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Newsweek: 'Zombies rise from grave, invade US'

Greg J Preece

Available as jQuery plugin

The Konami Code...code is also available as a jQuery plugin. I've already embedded it in a few things. Without telling anyone.

Should be fun.

Ubuntu 'more secure' than Windows, says Dell

Greg J Preece

@AC2.0 @AC2.0 @AC2.0

I came into the Ubuntu fold right after 8.04 and I've never run as superuser.

Greg J Preece

Let's be honest, it's true, but there is a reason

Linux is more secure than Windows. Don't try and give me any of that "targeting the masses" bullshit. I hear that from MS users all the time, and it's nonsense. The numbers are simply disproportionate, and consider also that Linux has the largest portion of the server market, where security and reliability are most important.

However, this is not entirely Microsoft's fault. There is one overriding reason for this that Microsoft simply can't emulate to the same degree: peer review.

No-one is enough of an imbecile to think that people working on Linux can't introduce security holes into the software. I'm a programmer using Linux and Windows every day - I'd have to be thick as two short planks to think that Linux was invulnerable. The difference is, as I've said before on a similar discussion involving Firefox, that when vulnerabilities are found in Linux they are (generally) patched and rolled out very quickly, which helps reduce the threat to the end-user.

Quite often the issue is caught by a fellow programmer and patched before anyone with malicious intent is even aware of it. How many times has El Reg posted a story about a new Linux vulnerability, only to mention halfway down the page that a patch is not only already available, but you've probably already received it? ("Linux vulnerability" in the search box returns 265 results, most of them nothing to do with Linux.) And how many times has that scenario occurred in the world of Windows and Patch Tuesday?

And I genuinely believe that, when it comes to security, the quality of some of the code and setup in your average Linux distro is simply superior to that of Windows. The UIs might still be a little clunky and glitchy in places, but when it comes to networking and security? That's what Linux does, and does bloody well.

So good on Dell for making the assertion and standing behind the OSS alternative. It's nice to see a commercial entity backing it as competition in the marketplace.

Sony 3D TV kit, PS3 games released tomorrow

Greg J Preece

Super Stardust HD?

Oh come on, don't do that. They put one of my favourite games in 3D, but only on some overpriced Sony TV?


UK.gov unplugs Lane Fox digiquango

Greg J Preece

Damn it!

For a minute there, I thought we'd gotten rid of the useless idiot. But it sounds like she's going to haunt Whitehall for some time to come.

ID card scheme barely broke 13,000 mark, minister confirms

Greg J Preece

What is on your ID card?

I don't object to ID - I carry enough of it. Between my credit cards, my photocard driver's licence and the passport I keep....somewhere, I have all the ID I need to prove who I am. And that's point 1 - the ID cards proposed simply weren't needed. If you really needed approved government ID, what the hell was wrong with a passport?

The second - and more valid point in terms of comparison with other schemes such as your own - is that our ID card wasn't just "this is me" ID. It was going to be linked to a very large, very costly database in the background, containing far more info than is really necessary. And you know full well how isolated that system would have remained if ID cards had been widely accepted. Function creep all round.

Greg J Preece

Labour in lying-out-their-arses shocker!

Are you suggesting Labour made up any old bollocks to support their unpopular policies? Surely you jest!

Final Fantasy XIII ate my Playstation

Greg J Preece

If that's the case...

...then how come we haven't heard reports of this with GoW III, arguably the best looking game on the PS3? That's got to push the hardware a bit more than some of the cross-platform dross released in recent years.

Any word on *which* PS3s this affects, or is the answer simply "all of them"?

Sharp LC-52LE700E 52in LED backlit TV

Greg J Preece

Fantastic TVs at a great price

I've had the 40" version of this for a while now (I'm not made of money and the 52" wasn't available) and it kicks ass. The picture is sharp, the colours are excellent, and as my TV signal comes via Freesat (ie, far less compression crap in the picture) even SD looks great on it. The only place where it kinda suffers is in very fast moving scenes, but I'm comparing it to my previous plasma, which was 600Hz.

Best moments using it:

Blade Runner Final Cut BD

God of War III (all of it)

^^^These looked absolutely incredible on this TV.

Microsoft: IE6 lives 'cause it busts Facebook

Greg J Preece

The quotes, the quotes...

"Part of my job is to get IE6 share down to zero as soon as possible,"

Use Patch Tuesday to set every IE6 user's homepage to http://getfirefox.com?

Google tells staff to snub Windows after China hack snafu

Greg J Preece

Mac OS?

Surprised they're not moving everyone to Linux. You know, seen as how every OS they supposedly "make" is just...Linux. But for God's sake, don't say the "L" word - ChromeOS won't seem as cool if you point out that it's Debian underneath.

Apple opens doors to vanity publishers

Greg J Preece

Cuger Brant will be pleased

This is going to be the comedy app of the century.

Firefox takes walk down 64-bit Windows street

Greg J Preece

A Linux question

Is the Firefox package available in x86_64 versions of Ubuntu a 64-bit one, or just a 32-bit one bundled for the 64-bit OS?

