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Tron Evolution

Greg J Preece

Another vote for Tron 2.0

Just as we know that the movie will be a disastrous re-hash, I'd much rather play Tron 2.0 again - PC, not X-box. It really felt like Tron, the visuals were fantastic, and the in-game mechanics were really easy to pick up.

LHC boffins turn lead into quarko-gluotic Big Bang incrediblo-stuff

Greg J Preece

As a child of ReBoot and Tron...

...that animation was the coolest thing I've seen in weeks.

That is all.

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back

Greg J Preece

Denial this is

Fact it is not.

Yoda, I must stop talking like.

A properly-coded app running on the PS3 will beat the socks off the 360. No-one is clustering PS3s together for number crunching.

Problem is, since Sony lost so many of their exclusives, most apps are cross-platform, and the more complex PS3 platform can be a real pain in the ass in cases like that. Sometimes it just comes down to which platform the developers favour. FF XIII was better on PS3, this is better on Xbox.

Blu-ray barely better than DVD

Greg J Preece


Blade Runner is amazing on Blu-Ray. That said, Mr Scott did spend an awfully large amount of time and money remastering it properly, so I doubt that would ever happen for the vast majority of older discs.

I somehow ended up with Escape From New York on BD - I swear that one's actually *worse* than the DVD.

Apple throws a wobbly over Steve Jobs dolly

Greg J Preece

Why get pissy over this?

It's not mocking him - it's actually a pretty good doll. If I were Jobs I'd be flattered.

MP wants age verification for net smut

Greg J Preece

They applied that to our company phones

Without telling us, I might add. Various field teams in the company suddenly unable to access the websites of half our clients. Within 30 minutes I'd phoned them up, given them a verbal kicking in the nuts, and lo and behold, no more filtering.

Nice system...

Greg J Preece

Bloody hellfire...

"We already successfully regulate British TV channels, cinema screens, high street hoardings and newsagent shelves to stop children seeing inappropriate images and mobile phone companies are able to restrict access to adult material so why should the internet be any different?"

If you have to ask that question, you do not know enough about how the Internet works to be passing legislation on it. Leave the debate, go directly to home, do not pass Go, etc.

Acer replaces laptop keyboard with multi-touch LCD

Greg J Preece

If it didn't have glossy screens

I'd be on the phone to Acer trying to pre-order one.

I've wanted an adaptive keyboard for years - one that refactors itself to the task. With one of these and a Linux install, I could probably make one. I'm also a multi-monitor man - single-monitor setups feel claustrophobic to me these days.

And besides, it is fecking sexy.

Buffy to slay her way back into cinemas

Greg J Preece


"J.J. Abrams Star Trek, which I was surprisingly not complete rubbish"

The stray "I" aside, you seem to have accidentally inserted the word "not" into that sentence.

Greg J Preece

Oh thank Christ!

I knew that with the slew of teenage vampire crap going around at the minute, something would get remade, and I'd much rather it was Buffy than Blade.

But you know it's going to be terrible. This paragraph says it all:

>>Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer should brace themselves for a

>>cinematic "re-imagining" of the cult character, which producer

>>Charles Roven describes as a "a completely new reboot".

Oh wow, just wow. You *know* that's going to be awful. Star Trek XI awful.

iOS 4.2: An 'ace' for iPad, a 'meh' for iPhone

Greg J Preece

Those miserable buggers!

"4.2 adds assignable SMS/MMS tones. Something that people have been whinging on about for years."

Complaining on about not having a simple feature that's available on every other smartphone in existence. How dare they question the Church of Jobs?? Heathens.

Indonesian smut vid star's arse hauled into court

Greg J Preece

Quick Question

"more and more prudish, pathetic, uncivilised and backward countries are brought to the attention of the world every day."

Had you not heard of Indonesia before?

I do hope you see the irony in your post.

Apple scraps 'never-formed plans' for iPhone SIM in 2011

Greg J Preece

"A source said"...

