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Sony takes PS Vita on Blighty-wide tour

Greg J Preece

Nice idea. Reminds me of when the Sega Bus used to pull into town and send every kid within ten miles mental for a Mega Drive. Will definitely trip along to get my hands on one. I like my original PSP, though I will freely admit that dedicated portable systems need more developer love. That said, given the trend for crap touchscreen games, perhaps the current interest in mobile gaming will spur it on.

As for the 3DS, jamming 3D into a console you've already done 18 bajillion variations of smacks more than a little of desperation. They didn't sell because no-one gives a shit about 3D. We've already got the DS, the Lite, the DSi, the XL...

Elon Musk's private Dragon ship to dock with ISS in Feb

Greg J Preece

I really really hope this works (and isn't *ahem* inspected by other factions prior to launch). Musk looks set to bloody a few noses if he can pull this off, but it's become clear in the past 10-20 years that the American space program is faltering at best, and dead in the water at worst. If a private company can kick-start one of our most important areas of scientific advancement, then good luck to them.

2011's Best... Games

Greg J Preece

"Widely thought of as a prime candidate for the best game ever"

...by Zelda fanboys.

Greg J Preece

"I reject your reality and substitute my own"

Isn't that from The Dungeonmaster/Rage War? :-p

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'

Greg J Preece

Resurrect Maemo/MeeGo?

At the risk of sounding like I have a beard, pure FOSS -based phones would make it harder to pull this kind of cunning stunt.

Greg J Preece

Truly you are the next Cuger Brant.

Silverlit Spy Cam

Greg J Preece

Is that chick on the left giving a Vulcan salute?

Opera spruces up email client in 11.60 browser cut

Greg J Preece

Oh no, you mentioned Opera! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

2011's Best... E-book Readers

Greg J Preece

Well aside from the fact that you don't have to remember to do it, how many recharge cycles can your phone battery take before it begins to deteriorate? Now if you only had to recharge it once a month, how much longer would that battery last?

Greg J Preece

Thanks for the tip-off on Kindle cases! The Sony ones are chuffin' expensive. I asked my local library at the weekend and to my surprise they knew what the hell I was on about. Apparently it's being rolled out soon; they're just waiting for the related website to be polished off.

Greg J Preece

PRS-T1 for me

Functionality is always key for me, and with the quick hack demonstrated on here recently the Sony Reader becomes a Kindle as well. I'm actually kinda surprised that wasn't mentioned in the article; El Reg did report on it.

I had a play with one in a Sony store and it's unbelievably light for its size. Fits nicely in my jacket pocket, runs Android, does everything I need and doesn't lock me in to anything or argue with me about file formats. It's the obvious winner for me, so I'll pay the extra £30 (or less if you go on Play.com).

US Martian nuke-truck launches without a hitch, but...

Greg J Preece

I'll always upvote a Space Odyssey reference!

Spillover from 400lb man squeezed fellow flier into galley

Greg J Preece

First Class/Business Class come with different meals, different service, etc. I'm just talking about seats that are a bit wider. You'd still get the same shit orange juice.

Greg J Preece

If you wanna be fat, be fat. I'm not gonna stop you enjoying life while it happens. But if you're gonna be fat, accept the inconveniences that come with it. The simple solution is to have a couple of rows on the plane with wider seats - a pair instead of a three between the aisles, for example. You pay a little more, you get a little more. Tall folks already have the option of paying for increased legroom, so why not?

That said, I think the minimum space regs should be looked at again. I don't care how thin profit margins are (and I doubt they are) - economy class seats are criminally small and cramped. As one other commenter has already mentioned, if nothing else they're bloody unsafe. I sure as hell couldn't get out of one in a hurry.

Ten... top PlayStation Network game downloads

Greg J Preece

Aaaaah, Housemarque

Love their stuff. Super Stardust HD and its PSP port addicted me half to death. Had a quick bash on Dead Nation's co-op mode, but not given the single player chance to eat my free time yet. Outland looks like fun!

Amazed that Super Stardust isn't on this list, to be honest. It's one of those games that makes me adore my HDTV. I pick it up fairly regularly and run one of the more insane modes/levels, just to let it melt my fucking brain. (And the PS3 processor.)

Apple telly may sport Sharp screen tech

Greg J Preece

Not a bad choice TBH. I've got a Sharp TV myself and I'm thoroughly pleased with it. Sharp picture, gorgeous colours, even the tiny speakers aren't that bad compared to their peers. It's not as pretty as the others, not as slim and shiny, but it does its primary function exceedingly well.

