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Star Wars set for 3D rehash

Greg J Preece


"only two, maybe three Terminator movies, depending on your PoV of T IV"

TWO! There were only ever TWO Terminator movies. God help anyone in my vicinity who tries to claim otherwise.

When you start making gay/wonderbra jokes with walking killing machines, you have officially fucked up the franchise.

Greg J Preece

Oh God, no

I think I would rather clean Jabba the Hut's toilet bowl than pay good money to see The Phantom Menace at the cinema again, 3D or otherwise. I'll wait until 2014 when the second trilogy will likely rock up.

Nintendo 3DS misses Xmas launch window

Greg J Preece

Didn't they say this ages ago?

I seem to remember Nintendo saying the 3DS would be launched in March when it was first announced. That's certainly the month I've had in my head since I found out about it.

OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers

Greg J Preece

Nice one!

This is why there was no point in worrying about MySQL and OpenOffice - you can't kill open source. If you shut down the project, someone will fork it. If you act like an arsehole, you lose control.

Nicely done, OOo.

Sony Ericsson delays X10 Android 2.1 update

Greg J Preece

Brand new, dude

Brand new phone, no protector on it, just doesn't drag properly. Though it does, rather weirdly, seem to be improving...

Greg J Preece

Hope they've fixed the drag issues

Got an X10 (the big one) last week on the company contract. Nice phone, except for the major issues I have with dragging. Unless I put a LOT of pressure on the screen, dragging is seriously hit and miss. Even dragging to unlock can take several attempts, as you apparently let go halfway through. It's the only real flaw I've found with the phone, but it's a bloody big one!

Moms stand firm against antenna madness

Greg J Preece


Like a lamb to the slaughter.

Greg J Preece

And then for your phone to reach the mast...

...it has to jack up its own power level, pumping more of that horrible, baby-killing radiation into your head.

And then, when enough people have brain cancer, the phone companies will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!


No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

Greg J Preece

*Sigh* This again?

"People have moved through from DVDs to digital downloads and digital streaming."

No. They. Haven't.

Sure, the iPlayer might be awesome for catching up on stuff, and people might spend all their time on YouTube, but for actually owning/watching something, huge swathes of the population quite plainly continue to buy optical media. Look at the size of the Blu-Ray section in HMV sometime.

"We offer full HD 1080p Blu-ray quality streaming instantly, no download, no delay."

No. You. Don't.

I have a 13Mbps connection, and that is waaaay above average in this country (and yours, I'd imagine). If you can stream Blade Runner to me at 1080p, without visible/audible compression or loss of features, on that connection, I will be impressed. I doubt it will happen.

In the meantime those of us with a clue will buy optical media and wait for the infrastructure to improve. Which, naturally, means we'll be buying PS3s.


Sony PlayStation Move

Greg J Preece

Had a play with this at the weekend

The accuracy was fantastic. The augmented reality stuff was sweet. The games were shit.

Painting? Feckin' PAINTING?? Get out of my face. The Americans get Razing Storm and we get Start the Party? A patched version of Heavy Rain, maybe, but I think I'll wait a bit before buying one. The list of games that will support it is impressive, but they should have had a few more proper games at launch...

Pope makes central London no-go zone for BT engineers

Greg J Preece

Missing the point!

Forget all this holiness, religious debate and BT engineering. What I want to know is - is the old bugger paying the congestion charge?

Halo: Reach

Greg J Preece


Deep storyline??

Dear God man, are you ill? The level design in Halo was so crap even Bungie got bored of it - how about the "level" at the end of the game that makes you play the same room over and over? That is the laziest piece of level construction I have *EVER* seen.

And storyline? Two warring factions disturb an ancient enemy? And you've never heard that before? You need to read more, dude.

Greg J Preece

True successor to Combat Evolved?

I won't be playing that, then. I'm one of those supposedly "resentful" PC FPS gamers, and when the original Halo came to PC I gave it a shot. It was one of the most depressingly disappointing games I have ever played. Dull, repetitive, derivative crap, and from what I've played of the others when I've been drunk enough, they're no better.

And pointing out a large number of flaws in a mediocre FPS series right before giving the game 95%? Riiiight...

Update kills code-execution threat in Samba

Greg J Preece



Someone wanna tell him? (Her?) (It?)

Greg J Preece

Have to admit

For various reasons I've been asked to scrub up on iOS development. I nearly screamed like a little girl when I opened the coding manual and saw the keyword "malloc". Noooooooooo!

Pandora tops 1000 boxes

Greg J Preece

Well, it's horrifically ugly, but...

...are those analogs? DUAL ANALOGS??

Where the hell's my credit card...

Koran-burning 'pastor' loses website

Greg J Preece

Gotta love the name

"The Dove World Outreach Center also sells "Islam is the Devil" T-shirts and runs an eBay business."

The name of his "church" has been amusing me since this story broke. Way to reach out to the world, dickhead.

