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Swedish parents win right to name sprog 'Q'

Greg J Preece

Wait a sec!

They named their kid "Q" and it's not NOTHING to do with Star Trek?

Apple iPod Shuffle 3G

Greg J Preece


Not being able to browse your music would annoy me a little, though I could accept that as part of the point, but not being able to use my own headphones (or pay through the nose Apple-style for some Approved Listening Devices)? Get stuffed. Never in a million years. Apple's headphones are shite, the others will be prohibitively expensive. I'll keep my Shures, TYVM.

Bulk of Companies Act finally rolled out

Greg J Preece

Perfect timing

I closed my part-time company down in August. Dodged a bullet there!

Opera lobby dubs IE ballot screen 'threatening and confusing'

Greg J Preece


I agree that you should be able to uninstall Internet Explorer, but calling Windows a suite rather than an OS because it comes with a browser and media player is a little strange. Again, Ubuntu comes with a default media player (and that one IS crap), as does Mac OSX. You don't seem to have a problem with those...

Greg J Preece

Much ado over the wrong problem

Microsoft should be able to bundle any bloody browser they like with their OS. It's...their OS! Safari in Mac OSX, Firefox in Ubuntu, IE in Windows. I don't have a problem with that.

The real problem is that Windows comes bundled with everything. It is almost impossible to buy a non-Mac computer without paying the Windows tax. That's BS. Users should be presented with a list of operating systems when buying a new computer. That might help even the scales a bit, but slagging off Microsoft for putting one of their own products inside one of their own products is nonsense at best.

And as other people have said, Opera should STFU at this point.

Eurocrat demands MP3 player volume limit mandate

Greg J Preece

This already annoys me

The model of DAP I have now is decidedly quieter than the model before it, and *that* one allegedly had a limiter (though I call BS on that). Good point about the US firmware though. Might look into that.

Attack of the Killer Tits

Greg J Preece

Killer Tits

For a minute there I thought this was going to be about Tits of Death:


Duff DAB, megamogs and ass-assassins: Your thoughts

Greg J Preece

Reads like SYB

And I like that. :-)

"I swear most of the people in our Currys just go in there to take a look at things in the flesh, and then go home and order them online. That and annoying the staff with blindingly stupid questions."

Yup, that's pretty much it. Same with PC World, with the exception that a friend and I have a long-standing rule regarding PCW: every time we're in there, at least one sales stand must be sabotaged in some way. Our current favourite is connecting my iAudio S9 (iPods can kiss my ass) to the new Samsung surround sound units with Bluetooth, then blasting out whatever we feel like at mildly illegal volumes. When they run over to turn the machine off, pause it right before they get there. If they turn their back, hit play again. It's like playing with cats.

UK webhosts in champagne throwing cat fight

Greg J Preece

I wouldn't go with RapidSwitch now...

...simply because they appear to be illiterate. Is there a single quote from them in this article that actually equates to English? If you can't even write, I'm not trusting you with shit.

Archos punts 9-inch Windows 7 tablet PC

Greg J Preece

@Robert E A Harvey

Go on then mate, you design the AI.

Does the Linux desktop need to be popular?

Greg J Preece

@AC 12:44

"And get rid to the stupid names. "CatFish"...WTF is that? This is a computer, not an aquarium. "Nautilus"...WTF does that do? "Totem"...any clues there? "baobab"...in the name of god people. If it's a file searcher why not call it, I dunno, "FileSearch"? Or is that just too logical, too usable and too simple?"

Yeah, Windows apps are much better for that sort of thing:






OMG, without their purpose being in the name, I have no idea what these apps do! How can I possibly use them?


Greg J Preece

@Tom Maddox

"I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 (Insipid Imbecile or whatever), and Firefox 3.5 isn't in the repository,"

Yes it is.

Man, I love listening to people who don't bother trying, don't even Google stuff, then just start moaning and whining. It's not the main FF package in 9.04 because it was developed after 9.04. Given enough time they would have upgraded the package, but decided to keep two separate ones, and make 3.5 the default in 9.10, out in a months' time.

What I'm happy about is that they finally put Netbeans 6.7 into 9.10's repository. Thank God for that!