...is the journalistic equivalent of "I'm not racist, but..." It basically translates to "what follows carries with it a very high probability of being complete and utter arsewash." Enjoy.

Top Ten Arcade Classics

Greg J Preece

I never used to do it...

...but I used to try and hunt down the machine-wrecking sons-of-bitches that did do it...

There's actually a calibration code on the later machines, so you can calibrate the gun yourself before playing, and optionally turn the recoil off.

Greg J Preece

Time Crisis LIVES!

I'm a Time Crisis nutjob, personally - I love light gun games, and every time you think Sega, Taito or someone else are catching up, Namco release a new one that once again blows everything else out of the water. I love them so much I own every single one - I even bought a special gun so I can play the PS2 versions upscaled on my PS3.

I was quite astonished just last month to find an original deluxe edition Time Crisis machine hidden away on the top floor of an amusements in Blackpool, in the same room as deluxe editions of House of the Dead 1, Virtua Cop 2, and GUNBLADE! There's one no-one's mentioned. Gunblade absolutely ruled. (It's out on the Wii now - bloody faithful port, too.)

When I was a bairn - unfortunately not far enough back to play some of these - I played a lot of Daytona USA, Outrun, Terminator 2, Gunblade, X-Men, and Galaga. Actually, surprised Galaga/Galaxian didn't get a mention.

iPhone 4 gets slide-out keyboard

Greg J Preece


In fact, my first thought when seeing this was "my, doesn't that make it look like a Nokia..."

The product itself, though, is copper-bottomed genius.

Fox News outs Beatles as 'Manchester's favorite mopheads'

Greg J Preece

I did once get this fine example:

"What's the flag with the dragon on?"

"That's Wales."

"Aaah, Wales! That's in Scotland, right?"

"Not quite."

Greg J Preece

Not the first people to get those two mixed up

If you ever play Resistance, watch with mirth as the cities of England keep swapping places in the FMVs.

UK.gov ignores 'net neutrality' campaigners

Greg J Preece

I wonder what would happen to...


AMD joins Intel mobile Linux push

Greg J Preece


The more the merrier. Currently trying to get MeeGo dual booting on my Nokia - should be fun for some development.

Firefox 4 Android beta gets stomach stapled

Greg J Preece

Re: Maemo Version

Is it optified? I'd like to try it out, but if it's going to take up all the root space, no ta.

Though I suppose I could optify it myself.

First official HTML5 tests topped by...Microsoft

Greg J Preece

Like the recent ones?

About how fast it's suddenly gotten?

Or how twonks like you pick holes in a piece of software that hasn't been released yet?

Greg J Preece


"Well now the browser you was demanding is here whilst Firefox is throwing paper aeroplanes, doodling on its exercise books and making fart noises at the back of the class. Happy now?"

That'd be the Firefox that came 3rd out of the 5 majors, then? And both IE and FF in that test were pre-release. Quit pretending like Firefox aren't doing development when we get an article on El Reg every other week about the latest FF4 build.

Top Ten Retro PC Games

Greg J Preece

See, I didn't like most of that list

Doom was crap, C&C was too basic and slow, Diablo was tedious, Black and White was just annoying.

For me, I'd have inserted The Terminator: Future Shock, a healthy dose of Mechwarrior 2, Civilization II, and some Wing Commander/Independence War/Tachyon: The Fringe.

Hells Angels slap London dressmakers with trademark suit

Greg J Preece

Nothing says rebellion against the system

Like a lawsuit!

Sony soars, sinks, soars on Apple buyout rumor

Greg J Preece


Apple owning Sony?


Trying to imagine an Apple-designed Playstation. I could make an awful lot of jokes about that, but I think i'll just *shudder* again.


Greg J Preece
Dead Vulture

What do you expect?

These jokers gave a Halo game 100%. HALO!

I have never seen anyone give a game a 100% review, ever. Not even HL2, which proudly advertised its 96% score on its advertising posters.

