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Mozilla plots February Firefox 4 release

Greg J Preece


I'm going to make El Reg daily bingo cards, and one of the squares will be "first post in a browser related thread is from an Opera fanboi". Do you guys monitor the RSS feeds or something? Is there an Opera SWAT team on standby, ready to leap into action whenever a false sense of superiority is required?

2011 Games Preview

Greg J Preece

I was going to respond in kind

With some kind of reasoned argument, but then I read...

"But for those of us who also play console games, HL2 and Episode 2 were far from stellar, by the time they were released they had been out-flanked by far superior console titles with the rise of the likes of the Halo series, and so forth."

...and the minute you called Halo a superior game to HL2, and implied that good PC FPS games are few and far between - what planet are you on? - I decided you were either uninformed or ignorant, so I won't bother.

Greg J Preece

Heard this before

"I've lost interest. I'll check Wikipedia for the plot, but I won't buy it. It's been too damn long."

Didn't everyone say that about Half Life 2? It took 6 years, everyone was wondering WTF, and then it was one of the best games ever made. And again with EP2. "Where is it? It'll be shi-...oh, it's awesome."

Valve do this, but the end result is always worth it. Patience, young padawan.

Greg J Preece

I was thinking that!

I thought Nintendo made the cheap consoles? I can get a PSP for £30 and I'll wager it'll still be more powerful than the 3DS. Better games, too.

Greg J Preece

You missed a couple

My first two pre-orders of this year are for Return of Alice, given how brilliant the original was, and Child of Eden, again given how brilliant the original was. Child of Eden might even get me buying a Move.

Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'

Greg J Preece

Are you referring to the X10?

"What, like on phones from Sony that are only 6 months old and aren't getting any new updates?"

Riiiight, except that it got an update, and it now runs 2.1, and they're apparently planning a 2.2 release for this year.

Please try and keep your fevered hallucinations from encroaching on what has actually happened.

Greg J Preece


Surely the only reason they're running WebM in the first place is so they can eventually ditch Flash? More bloody doublespeak from the Cupertino crowd. They're just afraid they're going to lose, and we'll actually end up with a real open web, not their twisted, patented definition.

Apple 4 Verizon. True

Greg J Preece

I used to do that...

...on Windows Mobile 2003.

Still do, on Android.

Nice to see Apple leading the way, as usual.

Drupal 7 dives into machine-readable web

Greg J Preece

Ease of use sounds good

I've set up some sites for other people on the quick using Drupal 6, and while I like the system, the control panel is horrible! Not nice for an end user. I'll have to check out the improvements and get them upgraded.

Apple unwraps app store for proper computers

Greg J Preece

Not quite

"I've thought this for a while: soon we'll have locked down, sanitized computers everywhere. Desktop, phone, tablet."

If you buy into Mac, maybe. MS will attempt a half-arsed version eventually in Win8 or something, and it'll suck, then fail, and they'll go back to buying software the old way. Linux...is Linux. We've been doing repositories for years, but anyone can have one, anyone can use one, and there aren't many restrictions - none if you're using 3rd-party repos.

Just the way it should be. :-)

Firefox ahead of IE in Europe, boosted by Chrome effect

Greg J Preece


Nice evangelism there, but...

"Btw, the reflexive Opera bashing has been really tiresome for 10 yrs"

I think you should look at these threads again. the reflex comes from Opera users who want to bang on about how awesome it is, and everything else is shit, and we're all stupid for using anything else.

Said it before, say it again. Calm. Down.

Greg J Preece


I can see their point, but AdBlock Plus doesn't come with the browser - it's my choice to install it. So don't be pissed off with Firefox, be pissed off with me. I probably won't listen, but take your best shot.

In fact, when it comes to browsers with oh-so-superior ad blocking technology built right in, shouldn't they be going after...Opera? ;-)

Greg J Preece


It works, bitches!

Greg J Preece

I feel sorry for you

Anyone that emotionally attached to a browser has problems.

I seem to remember responding to almost exactly the same post the last time anyone mentioned browsers. If you could stop pasting this crap into every browser discussion, we'd have one less annoying Opera fanboi around, which in my case would make me more inclined to use it.

