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What's your flava? Ooo, tell me what's your flava... of Ubuntu

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Worth a look

I keep Linux Mint MATE going and updated even though I've happily settled on Debian Stretch MATE now. MATE 1.18.0 in Mint 18.3 has managed to introduce some problems into itself, both cosmetic artefacts and functional shortfalls. Because of the general flexibility, open nature and multi-layer nature of Linux and MATE, I've been able to work around these but it was annoying for a while.

I'll have a look at this latest version of MATE as implemented by Ubuntu to see how it behaves and if it offers any advantages over the Mint implementation. After all, the only cost is some time on a wet weekend and the occasional blood pressure spike when I see how they've changed my favourite feature or theme.

Dear rioters: Hiding your face with scarves, hats can't fool this AI system

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Awww, bless.

“As to make sure that this doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, we will just have to be aware that this technology is available only to the organizations that intend to use it for the good,”

He's had a very sheltered life so far, hasn't he?

P.S. That picture: there's not enough smoke coming off the burning tyres and whoever did the flames needs to find another outlet for their 'creativity'.

Futuristic driverless car technology to be trialled on... oh, a Ford Mondeo

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Thumb Up

I drive a Mk2 (November 2000 with 160,000 miles on it, original clutch) and it's a great car.

Leaky S3 bucket sloshes deets of thousands with US security clearance

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An Inspiration

I've changed my Amazon account password from CorrectHorseBatteryStaple to TigerSwanTalentPen.

We experienced Windows Mixed Reality. Results: Well, mixed

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Words and Names

Is "Mixed Reality" a Microsoft name for augmented reality or is it like "HoloLens" in that you can't judge it by its name? Have I asked the right question?

Connect at mine free Wi-Fi! I would knew what I is do! I is cafe boss!

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re. Heelight

According to the linked promo-video, it has "16 kilowatts of available colour". I'm impressed!

Deputy AG Rosenstein calls for law to require encryption backdoors

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"... ISIS / the mafia / etc. will use something like PGP."

I'm sure they already do, with well managed key distribution and a bullet in the head for anyone who does anything that threatens their security.

Rolling in personally identifiable data? It's a bit of a minefield if you don't keep your feet

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Just wondering

Every now and then, El Reg sends me an email about a seminar or a white paper or something and I simply delete them, no worries. If I sent an email to you, asking you to stop this, would you be required to do so with all haste?

Nest cracks out cheaper spin of its thermostat

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Colour me surprised

"... it is much easier to use than a traditional beige box ..."

I'd be amazed if it was easier to use than the 'traditional beige box' on my living room wall.

Judge: You can't call someone a c*nt, but a C∀NT is a cunning stunt

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Missed chance

I was hoping that you'd get the word 'cant' into the article. Maybe another time.

Two million customer records pillaged in IT souk CeX hack attack

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You could try paying with cash.

Mazda and Toyota join forces on Linux-based connected car platform

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Is it too early to start talking about "the year of Linux on the dashboard".

James Webb Telescope will be infatuated with Europa and Enceladus

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"...other ingredients needed for life."

That's "... life Jim but only as we know it."

'Driverless' lorry platoons will soon be on a motorway near you

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"... lorries doing 55.9mph up a single-carriageway hill, ..."

Other, slower speeds will be available.

El Reg gets schooled on why SSDs will NOT kill off the trusty hard drive

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Re: What is needed is better data destruction policies

"Lots of storage will be freed up as people die."

This was my grandfather's HDD. It still works fine and I see no reason to junk it.

Calm down, internet. Elon's Musk-see SpaceX spacesuit is a bit generic

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Re: Double vacuum

I'm trying to think of a situation where the pressure increases inside a space suit.

Sysadmins told to update their software or risk killing the internet

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Re: Further changes I expect

What number should I call to get all this?

Uh oh, scientists know how those diamonds got in Uranus, and they're telling everyone!

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@DougS Re: Holocene Extinction coated with nano-diamonds !

Remove the 'l' from "Slayer".

Atari shoots sueball at KitKat maker over use of 'Breakout' in ad

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@Sub-vulture re. "Breakout"

It's a name, hence the initial capital letter.

Nine months and a lot more b*llocks to go before new EU data protection rules kick in

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In all fairness

"The Information Commissioner’s Office guidance says that the best way for organisations to tell if it is a legitimate interest is to ask if what they intend to do “is fair”. "

That's the sort of woolly thinking that causes arguments and problems. Why couldn't they have predicted this kind of confusion before they started and then been ready for it in a sensible manner?

HBO Game Of Thrones leak: Four 'techies' arrested in India

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Re: I might watch it sometime

Watch South Park Season 17 episodes 7, 8 and 9. (Black Friday, A Song Of Ass And Fire, and Titties And Dragons.) That will give you an idea about it.

Taken a while but finally here's the first proper smart-home gizmo

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Re: HomePlug?

The only thing I can think of is that, in general, routers are not connected directly to the mains electricity. They are connected to a low voltage DC supply via a PSU 'brick' or 'wall wart'. These arrangements are standard and the DC PSU is bought-in or copied-in as a no risk decison, as are reference designs for domestic routers.

Police camera inaction? Civil liberties group questions forces' £23m body-cam spend

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"... Greater Manchester Police, which has 3,148 cameras in use – the second highest figure across the group. It said the information was commercially sensitive, ..."

Who are they in competition with?