Quit thine bitching.

Greg J Preece

@AC 22:57

I'm with you on this. Who cares if the rest of the universe is using Windows? Let's stop making shiny gadgets designed to attract them and fix the stuff that's important. As someone else said, 5 different incomplete sound managers are useless. We need one that does everything properly.

This is why I'm brushing up on my C++ and Perl skills as fast as possible. I want to start contributing to Linux - not on the flashy stuff, but on the important stuff. I want to help make the sound stack work properly. I want to add in those missing options in apps that everyone wishes were there. Let's just quit fecking around for a bit and finish one version of Ubuntu - properly. If we took Karmic and just worked on it for a year, sorting out every little last thing, then released that, it would be far more popular than something flashier with the same old glitches.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

Greg J Preece


Menus are dated? Actually being able to find what you want somewhere obvious is yesterday's news? Obviously I'm not keeping up with the times! I was under the impression that most people *hated* the ribbon interface...

USB 3.0 webcam streams 1080p video

Greg J Preece


It's a working prototype, mate... I doubt styling was foremost in their minds.

Boffins build Flash-like chip from graphite

Greg J Preece


Get your coat, and get out. :-p

Does look like a nice invention though.

eBay boss bids for governorship

Greg J Preece

Cutting costs?

That doesn't sound like an eBay chief...

LG GD910 Watch Phone

Greg J Preece

First of its kind?

Please stop calling it that! It just isn't!

World's first motion-controlled headphones outed

Greg J Preece

Cracking idea, but...

...I have a suggestion for an extra mode. A vigorous nod or two of the head auto-selects some hard rock. Auto-headbanging mode! Aw yeah.

Ten sizzling gizmos survive economic nightmare

Greg J Preece

Contour HD

Going down a different route to "blah blah radiation bullshit blah blah", I just wanted to chime in with....WANT! Been really wanting a camcorder like that. Off to find specs and pricing.

Undead COBOL celebrates (another) 50th birthday

Greg J Preece

Happy Birthday COBOL!

One of a newer generation of COBOL coders salutes you!

But then, I just love learning stuff like that. Nearly bought a book on Ada yesterday. ;-)

Carder forum drops offline after hack attack

Greg J Preece

Sod your title

So if a bunch of white hacks launched a malicious attack....are they now black hats? Or are they grey? Do they stand between the candle and the star? Do I need to get out more?


Wireless charging coming to Latitude?

Greg J Preece
Thumb Down

Wow, pointless!

1) You'll be the only one with a wireless charging laptop, so you'll be the only one using your expensive charger, so you might as well...use a bloody wired one!

2) This will take longer to charge the same battery and will result in stupid amounts of energy loss - very environmentally friendly, I'm sure.

3) If the idea of this is that you can pick it up and move around, what's to stop you moving in and out of range, constantly ragging your battery until it dies?

4) For all this and more, it'll cost a small fortune.

To hell with that shit. I want my laptop to charge in an hour, not trickle charge for 6 hours.

Renault unveils e-car foursome

Greg J Preece

3 ugly, one sexy

I really like the Fluence's look. Pity it'll be a shit car, but what can you do?

Microsoft offers online tools for Swine Flu infected kids

Greg J Preece


As Fractured mentioned above, lots of places already have VLEs that do this. I do a lot of development for Moodle, which is free, open source, and already does all this. To hell with MS' ad campaign.

Googlebooks crusade captures CAPTCHA king

Greg J Preece


Won't impact Google at all. The reCAPTCHA system doesn't accept the word of one person. It waits until three* or more people put in the same word for a given CAPTCHA, then asserts that that result is the correct one.

*I think it's three. Feel free to correct me.

Audi's R8 goes all-electric

Greg J Preece

So it's...

...slower, has a much shorter range, and costs a lot more?

I bet they'll be queuing round the block for that one...

Database containing 1.8m UK postcode locations leaks online

Greg J Preece

Not complete

My postcode is there, but my parents' is not.

Bus driver becomes Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

Greg J Preece

God, he looks scary!

As title. I only ever normally meet people like that in mosh pits.