"Their fundamentalist religion is evil! They want to call people heathens, and burn their symbols, and potentially kill them! All we want to do is..er...um..."

Sonic Screwdriver controller coming to Wii

Greg J Preece

Christ's sake...

So they'll spend ages developing stuff like this, but they still haven't made any good light guns. Even the moulds are usually abysmal. OK, the Overshot and Venom are nice exceptions, but the Overshot is a bit small and the Venom is just a single-handed mould. C'mon, make a good gun already!

StreetView passed by Kiwi cops

Greg J Preece

We've been over this

Leaving your door open does not make it legal for someone to walk inside.

Having an unlocked door does not make theft legal.

Having an unencrypted wireless network is not an invitation to steal data.

Punters still puzzled by broadband ads

Greg J Preece

Well they would say that!

"Virgin gets some credit for this increased transparency, but the likes of BT will say it is unfair to compare a fibre-optic network with its ageing copper network and wider, rural, spread"

Why? It's their fault they didn't upgrade their crappy network sooner! Virgin are still an option for the consumer, so surely they should be compared against their rivals.

Nandos 'village bike' ad not sexist, rules ASA

Greg J Preece

The really stupid part is...

"I look forward to the day when every other advert features a nine inch man handle and you all slowly start to understand that feminism might have a point."

The really stupid part is that most *men* wish they weren't like that. I, for one, am sick of being advertised to as if I were a knuckle-dragging ape, or ten years old. Look at any Gillette advert - they talk to men as if we're all one step above protoplasm.

Ug. Me man. Me want shag woman. Me buy razor. Ug ug oooh, aaagh!

Most guys (or at least most guys I know) wish advertisers would stop with this crap. Oh look, tits, yes very good. I have seen those before, you know...

Greg J Preece



Scottish iSchool goes 100% iPad

Greg J Preece

Hope they've got a lot of charging points...

Do you really expect 10 year olds to remember to charge the things every night?

Or even keep them intact?

AMD to dump ATI brand

Greg J Preece

The only people?

"The only people who care about brand names are the ones that either can't be bothered to read reviews and instead base their purchasing decisions on marketing spiel"

That would be "most of the population", then?

*Cough* iPhone *Cough*

I mean, come on, how many people know who Intel are based solely on the annoying jingle jammed onto the end of every annoying PC World advert? That's branding, that is, and it works rather well. I've met a good number of people who won't buy a PC with an AMD processor in it because they've only ever heard of Intel, so they assume Intel are the shit, and AMD are some unknown Korean manufacturer or something. It's nonsense, of course, but it's the impression they have thanks to branding.

Fennec squeezes into Android users' pockets

Greg J Preece

Doh, not WebM

That other one. MicroB, that's it.

Greg J Preece


Errr....why would you want to port a mobile version of Firefox to a phone that already has both Firefox and WebM (Mozilla)?

Twitpic pulls 50 Cent bum burger snap

Greg J Preece

It must have taken great skill to get shot

It seems to often be used - as here - as a justification for his fame. What you're basically saying is, he's shit, but he got shot, so he's not.

Personally, I call BS.

Greg J Preece

Does 50 pence remind anyone

Of a 12 year old boy trying to sound well 'ard, like?

Shit nigga, don't be touchin' my shit, yo. Cut you up.

H.264 answers Google's open codec with forever free license*

Greg J Preece

"Go" rhymes with "go"??

Truly you are the next poet laureate!

Apple to reveal musical something on September 1

Greg J Preece

That'd be the PC World...

..that now sells an awful lot of Macs to its customers, then?

Microsoft Windows glider crashes

Greg J Preece

That has got to be...

...one of the absolute worst attempts at music I have ever heard.

Take a horrifically bad dance number, and mix it with the WINDOWS XP STARTUP SOUND??

Jesus Horatio Christ, my ears!

Japanese press step into execution chamber

Greg J Preece

It's people like you

That make me glad to be human. Wait, no, that's not right.

It's people like you that make me ashamed to be of the same species. That's the one.

Unhackable PS3 finally jailbroken, video claims

Greg J Preece


Do me a favour and just hush up. I want the Hypervisor back, nothing else. I guess I must be a thief, and that 100% legit games collection of mine is a figment of my imagination.


Head App Store plod punts farts 'n' wiz

Greg J Preece

For the love of God, man!

The N900 has emulators for every system under the sun and you're playing MooBox? :-p

Grab iNES, slap in a copy of Galaga, be obsessed.

Extreme porn law on the ropes

Greg J Preece


"Due to the sexual nature of the case, he has been barred from contact with his daughter since the case began"

That's a bit of a logical leap! Man may enjoy porn involving sharp objects == man will abuse his daughter??

Someone wants a slap for that one.

Hands on with Nintendo 3DS

Greg J Preece


"Nintendo stressed upon launch of the DS that it was not another Game Boy."

