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Tim Cook: 'So sorry for Apple's crap maps app - try Bing or Nokia'

Greg J Preece

Re: Apple has peaked

The only "substance" my Android-using friends tout is the ability to replace their virtual keyboards with "Swype" and have animated wallpapers. Very impressive, if you don't have a job and work to do.

Funny you should say that. I made sure to get Swype onto my S3 at all costs because I have shit to do...

But then when I'm doing actual worky stuff, the N900 comes out, because for getting said shit done, Maemo still stands tall as king. Let's see you rattle off complex Bash commands on your iPhone.

Greg J Preece

Re: Steve must be turning in his grave

Tim may has well of done, he name checked Nokia.....


Firefox's birthday present to us: Teaching tech titans about DIY upstarts

Greg J Preece

Re: Well, I was waiting for that

I still have a floppy disk with Netscape 0.9c for Windows on it. 900kB, as I recall, so you could get the Trumpet Winsock IP stack on there as well. Out of interest I've just tried "sudo apt-get install firefox" on the Lubuntu machine I'm writing this on. It's a 20MB download and needs 42MB of disk space.

Let's play a game called "spot the past tense". I don't run it from a floppy any more, partly because it no longer fits and partly because I don't use floppy disks any more, genius.

Firefox is still a bloated crawler, taking about four times as long to start as Chrome and using half a gigabyte of RAM just to show the google search page.

Aaaaand I call bullshit. Chrome and FF have similar loading times on my Kubuntu desktop, as well as my Win7 one. And the only way it's going to take 500MB for one page is if you had many other pages open very recently, in which case it still has them cached in case you bring them back, which is a (quite useful) feature of the browser. So sick of this stupid FUD argument, especially on modern machines where it makes no difference. Using RAM != slow and bloated. Get a clue.

Greg J Preece

Re: Revisionism

Oh yes, because this international project only uses English/United States [en-us] unless you manually install an alternative.

They default the language settings to their largest markets? THOSE DEVIOUS BASTARDS! Clearly this is all part of a plot to take down the valiant Opera!

Greg J Preece

Re: Revisionism

Only because the "web cognoscenti" only care about software made in the USofA. Opera, like Nokia, have always been dissed by the ones that make the official histories.

Fuck me, have the Opera fanboys gotten bad enough now that they're calling out racism as the reason no-one uses it?

You know FF is an international project, right?

Greg J Preece

Re: What about starting off with some nice Principles, lad!

^^ What that man said. Mozilla have almost always acted in the best interests of their users, and the web in general. For example, with their sync, you get given the encryption key for your data. And with their software, they value the same things I do: expandable, highly customisable functionality, and an accurate rendering engine. Gecko still kicks the shit out of everything else when it comes to development, and the mobile browser has come leaps and bounds since it debuted.

Not the fastest group, and they have of late occasionally hinted at an inferiority complex, but their attitudes are far more in line with my own than many other similar organisations out there. That's why they're one of the projects I've donated to, and one of the stands I made a beeline for at the MWC in Barca this year.

It's also why I have the Boot2Gecko project checked out on my Linux partition. ;-) Tizen, too.

Greg J Preece

Re: I maybe wrong....

Hmmmm that'd mean you don't use Apples rendering for webpages on iOS devices. I believe you do even if its "firefox" your running the rendering system is still Apples? So much for throwing down those walls.

Have they actually done that yet? I know they refused for years to do that, then recently were um'ing and ah'ing about it.

Greg J Preece

Re: I don't think that word means what you think it does...

It was more like Mozilla browser was forked, optimised and called Phoenix, which later had to be renamed due to a name conflict.

...to Firebird (which is when I came in). Then they had to rename it again. Whoops.

Greg J Preece

Most companies I know (there are exceptions) won't let me have the OSX or Linux version just because I've already paid for the Windows version. Can't see it happening in the mobile world either (though again, there'll be exceptions).

