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Google discovers Chrome can (really) block ads

Greg J Preece

Sod the ads, I do it for the speed

Think how much less of a page such as El Reg you're actually downloading if you turn off Flash and disable ads. Far fewer transactions, far faster browser.

Phonemakers cry foul on Steve Jobs 'We're all alike' attack

Greg J Preece


"Apple don't make products to please shareholders either .. they want to make products that people love and if they make money, great."




Are you serious? Are you actually serious? Looking at your post history, you do appear to be serious. In which case, you are a comedy legend.

Giant multinational corporation and billionaire CEO in "not interested in the money" shocker!

iPhone customers lay into Apple after iOS 4.0.1 update fails to install

Greg J Preece

PSP is a good example of how to do it

The Cowon updates, while not as automatic, are no less straightforward. Copy update file to root of device, and start it. Easy. No cable involved.

I wasn't aware the iPhone was being updated directly over the cable! I knew it had to be connected to iTunes to get the update, validate, etc, but doing the update straight over the wire? That's insanely stupid.

Apple spews Judas Phone signal bar 'fix' to world+dog

Greg J Preece

You're an idiot

Apple is clearly fobbing people off.

Microsoft fixed the 360 problem so many mobo versions ago I've lost count.

Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4

Greg J Preece

Think about it?

"Think about it..."

I have, and there are so many vast leaps of logic in your four lines of idiocy, that I can only assume you are well worthy of the moniker "fanboi."

Greg J Preece

Hang fire

"All the major players have had significant smartphone problems"

You can't say "significant smartphone problems" and then list "that Jimmy Hill chin" as one for Android, especially when that particular phone sold exceptionally well (and continues to).

Also, unlike the iPhone, one phone not selling particularly well (the Nexus) makes little overall impact on the platform. There's dozens of Android phones and they're doing a roaring trade.

Logic failure in an otherwise good post.

UK.gov slams Facebook over Moat fan clubs

Greg J Preece

Hate to say it, but

I'm with Zuckerberg on this one. Some people are unpleasant, some in the extreme, but you can't go around silencing differing opinions, especially where those groups might be seen as critical of policing and government.

Firefox engine outraces self after Jäger shot

Greg J Preece

One thing you can always count on in a Firefox thread

OPERA! Hey, OPERA! Has anyone heard of OPERA?? Please pay attention to us!

I assume it hasn't occurred to you that anyone who switched to Firefox in the first place is probably already willing to try Opera, already has, and already went back to Firefox? 'Cos I did. Twice.

US domain registrar does IPv6, DNSSEC

Greg J Preece

You can use both?

You're right, we should never attempt to transition to newer tech. And you definitely can't use both during the transition...

Apple iPhone forums gripped by deleted thread paranoia

Greg J Preece

Also curious

Where exactly within Apple do you work, DZ?

Apple bars radiation nanny from App Store

Greg J Preece


"The answer has little to do with this app being alarmist or pointless. Is that not for consumers to decide?"

Of course it isn't. Not every human is endowed with the particular sector of knowledge required to see the app as bullshit, so some will buy it - and worry themselves sick with it - thinking it is real. Not because they're inherently stupid - they might be a car mechanic, a salesman, etc, so WTF do they know about radiation?

It requires someone who is knowledgeable in these fields (or "spotting dangerous bullshit") to pull them up and tell them to piss off. That, and educate the wider public as to why this is nonsense. But we have Penn and Teller for that.

Greg J Preece


Man, I love people like this:

El Reg says:

"no reputable study has definitively shown that handhelds cause cancer."

You respond with:

"I guess you consider Motorola's internal research not being credible then?"

And then immediately follow that up with:

"No conclusive evidence to cause cancer is yet determined."

So you've basically agreed with El Reg, genius.

T-Mobile tardily talks iPhone 4 tariffs

Greg J Preece

iPhone in more-expensive-than-better-phones shocker!

iPhone contracts more expensive and more restrictive than, say, Desire or N900 contracts? Say it ain't so!

Mozilla stokes Firefox 4 with first beta build

Greg J Preece

You noticed the "etc"?

That's just the ones I use continuously. There are more than that on my list. Those are just the ones that spring to mind.

I do use Opera, and I do like it. It's by far the best mobile browser, hands down, though Firefox on my N900 is a surprisingly excellent implementation. And you're right, I wasn't aware that so much is now native in Opera. But there's just something about it on the desktop I don't like.