Except that that's *exactly* what it is. You pick it up and play games with it. The rest of the feature list/firmware, at least on my Lite, is garbage, especially compared to my PSP. They should make it do games, and do it well. Their half-arsed attempts at giving it a longer feature list make them look like berks - the PSP is a media machine, the DS just isn't. Yet.

The 3DS really interests me, but I do still play GBA games - hell, I still play Colecovision games - so that's a strike against it. And not sure whether I'd just rather have the larger screens of the XL... Looks like a better update than the DSi though.

Greg J Preece

GBA Port?

Does it still have one?

Apple preps iOS fix as Germany warns of iPhone peril

Greg J Preece


That's....bad! Move a slider in a browser, and root the fecking device? Nice security!

Firefox market share drops as IE makes slender gain

Greg J Preece

Still a happy FF user

No stability issues, no extension issues. Sure it's a bit slower than the others but its improving, and it works the way I want it to. Plus, unlike a certain other browser, it doesn't spend half its time dialling home (didn't MS get slated six ways from Sunday for that...?).

And unlike some other punters here, I think I will reserve judgement on FF4 until it's actually finished.

HP pays to end kickback probe

Greg J Preece

I've always wondered how that works...

Err, we might get convicted here...


Wooo, innocent!

Android surges past iPhone in smartphone sales

Greg J Preece

I think they mean native

I think the difference is that with an Android phone, you can't actually get down to the Linux bit - everything runs on a layer above it.

Whereas on a native Linux device - something running Maemo, say - you can hold CTRL+SHIFT+X on the keyboard, and a bash terminal pops up. It literally is a Debian distro, and you can screw with it as such.

Firefox 4 beta 2 preaches tabs-on-top love to fanbois

Greg J Preece

Hehe, you old misery guts

"Web designers should be using LESS animations, not more."

Perhaps they just want to use the CSS animation features so they can replace existing Flash/Silverlight based transitions/effects with standards-compliant browser-rendered ones, rather than suddenly using them to splooge nonsense all over every page in existence?

It'd certainly be cheaper for the designer, better accessible for the handicapped, and Flash would die on its arse and stop crashing my PS3. I see no downside, personally.

Greg J Preece

Predictable post of the day

Well done. You managed to get an Opera mention in on the first comment. You should feel proud.

iPad alert: Are you a selfish elite or an independent geek?

Greg J Preece


""half the Internet's infrastructure" is kind of stretching it. After all, the BSDs are more popular than Linux in the high-end networking gear."

I didn't do a survey and come out with precisely 50.0%... It was just a phrase!

Greg J Preece

Yes, I noticed this...

Not only does he wave an iPad around in front of the camera as much as possible (not that the Beeb would ever break their charter and directly promote a product), but he had the bloody thing two weeks before release! They deliberately imported one just so he could parade around with it.

Never seen him look at it even once. In fact, I've never seen it turned on. I can't imagine wi-fi reception is brilliant at the end of the pit lane, so WTF is it for? Just a thing for him to hold and go "wooo, I've got one!"

Greg J Preece

Amusing language guffaws

I love some of the factors for belonging to a group criticising the iPad are being interested in computers, electronics and the Internet. :-)

And as a Lintard, this kind of BS always annoys me:

"Linux (a do-it-yourself operating system for super geeks)"

Uh-huh. As well as phones, in-car systems, networking kit, half the Internet's infrastructure, etc, etc, etc... You know, all that shit you non-geeks use every day?

Apple sued over hot iPad shutdowns

Greg J Preece

In fairness to the iPad

Don't most consumer electronics come with a warning not to leave them in direct sunlight? I remember back in t'day, when I holidayed in Spain, the Discman had to stay under the sun lounger.

BBC news apps squeeze onto iPhone, iPad

Greg J Preece

Wow, what a pile of fail

There is an official release of Flash for Android.

There was an iPlayer app for Android. The Beeb had it removed.

Your last paragraph makes no sense.

Conclusion: you should know more about this stuff before spouting nonsense.

Greg J Preece

Missing the point

All those saying that the BBC is not favouring a specific platform are missing an important point. Firstly, they have they thrown all their effort into developing for Apple platforms - remember that Android was around long before the iPad, and the iPad has a much smaller user base - fobbing us off with their excuse of "we'll make it later."

On top of that, there *was* an excellent 3rd-party app for accessing both live and iPlayer streams. No profit was being made from it, and even after its developer offered the code for the app to the Beeb, they still shut it off. So they removed BeebPlayer from Android whilst barrelling ahead with an app for iPad, which is, let's face it, a niche product in this country.

And did anyone see their so-called "report" on Apple on BBC Breakfast last week? That wasn't a report, it was an advert! A ten-minute Apple-is-amazing splooge, regurgitating Jobs' doublethink regarding the Judas Phone, promoting his products as much as possible, and actually trying to pretend that Apple not only invented smartphones, but apps as well.

I've long said that the BBC needs a good whack across the back of the knees for their obvious and continuing promotion of Apple products, and this is just another example of why.

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