Still wouldn't though. I prefer Firefox. Yes, *prefer*. As in "I have tried Opera and I prefer Firefox." Honestly. Not even kidding. It is possible, you know.

PHP apps plagued by Mark of the Beast bug

Greg J Preece

PHP is loosely typed

As you well know, so...

"Seriously? Just how many of the f*ckers do you need? = for assign and == for equivalence. Jesus."

It's actually:

= for assign

== for equivalence *of value* - two variables with the same value that might not necessarily be the same type

=== for equivalence *in value and type* - two variables with the same value and type

Is that too difficult for you? Would you rather do your programming in BASIC?

Greg J Preece

@asdf, Thyratron....Greg???

Me?? I was taking the piss! I'm a PHP coder! I've got a sodding ZCE (yes, I know)!

Greg J Preece

Predictable post of the day

Insert anti-PHP "insecure garbage" rant from Perl developer here.

Microsoft confirms code execution bug in Windows

Greg J Preece

Or better yet

Use an unsigned short!

Small biz calls for end date on enhanced 17.5% VAT

Greg J Preece

When the debt has all been paid off

Ha! When was the last time we, as a country, were not in debt?

Greg J Preece

The decrease was temporary, the increase is permanent

Sounds about right. And how strange that the train companies have megajacked their prices on the very same day! My daily train ticket (assuming I was stupid enough not to buy a season ticket) has gone up from £6.20 to £7.30 overnight. That's a hell of an increase!

It's OK though, it's to get new rolling stock. Well, it's not new rolling stock, it's shitty hand-me-downs from London that we've had for years, so it's not costing us anything anyway. Enjoy (y)our increased wealth.

Ford cars get draconian parental controls

Greg J Preece

They're often not going that fast

Don't want to risk their body kits on an unexpected bump. It just sounds like they are because they replace their exhaust pipe with a drainpipe and then drive everywhere in 2nd gear.

Standard smartphone charger to dominate in two years

Greg J Preece


"The biggest smartphone maker that is not a signatory to the MoU is HTC."

That said, don't all their phones charge off micro-USB already? Or are the new standards far enough off micro-USB that the two will be incompatible?

Greg J Preece

My current Nokia does both

It came with a mains to micro-USB lead, a PC to micro-USB lead, and an adaptor that allowed you to use one of the old style Nokia chargers that everyone and their mum has. Not bad

Greg J Preece

I'll bet you ten quid...

...that they keep the proprietary connector, and provide an adaptor to micro-USB for charging only.

PC World website went titsup on Boxing Day

Greg J Preece

Thousands of customers better off

They should have bought the extended warranty for just 10p a day.

LG uncloaks six-foot 3D TV

Greg J Preece

"It would make more sense to restrict the size of TVs to 36" or less."

Sure, sure, and while we're about saving the planet, let's get all those backward rural tits that are always moaning about having to be involved in the 21st Century to get rid of their Land Rovers and jig around the countryside in a G-Whizz.

And all those "would you rather have a nuclear plant?" posters - yeah, I fecking would! Far as I'm concerned, you can install a nuclear plant in our beautiful valley over a wind farm any day of the week. Not because a wind farm is "hideous" or any such 1700s shite, but because a nuclear plant is a better bloody solution! The difference between a nuclear plant and a wind farm is that a nuclear plant actually works.

I don't own a hatred of human advancement, so it will indeed be a Happy New Year. To the pub, my friends!

Greg J Preece

Oh I do love a snob

"I have observed that intellect is inversely proportional to the size of installed TV, but there must be limits!"

I assume you watch everything on your iPhone? Swarovski edition, of course.

London's tube demands faster-than-NFC ticketing

Greg J Preece

Almost works in Leeds

They installed ticket barriers in Leeds station, and they *almost* work properly. The ticket reader is very fast, but the actual barriers are a bit glitchy. Sometimes they wait a second or two before opening, and in rare cases if you're following someone through, it accepts your ticket, then slams the barriers shut on you as you pass through!