Firmware update blunder bricks hundreds of home 'smart' locks

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"It'd be a real shame of AirBnB'ers weren't able to illegally stay in my building this week."

Does that even make sense if you replace 'of' with 'if'?

'Adversarial DNA' breeds buffer overflow bugs in PCs

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Picture Caption

A DNA researcher is called Lee Organick :)

Please virtualize my reality before asking me to goggle at a fake one

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Re: DIY!

It's now Trimble Sketchup and is owned by Trimble Inc. You can get a free license for some kind of 'lite' version if you promise not to use it for commercial purposes.

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives

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I've just bought one

My local Morrisons is a very short walk away so I now have half of one on a plate by my side. (I'll have the other half with my lunch.) Overall length is 13" of pastry so I'm sure it's a foot of sausage inside. It's 3" wide and 2" high. The 'sausage' is actually a 1" diameter rod of uncased sausage meat so it's a bit roomy inside, though it's nicely formed overall. It's not the best quality meat or the best pastry but what can you expect for £1?

Our day with Larry Page: Embedded with one of the world's richest men

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Re: Biting the hand, indeed

It's the height of bad manners to make fun of a gentleman's hairstyle (or lack of it) after you've been invited to have coffee with him. I shall be cancelling my subscription to The Register forthwith.

(You and others need to have some internal sensor adjustment made.)

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Biting the hand, indeed

I'm surprised you were invited to spend time with him and after that little hatchet job I doubt if you'll be asked again.

Brit uni builds its own supercomputer from secondhand parts

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"The Lustre filesystem and SLURM are used for its job submission system."

I know where Slurm comes from :(

To truly stay anonymous online, make sure your writing is as dull as the dullest conference call you can imagine

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Re: I see a market here

Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, to give him his full name.

Four techies flummoxed for hours by flickering 'E' on monitor

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Re: Over it?

I think he meant 'all over it'. Little words can have large effects.

Automotive Grade Linux shops for hypervisor to accelerate smart cars

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Why not use 'containers'?

Just asking.

Si vous comprenez ces mots, vous êtes français ou l'intelligence artificielle de Facebook

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Mais non,

Je suis anglais et une vraie personne.

PayPal splashes cash on biz that persuades folks to splash cash online

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Personalised emails

Where do they get your email address from and which email address do they use?

PayPal will certainly have a record of the IP addresses that you've used when authorising a PayPal payment so maybe they 'partner' with PayPal so they can use your PayPal sign-in address as the target email address.

Paypal do give your sign-in address to merchants that you buy from, even though it's half of your sign-in security so I suppose they'll have no problem giving it to any website that wants it.

The Telegraph has killed Prince Philip

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But, but, but

We put 'HOLD HOLD HOLD' right at the front so there was no way it could be released!

In the red corner: Malware-breeding AI. And in the blue corner: The AI trying to stop it

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Bus and Ostrich

If you want to see the bus that looks like an ostrich (of course you do) then it's about three quarters of the way down this page:


The rest of the page is quite interesting too.

Cancel your summer trip to nearby Proxima b. No chance of life, room service, say boffins

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Re: "Radiation rays"?

As opposed to various forms of fish, which can not live there, it seems.

'Would you like fries with that?' The cloud wants to know

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Re: One has to wonder

One of you needs to get out more but I'm not sure which one.

No vulns. No hardwired passwords. Patchable. Congress dreams of IoT: Impossible Online Tech

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"Information is a form of currency,"

Just like I can print my own currency anytime I need to go shopping.

'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary

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"But they rely on mature conversations between the tech companies and government..."

It's difficult to have a mature conversation with someone who has a child's level of understanding.

"... – and they must be confidential."

Oh, she wants to keep her conversations secret?

'App DDoS bombs' that slam into expensive APIs worry Netflix

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Repulsive attraction

I'm fascinated by the magnets. What are they for?!

Arcade Fire releases album on USB fidget spinner for £79/$105

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Track 1: Everything_Now (continued)

Track 2: Everything Now

There's no way I'd trust anyone who does that sort of thing.

Game of Pwns: Hackers invade HBO, 'leak Game of Thrones script'

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"Data protection is a top priority at HBO, and we take seriously our responsibility to protect the data we hold."

Didn't the original writer of that phrase hold copyright? It's been used by so many companies.

AI quickly cooks malware that AV software can't spot

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"... lots of tiny tweaks that proved very effective at developing malware that could evade security sensors."

What sort of malware are they talking about here? I can't imagine that these 'tiny tweaks' are random or we'll have a monkeys and shakespear situation (maybe we have)? Was it actually genuine useful/dangerous 'malware' or just something that messed up registers, etc?

Windows Subsystem for Linux to debut in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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I suppose it would be ok for running WINE then I could .... oh, .... wait a minute.

Boffins grudgingly admit they may have found an exomoon

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We have moons galore in this solar system so it would hardly be surprising if exoplanets had them. Now to observe them ....

Clear August 21 in your diary: It's a total solar eclipse for the smart

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Eclipses confuse me

"... when the Moon is wedged between the Sun and the Earth ..."

What do they use for a wedge?

The ultimate full English breakfast – have your SAY

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Turf War?

It's a doctrinal jihad!

Virgin Media's profanity warning triggered by chief exec's name

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The 'filters' assume that the poster is about to start swearing because a primitive AI has noticed this happening many times before.

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