It still isn't as versatile as Firefox either. I've been able to modify just about every aspect of FF's behaviour - I've added the accelerators from IE8, I've changed the way it handles restarts, I've enabled printing to PDF, and so on, and so on. You can't deny that that's cool.

And the killer app for me is still the Firefox address bar. That thing just kicks ass.

Greg J Preece

Oh look, another Opera evangelist

I like Opera as a browser, but its fanbois remind me of fanbois of a different type. I think it's the smug "superiority".

Thing is, does Opera have ReloadEvery, the Web Developer toolbar, download statusbar add-ons, Firebug, Window Resizer, etc, etc?


Bugger off then.

Greg J Preece


Your add-ons don't work in PRE-RELEASE SOFTWARE???

The bastards! My God man, we should sue someone! You should definitely switch to something else. It's not like they'll fix anything or upgrade the add-ons in the next few months...


Greg J Preece

Geez dude

How loud is your hard drive? I run SCSIs and I don't sit there thinking "hmm, I don't care for the sound of THIS application, no sir."

Greg J Preece

Cheers for that

As for private browsing, what about CTRL+SHIFT+P?

Greg J Preece

So long as I can put my menu bar back

All sounds good, except for that "single button" interface. Screw that - I want a menu bar, damn it.

Might download it and take a look.

Cowon iAudio J3 personal media player

Greg J Preece

Errr, just don't remove the SD card?

Buy a 32GB, shove a 32GB card in...where's the flaw in that plan? You'd have more space than you do now. That's why Cowon added the SD slot - IIRC Apple bought up all the 64GB NAND Toshiba were making, so Cowon just raised two fingers and added a card slot.

Greg J Preece

Battery life?

What's the battery life like on a HD2 compared to this thing though? And does it sound as good? In my experience, the sound coming out of a Cowon beats the hell out of anything around it.

Greg J Preece

Thanks for the review - one question

I've got an S9. I had an X5 before that. Both have been excellent, but my main disappointment with the S9 is that in the 32GB version the Bluetooth transmitter doesn't function correctly. Has this been fixed in the J3? Going to hunt down a 32GB J3 and shove a 32GB card in it, seen as I've managed to fill this one.

Lindsay Lohan goes down for 90 days

Greg J Preece

Paris is no better

Remember how they pathetically pampered that one instead of sending her ass to jail? I do:


Hack forces Flash onto iPad

Greg J Preece

A man with taste

Trogdor and Alien Hominid - excellent games.

Seems to run pretty damned well, actually. Not bad for a cross-platform hack, considering Flash is supposed to be a horrible piece of shit that would crash the iPad into the ground...

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Greg J Preece

Not all the Transformers games were rubbish

Go out and find the Transformers game on PS2. No, not the movie tie-in - the one before it. True, it's based on Armada, but it's a really good game.

Apple's iPhone 4 denial: insulting or ignorant?

Greg J Preece


Aren't they charing a 10% restocking fee for returns?

Just thought I'd mention that...

Nokia snaffles user data on the down-low

Greg J Preece

If I remember correctly, I got past the screen

Just tap the power button - task manager pops up - kill current task.


Nasa returns to the moon... in 3D game

Greg J Preece

I'll play it

I'm enough of a space/NASA fanboi to play it. And probably love it.


Observer columnist in online porn mixup

Greg J Preece

Nothing to do with censorship?

If she doesn't even know how the address works, I doubt she understands how it could be used for censorship.

Linux game-time refined with latest Wine

Greg J Preece

Learn to read

"Increasingly difficult"

Does not mean

"Completely impossible"


Greg J Preece

Orrrrrr have both?

I do get a little tired of this argument sometimes. Console gamers will bang on about PCs being harder to keep up with, PC gamers will ridicule consoles for having crappy controls and (sometimes) dumbed-down versions of their own games. And of course, both camps are right.

So stuff it! I go where the games are. Time Crisis/God of War/Burnout games are on the Sony machines, so I have those. FPS/RPG/Strategy games are on both, but play better on the PC, so I have one of those too. Some consoles have exclusives I want to play, so I'll get those too.

I don't really care about the platform, so long as it's not totally crap (*cough* early-gen 360 *cough*). I just play the damn games and enjoy myself. I play a lot of games, so I have a lot of systems.

I have Linux, so I wanna play games on it.

