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Japan fine with cheap old mobile phones, ta very much

Greg J Preece

Could this be because...

...in Japanese cities, everything around you is probably a computer of some kind, so smartphones aren't necessary? I mean, why carry an expensive gadget around with you when you can probably get an answer out of the wall you're leaning on.

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities

Greg J Preece


"6. I'm sure the trusted-computing stuff is still in there, and file copy can still be dog slow because of it."

For the love of God, don't imply that the file copy bug is still there! The last time I did that I got a tidal wave of condescending abuse. You know it's there, and I know it's there, but for the fanboys such suggestions are sacrilege.

If they just fixed the "Jesus H Monkeychrist, 900kb/s between SCSI drives?" bug, Win7 would be great.

Government unbans dirty vids but bans 'legal highs'

Greg J Preece

You cannot ban the spice

The spice is life.

Microsoft's Windows 7 pretzel takes fresh twist

Greg J Preece

Would still like a definitive answer...

...to what happens to my pre-order of Win7 E. After they dropped the E version I had this strange feeling that the orders would disappear and we would get shafted for full price retail copies instead.

New NASA rocket fuel 'could be made on Moon, Mars'

Greg J Preece

@Steven Raith

"Careful with the moon."

Great, now all I can think of is Praxis...

Greg J Preece

@AC 11:10

Right, because NASA never carries any spare parts. For anything. Ever.

Seems like quite a clever idea to me.

UK cops eye shotgun cartridge Taser

Greg J Preece


That's ridiculous! Leaving a suspect writing in pain for 20 seconds is even mildly acceptable to our police now? If 20 seconds doesn't seem a lot, find a clock, and count them off to yourself. That's how long you'd be electrocuted for as someone not guilty of any crime.

Yet another reason to speed up my emigration plans!

Nokia launches laptop

Greg J Preece

Nice, but one question

Windows - Is that XP or 7?

Baby-roasting BBQ pulled from Sears site

Greg J Preece

Maybe he meant "barbies"?

What? He could have.

Orange prices up LG 3G watchphone for UK

Greg J Preece


I'm with you mate. Right handed, watch on my right wrist. I get people telling me I'm "wearing it wrong." It's on my wrist, isn't it? Being right handed, looking at my right wrist for the time seems more natural...

£500 though? It's a fecking phone, and not an amazing one at that! There's nothing that special in its spec, and I'm willing to bet the battery life is crap. And as others have previously pointed out, much cheaper wristphones already exist.

Me, I want one of them Japanese "Finger Whisper" ones that send the audio up your bones, so you just stick your finger in your ear. That is freakin' awesome.

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

Greg J Preece

@Jolyon Smith

With you on this. I do love my PS3, but if I had to buy it again I'd still buy one of the older, bigger ones. Higher power draw, true, but more options - such as Linux - and it does look muuuch nicer. I like the old PS3 logo. It looks excellent on the glossy black background.

Or at least it would if my cats would stop sitting on it.

Mozilla tries to shunt Firefox 3.0 users over to 3.5

Greg J Preece

Firefox 3.5 is in Ubuntu 9.04

As Shiretoko. ;-) The package is firefox-3.5. However, while it is faster, it's definitely buggy. Crashed it more than once and when I switch workspaces the keyboard quits working in the browser. I'm hoping the final build in Karmic when they remove the Shiretoko branding and just call it Firefox will be better.

Firefox 3.5 on Windows, incidentally, has been frickin' ace.

And for the love of GOD, I've said it a million times, if you want to check actual compatibility of your plugins rather than wait for the authors to update a version number and re-release, install the Nightly Tester Tools and turn off compatibility checking.

Lad passes gruelling 'getting on bus' test

Greg J Preece

X-box Life?

Achievement unlocked!

'Norfolk Broads Idiot' nailed on YouTube

Greg J Preece

Auto cutoff not working?

Last I checked, you couldn't keep the throttle on a small outboard running without your hand being present. Automatic cutoff or a sping-loaded throttle. Could just be the type of outboards I use.

Crystal ball torches woman's flat

Greg J Preece

You haven't got insurance...

...but you can waste £30 on a crystal ball and then put it in the bloody window?

