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New Zealand cops cuff alleged jackasses who shared mosque murder video, messages online

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Wipe all tapes and delete all documentaries

Documentary <> live streaming by the killer

Boeing big cheese repeats pledge of 737 Max software updates following fatal crashes

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Is that a new brand of plane that only taxies back and forth?

Silence of the WANs: FBI DDoS-for-hire greaseball takedowns slash web flood attacks 'by 11%'

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[..] process of choosing your choice [..]

Duh. Clearly too much blood in my caffeine when I wrote this :)

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Is it against the law to rent a ddos service and point it at its own command and control servers?

The challenge is verifying is the legitimacy of the resources of a DDoS provider. If they generate that through their own resources you'd be OK, but DDoS waves are typically generated by co-opting other people's resources (websites, IoT, breached machines, routers - as long as it can talk online), and in that case you're funding a criminal enterprise.

Attacking yourself is perfectly OK, but you best accurately document the process of choosing your choice of provider so you can prove due diligence. A legit DDoS provider (if such beast exists) must be able to certify how it generates its traffic and how it ensures it remains focused on legitimate targets, and will also demand a permission form from you for the same reasons.

Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!

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Re: Errr, censorship?

Silicon Valley has shrugged off all but the bare minimum of responsibility

There is only one SINGLE reason that moderation isn't as affective as it ought to be: the almighty buck. The whole almost frenetic drive to find some form of AI that can filter this is hiding a very simple but brutal truth: only humans can moderate effectively but. they. cost. money.

We can debate about the degree of monitoring and whether this would or would not amount to censorship until the cows come home, but I think we can all agree that zapping this event and similar (and reporting it) would not be a hard decision for anyone to take - how about we start there? Furthermore, it is not as if we are short on case studies where else things have gone wrong so the debate that MUST be had is not going to be uninformed.

However, again not doing anything because it may be difficult or likely make some people angry is IMHO not an option. As is not properly funding it by those who have been reaping vast profits over the years, and they can start with donating the money that was made during the display of these atrocities (or did you really think I forgot about that?).

This is the Send, encrypted end-to-end, this is the Send, my Mozillan friend

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Re: Nice and simple

Only one bug - the 'number of times' pull down on Welsh Firefox is a bit scrambled!

Maybe it's in Welsh ?


Microsoft changes DHCP to 'Dammit! Hacked! Compromised! Pwned!' Big bunch of security fixes land for Windows

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Re: Deja vu?

Doesn't M$ learn?

Not if it doesn't impact profit, no.

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Re: Word

Here I sit, grinning like an idiot at my screen :)

Have an upvote, you made my day.

Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster

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Re: So...

Hipsters are tits. Is that slander?

No. Stating a fact isn't slander.


When 2FA means sweet FA privacy: Facebook admits it slurps mobe numbers for more than just profile security

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Yes, slimy shites. If somebody (a friend)has you in their phone contacts and they download the Faecebook app and accept the permissions requests, their contacts and your details are slurped by Faecebook. Some friend they are.

You might want to take into account that most people are utter innocents when it comes to privacy, they're no match for the conniving bastards that will use every psychological trick in the book to con people into giving permission to hand over details they should not share. It starts with roping in kids and establish the habit before they are old enough to judge their actions.

They're not bad friends, they are simply innocents who have their innocence used against them - the basis of every con job ever.

That's why you need to help them understand what FB is doing, in a language they can understand. Accusing people of something they're not even aware of is not going to help - we can (and must) do better.

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For Facebook, this is mere camouflage

(I'm repeating a comment I made earlier, just putting it in its own thread).

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Facebook: they all want access to the one tracker we keep on us: our mobile phone.

Facebook owns WhatsApp, which is pure poison for your contacts: the first thing it does is give your entire address book to numbers to Facebook (it won't even work if you don't allow it to do that) WITHOUT needing to ask their permission.

Facebook asking for your number is thus just insidious camouflage: they most likely already have it. They just don't want you to realise that. I really don't buy it that they have not cross-linked those databases already, after all, there's money in it.

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Re: Google too

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Facebook: they all want access to the one tracker we keep on us: our mobile phone.

THAT is why the use of WhatsApp is pure poison for your contacts: the first thing it does is give their numbers to Facebook - it won't even work if you don't allow it to do that.

This is why FB asking for your number is just insidious camouflage: they most likely already have it. They just don't want you to realise that.

USB4: Based on Thunderbolt 3. Two times the data rate, at 40Gbps. One fewer space. Zero confusing versions

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Re: which way it plugs in

That was one of the first things they sorted out - even before USB 1 existed.

It's called Murphy's Law, and, just to illustrate how wonderfully ironic a law it is, it wasn't even formulated by Murphy :)

Need a 1TB microSD for your smartmobe? Come April, you can free up storage space in your wallet and buy one

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in one easy to swallow wafer

That could get messy if your name is Mr Creosote..

What did turbonerds do before the internet? 41 years ago, a load of BBS

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Re: Technically...

Actually, that's an interesting idea. Hmmm..