Absolutely true, but there is an interesting exception: games. On Steam, if a game I own comes out for a new platform, I get it automatically. It's never been otherwise. It would be interesting if Valve eventually had that kind of influence on mobile apps. After all, there's a Steam mobile app. Not too much of a stretch to picture a Steam mobile games store that's cross platform.

Greg J Preece

Well, I was waiting for that

Only a matter of time before the Opera lot showed up.

Firefox has always been a bit of a bloater? I used to run it from a floppy disk. No joke.

AMD launches Android app store for Windows PCs

Greg J Preece

Why? Just...why? Why would you want the mobile version of a game or app when the desktop version is infinitely superior? Why would anyone, for example, install the El Reg app pictured when their desktop has a real web browser? Leaving out the argument that mobile games suck ass, I can't think of anything from my mobile that I couldn't install a free, superior version of on my desktop already.

Network boffins say Terabit Ethernet is TOO FAST

Greg J Preece

See that, flying way over your head? That was a clue.

Improve coding, reduce network usage by 20%.

Number of users doubles.

Average media filesize doubles.

Whoops! There goes your utopia.

Nokia lops UK Lumia prices ahead of Win 8 phones

Greg J Preece

I'm interested to see how WP8 goes. WP7 is flawed, but actually quite impressive in several ways, considering who made it. It's attractive IMO, easy to use, and Sonic-needing-a-piss fast. Technically, it's inferior to its contemporaries, but what it does, it does suprisingly well. If they can make up for some of the previous deficiences with 8, it could be interesting.

Greg J Preece


"Fragmentation" - better known as "progress", or "upgrades." Seriously, people don't whinge and bitch about how Ubuntu can upgrade your OS every 6 months...

Linux-based Tizen mobile platform lives!

Greg J Preece

Re: Been following this

And to top it all off, my work phone is an S3. Let's root this bitch!

Greg J Preece

Re: Need Apps

With WebOS being open source now, it's pretty likely that there will be HTML5 -based apps available.

Actually, it's the other way round. HTML5 is being put forward as the primary development language, and they're debating whether the SLP-style Enlightenment APIs will be available. At least, that was the situation the last time I checked in.

Greg J Preece

Been following this

I'm ecstatic that the 2.0-a SDK is out, personally. Aside from this being a spiritual successor to Maemo, which I loved like the runty child I will never have, the 1.0 SDK was 32-bit only, and refused to run in a chroot. Hell, it refused to run on the one 32-bit machine I dug out to try it on.

Seriously, who releases 32-bit only gear any more? I'm looking around the office and I don't think we have a single machine running a 32-bit OS.

This new version? Downloaded it yesterday, and it installed and ran perfectly first time. Finally! I've been wanting to play with this thing since the beginning of the year.

TalkTalk somehow retains most-complained-about-ISP title AGAIN

Greg J Preece

Titan ADSL

Are fantastic for this. Being a relatively tiny ISP, they're much more flexible and willing to listen. The few times I had to call them (turned out Openreach hadn't installed the line properly) they put a note on my account that basically read "this guy knows what he's doing." Never had to go through that "have you tried restarting your computer" bullshit ever again. Then again, I can't remember the last time I had to call them, the connection's so solid. Can't recommend them enough.

Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results

Greg J Preece

Re: Don't worry

Kubuntu is no longer an official spin. :-) Lost funding, but also lost some of Ubuntu's more demented decisions.

Greg J Preece

Never been happier to be a Kubuntu user. :-) Better sling those guys another donation to keep going.

Christian footie match ends in almighty brawl

Greg J Preece

Re: And Lo!

Oi, you, keyboard, now.

Apple iPhone 5 review

Greg J Preece

Yadda yadda, interface is shiny, yadda yadda, mass market, etc, etc...

Did any of you read my original post? The reviewer is claiming that the original was superior on a technical level, which is patently was not. I also admitted that the old smartphones were clunky. WM2003 did indeed have a horrible interface, but none of that changes that it was (and to some extent still is) technically superior to an iPhone.