As the gamer in me would say, laaaaaaaaaag!

2011: The year open source (really) goes capitalist

Greg J Preece

Great article, but..

...for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster...stop calling it the cloud! It's just the Internet, for Christ's sake! Web 2.0? Same as Web 1.0, just with more JavaScript and Tim O'Reilly.

El Reg, can we put "Cloud" on the banned list with lappy, mobe, etc?

Mozilla lands fresh Firefox 4 beta on Android, Maemo

Greg J Preece

I got a bite!

Let's reel it in!

"You know the "Awesome Bar" was an Opera invention and predated Firefox's awesome bar by several years... Nice to see you catching up."

You should know before you dig yourself a bigger hole, I have Opera installed alongside Firefox on both my desktop and mobile. (I'm a developer - I have *every* major browser installed, plus a few others.) I've never said that Opera is a bad browser - it's actually rather excellent. But if the address bar in Opera is supposed to work like the one in Firefox, I've got some bad news for you mate - it doesn't. It just doesn't. The bar in Firefox is the most intuitive of all of them, hands down.

As for your retarded "I haven't tried Opera" rant, having a larger footprint than Opera Mini isn't difficult, seen as it doesn't actually render anything... Oh, and Opera only rushed tab stacking into Opera 11 because they knew Mozilla were mucking around with it.

I'm sorry it upsets you that I prefer Firefox, but I do. And over-zealous fanboys like you are one reason I don't go near the Opera community. You just listed every other major browser maker as just dealing out "propaganda" - of course! There's no other possible reason anyone would use them, right? Sounds like if anyone's drunk the Kool Aid, it's you.

Calm the fuck down - so long as you're not using IE, you're fine with me.

Greg J Preece

Snapshot version?

Sync 1.6 became available in Firefox 3.6 for me last night - clicking on "failed to sync" prompted me to install the new version. Strange that you should have to go to that length.

Greg J Preece
Thumb Up

Better, but still some way to go

Firefox on my Xperia is now actually quick enough that I might quit using the built-in browser altogether. Having my awesome bar/tabs/history/bookmarks/everything-ever synchronised straight to the device and back again is just too cool.

(Opera fanbois, shut your pie holes. I use Firefox on the desktop, and the awesome bar wins at everything, ever, forever. Get over it.)

Firefox on Maemo is still slow as shit, but not quite as slow as shit as it was before. The previous version was so slow it was untestable, but this one actually functions, just not nearly as quickly as MicroB. It's also sometimes leaving defunct processes behind when it exits, so I can't use it twice in a row without dropping to bash and nuking those, which is an ass. I'll get that reported as a bug.

Speed really is the major issue with these mobile versions. Hopefully the final version will be fully up to speed, because the browser's actual functionality looks to be excellent.

Amazon randomly censoring incest books

Greg J Preece

One problem

"did those book break any law? did they break any _clear_ policy? if not, then the book can NOT, nay _should_ NOT, be removed no matter who is complaining and no matter what *your* personal opinion is."

While I actually completely agree, the one problem with this is that if the Towering Intellects* can't get their pound of flesh with Amazon, they'll start screaming in the newspapers about how There Should Be A Law. And then there is one. And then we're all screwed.

But then, we're probably all screwed anyway.

*Rhymes with Shining Wits.

Google Cr-48: Inside the Chrome OS 'unstable isotope'

Greg J Preece

I concur!

I like this name. "Hock a Loogle on someone from a great height."

Greg J Preece

Oh man, I hear that

I had a user at work complaining that she couldn't find her most recently created files. Thinking that might be Bad Mojo, I went and took a look. She'd made so many files on the desktop that it had completely filled, and the new files were appearing offscreen.

Nearly hooked her into the projector for a laugh...

Greg J Preece

A dumb terminal for the entire Net/

"It gives the option of skipping the photo, and it tells us that when you use Chrome OS, Google collects no more data about your habits than it would if you were using the plain old Chrome browser on Windows or Mac."

Well that's not saying much! It may not collect any more data than that other massive infosink they developed, but damned if it collects less!