A once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity: NASA bids emotional farewell to its cocky, hardworking RC science car on Mars

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Re: Wouldn't it be ironic

if in a few years a cylinder-like object crash lands onto the common and after the top slowly unscrews Opportunity appears and heat-rays everything in sight.

... aaaand we have winner, grin!

For me, that's the Comment of the Week - beautiful segue into War of the Worlds.

Well done (still laughing).

Google's stunning plan to avoid apps slurping Gmail inboxes: Charge devs for security audits

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Well, I can make that simple

To prevent mistakes, how about keeping your fingers simply out of people's email, Google? Just imagine what a shocking amount of pretence and fake certification efforts that would save.

What? Oh, that eats into your profit? Well, wouldn't it have been simpler to base your revenue on methods that are actually legal in the countries you operate, or am I missing something here?

QNAP NAS user? You'd better check your hosts file for mystery anti-antivirus entries

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Re: "redirecting google to bing"

"redirecting google to bing"

what about redirecting it to duckduckgo?

That would be useful, not funny :)

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The joy of a mass nmap -O run, I guess?

German competition watchdog tells Facebook to stop combining user data without consent

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Re: "Facebook's position is that once they have the data, it's their data"

I'm starting to suspect that Google, Facebook et al will be all standing together against the wall when the revolution comes.

That would be the wall that Trumps is building then? That's about as likely to happen as Google and Facebook's executive team properly facing the music.

Apple puts bullet through 'Do Not Track', FaceTime snooping bug and iOS vulnerabilities

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The utter lunacy of Google

Google even have the nerve to suggest you should trust a plugin of theirs if you do not want to be tracked by their analytics.

Let me see, because I don't want my neighbours to hear what's going on in my house I will allow them to install a black box in my living room. Yup, sounds totally legit..

I will consider sharing data with Google, Facebook and all the other grubby e-stalkers (not allow, mind, just think about it) if their executives make all their own personal data available publicly - every last bit of it. "Publicly" because, as far as I'm concerned, that is what your data will be when it gets into the hands of organisations that either buy the laws they want, or see fines merely as the cost of business, not as a hint that what they do ought to change.

Pants-purveyor in plea for popularity: It's not just any pork push... it's an M&S 'love sausage'

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Re: M&S and MS

I think the Deadpool Zamboni option would at least ensure some entertainment..

What's that, Skippy? You want a taste of Windows 10 19H2? Oops, too late

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Re: So...

Why change a winning formula?


Apple yoinks enterprise certs from Facebook, Google, killing internal apps, to show its power

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Re: Privacy and safety?

That would be Lederhosen?


Not to worry, we all screw up sometimes. Especially when we try to help someone else with language - in my experience, that's seriously tempting fate :).

Techie finds himself telling caller there is no safe depth of water for operating computers

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Re: Header pic

See? That's why I fit right in with El Reg's readership.

Forget the possibility of a fried user: what's the provenance of the sockets in the pic?

Hahahaha - thank God I learn from experience and had put my coffee down before reading the comments.

/wipes tears from eyes laughing.

Using WhatsApp for your business comms? It's either that or reinstall Lotus Notes

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Re: Skype - Kill it with Fire! Now!

Well, Skype IS fixed.

It's called Wire :)

Ouch, Apple! Plenty of iPhones stuck in tech channel. How many? That's a 'wild card'

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Re: Apple boredom

Groan. I think that one counts officially as worst joke of this month.

Well done, more please.


PSA: Disable FaceTime. Miscreants can snoop on your iPhone, Mac mic before you pick up call

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I wonder if you can track the incoming calls, though

As far as I know, an iPhone tracks every incoming call. The Imazing iOS management application for MacOS does more than just versioned, automated backups (although that's what I mostly use it for), it also backs up your call records and makes them accessible.

Call records include everything including FaceTime, so if you look at calls which aborted quickly you'll probably get an idea if you've been hit by this.

Worth a peek IMHO.

I can hear the light! Boffins beam audio into ears with freakin' lasers

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I know some folks ..

.. where the beam would just leave via the other ear.

That said, I would never trust them near anything with a laser to start with. I even worry that they will at some point discover their mice are optical.

French diplomat: Spies gonna spy – there aren't any magical cyberspace laws that can prevent it

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Spying is OK as long as WE do it..

I figured I'd summarise the interview and the perspective of each participating country.

No, it is NOT OK. I can understand that, from your point of view, you want to leave the door open but no, it's not OK. If you want to make it OK, regulate it, ensure the regulation is applied and fines are issued to everyone who thinks the rules do not apply to them.

And I would still not be OK with it.

Clone your own Prince Phil, says eBay seller hawking debris left over from royal car crash

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Re: Apologies

Interesting, Canada even regulates apologies? :)

I actually like that law, promotes civility.

Thanks, I learned something new.

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…

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Re: Facebook's shadow profile.

in my case of FB stalking i’ll privilege the IP cross-matching hypothesis

i created a burner FB profile for Tinder. new pix, slightly different name (same age (: ). my phone, a near death wifi-only Android never left home. FB app had never been activated on that phone before. i never surfed anywhere while logged into this FB on my browser. never friended anyone from it.

yet within days i had tons of friend suggestions for people i did know, but barely. somebody’s cousin or mother for example.