Noxious algae menace Brittany beaches

Greg J Preece

Ooh, organic

I would *LOVE* for them to go organic-only, just to prove what a load of bullshit organic farming is.

Microsoft gets personal on Windows 7 "show stopper" bug

Greg J Preece

@Bob Gateaux

Don't be a fecking idiot. You acknowledge that I'm a programmer (ie, someone with a modicum of computing knowledge, numbnuts) then suggest I can't keep the system free of malware that slows down file copying in exactly the same way as a bug you claim no longer exists?

And as for Maven being the cause of the slowdown, you obviously can't read. That's only one case in which it occurs, and it's much, much, much faster on Ubuntu. XP too.


Greg J Preece


"Since when has Microsoft worried about releasing a product with bugs or "features". Let's face it. The people that buy M$ software are the real beta testers, not the bklokes cowering in the back rooms of Redmond.

If this was not the case then M$ would not need to continuously bring out patches for their OS and "productivity" products."

Of course they would. The chances of you writing a perfect operating system in which no bugs are ever found is very very slim, especially when your OS is 95% of the market (or whatever the current stats are). I wonder what percentage of systems have never needed to be patched after release. Actually, I wonder if that's ever happened....

What I have a problem with is the way in which MS prioritise their work. Critical security updates fall by the wayside, but you can bet your ass that the latest version of Genuine Advantage is out on time,

Greg J Preece

File copying bug part II

Just spotted it somewhere else. Ran a Maven build script set to package a project into a WAR file. Normally takes around 15-20 seconds to assemble the project prior to packaging (on a much slower machine, running Ubuntu). On here it just took 197 seconds - over three smegging minutes!

Greg J Preece


Yes, it does. Win7 has the slow file copy bug, or at least the RC does. I have also been using Win7 at home for the past month or two. Tried copying 4GB of files between two 15000rpm drives. That took an hour. AN HOUR! I took a screenshot, if you'd like to see it..

Also tried copying a 300MB programming project folder from a USB stick this morning. That took 15 minutes. This is taking the piss. And while the file transfer window is up the rest of the system slows down considerably. And this is *not* a slow machine - quad core with 4GB+ of RAM and SCSI hard drives.

As for "nearly as fast as XP" - why the hell isn't it *faster* than XP? We're only talking about bloody file copying here - one of the most basic operations of any OS. Why should that ever get slower?

I like Win7, I really do. It's a much better upgrade from XP than Vista was, and I've gone so far as to pre-order it. But that bug is a real pain in the arse, especially when you're a programmer and folders full of code files are your thing...

Greg J Preece

Not the real show stopper

Win7 still has the stupid "takes a million years to copy a bunch of files" bug that first turned up in Vista. Surely that's a bigger bloody problem?

Murdoch says Page 3 won't be free from next year

Greg J Preece

This could be awesome

If he charges and other people don't, the morons who actually believe anything his "news" outlets put out might look elsewhere for their info!

IT grad sues school over failed job hunt

Greg J Preece


To go to college?

In the Bronx??

Bloody hell!

Mozilla squashes critical bugs in Firefox

Greg J Preece


"Why people use this one? He say "most secure way to surf the web" on the front but it have a bug every new day which risks me having computer germs and filth installed. I don't use because we have IE free and it works fast."

You're an idiot. Think about it. It's considered far more secure than IE because when vulnerabilities are found, they're patched, and patched a damn sight faster than those in IE.

Microsoft ditches Windows 7 E plans

Greg J Preece

So if you've ordered Windows 7 E...

...what happens to your order?

Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry

Greg J Preece

If I end up with one of these

It'll be straight in the microwave. Bye bye, Mr RFID. Fuck that thing right in one of its security holes.

Lads from Lagos cut off

Greg J Preece

Only one cable?

This is the Internet. I thought we were supposed to have a way around this kind of shit. Didn't we call it packet switching or something?

HP excessive packaging world record put to the test

Greg J Preece

The Sony one is astonishing!

That one made me laugh my ass off.

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

Greg J Preece

Isn't this the same man

That did WebCameron?

That painful episode might lead some to use phrases involving a pot, a kettle, and a colour.

But then again, Cameron calling *anyone* a twat makes him a bit of a hypocrite.

Pocket Universe 1.7

Greg J Preece

Been on Android for ages?