You can blather about how shiny the interface is as much as you like, but that's not going to make the beginning of this review brown-nosing exercise any more accurate.

Greg J Preece

They were also really clunky. Feature phones had all the slick animations and nice interfaces, Smartphones had none of it. It was the iPhone that added all the nice animations and decent UI to smartphones.

Ah, so you're a magpie.

None of what you've listed makes the phone any smarter, which is the point he and I were contending.

Greg J Preece

Re: It's not about specs!

I like the design and will probably getting one. Samsung et al keep making these screens bigger in the way Gillette keep adding more blades to their razors. That's not innovation!

So you're buying the iPhone 5, which has "bigger screen" listed as one of its new features...

That's not innovation!

Greg J Preece

It astonishes me that people so readily buy into this crap. How can you possibly refer to a phone that debuted without even copy & paste functionality or a 3G connection as some kind of fucking genesis? In fact, it's far more accurate to say that:

"When the iPhone debuted, it did very little of anything that was smart. It was a jumped-up feature phone, lacking almost every feature necessary to be called a smartphone."

Greg J Preece

Time was, smartphones did little that was actually smart. They had front-facing cameras and maybe a touchscreen, but operating systems geared more for a stylus than fingers. It wasn’t until the iPhone landed in 2007 that things changed

Couldn't even get past your opening paragraph. Are you fucking kidding me?

Prior to the iPhone arriving, I had several smartphones. Real ones. They had HSDPA, GPS, bluetooth, "apps", video playback, voice control, video calling, front and rear facing cameras. Basically, everything the iPhone 5 has, just clunkier and slower. If you can seriously write with a straight face that Apple invented the smartphone, you don't know what you're on about.

Is this really the best reviewer you have, El Reg?

W3C reveals plan to finish HTML5 and HTML 5.1

Greg J Preece

Re: I wonder what the DOCTYPE will be

But...but...that would break support for some shitty old browser on a shitty old system somewhere! And we can't have that, can we?

Governments block YouTube over that video

Greg J Preece

Re: Fanatics

The only advantage Europe had over the rest of the world was Christianity.


ADVANTAGE??? What the hell?? You know who Galileo is, right?

Greg J Preece

Re: Fanatics

A rather strange idea, since I cannot see how the Americas or the Pacific could ever have been reached or developed by the scientifically illiterate and backward people that Muslims became while Christendom struggled ever so slowly free of its mental shackles.

You really need to learn some history before saying such stunningly misinformed things. Ignoring the Christian-inspired dark ages completely (though I don't get how you could), you might want to look into the history of, oooh, let's say, Baghdad? The Islamic middle-eastern world was, at one time, a centre of learning.

Greg J Preece

Re: Fanatics

Said corruption is only enabled by Islam

O-ho, I'd love to see how you get to that. I know some people in Africa that might disagree with you.

Apple slip-up slows iOS 6 upgrades

Greg J Preece

Re: ET - iPhone home

I wonder if they'll take (another) prompt from Android and blame it on a "rogue programmer."

Greg J Preece

Wait, wait, wait. So every time an iOS device connects to a network, it calls home first? Am I the only one that's wondering what else that page does?

Sony snoozes over substandard PS Plus service

Greg J Preece

My only minor gripe with the service is savegame storage. 150MB gets eaten quickly. Especially with 10MB+ Skyrim saves.

Check again. The 4.25 firmware release they handed out this month upgrades that to 1GB. :-)

Greg J Preece

Re: Fix the save game fiasco while you are at it!

Seriously? I didn't know that was happening! That's a bloody liberty. Not encountered any myself - are there any notices on the box to say it requires a PS Plus subscription?

Greg J Preece

Re: any more info ?

Same here. Been merrily playing all my freebie games, no worries. Add them all to my download list the day they come out, for future reference.

Wish they'd stop adding things I already own. ;-)

Nintendo Wii U launch and pricing disclosed

Greg J Preece

Re: What I want to know is...

