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Ubisoft reveals rock game with REAL guitars

Greg J Preece


I might actually learn to play that guitar I bought 2 years ago, huh?

Microsoft releases IE9 for chip happy Windows world

Greg J Preece

Oh hush

"And IE is still illegally bundled with the OS when you purchase it. If you purchase it, it is not FREE. Only idiots claim that something you paid cash for is FREE. Or, Microsoft salesmen."

This blah-blah really pisses me off. Where are the hordes of moaners demanding that Apple remove Safari from Mac OS, or that Linux distros come without a browser of choice preinstalled? If MS want to put their browser inside their OS, fine.

The choice we *should* have is which OS to buy, not whether or not it contains a browser. The MS tax is one area where MS can indeed get bent.

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It's not that bad

There's a lot of historical hate on this thread, some justified, and some not. Someone called IE9 the slowest of the available browsers, for example, when that's clearly bullshit. IE9 beats the latest Chrome in Sunspider on my desktop, and seeing something from Microsoft get to 95% on Acid3 is a reassuring sign that they're moving in the right direction.

Sure, IE9 is a massive Chrome rip-off, just as IE7 was a massive Firefox rip-off, but all that "inspiration" made IE a better browser, and that's what we really need, for the old versions to die and the new versions to be decent. No, you won't use it, because you're one of the holy Opera Chosen, but gajillions of end users will, so it's important.

At the end of the day, the browser IE9 should be most compared to is IE8. Is the new default browser for MS platforms better than the old one? Yes, in every single important respect, absolutely.

Am I going to use it? No, of course not. Are you high?

Greg J Preece

Dude, what?

Three VMS? Just install IETester! I run 6, 7, 8 and 9 in tabs next to each other.

Is Apple planning incompatible payments?

Greg J Preece

Maybe they're wanting a cut?

30% of everything you ever buy? That'll do nicely. ;-)

Opera (finally) gets hard on WebGL 3D

Greg J Preece

Two words

"Unreal" and "Tournament" ;-)

Greg J Preece

In fairness to Opera

Beginning of 2009 to beginning of 2011 is two years, not three.

Where's the pedant icon...

Second explosion rocks Japanese nuke plant

Greg J Preece

Bad design???

The bloody things withstood a force 9 quake! What the hell is wrong with you people?

When the quake hit, they lost primary power, so they dropped to diesel generators. Unfortunately, there was this rather inconvenient tsunami (you may have heard of it) that swamped them and took out the generators. They weren't just ignoring the buildup, you tit - they couldn't do a damn thing about it until backup arrived.

But it's good to know that Captain Hindsight is alive and well, spouting ill-informed bullshit everywhere it's needed. I just love your signoff. Never mind the thousands of nuclear specialists in Japan - you know best.

Greg J Preece

You are irradiated all the time

You constantly absorb background radiation from your environment, just by standing on the face of the Earth. This is all perfectly normal and natural. What they're saying is that the radiation exposure from the minor plant leak is equivalent to 9 months worth of natural background radiation.

So a higher dose than you'd normally get, but small enough that it's not likely to seriously hurt you. Which is good!

Greg J Preece

Thank you El Reg

For not reporting on this story in the same hysterical "mushroom cloud" way that the mainstream media has. All I've heard from them is "Aaaa, nuclear, it's gonna kill everyone, radiation!" They keep shoving the death toll and the nuclear accident together in the same sentence, as if they were related, and it's completely irresponsible.

NASA aims for space tests of Mars-in-a-month plasma drive

Greg J Preece

Well yes, I know that

I know what Ad Astra means. My comment was a game reference. On the Spectrum there was a game called Ad Astra, and the tagline scrawled across the cassette case was "To the stars!" It always used to amuse me. Great game, incidentally.

Greg J Preece

As a Speccy nerd

Please, please, please tell me Ad Astra's company slogan is "To the stars!"

Crime UK site gets 400m hits, drives down property values

Greg J Preece

Not really

"But did you treat it as a comparative exercise?"

I don't trust the numbers, or the people generating them, so not really. ;-)

Greg J Preece

I'm also house shopping

And I refuse to look at the site. I see no point in its existence other than to make people afraid, and I refuse to take part.

Sinclair ZX81: 30 years old

Greg J Preece


I spent so much of my life on Firebirds that it's actually quite scary. That and AD Astra, Trans Am, Hunchback...

Greg J Preece

Funny you should mention that

"Not even that... Look at a ZX81 and then look at the mobile phone in your hand!"

My phone actually runs a ZX emulator. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am that sad.

Greg J Preece

A Happy Coincidence

Walked into a charity shop today and found a hardback copy of The Complete Spectrum. Score!