Actually, now I think about it...that's a terrible choice. This is Apple! They should go with an early Samsumg LED panel - thin and attractive, with god-awful haloing. Then they can just tell people not to watch dark movies - what's the problem?

The funny part will, of course, be buying the exact same TV with Sharp branding for £500 less.

Chromebooks: the flop of 2011?

Greg J Preece

I think they're useless, personally. Until our mobile net infrastructure greatly improves their usability is restricted by signal strength, which is always a bugger. Plus, it's Google. I just don't trust them to have access to every single keystroke on my machine.

Penguin pulls its e-books off library shelves

Greg J Preece

What about Sony? Their new readers let you borrow from UK libraries. Would that include Penguin books?

Man sues boss for 'condemning him to eternal damnation'

Greg J Preece

Obviously doesn't keep up with his claptrap - the mark of the beast has been updated to 616, referring to Caligula, I believe.

Meaning, of course, that for quite a long time religious nuts have been using Satan's mark quite happily, condemning themselves to hell. I can't help but smile. :-)

China spacecraft masters the art of docking

Greg J Preece

You're right, of course, but is it likely to happen any time soon? We would need to get the USA on board, and to them half the world consists only of backward savages trying to kill everyone, and the other half of possible holiday destinations and funny accents.

Dick-measuring contest it is, then.

Greg J Preece

Might not be a bad thing. Given the casual racism^H^H^H^H^H^H nationalism often found in western nations, if the Chinese start doing something better than their American counterparts, another space race could be in the offing.

Ten... remastered videogame classics

Greg J Preece

The original UT also had a Linux version, but UT3 does not, which I reckon is a bit harsh considering how nice they've been to us in the past.

There was a Linux version of Steam in pre-release development, but it's never seen the light of day, probably due to publisher pressure, if I were to guess. If that ever got released, we might see some more Linux-compatible games appear.

By-the-by, if you want another great set of games that run natively on Linux, the Penumbra/Amnesia games from Frictional have Linux support.

Greg J Preece

Beneath a Steel Sky!

That said, I think the old-timey pixel art and animation has its own charm that a HD remake would lack. There are very few modern releases with even a fraction of the atmosphere that some old pixel-drawn and well narrated PC classics have.

Greg J Preece

And another thing!

Sega have got something to answer for with all these re-releases. The pricing of some of their re-hashes is a bit much. As an example, HOTD: Overkill recently made it to PS3, and they want £40 for the port! When Dead Space: Extraction made the same move, it cost £15. Even with the added content, that's a purchase I haven't managed to justify, especially as my previous PS3 purchase was Child of Eden @ £15 on release.

Greg J Preece

Hmm, a dilemna. Do I track down a decent copy of the PC version of MGS2 for the superior controls, or go the PS3 route for the superior everything else... Also - are the MGS games the extended versions with more game and (proportionately) less movie?

PETA claims anti-Mario campaign was a joke

Greg J Preece

"Call of Duty, where characters shoot and kill animals"

And humans. Did you miss the humans? Lots and lots of humans? Seems like PETA don't give a fuck about their own species, only other ones.

And how often do you kill animals in CoD? Though I will admit to being surprised when my childish chicken-murder spree through the market in CoD7 was rewarded with a Steam achievement.

Politicians call for Modern Warfare 3 censure

Greg J Preece

You might be on to something there! Given the number of overblown teenagers on X-box Live, he might be trying to remove the competition.

Fuck these people. I've been beating the shit out of digital representations of real things since I was what, 4? No murders, no assaults, no arrest, not even a parking ticket, because I can tell the difference between pixels and people.

Greg J Preece

Video games are bad. They make evil feckless layabout Young People want to kill their fellow man! They should all join the army and get a real career in state-sponsored killing.

It is astonishing how much of my time I spend pissed off at human logic...

Too rude for the road: DVLA hot list of banned numberplates

Greg J Preece

Wait, "Koran" and "Torah" are offensive? How does that work? If you ask a Jew what the name of their holy book is, are they gonna go nuts and punch you?

PETA riled by Mario's raccoon skin suit

Greg J Preece

Animal welfare? Well, they do euthanise a lot of animals. Does that count?

Probably not, now I think about it. Oh well, hypocritical terrorist scumbags it is.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

Greg J Preece

I tried reading the review but couldn't get past all that gushing on the first page. Hearing people call Halo the greatest game franchise of all time...hurts. It physically hurts. I've got games in my veins, and I thought the first Halo* was so ball-bustingly mediocre I was baffled by it ever getting a sequel, let alone a misty-eyed re-release.

I await your (inaccurate) cries of "Sony Fanboy!", but since gaming got popular, it's suffered from a bulging, sweaty mass of players with no goddamned taste.

