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Mozilla: 'Internet Explorer 9 is not a modern browser'

Greg J Preece

Your post has to be a wind-up

"...all of which are rarely used because of compatibility issues"


Intel demos MeeGo 'tablet user experience'

Greg J Preece


"Tablets will never be anything more than that."

Tablets have been more than that for years. It's just that tits like you think that Apple invented them, and that a glorified picture frame is worth £600.

Greg J Preece

You've missed a bit there

Tapping on the UI is not intended to bring up a menu. Just like on Maemo and Android, to select an item, you tap it, and to bring up a context menu for an item, you hold on it, which is exactly what he does in the vid.

Greg J Preece

Looks nice, but...

Can I still tap a few buttons and bring up Bash? Seriously, that's like the best thing about having a Maemo device - underneath it all, it's Debian. If I can have a panel on there that tails our site logs off to one side of what I'm doing, you've sold me. I'll buy two.

And no, Android users, don't tell me you can do the same. The SSH clients I've tried on my Desire are all crap. The best multitasking system I've used is Maemo, and this also looks better for the way I work.

Firefox 4 now one beta away from Release Candidate status

Greg J Preece

Dear Downvoters

I do believe that was sarcasm on AC's part. Unless you're Opera fans, in which case you may continue with the Great Crusade.

Greg J Preece

Wow, you're right

El Reg never write articles about Opera Betas!


Channel Five reborn as Channel Five

Greg J Preece

You seem to think

That Five News can get worse!

Mysterious crypto-book dated to 15th century

Greg J Preece

You knew it was coming

And six people have probably posted it already:


It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

Greg J Preece


Maemo's a great system, but they dropped it like a hot brick.

MeeGo was looking like it could be really good, but we all know what's going to happen there now.

Guess I'm back to Android for my next phone. :-(

UK.gov shreds last ID scheme hard drives

Greg J Preece
Black Helicopters

You looking for this?

<<< Yes, that is a black helicopter, honest, and not a well-endowed mosquito.

Linux vulnerable to Windows-style autorun exploits

Greg J Preece

So this is...

...a bug that only affects unpatched software, if you've deliberately made the system weak enough for it to work, and it still couldn't do anything catastrophic to the system, or spread a worm.

Excuse me while I panic.

Android goes virtual

Greg J Preece

It's Java, dude

See title

Greg J Preece
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Kick ass!

Going to get this downloaded on my N900 right away. There's very little that I miss from my other Android phone, but the few bits I do will be ported over lickety-split.

BBC iPlayer iPad app out this week

Greg J Preece
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Not quite

"I assume the other apps dipped into the H.264 stream that the BBC supply for iOS devices. Everyone else is now locked out of that since certain client certificates shipped only with those devices are required."

Actually no. The Beeb got rid of the app from the Market, but I guess the API was already too well established, and locking it to devices would get the Beeb in trouble very quickly. BeebPlayer still works! Assuming you used ASTRO or similar to back up the *.apk... ;-)

Greg J Preece

Re: No

Damn it, I just bought this keyboard!

Texting teenager plunges to his death

Greg J Preece

@Darwin posters

Granted, the family trying to push an accident caused (it seems) by inattention or inebriation onto the place where it happened is the kind of idiocy you would expect from grieving relatives, and the reason policy should never be formed on the opinion of the deceased's mother (or in this case, grandmother).

And, granted, falling off something, whilst very easy, is not the most macho way to die - that position is obviously reserved for suffering a heartattack machine-gunning zombies to death while a gaggle of sexually curious schoolgirls suck you dry.

All that said, are you aware that as a result of this incident someone is dead? Not a Neo Nazi, a Tory MP, or some other group everyone despises, like smug Opera users, just some dude like you and me.

Well not like me, obviously. I'm some kind of mutant, it seems.

Bold as brass metal thieves disrupt rail, comms, electric

Greg J Preece

Well look at that!

It's Monday morning and my train has been cancelled because some arse has stolen cable on the line. This is getting to be way too regular.

Apple's app store policies: What will they provoke?

Greg J Preece


Embedding text in a webpage is hardly difficult.

Converting books to webpages is child's play.

Making it so that you cannot then copy. save, redistribute, or otherwise dick around with the webpage is very difficult indeed.

Google to Microsoft: You're stealing our search results!

Greg J Preece


<<< Maybe I should have used this icon.

Greg J Preece

Other possible circumstances

For example, if your company logo is fruit-based, and you're well in with the journalistic media at large...

Greg J Preece


Low Earth Orbit?

Low Emissions Optimum?