Freecom MediaPlayer II 500GB

Greg J Preece

Firmware fix?

That ethernet speed seems so horrible as to be considered broken. Wonder if a future firmware upgrade would fix the problem. Ethernet just isn't that slow.

Naked iPod touch dangles its FM radio

Greg J Preece

@The First Dave

"If you really think that the cowon devices are superior, then you really need to ask yourself what the company is doing wrong when it can't sell a device that has (according to you) a better spec than an iPod. Maybe it is you that is wrong and the iPods are actually a better deal all-round?"

Yeah.... Let's play Spot the Idiot:

Apple's 2008 Marketing Budget: $468 million (not sure what % of this is in the UK)

Cowon's Marketing Budget in the UK: $0;

Do the math, you berk. And if they can't sell them to people they're not even advertising to, how do I have one?

Greg J Preece

Are we still talking about FM radio?

Are Apple still in the stone age or something? There's been an FM radio in everyone one of the far superior Cowon devices I've been buying for years.

I wonder if they'll advertise it as "FM radio - only...on the iTouch!" They seem quite happy to use that BS with the iPhone.

LG unveils first Android handset

Greg J Preece

A keyboard! Yay!

If it's got better battery life than the G1, I'm fecking having one! Finally be able to develop my mobile apps. I'll miss some of my WinMobile kit, mind - until I re-create it on Android, bwhahaha. ;-)

Virgin cops to bad routing

Greg J Preece

@Mr Bear

I know a lot of people lunp a lot of places together as "The North", but Barnsley is not as close to Leeds as I think you're imagining.

How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC

Greg J Preece


"The Elite"? Uh-huh. I have a nice little theory that you fit with rather nicely:

If you want to look like you're getting work done, use Windows

If you want to actually get some work done, use Linux

If you just want people to look, buy a Mac

Greg J Preece

Virtual Machine?

I already have a nice high-spec machine, and I need Mac OS X for testing some stuff. How hard is it to run in a VM?

Canonical rents out Ubuntu mavens

Greg J Preece

@The Other Greg

Bah, you know what I meant! :-p

Hate touchpad tapping. It's up there with Jade Goody on the Scale of Evil.

Greg J Preece

@AC 08:41

The Intel drivers were fixed in Jaunty a little while back. Two of our work laptops running Jaunty on Intel chipsets suddenly flared back into life. I think my current laptop uses an Intel chipset, and that's on Karmic with no worries. You should be fine.

Greg J Preece

Multiple Monitors

I've found that multiple monitors depends very much on what chipset I'm using. On an ATI board it was a pain in the ass, buggy as hell, kept changing my settings. Hated it. Had an nVidia board about the same power lying around. Swapped it in and it worked perfectly with multiple monitors, though each one has its own mouse cursor for some reason...

I do agree with other posters that there are some basic things that just aren't available as easy GUI-based config options, but I *do* see developments in these with every release. Sticking with monitors, compare the dialog for configuring these in Karmic with the one in Hardy.

It still pisses me off that KDE doesn't have an option to turn off tapping though. I mean, for the love of God! Surely there should be an option built for that long before the options to change colours, themes, etc.

Greg J Preece
Thumb Up

Karmic's quite nice

Running it on my laptop and it's much nicer to use than that fast-but-buggy POS Jaunty. Just upgrading to Karmic alpha 3 resolved my sound issues, and the new KDE is n-i-c-e, and actually has a network manager that WORKS.

The only problem I have at the minute is that Skype - whether from the repository or the new beta off the Skype site - crashes GNOME constantly. But, fortunately, I have KDE to save me until that gets fixed. Now if I can just figure out how to turn off tapping on the mouse...

HTC readies radical Touch HD revamp

Greg J Preece

@Michael C

You're a bit of an idiot really, aren't you? Does the fact that it's called WinMobile 6.5 not give something away to you? The clue is in the version number. You're accusing an operating system that has been around far longer than Android or that shitty iPhone of not having any longevity, not having enough apps/backwards compatibility, etc, etc.

You know what that makes you? Stupid.