See where I'm going with this? Quit the blah-blah and get on with the games.

BT boss brands Britain illiterate

Greg J Preece

@AC 10:29

"Presumably, as you write about "high school", yours is an American perspective."

Errr...nope. I'm English, and I went to a "high school." They're quite common.


Greg J Preece

They're not wrong.

The level of basic comprehension of the English language is shocking. A quick trip to Facebook will confirm that. The problem is that poor English is now generally accepted. People don't seem to care if you mix up your/you're/yore or there/their/they're any more, for example. That one really does my head in - it's not as if it's difficult!

It would be nice if that was drilled into kids in high school. Not just because I'm some traditionalist whiner, but because it does have an impact on how you are perceived. Poor English on a CV can easily cost you the opportunity at a job that you are probably perfectly capable of performing well in, because the poor spelling/grammar makes you look like a moron. Humans are fickle, simple as that.

I await the grammar Nazis picking over this post. Never said I was perfect, just acceptable. :-p

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip

Greg J Preece

Going solely on YouTube vids...

...it's pretty bad. The video in the original article showed the signal dropping so far that service was lost completely. Another video posted elsewhere in this thread by a reader shows the same thing. The network switching tech - their non-standard method of trying to find a network with the least congestion - can't operate if it can't detect the networks in the first place.

Apple or no Apple, and my usual iPhone sentiments aside, it's a pretty shocking design oversight, and you really wouldn't expect it of any company that huge.

Greg J Preece

More half-truths from Mr Jobs

He just can't help talking shite, can he?

"This is a fact of life for every wireless phone."

Yyyyyeessss, sort of. But it's unlikely it would be to this extent. So your design is still crap.

Windows 7 SP1 'beta' leaks, hits torrents

Greg J Preece

Yeah, that and...

...the fact that it's basically Vista, but fixed. Not going to be a lot of compatibility issues there. ;-)

Google vanishes Android apps from citizen phones

Greg J Preece

What's to stop you reinstalling?

This isn't the nicest thing to happen to you, but as someone else said, the Android Market isn't vetted, so perhaps in their case it's more needed. If they're removing apps for being malicious rather than being competition, then maybe that's fair enough.

This being Android, however, what's to stop you reinstalling the app from another location?

iPhone 4: Perfect for everyone, except humans

Greg J Preece

Stop stealing jokes from Sickipedia

And get yer own. :-p

Greg J Preece

So they improved the antenna

By making it worse? Nice.

Could this be why Mr Jobs was having problems getting a wi-fi signal at the demo?

Googlegate: Mapping a scandal of global proportions

Greg J Preece

*Polite golf clap*

Well said. Google's excuses were absolute bollocks. However, you believe Google aren't above the law? I would beg to differ. Time after time the legal system in this country has shown that it's OK to break the law if you have oooodles of money - BT/Phorm being an excellent example. Massive wiretap, lots of data intercepted and processed, nothing done about it. I wouldn't get your hopes up about the UK going after Google any time soon.

Google claims Wi-Fi slurp legal in the US

Greg J Preece

Well are you really surprised?

As you pointed out, our ICO is bloody useless. Half of Europe is threatening to prosecute. Us lot? Well, if you didn't *mean* to steal everyone's data, then that's OK. Just get rid of it after the fact.

Greg J Preece

Head, meet wall

"Your insurance company won't pay out a claim if you left your doors unlocked and open."

No, but if the tosser that steals everything is caught, he will still be prosecuted.

Get a better analogy already.

Ubuntu v iTunes: the music playoff for Applephobes

Greg J Preece


Woah, calm down lad.

First up, the "colour scheme" thing was but a substatement (if there is such a thing) of the overall "KDE looks nicer" point. No matter what colour scheme you apply, I still prefer KDE. What I said was that it doesn't *help* that Ubuntu choose horrible colour schemes.

And as for your assertion that I'm out of date, I beg to differ. I've seen and used the colour scheme for GNOME in 10.04 - it's also horrible. I like dark themes and use them all the time in KDE - I mentioned GHNS above because I know changing colours is easy - but the default one in 'buntu 10.04 is just nasty.

The default colour scheme for Kubuntu isn't the sexiest thing on Earth, but at least it isn't offensive to the eyes. ;-)

Greg J Preece

See, I think the exact opposite

While I appreciate that Kubuntu does not make up the numbers compared to Ubuntu (for obvious reasons), I actually moved to KDE from GNOME because GNOME was too god-damned buggy!