Shame. (I also see that Game Cube games aren't supported.)

Seriously? Why the hell not? The Cube and Wii are practically the same thing underneath.

Greg J Preece

Re: "it's probably even further out of date in terms of hardware than the Wii was at launch"

Greg, you sound like you just want another 360/ps3 style console.

Then you've missed the point in stellar fashion, as confirmed by:

And why do you sound so angry that there's an alternative product rather than 3 very similar ones in different branded boxes?

I'm angry that their previous product barely bloody works, that they don't look after their customers post-sale, that their online service is atrocious, that the Wii U is clearly overpriced considering its technical inferiority, etc. The reasons you're giving stink of a strawman argument, because I don't appear to have said anything remotely like that.

The Wii is crap, its library of games are crap, and I don't want the replacement to do the same. Is there a way that I can say this that you will suddenly magically understand? I want the Wii U to be good, because the Wii wasn't, and they seem to be repeating themselves, which isn't a good sign.

Why should Nintendo fret about trying to get the "hardcore" market back when they can make money from the family friendly market and offer an alternative?

Again, they're the ones trumpeting Mass Effect and CoD. (Seriously, are you people even attempting to understand another viewpoint?) If they want the market back, they have to try harder.

Greg J Preece

Re: "it's probably even further out of date in terms of hardware than the Wii was at launch"

Do you have any understanding of product development?

Do you have any understanding of the gaming market?

They're charging twice as much for this Wii as the previous one (assuming you buy the proper edition). Did you get that? Twice as much. But it is barely on the level of the current consoles in terms of performance, and doesn't have nearly as complete a feature set in terms of media playback/storage. You can buy a PS3 now, which comes with a blu-ray drive, etc out of the box, and it costs less than this thing.

Ignoring price for performance, what happens in another year when the machine is hopelessly outclassed again? One of the big problems with the Wii was that it just couldn't cope with the most popular games. It doesn't matter whether you like those mainstream titles or not (and personally, I'm not a big fan of many of them) - they form the foundation of a console's sales. If the Wii can't handle them, then it loses out in a big way. Why do you think they were trumpeting Mass Effect 3, Call of Duty, etc earlier this year? It's a huge crowd that Nintendo are currently missing, and the faddy crowd they did grab are far more fickle. By the time this thing comes out, even ME3 will be old hat.

If the Wii isn't even in the same generation in terms of hardware, then it can't get the latest cutting-edge games, end of story, and that will hurt it. Whether you like it or not, there's a huge swathe of gamers out there who go cuckoo-for-coco-puffs over the latest graphics.

Actually, while I'm thinking about it, there's another thing I missed from my earlier rant - the online service. The online portion of the Wii was abysmal, even worse than Sony's. I really hope they make massive strides in that area, because they really need to.

Greg J Preece

Re: is that all...?

My Ps3 is 320gb too which is overkill because I don't download games.

You're in the minority.

Nintendo is more open

Bwhahahaha. Ah, that's amusing. Is that why they won't let you move your own save game slots between machines half the time? Though I suppose you really don't need a big hard drive if you're committed to never, ever patching games.

And I like how you switched to the 360 to avoid admitting that the PS3 drive is user-replaceable using many standard SATA drives, and comes with instructions on how to do it, as well as a full backup system.

Greg J Preece

Christ, the fanboys are out in force on this one. Toad, do you actually work for Ninty or something?

Personally, I'm unimpressed (shocker!). The Wii was gimmicky and cheap. This is just gimmicky, and to be honest, it's probably even further out of date in terms of hardware than the Wii was at launch. Wow, it can run Call of Duty properly now? You know that's a DirectX9 game, right? As soon as the new X-box/PS come out this thing will be left bleeding mainstream titles all over again.