I would love an Android phone myself, but unless the HD 2 impresses, I'll stick with my WinMobile device for now. Already got all the apps they're still developing on the other platforms. All I want is an up-to-date Android phone with a physical keyboard and a battery life that doesn't suck donkey balls.

USB overseer ready to certify SuperSpeed kit

Greg J Preece


Been wanting USB3 for a while. You know full well it's going to be a million times more widespread than Firewire or eSATA, and the size of the backups I'm running now could really do with a USB3 port. Get it done, then release a PCI-X expansion card. Oh yesh.

Snow Leopard - what doesn't work

Greg J Preece

They broke Fallout 2?

The bastards! Never mind the fact that Fallout 2 will run on ANYTHING. Win95, 98, ME, 2k, XP, Vista, 7, WINE, the works. How the hell did they manage to break it?

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

Greg J Preece


"Sorry to the Linux crowd, but Windows and OSX are years ahead, especially in usability. You won't get any mass exodus from Windows/OSX until you provide a comparable platform.

The only people that I recommend Linux distros to are home desktop "enthusiasts" who want to do nothing but surf, email, run OpenOffice and GiMP. There literally is nothing else you can do with it other than specialized educational/gov stuff or web/file servers, and most corporate desktops do not fit into those categories."



Are you actually serious? Dear Lord, I haven't heard anything that stupid in years. I sit here every day of every week, running Linux, doing a whole host of different things. No, it's not as refined as Windows in terms of usability, and I think that's possibly down to a "too many cooks" problem. Linux definitely has its problems, but it also has MASSIVE upsides. It's far far far more efficient than Windows, it provides the best programming environment going, and the hardware compatibility in some areas is reaching godlike levels. I can shove a bluetooth/3G dongle into Ubuntu and it simply works. Doesn't ask for drivers, doesn't prompt me for anything - let's see Windows do that. I've seen, owned and used Linux on everything from desktops to servers to media systems, and to suggest it can't do anything more than run a few basic applications is either tremendous ignorance, or sheer stupidity.

So which is it?

Windows 7: Microsoft's three missed opportunities

Greg J Preece

@IGnatius T Foobar, @VoodooTrucker

Ingatius, has it occurred to you that a *lot* of us are running Win7 already? Lots more people are trying out the release candidate because Vista was THAT bad they're desperate to get away from it.

Voodoo - yep, same here mate. The instance I have a screenshot of was copying 4GB between 2 15000rpm drives, which in Win7 took an hour. Yikes.

Greg J Preece


Err, dude.....WIN+R. Two keys, job done.

MS phishing filter blacklists everything

Greg J Preece


This is why I took the time when installing IE8 to go through the laborious startup wizard and shut off all their attempts to collect my browsing data.

Then again, I don't use IE8 for anything except stuff that absolutely requires it (ie, stuff written by stupid people that I don't have a choice in using).

Office 2010 to come loaded with WGA's bastard child

Greg J Preece


"Microsoft once again pointed in the direction of its software's oldest enemies - viruses and malfunctioning code - both of which it claimed dog dodgy copies of its Office suite."

You can smell the bullshit right through your monitor! </Penn_and_Teller>

"Don't need no stinky license to run Linux"

Errr, yes you do. It might be called GPL, but trust me, it's a licence. Or did you think the "L" stood for "llamas"?

Oh, and we're English here. Quit putting the letter "s" where a "c" should be.

UK population to abandon Midlands

Greg J Preece

They're missing an arrow

They've forgotten to include the number of people that would like to live in a different country altogether.

Also, if those numbers on the map represent splits in the native population of an area, I'd like to prod at your statement about Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham losing 80% of their population, yadda yadda. It may not be Venice, but Leeds is *NOT* in the fucking Midlands!

*I think that's right, as opposed to percentage change in population if everyone got their own way, etc. Someone at Orange doesn't know how to make a fucking chart, and you lot aren't helping. :-p

Teen kidnapped over Sony PSP

Greg J Preece

Dear idiots

I doubt the kid was actually reported as thinking he was in a video game. That's El Reg's comment on his stupidity. Which has led to my comment on yours. :-p

Case closed.

What? I'm ill today, so I'm cranky.

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