But Halo: Reach? Man, that's a masterpiece...

Greg J Preece

Hells yeah!

I remember playing Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries, and always running the mech right on the redline. I think I pressed the "override thermal shutdown" button more than the fire button!

Greg J Preece


I've heard from other places that the game is only 4 or 5 hours long, a la Medal of Honour. Is that true?

Pity there isn't a PC port. I really don't like playing this type of game with thumbsticks.

Tesco's iPhone app gets barcode reader

Greg J Preece

Err, dude?

"and the likes of National Rail"

National Rail have an Android app now. The cheeky sods are charging £3.50 (and it was £5 originally) when their site already has a mobile interface, but it's there. Came out in the summer, I believe.

ICO reopens Google Street View privacy probe

Greg J Preece

The ICO has developed a spine??

Gonna have to clean my monitor after reading that.

£20 says they slap their wrists and do sod all else.

Apple threatens Java with death on the Mac

Greg J Preece

You've missed my point

JAU was quoting stats showing OSX having a much larger market share, but I was making the point that that might be amongst the consumer sector, not necessarily Java developers. The devs I know are just an example to go with it.

And yeah, all Linux baby. For most mainstream development it's just plain better, though I will admit that modern Windows systems are much improved.

Greg J Preece

Amongst developers?

"I can't find more up-to-date details but one article citing statistics from December 2009 shows OS X having five times the share of Linux."

Amongst developers, or everybody? Because in the Java dev world, almost everyone I know runs Linux.

Though it will be two laptops for one of our team, who recently got a Mac so he could do some iPhone stuff, but still codes Java with the rest of us. Good ol' Apple. Less functionality is better for you. Diversity is bad. Be the same as the rest. Jooiiinn uuussss....

Jobs' Lion to marry Mac OS X and iOS

Greg J Preece

Finally, eh?

"It's about time there was a central place to go to browse and download software. Sure, there's google, shareware.com, versiontracker, but the sheer convenience of the iPhone/iPad app store has been great."

You mean like on...erm...*cough*...


iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid: purveyors of pestilence

Greg J Preece

This always bugs me

"Mobile phones can harbour on average 18 times more living bacteria than a flush on a gents' toilet."

Yes, but are they the same kinds of bacteria. This is the same claim that pisses me off in Dettol adverts - "there's more germs on your chopping board than on your bog seat." Yes, but they're not the same fucking germs, are they!?

"If you put virus on a surface, like an iPhone, about 30 per cent of it will get on your fingertips,"

How about if you put it on a Surface? I'm more likely to share one of those touch devices than a phone, mine, company or otherwise.

Microsoft's fear of an OpenOffice

Greg J Preece

Web 2.0 means nothing to corporates

It's all well and good saying that OpenOffice and its like are dead because trendier alternatives exist, but that in turn means sod all in a corporate environment. We all know that there are large sections of large companies still managing their data via macros in Excel 2003 (if they're lucky) and surfing the net in IE6. These people will be using Office for a looooong time to come, so why shouldn't OpenOffice try and pilfer them? And why shouldn't Microsoft worry about said pilfering?

Especially if you're the sort of cynical git who thinks that people might eventually swing back toward keeping hold of their own data.

Opera Mobile for Android: Nearly there!

Greg J Preece

My Bad

"He is getting confused with Opera MINI, which Is out for Android, and a different product."

This man is correct, I was not.

Greg J Preece

Beta's been out for a while

And it's not bad, either. Always loved Opera Mobile, though the Mozilla/Firefox implementations on Maemo are superb.

Greg J Preece

Well isn't that strange...

"Opera Mobile browser will be available in Google's Android Marketplace within the next month and the upcoming Opera 11 desktop browser will include Firefox-like extensions."

After listening to the Opera crown harp on about how extensions only slow down a browser, bloat it up, etc, and how they're totally unnecessary in a piece of software as perfect as Opera, the company go and add extensions.