The gameplay demos I've seen aren't any more impressive. Someone pointed me at ZombieU yesterday, which looked interesting until about 40 seconds into the trailer. Sure, it looks far more interesting than most Wii games, but then you look closer. An inventory system that takes far longer than most because of all the touchscreen stuff and doesn't pause the game while you're screen flicking. Switching between 1st and 3rd person perspectives. Constantly holding the tablet up at eye level for all the gimmicky shit they've crammed in, like sniper mode, scanner, etc.

(I will concede that RPGs could be friggin' awesome on this thing, but given previous form we're far more likely to get a set of games that constantly interrupt gameplay to show off the console they're running on, which is missing the ICBM-sized point.)

Yeah, yeah, I know what's coming next. "But that's not the point of the Wii, pick up and play, it's for kids, blah blah blah" So we can look forward to another library consisting of 90% shovelware? Joy. Deep, deep joy. My Wii is very rarely played, and even then my library for it consists almost entirely of arcade light gun ports, and GameCube games, which ironically are the best ones. I suppose the entire console was worth it just to have the first really good HOTD game in history, but it's been one long rollercoaster of disappointment for me. I can name 10 worthwhile games for it, 20 if I really think about it, and half of them I would recommend playing on other consoles.

Oh, and here's something I never hear brought up: if we're supporting old Wii controllers, does it support the ones before Motion Plus (you know, the broken ones)? Because that would be a horrible idea. With the Motion Plus being an optional extra, the vast majority of games didn't support it and suffered for it.

We had a Wii for the more family centric titles - then they died off and the Wii usage died off with it.

The Wii died when:

a) the fad wore off

b) Nintendo announced its replacement so far in advance they practically pulled a SEGA. Derp!

Greg J Preece

Re: hmm

Or maybe as it's shared money it's a shared decision....

HTML5 isn't Facebook's 'biggest mistake'

Greg J Preece

The ironic part about his "HTML5 is too slow" attitude is that his native apps are pretty damned sluggish.

Ding dong, the Ping is dead! Apple brings in Facebook for iTunes

Greg J Preece

Oh please Mithras, no. I already get my FB filled up every time some twonk changes track on Spotify. This is the last thing FB needs.

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software

Greg J Preece

Re: So that's UK LTE confirmed

Ten quid extra a month for iLTE if history is anything to go by.

Greg J Preece

Re: Evolutionary

Ah yes the usual "not very exciting changes" post: well just LTE support while keeping the same battery life, larger screen, thinner, lighter and in a now mostly metal body.... oh and a better camera too finally with a good front camera for videochat.

You're missing the point, old bean. These changes aren't that exciting because people on other platforms have had them for donkey's years. I mean, browser sync? Really? That's on my N900, for feck's sake.

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

Greg J Preece

Re: @Greg J Preece - Bit of a pity...

Aaaah, I see where you're coming from now. My apologies, I got the wrong end of that particular stick. I blame Mondays.

Greg J Preece

Re: Whitehall has also allocated £1.5m for new research into suicide prevention.....


Just like that, eh? Wow, if only they had thought to "improve prospects for teenagers." It's just so clear and simple! Why can't we get something that brainless implemented TODAY?

Oh, right, your post is nothing but pisswaffle. Also, our government is big enough, thanks.

Greg J Preece

Re: Bit of a pity...

Having to ask to not be censored is not "opting in", thank you.

Seriously, you're going to have to explain that one. Not even being sarcastic (for once).

"Please don't censor me" != "Please allow me to see the censored content" ?

Finger-free Kinect coming to fondlesome Windows 8

Greg J Preece

This is the only aspect of the Kinect I've ever cared about. For gaming it's rubbish, but I like the idea of using it for PC/TV interaction. Might go pick one up now.

Valve reiterates games hardware gambit

Greg J Preece

Re: It's whatever you're used to.

Really? Ever looked in the options menu of a console game?

No, being a PC gamer I never fiddle with options. (Where's the "rolling eyes" icon when you need it?)

I've tried messing with those settings, but if I make the joysticks fast enough to be anywhere near as responsive as a mouse when turning, then I find it even harder to aim properly, always overshooting the mark.

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