Long-term Ecosystem Observatory?

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

Greg J Preece

Crysis 2 on the 360

That's going to be hilarious. The 360 wouldn't have coped with the first game without some toning down or bits being ripped out, so God only knows what the second one will be like. With any luck it won't end up like Deus Ex on the PS2...

Greg J Preece

Any bricking reported?

Friend of mine is the manager of a store that buys and sells games/consoles/whatever, PS3s included. He's been telling me that some of the older, fat PS3s have been bricking with this update applied. Any truth to that?

US lawmakers eye internet 'kill switch'

Greg J Preece


So while the rest of the world is condemning Mubarak + co's handling of the riots, US lawmakers are studying the conflict to see if they can learn any lessons in oppression. Sure, this may have been stewing for several years, but the timing is questionable at best.

Wonder if one of these "cyber emergencies" will suddenly manifest itself this year...

Home Office crime maps go to street-level detail

Greg J Preece

We all know who's really excited

Insurance groups! Another set of excuses to ramp your premiums to ridiculous levels.

Oracle spurns Ruby devs for Java love

Greg J Preece

I agree!

The PHP support in NetBeans over the past few years has turned into something awesome, and it's become my main PHP editor, not least because I was already using it for Java. It also supports a slew of other front-end web languages, including JS/jQuery, in ways that have made my life much easier. Losing support for those things would be a real blow.

Eclipse, by comparison, is a confusing clusterfuck. I could never get into using it, though I know a lot of people do. NetBeans just makes more sense to me, and the rest of the tech team here agree

I imagine the RoR support will simply be resurrected as a module. Can they get hold of the core NetBeans code and turn it into one? If "removed" means "turned into a user-maintained module", then that's not so bad. Some of the contributed modules are excellent - just started using Foxbeans last week for some Mozilla development and it's great.

Greg J Preece


Not as good as the Google-developed Eclipse plugin, but there is a Netbeans plugin for Android, and it's improving all the time. I've coded up several bits on it and it's competent enough.

Pothole-spotter app aims to stop arse ache

Greg J Preece

And for me!

My road is so bad that the potholes are now four inches deep in places, and the cobbles that the road replaced are making a comeback. I could put in literally 50+ reports just on that one road. It needs resurfacing.

Oh, but they did send a guy round last week. He filled in about 6 of them, fairly roughly, then left. And the only ones he filled were in the exact spot on the road where there's a gas leak, and they're about to rip the road up to fix it. D'oh! Could you not see the strange yellow markings on the road right next to your white ones?

Single complaint sparks police raid and total ban on rental movie

Greg J Preece

Logic Fail!

>>He added: "I cannot imagine why anyone would want to watch something like that."

Right after having watched it...

Scotland bans smut. What smut? Won't say

Greg J Preece

Perfect Blue

That would be an interesting one. It's got a group rape scene, except that the rape scene in the movie is staged - it's part of a movie being made, within the movie. It'd be pretty ironic if that got banned.

Greg J Preece


....we had an extreme porn law first. Did no-one tell you? If you're into BDSM, that kind of thing, this isn't the best time to be living in England. Strange as it may sound to people not into it/not previously exposed to it, violent sex, including rape-play and knife-play, is what turns some people on.

This law is, I presume, to protect against pornography created where one or more participants are being forced into it, but how do you tell that from a picture? The extracts given in the article appear to make no leeway for genuinely produced erotica, even if it contains the common preamble of the actors giving consent/discussing the video's content. That is what concerns a lot of people, myself included.

Verizon backpedals on unlimited iPhone data

Greg J Preece

That's some expensive data!

200MB for $15? I pay £5 for 3GB!

And $30 a month for data? Are you shitting me? That's more than my entire contract, with more calls and texts than I'll ever use. What a rip off! Is this the case with all smartphone contracts over the pond, or is it just the iPhone?

Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

Greg J Preece

I do exactly that!

"I just don't care much about sequels if they're no good. I do not acknowledge them."

I know exactly what you mean. There are only two Terminator movies, after all.

That said - and I know I'm going to get shouted at for this - Matrix Revolutions is my favourite of the live action Matrix movies. Not for the stupid ending, oh no, but for three very simple reasons:

1) Matrix 3 has the least amount of Keanu Reeves in it

2) I thought the Battle for Zion was a very enjoyable action segment. Mechs, bazookas, mines, 250 000 squiddies. Oh yesh.

3) Matrix 3 has the least amount of Keanu Reeves in it

But then again, my absolute favourite part of the Matrix saga is the Animatrix. Some of those shorts, especially The Second Renaissance, were superior to all three live action movies.

