian moons confirmed

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@Tom 7 re. "girly is a non sexist term ..."

Your linguini discussion could trigger a linguistic argument.

Android activations near a million a day

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@Lee Dowling

"...my mum has an Android tablet, for goodness sake." Right, there goes the coolness and street cred.

Microsoft so sorry for limp wedding tackle gag gaffe

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Re: Dumb move

"... some marketing people didn't get the point ..."

Bears, the Pope, .....

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Re: So what?

Oh come on Anthony, you have to tell us what happened next. It's in the unwritten rules.

CERN confirms neutrinos don't break light speed

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Re: Try that with mythology (aka Religion)

"... and have little to do with science, and in which science is powerless.. "

But 'science' never claimed to have 'power' in dealing with moral and existential questions; wheras religion claimed to have ultimate power to answer questions such as whether the sun revolved around the earth, or vice versa. The religious method of 'proving' assertions involved harassment, torture and execution of dissenters. While they were busy advancing these religious theories of astronomy (and the vitally important theory about eating meat on Fridays), did they consider the moral or existential aspects of what they were doing? Or, is it the case that morality has changed as far as religion is concerned and so the religious people have changed their methods?

I suggest that the 'religious method' changes the fundemental principles of its own beliefs in order to make itself appear valid within whatever society it exists. This would be the equivalent of scientists changing the speed of light, or the mass of the proton, to make science more relevant to society. As we know, this is impossible, because scientists don't create their own fairytale world.

Facebook tears wraps off its own app store

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Re: Wait a few days...


Americans stand against UN internet-tax plan

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Re: @Anon

DVDs... or iPlayer. I watch all my tv the next day on iPlayer. So convenient :)

Stanley Black & Decker picks up Wi-Fi tracking tools

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Re: What will this be sued for?

I thought it was a serious (and amusingly put) title for a comment about accountability and responsibility.

Given a beardie nerd the kiss of life? There's a medal for that

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Re: Choking

The milk of human kindness does not flow in your veins.

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