Every time I opened a system dialog, bits of it were missing, or I had to do some bits there and drop to a command line for others. Some bits of it worked really well, other bits were broken.

KDE gave me a much cleaner experience. For a start, it looks nicer - don't argue, it just does. (It doesn't help that the guys at Ubuntu are experts in choosing horrific colour schemes.) Load up GHNS, install Aurorae, have some fun. The desktop/taskbar widget system is excellent, and to my mind more configurable than the ones under GNOME, which used to really piss me off in a multi-monitor environment. The system dialogs are well thought out, and they work. And now that they've integrated kcm_touchpad in KDE 4.4, I've no complaints.

Similarly, I prefer the KDE suite of apps. I don't understand your assertion that Nautilus is superior to Dolphin. I hit CTRL+T, I get a tab. I hit F4, I get a terminal that tracks the folder I'm looking at (nice touch, guys). Hell, the latest version has SVN integration, so if I'm in a project folder files are colour coded by version status, just like TortoiseSVN on Windows, and I've been begging for that for a long time. Again on SVN, KDESVN kicks ten bells out of RapidSVN every time - it's less buggy, easier to use, and auto-caches the server history to speed things up.

I really like Rhythmbox, but I like Amarok too. (I will give you the 2.0 release - that was garbage.) Global hotkeys without messing around, configurable playlist, and I really like the OSD doodad. It's a player that I can load stuff into and then just flick through it with the keyboard while I'm working.

And to answer (K)Ubuntu critics elsewhere in this thread, our company recently hired a few new people, so as an experiment I gave them all laptops with Kubuntu preinstalled. Sat down on day one and waited for the complaints....which didn't come. They had absolutely no problems finding the menu, getting the programs they needed and using the laptops. The fact that KDE looks quite a bit like Windows helped, I'm sure, but still, it was a good few days before one of them even noticed they were running a different system. Since then I've had the odd question raised, mainly to do with things being in a different place, but little more serious than that, and certainly no more trouble than I would get from a user on a Windows machine.

Some of our customer support lot - unfortunate souls running Vista machines - even requested to be moved to Kubuntu, and aside from the odd problem with running GNOME apps in KDE, they love it!

Greg J Preece

I cannot vote this post high enough.

Kubuntu whoops the hell out of Ubuntu. It's better in almost every single way. But Shuttleworth and the rest of the Ubuntu bunch don't give a toss about KDE, so we're still missing some of the highly-touted new features from this release, the previous release, and the one before that!

Wish they'd get off their arses and sort it out. Kubuntu might as well slide off and become a seperate distro. They'd never notice.

Antarctic glacier melt maybe 'not due to climate change'

Greg J Preece

Obviously it shouldn't be reported then

Almost no journalists are qualified climate scientists, so we should report no climate science.

I can't imagine many are doctors, so obviously we should stop reporting health stories.

And so on.

And so on.

.....You tit.

Pakistani lawyer petitions for death of Mark Zuckerberg

Greg J Preece

Wow, it's like I'm on the Daily Mail site

"Cut Pakistan from the Internet completely"

Yeah, of course! That's a reasoned reaction from the superior nation with the moral high ground! Cut them off! They're only a backward nation anyway. That's what we need - more simple answers from simpletons, It's common sense, you couldn't make it up, IYLISMWDYGLT, etc, etc.

My previous jokes regarding a Great American Firewall notwithstanding, I love the notion that cutting a country from the Internet is "simple."

Sometimes I can feel the grey matter at the front of my brain starting to liquefy...

Birmingham jihad-cam network suspended

Greg J Preece

It's to find terrorists

So we installed it where we can keep tabs on them darkies. Filthy forruns.

What do you mean, racist?

Hands on with Nokia's flagship N8

Greg J Preece


"BTW, the N900 isn't a phone, if you bought one expecting it to have all the features of an average smart phone then that was foolish."

And why exactly is that? As far as I can tell it has every feature present in any of the other smartphones at my office, and a couple extra thrown in for good measure (mainly due to the end user accessing the native O/S and not a layer on top of it). Even the camera is surprisingly good.

Granted, the phone software had some bugs at launch, but they are gone. It does the phone bit perfectly adequately, and everything else superbly, though lacking some of the swish of other smartphones. I would love to hear what features it's missing that your "average smartphone" has.

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