Hasn't there been one of these on Android for donkeys? My boss has it on his G1.

Microsoft airbrushes anti-Apple ad

Greg J Preece

@Rik - Ding ding, round two!

>>* A light, solid case that doesn't bend and cause damage to your components, nor crack after being 'lived with' for some time.

Got that.

>>* Well designed and implemented cooling, so your fan doesn't come on so often, at such a high speed, or sound so annoying.

Got that

>>* A keyboard that's a joy to use. Unless you're on a MacBook, 'business' HP or ThinkPad, you're probably getting a pretty nasty keyboard, with spongy keys, lots of flex, and poor reliability.

Got that.

>>* An incredible touchpad. Touchpads are rubbish in general. I have to use an external mouse to be at all productive - except on ThinkPads (trackpoint) or MacBooks.

Incredible? As a torture device, perhaps. I have RSI and I don't know what it is about the new MacBook touchpads that makes them cripple my hand, but they do.

>>* A very nice LED backlit display. Beats most laptop displays I've seen.

Granted, they have very nice screens. But you really do pay for it.

>>* Very good battery life.

As above.

>>* Magsafe power connector. Yes there are stories of people breaking these, but they seem to be idiots who yank the thing around by its cord. IME it's brilliant.

Phht, 20p worth of components that no-one replicates because it's patented. And the people that break the Magsafe ones are the same morons who break normal ones.

>>* Last but definitely not least: A copy of, and a guarantee of compatibility with, OS X. If you don't like it or need it, fair enough, but lots of people swear by it.

Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu. Don't have to re-mortgage my house for it, does all the same stuff and probably a wee bit more. Observe...

>>>* When you resume Windows by opening the laptop lid, it takes ages for it to be usable again. This is getting better, but it's still not like in OS X where the thing is ready instantly.


>>>* When you resume WIndows, it takes ages for the thing to be connected to a wireless network again. In OS X, it's ready to use by the time you try to use it.


>>>* You don't need 'malware' protection. This may change in the future, but for now, it's nice to not have to bother with such crap.

Ubuntu baby, yeah.

* Built in search works, is incredibly fast, and you don't notice it slowing your machine down, unlike Windows Search.


Bwhahaha. Macs are pretty well built, but Apple's attitude stinks. Especially sealing batteries into the laptops, or selling drives without an ODD and with only one USB port for £1700. Thanks, but no thanks. For work, I have my £400 Lenovo (with a hideously expensive £30 RAM upgrade). Bit less than a Mac, eh? You might think it's totally crap at that price, and you would be entirely wrong. I'm a programmer, not a sales jockey, and this little thing is great. Also works really well under a certain OS. I'll let you guess which one.

As for play, well....gaming on a Mac? Yeah right. That's what I keep Win7 around for.

Microsoft signs off on Windows 7

Greg J Preece

@AC 10:49

"XBox - turd? How so? Best graphics and processor of any game console"


Come again? I seem to remember one of the current gen consoles having a Cell in it, and a different one melting repeatedly to the tune of $1bn....

As for Win7, I've been really impressed with it. Well, that is, until tonight, when I tried to transfer 4GB of data from one drive to another and was told it would take AN HOUR. 900KB/s for transferring files is simply ridiculous. And if that wasn't bad enough, the rest of the system became completely unusable, as every program running started lagging for some reason.

And before some MS-tard comes rushing in to tell me my system is under-specced, it's a quad core box, and those hard drives are 15000rpm U320 SCSIs. Under XP x64, which the machine was running before, that transfer would have taken literally *seconds*.

That had better be fixed in RTM. I've already pre-ordered this thing. Tried some steps from Vista to try and solve it. Here's hoping...

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea

Greg J Preece

My eyes! MY EYES!

Dear sweet mother of God! MY EEEEYYYEESSS....

I can't draw a straight line with a diamond-edged ruler and a laser-guided light pen but even I could do better than that monstrosity.

Fujifilm confirms 'world's first' 3D stills and films compact

Greg J Preece


Nuff said.

eBay revenue shrivel hits nine month mark

Greg J Preece

It was better as a tat bazaar

Cheaper, more interesting, more fun.

