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Site news: Unique commenter handles coming

Trevor Pott
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Apologies to the *original* Trevor

I went back and reviewed some of my comments, and realised there was another guy posting as "Trevor." Found him as "The *ORIGINAL* Trevor" in a recent article. Consider this my official apology for having userped his "handle." Which is my name and...well...actually....

Good show El Reg. :D

*NOT* The "original" Trevor. (Sorry again.)

Computer-related injuries in US 'increase sevenfold'

Trevor Pott

THe more expensive the case...

...the odder the sharp spot.

We all know that the cheap tin cases are sharp all over, but it seems no matter how expensive the case, or well designed for regular swapping, there's always a sharp bit somewhere. I think it's an industry regulation that it has to be added. Somewhere, no matter how expensive your case, there is a sharp bit hunting your pinkey.


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