From day 1 ChromeOS has sounded like a bad idea to me, and it still does, so I'm sure it'll be massively popular. The Beeb will do their normal techgasm over something they don't understand, the clueless will buy into it, I'll keep using an actual laptop.

And "ChromeOS" still pisses me off. It's Debian. DEBIAN! DEEEBBIIIAAAANNN!! Google just keep building apps on top of Linux and calling it a new operating system. Knock it off, fess up and call it Googlenix, or Lingle.

Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA

Greg J Preece

The one of those I really hate

Is the one with that tw@ in Spain, who claims to be there to get some "culture," then immediately declares all Spanish TV to be shite. If that's supposed to be a joke, it didn't come across as one - it just made me want to punch the smug bellend.

Air Force blocks access to sites that covered WikiLeaks

Greg J Preece

Time for another visit

To Google's cache!

Apple ditches Costco. Or vice versa. Or both

Greg J Preece


Costco aren't the cheapest place to get electronics, but IIRC they have a 5 year warranty on everything. That might annoy Apple...

PayPal banned WikiLeaks after US gov intervention

Greg J Preece

The whole Assange saga...

...reminds me of that scene in Network where Beale gets called into the boardroom?

"You have meddled with the primal forces of nature Mr Beale, and I WON'T HAVE IT!"

Alan Sugar's 'cockup braindead in call centre clueless' BT row

Greg J Preece

That man

Is a pan-dimensional, intergalactic hypercock. It's been a long while since I read such an arrogant bunch of self satisfied shite. What astonishes me is that he has fans at all. Perhaps they're reading his drivel for the comedy value.

And anyone with English skills that bad has no business insulting the call centre staff. Brain dead? Only you, mate.

Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity

Greg J Preece

I think the Reg is doing what the Reg does best

Taking the piss.

If you're a big enough idiot not to notice that, that's not their problem.

This year's comedy Xmas No. 1 contender: Silent song 4'33"

Greg J Preece

Saw them last week

Girlfriend took me to a 30 Seconds concert - they weren't that good, but Enter Shikari were a support act and they kicked ass.

Greg J Preece

I was thinking more...

...Sam Neil with his eyes gouged out.

"Do you see? DO YOU SEE?"

"Yes....I see."

Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty

Greg J Preece


Maybe, just maybe, it has nothing to do with Russia and Qatar being "the most corrupt countries on Earth" - a bullshit statement if ever I heard one. Maybe they realised we were already trying extraordinarily hard not to fuck up the Olympics, and they didn't want to risk it.

We don't have a right to the bloody World Cup, you know. I suppose the other times they didn't award it to us, that was all corruption and back-handers too, and when we do get it, it's because "football's coming home."

Fuck's sake, it's football. Who gives a shit anyway?

SMOKIN' HOT BABE gets job as computer geek

Greg J Preece


"Let's be honest, if this Barbie was realistic, she'd have a pizza box under her arm and a little more tummy under that 'Programmers do it bit by bit' T-shirt she'd be wearing."

She wouldn't have an iPhone either.

iOS upgrade cocks up iPad USB connections

Greg J Preece

I made a similar remark this morning

One of our sales lot e-mailed me to say her iPhone had locked up. I told her that it was a feature, not a bug, and Steve had obviously decided she'd been working too hard. ;-)

Greg J Preece

Hang on

Surely if you plug a device into the iPad and it actually works, there's a driver installed to manage it? Where does the driver come from?

Serious question - do you get that as an app? (I'd be surprised.)

If not, then surely Apple intend for you to plug other stuff in, or they wouldn't supply the bloody drivers!

Gear4 UnityRemote

Greg J Preece

I had my own solution for this

As a student, I figured out a sure-fire way to order drinks in a really loud club. Write quantities on your right hand/fingers, and drinks on your left. Simply hold the correct combination(s) up to the barkeep. No yelling, no inaccurate orders, no sore throat. Job done!

Greg J Preece

Can anyone recommend a universal remote...

...that works with Bluetooth devices as well as IR? I'm thinking of the PS3 initially, although you're likely to need a dongle for that one.

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