Actually, LikedIn shows the exact same behaviour. I created a new profile, pretty much blank. No CV, new contact details, different name, "joined" another company.

It took less than a day before it started to suggest, very focused, to connect to old colleagues.

Huawei exec out of jail, just as US accuses China of Marriott hack

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I tend to mistrust these attributions

The problem I have with attributing hacks is there there is a difference between a hacker based in China/US/Ukraine/France/Russia which is who you always find in your typical website 404 log, and a government sanctioned operator/operation..

1 - I am *always* suspicious of casual tagging a whole group or country as it makes for lazy and unnuanced thinking;

2 - how can you tell the difference?

3 - how trustworthy is the claim? Making such claims is also subject to political manipulation.

4 - "bigging up" the alleged hacker may make it appear that the hack would have happened anyway, and from what I have seen so far, that really isn't a feasible excuse for Marriott. There's quite a difference between making a mistake and simply not paying attention at all.

Here's 2018 in a nutshell for you... Russian super robot turns out to be man in robot suit

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Re: Question

It involves less blood?

Equifax how-it-was-mega-hacked damning dossier lands, in all of its infuriating glory

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Re: "Except it would had cost money to do so. Money not spent = profit."

The root cause?

Absolutely .

IMHO it ought to be the basis of any fine: make the fine many, many times more than the expense of doing it properly, of course retrospectively applied and aggregated. It's the only way I can see this become a concern for those taking the decision as it hits them in their pocket.

Further, make security audits mandatory as well as their publication for big organisations after, say, a 3 month period to fix the problems found, with an extra 3 month wait extension only available via a rigorous exception process to filter out the usual excuses.

Amazon robot fingered for bear spray leak that hospitalised 24 staffers

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Re: What are the 3 rules again?

1. A human employee may not reduce the profits of the Amazon corporation, or through inaction allow profits to be reduced.

2. A human employee must obey the orders give to it by Amazon except where such orders would conflict with the first law.

3. A human employee must protect their own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

Ooooh, that is a *classic*.

This is one of those moment I regret that I only have one upvote, so I thus nominate this one for Comment of the Week, for sarcasm in the face of adversity.

Well done.


OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users

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Re: "a lesson on the consequences of too much dependence on the cloud"

Or perhaps a bungie plummet off the roof of The Tower into a shallow pool of Yorkies televised on live PayPerView? =-D

Exactly what cordless bungee jumping was invented for, methinks.

OneDrive Skype integration goes live aaand... OneDrive falls over in Europe

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Re: WTF?


I even have a more advanced process in place: we work on it together on a machine. Much quicker. This tends to happen after we spend some time scribbling on paper, the machine version is more for sharing with any third parties who would consider especially my handwriting as a form of encryption :).

Facebook spooked after MPs seize documents for privacy breach probe

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I rather love the irony..

.. of Facebook getting zuckered by the exact same method Facebook itself has used to skirt the laws: they asked the data from someone else.

If only I could believe Parliament was capable of doing something that ironic deliberately..


Microsoft confirms: We fixed Azure by turning it off and on again. PS: Office 362 is still borked

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>In a way, Microsoft is saying its cloud couldn't handle the weight of multi-factor login requests.

Ohh god, I'm so sorry - that was me. I enabled MFA for two test accounts on Sunday night!!

.. aaaand we have our comment of the week. Wonderful sarcasm.


Using a free VPN? Why not skip the middleman and just send your data to President Xi?

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Re: This will continue to happen...

"rouge apps"

I think they're photo apps. Blushes the cheeks. Any cheeks.


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Re: "at least you know who the owners are"

Do you trust someone whose money come from utterly exploiting people?

You may want to pay attention to the whooshing sound over your head. It was a joke. Relax. Drink less coffee.


LastPass? More like lost pass. Or where the fsck has it gone pass. Five-hour outage drives netizens bonkers

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Re: This is why

People do it so password files stay synced between devices.

I think it would be a good idea to give these instances an offline cache. It's not like that is a new idea, IMAP servers have been doing that for decades with email.

Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes 'independent board'

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Re: Hmm.

Not yet, but I think that's merely due to the large number of contenders for the honour of being made an example under GDPR.

Given Trump's attitude to collaboration, my money has been on a US company for quite a while.

Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads

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Re: Future ARM laptops

"one of the kids has an MBA"

I put that sort of thing down to bad parenting.

I think we have just found our Comment Of the Week.


Our brave El Reg vulture sat through four days of Oracle OpenWorld to write this cracking summary just for you

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Re: Oracle will lose

Their aggressive lock-in tactics helped them milk billions out of unwitting clients, but they won’t be able to fool enough people a second time

*cough* Microsoft *cough*

Erm... what did you say again, dear reader?

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Re: Reading comprehension

I think that's where the Psycho The Rapist joke comes from.


Microsoft Azure looks to make cloud-native payments SWIFTer

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Re: I'm wondering...

No need to wonder, it is a given. Just what we need, interbank financial messaging getting the Zune treatment..

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