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Google to join Wednesday's anti-SOPA protest

Greg J Preece

"You want to block piracy? Cool, I'll support that, if in return you (a) put in place a licensing mechanism where if I buy a film / album etc I have FULL rights to copy that as many times I want onto and convert that between any format I want and to play on any device I own so long as it's for reasonable personal / family / friends use."

One word: Ultraviolet. OK, doesn't apply to music, but it may answer some of your gripes.

Greg J Preece

For every tech story, an XKCD

Or not, in this case.


Looks like Randall's blacked out too.

Greg J Preece

Wait a sec

El Reg has Cheezburger fans amongst its number? Next you'll be telling me you're members on My Little Brony.

Fans goad Valve for Half-Life 3 gen

Greg J Preece

Good bloody point! It looks soooo good, too.

Greg J Preece

The first example of full body modelling I ever saw was one of the Tribes games. Was it Tribes 2, or even Tribes 1? Wouldn't be surprised if it was the 1st one - that game was way ahead of its time.

Greg J Preece

They always do this. They did this with HL2. Just be patient, it'll turn up. They're not psycho enough to not make HL3. Besides, would you rather they rushed it?

Steve Jobs action figure kicks the bucket

Greg J Preece

1) You're being an unnecessary level of dick.

2) No such thing as hell.

3) This is a story on El Reg about an action figure. Calm down.

Pirate Bay dropping torrents after magnetic attraction

Greg J Preece



Apple Beijing store egged in botched iPhone 4S launch

Greg J Preece

Scalpers != individuals looking to get a new iPhone...

Though I do love your attempt to protect the illustrious name of fanbois everywhere. It's adorable. "It couldn't possibly be one of the churchgoers doing this! I'll bet those scalpers were Android users!"

Greg J Preece

Just gotta know the shortcuts, baby. ;-) What, you think the staff are gonna walk alllll the way round? Sod that. If you keep an eye out, hidden in the maddening floor plan are shortcut doors and alleys. At our store most people would take upwards of 45 minutes walking the route on a Sunday, but I could get across it in about a minute.

Greg J Preece

What it means is that one egg was thrown by one guy who came back an hour later, and this is reported as "mad crowd of unemployed anti-capitalist scumbags pelt shop with missiles".

Greg J Preece

What's most amusing to me about this is the difference between this article and the way the Beeb reported the same story. In theirs, the overnight wait isn't mentioned, their market share is "massive", etc.

Mondo is right, though, you don't open the doors in those circumstances. When I was a PFY, I worked at IKEA, and we would occasionally hear of stampedes happening at other stores in response to offers. Off the top of my head, three people died in a crush at the Jeddah store, and the new London one had one too, though no-one was killed.

Even at our Birstall store, I had to break up several fights in the years I worked there, with customers getting violent over stuff as stupid and inexpensive as candles.

I seem to remember hearing about a new stampede a year or two ago. Evidently they haven't learned.

Best-selling games of 2011 revealed

Greg J Preece

Tried all of the tricks, I'm afraid. The problem even varies in magnitude between plays. Sometimes Overkill is playable with the odd recalibration, and sometimes the drift is so fast that between me calibrating and shooting the "back to game" button, there's already a 7cm drift.

It's infuriating that the Wii version is more playable, given it's on that Nintendo piece of shit, doesn't support Motion+ (none of the light gun games do) and has framerate issues up the arse. It's more infuriating that I paid for a second copy of game I alreay own, and it doesn't work properly. Same goes for Dead Space: Extraction.

Greg J Preece

Zero Punctuation? This guy:


He's actually pretty damned funny.

Greg J Preece

It does seem to depend on the game. In Razing Storm, Dead Space: Extraction and House of the Dead: Overkill, I've calibrated the gun properly, held the gun steady, and watched the reticle drift off by 20, 30cm, easy. Really isn't acceptable, especially if you're fighting for rankings.

The GunCon3 has no such problems, but that only works for the Razing Storm collection.

Greg J Preece


Back on the PS2 I used to play a VR beat-em-up called Darkwind, using the Gametrak. The game was as ludicrous as all fighting games are, and had an obsession with jiggle physics that put even DOA to shame, but man you could work up a sweat on that game (not like that, you filthy sods). The gave showed a calorie readout every time you broke someone's face.

Would be interesting to see it done again, though in my experience the accuracy on the Wii and Kinect is a bit suspect, and the Move has serious, game-breaking drift issues in a lot of games - infuriatingly enough, all the rail shooters except Child of Eden.