Now it's expensive as hell, only drop-shippers and businesses post, and they post buy-it-now auctions that are more expensive than Amazon Marketplace. The amount I buy from eBay has reduced drastically from "almost everything" to "practically nothing," in the space of only a year or so.

Firefox 3.7 swivels glassy eye

Greg J Preece


Might I venture that the reason IE doesn't use much in the way of *additional* resources is that half of it comes from the OS you're already running.

But I do agree with the other posters here. I don't like the idea of pointless eye candy, and by Christ, could they not find a more garish background for that first screen? And having a see-through menu bar just makes it harder to use! Urgh.

Medical cannabis app rolls out on iPhone

Greg J Preece


This iNonsense has gone too far. iMedicinalCannabis? Give it a rest. Not every application in the app store has to start with an i, surely?

Riot police raid birthday barbecue for 'all-night' Facebook tag

Greg J Preece

Chopper Costs

"A police spokeswoman told the BBC the helicopter was deployed for less than 20 minutes, costing about £200."

Horseshit! I am willing to bet good money it costs more than £200 just to get a helicopter off the ground, never mind to the riotous 15-person burger bash that it's supposed to be quelling.

Swine flu will [enter scare words here]...

Greg J Preece

A theory...

"The busiest time for internet usage in the UK is early on Sunday evening, when average speeds can fall as much as 25 per cent."

The Top Gear Effect?

Firefox update fixes zero-day JavaScript flaw

Greg J Preece


FFS, just install the Nightly Tester Tools and turn off version checking.

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

Greg J Preece

@AC 14:58

Oh calm down you wanker. You're taking seriously something that really isn't supposed to be.

Greg J Preece

This calls for some cheap shots!

How about:






Windows 7 still baking in oven, insists Microsoft

Greg J Preece

The killer app...

...is the same as it was in Vista. DirectX. Let's be honest, it's the only reason half of us still use Windows. I want to play games, and most of them require DX. Plus, DX11 looks pretty damned cool.

Greg J Preece

@Fail, @Jason

I wouldn't be so sure. I despised Vista, but I installed Win7 at the end of last week and to be honest....it's actually pretty good. Does use more than twice as much RAM as XP, but I've got 4GB, so I don't care, and it uses no more processor power really, at least for day-to-day stuff. There are some nice tweaks, it's far less annoying, and the hardware compatibility at install is bloody good. It found my SCSI drives, installed drivers for my spanking new Radeon, and even sorted out my monitor splitter box without intervention. Nothing else that's ever been near this machine could do that. Which is a shame, because I'd love to dual boot Ubuntu on it.

Biggest problem I have at the minute is finding my way round some of the panels, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Nothing's flummoxed me yet.

Jason - thanks for the info. Bugger. Still, can't imagine it'll make a huge difference. The RC is fairly solid on my machine. Few issues with the (rather impressive) power saving options, but I can live with that. I guess I'm just used to downloading an Ubuntu pre-release and having it slowly patched up to the final release. ;-)

Greg J Preece

Will 7100 (RC) users get a patch to final build?

As title, really. We're allowed to use the RC for another year or so yet, so do we get a patch to the 7600 (or whatever) build when it goes public?

Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off

Greg J Preece

Hold the phone...

Went to find a copy of Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate and found this comparison chart:


Where one of the advantages of Win7 Ultimate is apparently:

" Work in the language of your choice or switch between any of thirty-five languages."

Eh? Have they removed alternate languages from the other versions?

Greg J Preece

Pre-ordering now

Just spotted this as I Googled for it. Let's play Spot the Shill!


MP asks UK.gov: Why are you still using IE6?

Greg J Preece


If they're bothering to upgrade, why aren't they upgrading to IE8??? Just making another rod for their backs, surely?

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

Greg J Preece

It's called the Athena

"Think of the old Psion 3 or 5 pocket computer on steroids, offering a lovely QWERTY keyboard for messaging, a screen that's good enough for browsing and a photo album, and small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. "

HTC Athena. Mine's three years old and I kept it over the smartphones available. Annoying OS at times, but it gets the job done.

Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen

Greg J Preece

Typical Americans...

"Ms Longueira suffered nothing more than scrapes to her arms and back in the incident, although the Longueira family says it intends to sue."

Our daughter wasn't looking where she was going and didn't hurt herself. You bastards!

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