Greg J Preece

It got me started

The original Spectrum 48K got me started on computers at a very tender age, mucking around in BASIC. I've now got three of them, a ZX81, the very same 48K (still working) and a Spectrum plus, with the solid keyboard. Think I'll dig out the ZX81 tomorrow and hook it into a big widescreen TV in honour of its birthday. I owe a lot to those little black blocks with the gigantic overheating power bricks.

Microsoft rallies IE6 death squads

Greg J Preece


10% in Japan surprised me. A country renowned for technological advancement and achievement, and 1 in 10 still use IE6??

Greg J Preece

Browser Apps

I seem to remember reading somewhere that a lot of banking sites in China require IE6, and that older versions of their Great Firewall utilised it in some manner also.

O2 boots up boobies blocker

Greg J Preece

T-Mobile will not do this in-store

I refused to give them CC details, so I tried in store. They accepted that I was who I said I was, accepted that the contract was mine (the contract you need to be 18 to sign...), and then asked me for credit card details...


It wouldn't be so bad, except I wasn't trying to look at b00bies. They blocked a bloody programmer reference!

Hollywood eyes Blade Runner replicants

Greg J Preece


No no no no no no no no no no no no.


Not ever.

BT fibre-to-the-premises trial takes 7 hours per install

Greg J Preece


...you spend the least amount of money to hit the highest number of people, and the upgrades trickle down through the network. You know, as if you were a company or something.

Greg J Preece


"Especially not when it can wait 18 months then complain to OfCom (or whatever replaces it) that BT has a Monopoly on FTTP, using skill-sets and everything else it earned from the Post Office sell-out, and how they should be able to use that infrastructure for free."

Or perhaps their existing co-ax infrastructure doesn't *need* upgrading, given how much faster it already is than the copper loops BT is replacing....

Steve Jobs unveils iPad 2

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Blah blah iPad 2 blah blah

"Steve Jobs, by the way, looked good."

Only bit of the article I cared about. Glad to hear it.

Health experts flip over McD's burger-flip toy

Greg J Preece

Oh piss off

I'm fairly certain that my cousin had *exactly* this toy when he was a kid, or the early 90s equivalent. He's pretty skinny, and I was too. It was eating all the pies at college that made me porky, not a toy that I barely remember.

Oh, and kids don't buy their own food, retards. So unless the parents are somehow being affected by this toy, your argument is bullshit.

Microsoft plans June Windows 8 tablet tease?

Greg J Preece


I thought Surface was a fantastic looking thing, and then nothing whatsoever came of it except a bit of cheesy product placement in CSI.

Fanboi rumor mill dances for iPad 2 iPad 3

Greg J Preece

I can believe...

...all the rumours that suggest the hardware will be brought up to current iPhone standards. That just makes sense. But carbon fibre? High DPI display? Not sure about those. Such additions would cut into their massive profit margins, and it's not like they can price the iPad any higher and keep a straight face.

Audyssey South of Market audio dock

Greg J Preece


I thought that was a fan of iAudio's kit?


They're not gonna like you for that

Turn your mobile phones in to a live gig speaker

Greg J Preece


See title

Mozilla confirms Firefox 4 beta 12 is FINAL test build

Greg J Preece

Only problem is

The end user, being most probably ignorant of how a webpage works, will blame Firefox, because it works just fine in Exploder.

Greg J Preece

*Gasp* A Firefox article? I wonder what comes next?

Wait for it, wait for it...

Park the Mario Kart, and throw your keys in the bowl

Greg J Preece

Wanna know what's worse?

"<phew> For a moment there I thought you were suggesting we go upstairs and shag Jesus!! Must alter the res of this monitor - it's blurring out full stops!"

Slightly worse, I nearly misspelled it Jess, which isn't a problem until you consider that the only Jess I know is my cousin.

Greg J Preece

Oh man, why didn't I think of that before?

Nintendildo! It's so obvious!

I feel stupid for not having thought of that wordmangle earlier.

Greg J Preece

Or you could just

Sod the games console, go upstairs and shag. Jesus.

I always thought the Wii MP controller in its big rubber sheath looked more like a sex toy than the Move. Especially in black. When I got my black Wii, I almost immediately started referring to it as the Wii Dildo.

Doesn't the Wiimote have a vibe motor too...

Firefox 4 squeezes onto phones

Greg J Preece

Oh boy, here we go again

Will you Opera fanboys please get over the fact that some of us like Firefox? On the desktop, I prefer the Firefox browser, so Firefox is the browser I want to sync with. Opera Mobile is an excellent browser, but I do not use Opera on the desktop, so its sync capabilities are useless to me.

Also, Firefox syncs more than bookmarks. Being able to turn my desktop off, fire up my phone and reopen the tab I was just reading is very, very useful.

Greg J Preece

Been using the beta for a while

Beta 5 is a welcome and vast improvement for Android, less so for Maemo. The Maemo version works, but seriously chugs.