Greg J Preece

Hell yes! And straight onto my list would be Bastion and Hard Reset. I never quite "got" Painkiller, pretty and violent as it was, but I loved Hard Reset. Bastion was just very very cool.

Greg J Preece

F**kin' football

That is all.

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling

Greg J Preece

What if he'd been a priacy researcher, and his website was full of the same links, but as examples of people illegally streaming TV? Would he have been extradited then? After all, he's still linking to filthy pirate scumbags, and we all know that PIRACY IS TERRORISM, at least according to the hilariously stupid unskippable warnings on my BDs.

Churlish HSBC drops atomic-scale accuracy

Greg J Preece
A horrendous margin for error! Surely they could have kept it to one decimal place?

Profs call for harsh taxes on sweet carbonated beverages

Greg J Preece
"Maybe not in the office, But surely the lunchtime pint is still a tradition among British techies?" It would be if it wouldn't get me sacked.
Greg J Preece

It'd be a great idea if BMI wasn't horseshit!

Greg J Preece

Except that drinking alcohol at work is rarely encouraged.

Microsoft revives flight sim by giving it away free

Greg J Preece

The same company does Street Cleaning Simulator. I shit you not. I've also seen Bus Sim, Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim, Woodcutter Sim, Gardening Sim, and so on.

Greg J Preece

Well this sounds as atrocious as I feared. There are plenty of gimmicky sims out there. What I love about FSX is its sheer attention to detail, and the way the physics engine is so mental that it's the only app I've ever run to max my CPUs. Buying and installing 25GB scenery packs at silly prices might seen odd, but it makes for a very impressive experience. FSX is so over-the-top (in a good way) that it has its own hard drive in my machine.

And who the hell uses a mouse to fly anything? Last time I tried that was Freelancer, and it was painful.

Boffins demo time-warp cloaking device

Greg J Preece

"For the first, it's the basic fact of gravity: what goes up must come down, so if your flying car breaks down OVER the middle of nowhere, where does that leave you?"

Um...the same place as if it happened with a plane? Didn't stop us building planes...

Greg J Preece

It officially became the future when the years stopped being referred to as "two thousand and X" and became "twenty X".

Gamers grumble over Steam outage

Greg J Preece

I really don't get this "inconvenience" thing, but then I've had Steam installed since 2003, so for me registering Civ V was basically "open window, type code" - you know, like game installers have been asking PC gamers to do since time bloody immemorial. If the additional step of installing a file is too much for you (additional, that is, to the process of installing a whole bunch of other files) then perhaps you should put Civ V back on the shelf - it's too complicated for you. Perhaps Dark Reign is more your style. Or Halo Wars.

I've been playing online since about...1995? I've used a *SHIT-TON* of online game clients, and most of them sucked nadgers, and tried to bury themselves in your system. Steam is - this incident notwithstanding - generally very reliable, unintrusive, doesn't hog your system resources, and, if you're an online gamer, is genuinely very useful. Even without the friends system, automatic patching, free DLC, game invites, trading, the mental sale-time deals, community, forums and so on, it would be worth installing for the Steam overlay alone. That thing is genius, as is being able to run it over non-Steam games.

It's had moments when I've been frustrated with it, but after over 8 years I'm still on it, so it must be doing something right.

Greg J Preece

This will be why perks in Killing Floor were going a bit nuts. Steam's been suffering the past few weeks anyway - any time after 6pm during the sale, downloads were pretty much out of the question, and the friends system was ropey too. That said, the demands on the system recently were huge, so maybe Gabe and co. will use their massive profits for a few system upgrades. Would be nice.

Sites knocked offline by OpenDNS freeze on Google

Greg J Preece


Given how often jQuery versions update, and how many are available, this effect is somewhat negated by the user having 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.6, 1.7 etc, but not 1.7.1. Unless you want to always bind to the latest version of an available library, which is asking for trouble when it updates.

I prefer to have a version of the code available on my site where it can't go away. The extra few millis to load the page are less important to me than it always working. Plus, I often implement code to bundle JS scripts together to save on requests, so the speed saving is negligible.

Greg J Preece

This is why you don't load your JS libraries remotely from Google!

Stratfor so very, very sorry in wake of mega-hack

Greg J Preece

"Security firms slammed Stratfor for making schoolboy errors, such as not encrypting its password database."

*Dr Pepper*

They want to be put out of business for stuff like that! Never mind the police investigating the hackers - investigate this lot and their shitty security! Doesn't the DPA have something to say about things like this?