*Colon, Combat Evolved! Phhhtt....

Valve says credit card data taken

Greg J Preece

Still haven't seen it clarified yet whether this applies to all Steam accounts, or just those linked to the forums. Any news, El Reg? My details have already been swiped once this year, twice if I count you lot. ;-)

Latest Call of Duty day-one sales hit $400m

Greg J Preece

Doesn't matter - they never want to sell the bloody PC version anyway. On console it would just be a waste.

What I've seen of BF3 actually quite interests me, and I didn't think it would. I might give it a shot when it comes down in price a bit.

The Adventures of Tintin: the Game

Greg J Preece

Couldn't tell you why, but "crouching writer, hidden badly" gave me a chuckle.

Valve admits forum hack exposed gamers' privates

Greg J Preece

I'm also wondering if those people without a forum account are OK.

I've just remembered a dormant account I have with another bank...might make it a patsy account for online transactions, top it up as required.

Is Apple nobbling iPhones to avoid more patent misery?

Greg J Preece

It's not to hide from patent litigation - it's so they can enable the features later on a newer device and claim it's an amazing, magical new upgrade. Only $500, kids!

Mozilla updates to Firefox 8, disables add-ons

Greg J Preece

Largely, yes. The .NET Framework is one culprit, and the Windows version of the Java plugin from Oracle is another. When you install those programs they stick a globally available add-on into your Firefox installation. They're generally to help out with stuff, but not always, and prior to now you'd get no notification one was installed.

Greg J Preece

Release branch for U11.10

Mozilla still don't have support in their repositories for 11.10. Can we get added in this release please, guys?

Greg J Preece

Because, as we all know, you are FORCED BY LAW to use every feature available to you in a browser.


Asus prices up five-core Eee Pad Android tablet

Greg J Preece

Poor Asus girl. What did you do to her hands??

Kids! You get back in front of that Xbox right now

Greg J Preece

And hand-eye co-ordination. And, depending on the game, reflexes. After playing Time Crisis (yes, there I go again) to competitive levels, I've now got lightning-fast reactions. Pity my *ahem* chunky form doesn't allow me to make as great a use of them as I'd like.

PlayStation Network downloads limited to two devices

Greg J Preece

While it's not going to inconvenience most people, I honestly don't get the point. Steam will let you log in to your account from a range of devices, operating systems and versions, and get your games on all of them. You can only actually *use* any one given device at once, but that's the same as PSN.

Where I can see this potentially causing a problem is in anything that runs on both PS3 and PSP. I've already got one of each, and before long I'll have a Vita too, so Playstation Classics might be an arse...

Apple assails mobile porn purveyor's URLs

Greg J Preece

Did they say that? As if that was a feature on their end and not a lack thereof?

Server, disc glitches mar Battlefield 3 launch

Greg J Preece

I'll pass, thanks. All anyone can tell me about this game is that it's very pretty. Uh-huh....and?

The previous two games were just not-as-good Starsiege: Tribes knock-offs. Nuts to BF3.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes first commercial flight

Greg J Preece

Never mind my arse, my chest is a good 22 inches wide. How's that for elbow room?

Sony and Ericsson divorce

Greg J Preece

What Boothy said. Even the new Sony e-reader I'm eyeing up runs Android. They obviously like it well enough.

BT gets 14 days to block Newzbin2

Greg J Preece


The thin end of the wedge was when they used these powers to block child porn. Now they're blocking copyright material on the basis that "well, you already have the capability to block, right?" It's good old function creep. It'll go something like this:

Block child porn (Think of the kiddies....not that way!)

Block anything considered extreme by middle class white people (The terrorists want to kill you.)

Block copyright infringing sites (You're a filthy pirate.)

Block any porn considered a bit much by middle class white people (It's filth. Think of the kiddies!)

Block anything you like so long as you can get the Daily Fail to support the ban. Site mentioning drug use? Ban it. Site potentially used for prositution? Ban it. Site reflecting real life? Ban it!

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’

Greg J Preece

Oh man, why didn't they build them?? That would have been awesome - a working Mk II StarFury. But then that's one of the things I love about B5 - their tech is futuristic, but looks and feels very practical, and because of that comes across as more plausible.

NASA, I am disappoint.

Greg J Preece

JMS also

I distinctly remember Mollari in B5 rather grumpily swiping down a control on the right of a comms screen to turn it off.

Greg J Preece

"Frankly it surprises me that Apple hasn't already patented it, given that it's one of the few things they did legitimately invent themselves."

Given that I was using it (after a quick mod) on Windows Mobile 5....no they didn't.

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