Blunkett threatens to sue for £30 ID card refund

Greg J Preece

Did he just admit it was pointless?

>>He criticised the new government for scrapping the scheme, warning "it won't change anything for anyone out there".

If scrapping it won't change anything, will keeping it change anything?

And if it won't, then it's a waste of money, and should be scrapped. Am I missing something?

Nokia updates N900 firmware

Greg J Preece


That just means I won't be getting my install images from Nokia. Boo hoo. I don't get my Android images from Orange, so what's new?

Greg J Preece


So much for it not coming for the N900. ;-) Looks like you might not want to install it yet though, looking at the release notes. Still optimised for netbooks really, which might be what Nokia were on about.

Plug-in pledges to rid web of Justin Bieber

Greg J Preece


Reminds me of the plugin to prevent Rick Rolling (which I still use). Absolute genius, sirs. A pint apiece.

Cray-1 resurfaces in pieces on eBay

Greg J Preece

No-one bid??

If I'd have known it was there, I'd have bid! Awesome thing to have in your study/server shed, and you have to admit, it'd be a hell of a conversation starter.

'Steve Jobs' switches to Android

Greg J Preece

I did not know that!

Cheers for the tip!

Man, this phone rocks, does it not? You iPhone and Android users can keep arguing all you like - the N900 continues to destroy all competition.

Jobs drops hint on Google open video codec

Greg J Preece


"Whether you agree or not, I will say it is good to see Steve Jobs willing to defend his POV"

Or rather, link to other people defending his POV*

*(Which, I might argue, isn't his actual POV)

Greg J Preece

A little terse

Stock replies to e-mails are one thing, but this is a bit terse. No hi, no bye, no "thanks for mailing." In a bad mood, Steve? Did Google ruin your week?

Besides, it's kind of ridiculous to take an x264 developer's opinion of a rival codec and treat it as a balanced enough opinion on which to position your company in the market. Developer of established codec thinks it is better than rival codec that just appeared yesterday. In other news, bears shit in woods.

We all know what Steve is *really* thinking, and it is down to two things: control of content, and money.

As a side note, I am sat across from Mr Bloe here in Leeds, and he is grinning like the Cheshire Cat at seeing his name splashed across the tech sheets. You've made his day, El Reg. ;-)

2012 Olympic mascots cop a shoeing

Greg J Preece

Dear Jimmy, your post has been reported...

...to Speak You're Branes.

Greg J Preece

Hey, they DO look like binomes!

You're not wrong.

Man, ReBoot was awesome. That's why I "acquired" every episode. ;-)

Google backs open codec against patent trolls

Greg J Preece

Can we get rid of software patents already?

"Developers should be provided with detailed explanations why Google believes that no one adopting WebM will have to fear allegations of patent infringement."

As an Englishman, I don't fear patent infringement one bit.

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7

Greg J Preece

Swing and a miss

The "killer app" you're looking is, and always has been, DirectX. XP is now two major versions behind, and because of the Vista debacle, uptake of the newer versions has been painfully slow.

Besides, Win7 is actually pretty nice, as far as Windows goes. It runs surprisingly well, and you get a lot of little things, niceties here and there, that XP doesn't have out of the box.

Mobile Broadband

Greg J Preece

T-Mobile vs Orange

Was very surprised by your conclusions with T-Mobile and Orange. T-Mobile's AUP is indeed nice, and for me (in Leeds) the quality of service is far superior. I can take the train home via two routes. On one route, both are fine. On the other, the Orange modem will scream, bitch, moan, and generally not connect for more than 10 seconds at a time, while 2 feet away from it the T-Mobile connection stays rock solid all the way.

Biz Linux needs Office license to run MS web apps

Greg J Preece


Microsoft's attitude doesn't surprise me in the least. Have the Wine lot tried the latest Office version yet? That's normally one of their "target" apps.

Apple promises fanbois iPad WiFi fix

Greg J Preece

You tit

"Wonder what would happen if the 'journalists'/bloggers on El Reg stated calling Windows users 'Sheep' or Linux users 'LinTards'."

You mean like the way they call them "Wintards" and "Freetards," you moron?

Greg J Preece

Quick on the ball then?

Obviously not picking up on the reason why he keeps using it more and more - because you keep whingeing...

Voting chaos in not-fit-for-purpose electoral system

Greg J Preece

Proportional Representation Required

It's an absolute disgrace that a party can receive 22% of the vote and such a relatively small amount of actual representation in parliament, due in part to the corruption of the system over the past century or so by the two main parties. The system needs to be changed, but will those parties with a vested interest in keeping the status quo bother?

Virgin Media deletes customers

Greg J Preece


How could they not have seen that coming? Better call the old man - he's running a SurfBoard 4200!

Apple demands public apology for iPhone parody

Greg J Preece

It's a parody, fuck off Apple

Boo hoo, someone insulted the Church!