Huh. I wonder if some opinions will now radically and rapidly shift to "extensions r teh awesome."

Written, oddly enough, in Opera.

Apple to lead fanbois 'Back to the Mac'

Greg J Preece

@Michael Xion

"The uni I work for just got quotes to replace a PC lab. Due to the specs required for win7, the individual machines are actually more expensive than an equivalent iMac."


Sorry mate, that has *got* to be bullshit. I'm no Windows fan, but Win7 runs nicely on everything I have that used to run XP (they all still dual-boot Kubuntu). This desktop cost half what a basic iMac costs, and it runs Win7 just dandy. My laptop cost £500 three years ago - it's not even that nice - and it runs Win7 just dandy.

Either Apple are suddenly selling iMacs for half what they were before, or someone at your Uni's been bullshitted mate.

Spycam school to pay damages for kiddie snaps

Greg J Preece

Why does one kid get so much more?

"The school has now agreed to pay $175,000 (£110,000) to Blake Robins, one of the students, $10,000 (£6,300) to Jalil Hassan and $425,000 (£268,000) to their lawyers."

Is there a reason why one kid gets £110 000 and the other only gets £6300? That seems a bit off. Is there some background reason I'm unaware of?

Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed

Greg J Preece


Not had time to play with Maverick on my laptop until today, so I hadn't noticed the new KNetworkManager. That thing is SWEET! Took them long enough to make a proper network manager, but this time they've really got it right. Nice and clear, easy to use, and optional levels of detail for the techies amongst us. Absolutely love it - a small but superbly done upgrade.

Greg J Preece
Thumb Up

That's new

"Free software purists may decry the move, but Canonical clearly doesn't care and is ultimately more interested in a free desktop that allows the users to install any kind of software applications they'd like than it is in satisfying the militantly free crowd."

It's not long since Ubuntu refused to even prompt users to install MP3/DVD capabilites on or after install, as that would corrupt their pure OS. It's good to see they've finally wised up and realised that the end user doesn't care one iota about "free as in free" software, however much we might - they just want a system that works out of the box. And if Ubuntu's primary goal is to spread Linux to the end user, this is a reality they had to accept.

HMRC systems downed by upgrades

Greg J Preece

Great month to pick

Gee, when should we do the massive IT upgrade guys? The month with the tax deadline in it? GOOD IDEA!

Microsoft sends in the tanks against Motorola, Android

Greg J Preece

A possible solution

If the USPO are this slack, how about we get together and patent patent-trolling? "A method whereby patents are filed for no basis other than to attack commercial competition."

The concept of being able to sue MS and Apple for suing others appeals to me.

Google hands number 7 shirt to Chrome browser

Greg J Preece

I've been thinking this

They've already got more major version numbers than every main player except Internet Explorer. WTF? Can you really see six or seven versions worth of difference between Chrome 1 and the current release?

Video vigilante site emerges from legal battles

Greg J Preece

You pay them??

The shopkeepers pay this bunch of goons to get people to watch their CCTV. They get you to watch it for them, and YOU PAY THEM for the privilege?

Seriously? There's a members fee for sitting on your arse doing someone else's work?

Are these people fucking stupid??

Texas Chain Saw Massacre declared top horror flick

Greg J Preece

Event Horizon!

Not that scary really, but great fun to watch.

You! Won't! Take! My! Crew!

EU sues UK.gov over Phorm trials

Greg J Preece

I agree!

How dare those bastards attempt to protect us from illegal wiretaps by bringing a corrupt government to task? That's OUR corrupt government, damn it! Johnny Foreigner shouldn't put his do-gooding nose where it's not wanted.

Penguin in the picture: top video editors for Linux fans

Greg J Preece


Been needing to edit some videos for upload. The basic editors were too basic, Cinelerra was too monstrous for a beginner, but I didn't know about Kdenlive. And, conveniently, I'm a KDE user. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

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