This beta does fix one very important bug - in previous versions, when you moved the app to the SD card, it didn't move your user profile, so that would eventually fill your free space with cached content. When you upgrade to beta 5, refresh the SD card install and that will be fixed. The install seems smaller in this version too, down to around 12MB on my phone, before user data.

Beta 5 on Android, from using it this morning, is also a LOT faster than previous versions. As fast as the native browser? Nope. But fast enough to use, and if you value Firefox's functionality (sync is worth it for me), it's a nice little system.

BTW, the tone of the article, especially the headline, seems to make out at first like this is a final release. I know you mention it's a beta, but the headline and intro don't come across that way. Just my 2p. Anyway, recommended upgrade if you're with the betas already, and if you haven't used them yet because they just chuffed way too much (and I agree, they did), then give this one a shot.

Apple names iPad 2 reveal date

Greg J Preece

You know...

...yours is the most rabid post on this thread...

And has it occurred to you that people are judging them on their products? Perhaps it's just that certain of their products aren't very good.

Greg J Preece

Agreed, sir!

The iPad is the least impressive supergadgety thing I've used in yonks. For all its size and the pretty screen, there is little escaping the fact that it is a very large, very expensive iPod. And I don't like iPods much to begin with.

And I have seen 5x more Kindles on the train to work than I have iPads. Actually, I see at least twice as many actual working honest-to-God-I'm-trying-to-get-something-done-here-turn-your-fucking-music-down-your-Apple-branded-headphones-are-incredibly-shit laptops on the train as I do iPads. My 17" brick included.

Apple 'outstrips' all brands at box office

Greg J Preece

You're not a Trekkie are you?

"Eh? People do use Nokia - more so than any other phone company. And indeed, it would be refreshing to see Nokia for once, rather than advertising for Apple yet again. Or do you mean there's something different about phones to coke, and you'd object to seeing an Iphone or whatever there just as much?"

I was actually thinking more along the lines of plausibility. Are the filmmakers seriously trying to tell me that NOKIA are running the planetary communications network in the 23rd Century? That time when currency may/may not have been abolished, depending on your continuity. When we have one global government, no war, universal literacy, and capitalism is essentially dead?



The problem with product placement like that is that it just doesn't fit in with the environment. Seeing a Nokia in a Star Trek film is like seeing one of the soldiers in Braveheart brandishing an MP5. It's really jarring and stupid and pulls you out of the story.

But as I said, there are many and better reasons to hate Star Trek 11.

Greg J Preece


I don't mind products being in a film if they're just there. If someone is in a movie drinking a Coke, fine. People drink Coke, this is ordinary. But there is definitely a line to cross. Seeing a Nokia in a Star Trek film, for example, though there are many, many other reasons to loathe Star Trek 11.

As for Apple, I remember what they did to Blade Trinity. Now THAT was blatant!

"Ooh, I just love killing vampires while listening to my iPod!" BASTARDS.

Windows 7 service pack 1 set to lift off today

Greg J Preece

Last time you checked

You were wrong!

Fresh install I did last week had 200MB of updates since the ISO was last refreshed. And this isn't a fresh install, it's an update.

Now if we're going to talk fresh installs, I installed an XP machine the other week and after SP3 it still had 90 updates to run. A Win7 machine typically has 50 updates after install, and that's long before installing any actual useful software, which a Linux install comes with out of the box.

Greg J Preece

So most people will download it next week

In case of system failures/other major screw ups.

Facebook pulls naked smutty filth from NY Academy of Art page

Greg J Preece

You know, I'd almost forgotten that one

I think it was so ridiculous that my mind simply erased it. I guess we're screwed either way. The wonders of a modern, enlightened age.

Greg J Preece

How ridiculous is it

How ridiculous is it for a drawing of a nude person to be tasteful, but a photo of the same person to be obscene? This pathetic imposition of morality from certain US-based companies is starting to grate...

Windows Phone 7 gets 'goodie' update

Greg J Preece

Sounds familiar

A resource hungry bloatware music app that you have to install in order to update your phone. Hmmm, where have I heard that before...

Google threatens Chrome address bar with death

Greg J Preece


I could be a dick and point out that you can already enable this kind of behaviour in Firefox with one of a number of add-ons, but I would rather ask why the hell you would want this kind of behaviour in the first place. Hiding the URL bar for inexperienced users is just begging for a phishing attack.

Intel demos MeeGo 'tablet user experience'

Greg J Preece


Going to have another bash at getting it on my N900. Is it a Debian-based system again?

iPhone 5 rumors: bigger, smaller, cloudy, keyboard-equipped

Greg J Preece

You know Apple

"And you know Apple: they don't comment on unreleased produts, or on rumors and speculation."

They merely fuel the existing rumours and speculation, also known as free publicity from the pants-wetting fanbois.

Coming soon: Die Hard 5 - The Zimmer Frame

Greg J Preece

Oh God, no

Die Hard 4 was an atrocity. Why can't people know when to stop?

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