Seagate intros 'universal' external hard drives

Greg J Preece

If a cable costs more than a fiver...

...then it's unlikely I'm buying that cable. It's proprietary stuff like this that continually pisses me off. I don't even pay more than a few quid for HDMI cables - $30 for a USB adaptor on an external drive?

Bike. Yours. Get on.

Spider-Man and Jedi Knights bust X-Men comic thief

Greg J Preece

Am I the only one thinking...

...that he hadn't actually nicked it? Over here at least, you haven't nicked anything until you leave the store with it. Up until that point you're given the benefit of the doubt, in case you've put something in a pocket simply to make it easier to carry to the till.

US netwar-force Cyber Wings badge unveiled

Greg J Preece

Kobayashi Maru?

If you hack the course so you always win, do you get extra credit?

Nokia puts out platform-slutty Qt SDK beta

Greg J Preece


Between this and the recent MeeGo release for the N900, that's me set. Time for some coding!

Steve Jobs: mystery patent pool to attack Ogg Theora

Greg J Preece

God's sake, this bullshit AGAIN?

Someone build a firewall around America, so we can get on with technological progression while they wallow in the bathtub o' shit that is software patenting.

Apple rejects crazy canuck's seal bludgeon game

Greg J Preece


<Insert snarling noises here>

Even the mention of their name is enough to send me into fits of apoplectic rage...

Microsoft's Courier tablet dies before it lives

Greg J Preece

MeeGo is here! ...ish

There's already a MeeGo device - the marvellous, over-the-top, brilliant smartphone I can't stop shouting about?


Data Locker 1TB AES-encrypted external hard drive

Greg J Preece

UI Look/Feel

"The 1990s just called and they want their user interface back, please."

They're obviously trying to make it look more h4rdc0r3. Everyone knows that proper hackers code in green on a black background. Retro looks make it more convincing as something that works rather than something that's pretty.

And, because I'm a sucker for that sorta thing, I kinda like it. It somehow makes it more...badass.

Steve Jobs issues open letter on Flash

Greg J Preece

As did mine, and my previous phone

My N900 and my Athena before it all ran Flash. This is one point Apple keep repeating, making it absolutely clear that they're either trying to deliberately misinform people as to the state of play in the mobile market, or they're spectacularly uninformed themselves.

Ubuntu 10.04 triumphs over GRUB bug

Greg J Preece

That two bugs, now do the rest

Plymouth is still fecked under ATI/nVidia, for a start.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

Greg J Preece

This seems familiar

Not really used Ubuntu, have you? Everything I install that doesn't come from the repositories comes as a *.deb file. Wow, that's difficult to install...

Greg J Preece

Lucid Lynx is NOT ready

They're going to shoot themselves in the foot with this release. Plymouth is buggered on half the machines I've seen it on, which isn't a nice first impression. Graphics drivers (think ATI) don't support this version of X properly yet, etc, etc. I had to mess with Grub2, fglrx-installer, amdcccle and so on before I could even get KDM onscreen.

Once I actually got in, it was bloody lovely (though ATI have been lying through their teeth about Eyefinity support). Initial installation, however, was the worst I've seen on Ubuntu since 7.10.

Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult

Greg J Preece

Woah, hold the phone...

"the Jobsian cult has added an API that allows third parties to hardware-accelerate H.264 video on the Mac"

You mean they couldn't before?? That is so incredibly shit!

Ten free apps to install on every new PC

Greg J Preece

A few extras

Most of this list is on my own list, but here are a few extras to consider.

Eraser - an absolute must, allows for secure deletion of files individually, or via the recycle bin.

RegCompact.NET 2.0 -Speeds up registry-intensive control panel dialogs such as Add/Remove Programs

PowerMenu - Adds functions like "Always on top" and opacity to standard Windows. Even works in Win7.

Adobe gives up on the iPhone

Greg J Preece

*Bzzert* Basic fact checking FAIL

I like the way...

"2. Flash doesn't work on ANY mobile device."

Is immediately contradicted by...

"Even 10.1 is likely to work only on a tiny percentage of the highest end phones."

And then back to...

"It's not Apple's fault that Adobe has been unable to write a version of Flash that works on mobile devices."

Uh-huh....so you seriously believe there isn't a mobile version of Flash? So I wasn't using Flash 2 years ago on my previous phone, and I totally can't see those Flash games on my current phone.

And this never happened:


Judging by the defence of Apple, the doublespeak and the complete detatchment from reality, I'm gonna bet you've got an iPhone. Either way, you're talking out of your ass.

Greg J Preece

I highly recommend it

As an N900 user, I can say one thing about that phone. It kicks ASS!

'iPhone 4G' loser outed

Greg J Preece

Why name the poor sod?

Publicly naming him seems like shit-stirring on 'Modo's part.

What I'd like to know is, with the culture at Apple of absolute secrecy, checking employee correspondence etc, how the chuff did he end up with one in his back pocket at a bar?? How did he even get it out of the lab?

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