2012 Games Preview

Greg J Preece

Wonder if we'll see Hawken in 2012. That looks hella fun. And aren't the new Tribes games coming out next year too? The paid-for version might actually be decent, but given how much Tribes has been dumbed down since T1, I'm doubting it.

Greg J Preece

I was about to ask about the Last Guardian myself, but what you're saying about it being rushed is not music to my ears...

AMD claims 'world's fastest GPU' title

Greg J Preece

They've been doing that for a while. When they came back fighting with the HD4870, it was hilarious watching nVidia shit bricks.

Lovefilm buys right to stream Sony Pictures content

Greg J Preece

"Also struggling to find films that are less than 5 years old."

That's the part that irritated me most. I wanted to use it to watch classics that I'd missed out on. No such luck.

Greg J Preece

"You sure your DVD isn't on its way out?"


I'm guessing by that you mean DVD player. Sorry, personal bugbear. Anyhoo, unless my PS3, DVD player, laptop and desktop are all dying a death, I think it's the discs. (I'm on 3 discs + unlimited streaming, BTW.)

Someone recommended Ergo Proxy to me. It turned up, didn't make it past title select, so I asked for another. The second disc got 15 mins in and then died. Exasperated, I pulled out the Big Lebowski DVD that came in the same package, and tried that. 4 minutes in, it stuck as well. Went around and tried every player I have - same results. Screw this.

Greg J Preece

"The service needs to ramp up the range of titles it offers as streams"

Damn right, they do. I'm currently canceling my LoveFilm subscription, as I've had three DVDs in a row through the post that haven't worked correctly. Oh sure, the data side of the DVD looks fine, but look closer in the right light and you can tell that the discs have been buffed/polished up, when they should have been put through a proper re-surfacing doodah like they have in some CeX stores. I would have gone onto a stream-only account and saved some cash that way, but the number of titles available on stream compared to DVD is pretty crap, and 95% of the films/series I want to watch aren't on there.

To be honest, given the £15 cost per month, and how cheap DVD/BD box sets are these days, going back to buying will probably work out cheaper for TV stuff.

Ofcom maps out what 'psychics' are allowed to do on TV

Greg J Preece


Why can't they make psychic TV illegal? Because defrauding idiots makes money?

A simple HTML tag will crash 64-bit Windows 7

Greg J Preece

"guess that steve jobs is still trying to keep apple going"

I think there's something you should know...

Greg J Preece

I an *DYING* to find out that it was some underlying hackery on Apple's part, or an API they weren't supposed to be using...

Anti-piracy laws will smash internet, US constitution - legal eagles

Greg J Preece

"Don't vote stupid."?

As opposed to voting for someone whose views you don't agree with because you're the kind of mouth-breathing retard who thinks that anyone not voting along established lines is "wasting their vote"?

Greg J Preece

Not that our lot are any less guilty of throwing draconian laws at the Internet because they don't understand it. That said, if the US did start causing problems with the DNS system and others, it might highlight to the rest of the world how much of the Internet/Web's core infrastructure depends on that nation, leading to the development of a more globally administered alternative. I can't honestly see that as a bad thing.

Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge

Greg J Preece

"Doing an emergency stop on a busy motorway wont be fun."

This is only because arseholes drive too close to the car in front. If all cars were computer controlled, they wouldn't do that, and a car stopping in an emergency would alert the cars around it. Job's a good 'un.

I only say this because planes have exactly those kinds of system - automatic distance and collision warnings and computer-negotiated advice to the pilots on whether to ascend/descend/change underwear.

99% of the time the computer can fly the plane just dandy, but you should always have a meatsack ready in case something goes wrong. Duh.

Five firms to create HD-centric DRM for SD cards

Greg J Preece

Ironically, I just bought a Sony e-reader because I don't want to be linked in with Amazon in that way.

Greg J Preece



Wasn't that supposed to replace this DRM war bullshit?

Cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries

Greg J Preece

Do home routers even keep them?

Greg J Preece

Oh, and routers? WTF are they stealing routers for? What's that gonna tell them? The uPNP settings for Unreal Tournament?

Greg J Preece


Raid the place at midnight, I imagine so they don't have chance to dispose of evidence, but give them 6 months beforehand to delete and destroy whatever they like. Genius!

2011's Best... Games

Greg J Preece

A completely uninspired, unimaginative rundown of the major AAA titles released this year. I know you try to excuse it at the beginning of the article, but it doesn't really work...

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