Philips 21:9 Cinema 58in LED backlit TV

Greg J Preece

Don't know about now

But I've certainly seen them before. One of my old copies of Die Hard 2 was in 21:9, which was a pain in the arse as at the time I only had a 4:3 TV!

Mozilla blocks Firefox-breaking Skype toolbar

Greg J Preece

Not the first time they've screwed up FF

The original Skype plugin - the phone number recognising thingy - caused massive slowdowns in FF a year or two back. That made me disable it at the time, though admittedly it works fine now.

Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty

Greg J Preece

OK, use KPackagekit

That's got a GUI, you can just click on it, if it wasn't already installed by default. Or did you miss that bit?

This is obviously so much harder than the Windows way - go to Oracle's site, find the right package for your operating system and architecture, download, install, put up with yet another update program.

Greg J Preece

Are you high?

Just picking a common distro - Ubuntu, for example - how the hell is it hard to run Java? The open JRE is installed by default, and getting the Oracle binaries running is as hard as enabling the partner repo and typing:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

Yet more anti-Tux FUD.

Greg J Preece

As a Linux user...

"All the Linux fanbois I know continually bang on about never needing to reboot their Linux boxes, to the extent that most of them go out of their way to avoid doing so out of sheer bloody-mindedness."

We use Linux on the majority of our machines here, but we still turn them off when we go home at night. We're not thick - electricity costs money, and business like money.

"I'd say that makes the Linux infections a little more relevant."

And yet again you miss the point that they were unable to find any. Maybe Linux users were savvy enough not to get infected, maybe a reboot got rid of it, but either way there were no infections to display, so they can't display them.

Android-powered touchscreen Wi-Fi headphones offered

Greg J Preece

I concur

I liked my Gamer editions so much I took them to the office and bought a new set of Home editions for..well...home. Now I don't just ignore everyone around me*, I ignore them in 5.1. :-D

*Little dig at Mr Tut, there

Greg J Preece


"Actually, I have a pair of 5.1 surround headphones that I use for online gaming (they have a boom mic as well)"

Are those Speedlink Medusas by any chance? Superb just-above-budget headphones.

Greg J Preece

A flaw in your theory

The reason you can hear the other person's shitty repetitive RnB cover of a better song from 30 years ago is that the sound isn't contained in their shitty headphones. (These are normally, in my experience, shitty *white* headphones...)

I've never got why, but 95% of people will go spend hundreds on an iPod because the tellybox told them to, then use the crappy headphones that came in the box. So those guys won't buy this, and you won't be able to turn off their shit.

Official: music is a brain stimulating drug

Greg J Preece

Piss right off

I am allowed to listen to metal at work precicely because it helps me get shit done. No distracting voices, no outside influence, just me and a keyboard. The boss? Listening to techno.

But then I guess he's got less cardboard in his briefs than Mr Tut.

Facebook suspends personal data-sharing feature

Greg J Preece


Indeed, though my solution was simple. Every time I see that, I simply bypass it via the FB logo. I kept doing so until they stopped asking.

Third party developers blamed for Windows security woes

Greg J Preece

Hang on

"While it is possible to only run FOSS it becomes less possible if you're a company and need commercial databases, backup software etc."

Well yes and no. First up, our company uses FOSS backup software ;-)

Even if you don't, if you're in a company using managed systems, you'll probably have a sysadmin taking care of updates anyway.

Yank fires up iPhone-controlled beer cannon

Greg J Preece

Which ones?

"The best I can say of regular US Budweiser is that there are worse beers sold here"

What, Tesco Value Bitter?

Greg J Preece

Couldn't agree more

There's a certain person in my life who drinks Bud, and every time he offers me one I want to throw it back at his head. Absolute rat's piss.

Greg J Preece

All that effort

To fire small cans of crap American beer. Make it accept 500ml or 568ml cans and I'll buy three. ;-)

Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' from Apple

Greg J Preece

Get well soon

His products may be crap, but one has nothing to do with the other. Hope he gets well soon. Regardless of whether you think it was good or bad, he's been a big influence on the industry.

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery

Greg J Preece

At what point does this get anti-competitive?

Apple start making life harder for other content providers, forcing them to modify their apps and possibly take them temporarily off market (as well as making them less profitable/less appealing to end users), right before releasing a joint content venture of their own? Cupertino really do like walking that fine line, huh?

Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'

Greg J Preece

Buy proper hardware?

Both my phones, my DAP, all my computers, all play OGG Vorbis and FLAC. Just quit buying the crap stuff. ;-)

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