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Apple supremo Tim Cook's pay packet slashed 99% in 2012

Greg J Preece

Re: 99% pay cut

Obvious troll is obvious, but hey, I'm bored. Bored enough to look Jim Whitehurst up on Forbes and read the part where he earned $7,407,214 in 2011 (figures for 2012 aren't there yet).


Windows Firefox stiffs Adobe Flash, plays H.264 YouTube vids

Greg J Preece

Re: Mobile?

What makes you say that? Used it since the beta, and while admittedly the first few versions were a bit slow, these days it's a great browser. Flash got added in, the browser sped up, they redesigned the UI (though personally I liked the old one) and sorted out a number of other issues. It's a luvverly piece of kit.

Greg J Preece

Re: Firefox...TWENTY??

Well, thanks for your valuable input.

Greg J Preece

Re: but the flash video player is STILL better

It's right there in the context menu on my YT HTML5 version...

Greg J Preece

Pragmatism, perhaps, but I wish they'd stuck to their guns. I'm watching YouTube HTML5 in FF on Linux with no issues - works perfectly. Seems to be more stable, too, and I'm not seeing any unusual resource usage.

Valve hauls down The War Z, offers refunds

Greg J Preece

Re: Dead on arrival...

The fact isn't that the game is shit - the fact is the blurb for the game claims a lot of things about the game which simply aren't true.

The blurb provided by the game developer/publisher, and similar to the descriptions on Amazon, Game, and every other retailer? Or do you imagine that all retailers personally write all product descriptions?

It was clearly more fun to poke fun at someones comment than actually doing the small amount of research required.

Poke fun == disagree with? Thanks for the patronising response, but I know how Steam works.

As for GAME, I'm not sure who'd be liable if they sold a game which advertised having things it didn't as most of the staff wouldn't have the means to check ( I worked there for awhile) however we'd prob refund it as faulty.

Exactly like Valve are doing?

Greg J Preece

Speaking of rampant Day Z hackery, check out Team AVO's Day Z vids. They're hilarious.

Greg J Preece

Re: Dead on arrival...

They denied something? Where? It's a bit harsh to go laying all the blame at Valve's feet when they didn't develop the game. Would you blame Game if you'd bought War Z off the shelf and it was shit? I'm thinking back to Sword of the Stars 2 as an example, which was released completely broken; no-one blamed the retailers, FFS.

Windows Vista woes killed MS Pinball

Greg J Preece

Re: Windows has built-in games?

Wow, quite a surprising level of butthurt over an OS-included pinball game...

Step 1. Go to GoG.com

Step 2. Register. Receive Beneath a Steel Sky/Duke Nukem 3D/Ultima IV for free.

Step 3. Buy the Independence War games for $3.

Step 4. Get over yourself.

Greg J Preece

Windows has built-in games?

And people play them? Seriously?

Given the option of Solitaire or something from my Steam collection....Steam wins.

The best smartphones for Christmas

Greg J Preece

Re: Those were the times

Upvote for the N900. Still got mine, still use it for work stuff over the S3. The S3 is a consumer device, in that you can view things on it, and browse things on it, but the minute I want to actually do something the N900 comes out. A task as simple as searching an e-mailed logfile became a tortuous task on the S3, but takes about 5 seconds on the N900.

Greg J Preece

Can't you just rotate it the other way so the soft buttons are at the opposite side to your hand?

You're not seriously trying to say I'm "holding it wrong", are you? ;-)

If I'm holding it one-handed at the bottom, it makes sense to rotate it from there.

I'm not sure why someone down-voted you, you were merely expressing your personal preference, whilst accepting that not everyone feels that same.

People do love that button. Two downvotes so far for "I think soft touch is shit and here is why."

Greg J Preece

Personally, I don’t care for Samsung’s insistence on using a physical home key on its phones but I’m obviously in a minority on that score

Personally I wish they'd take soft-touch buttons and throw them down a well, never to be heard of again. I utterly despise them. Almost every time I rotate my S3 one-handed - to watch a video, for example - one tenth of a micron of skin hits the back button and boom! There goes my content. It's absolutely infuriating, and really speaks to the obsession with crap touch controls at the expense of buttons, which work.

Frack me! UK shale gas bonanza 'bigger than North Sea oil'

Greg J Preece

Re: Get it right next time

Hysterical much? Satirical mucher.

Twice in two days; if you're going to do satire, don't do crap satire.

Greg J Preece

Re: Get it right next time

Putting aside the possibility that fracking will cause massive earth tremors that will destroy all our homes, infrastructure and civilisation

Hysterical much?

Google Maps becomes Apple's most popular app

Greg J Preece

Re: My plumber has an iPhone

iPhone starts at £529 SIM free not £650.

I highlighted something for you. Also, he was talking historically, and so was I, though on reflection I got the currency wrong. It was €650.

Greg J Preece

Re: My plumber has an iPhone

the iPhone brought the smartphone to the masses

By costing £650?

Apple doesn't do "unwashed masses", mate.

Revealed: The Brit-built GRAVITY-powered light that costs $5

Greg J Preece

More western technologies to corrupt their ways of living....

Those western bastards, giving them the ability to fucking see. You're right, we should stop all these evil culture incursions, such as medicine and food. All we're doing is corrupting them!

Incidentally, you're a ringpiece.

FCC urges rethink of aircraft personal-electronics blackout

Greg J Preece

What's wrong with you? You must pull out a device for a poxy 10 hours!

I enjoy keeping my brain stimulated? I'll admit, that's a clear difference between us.

Greg J Preece

Re: @AC

A book too heavy for your puny little boy arms? Stop trying to justify your childish little strop.

Strop? He's moaning about electronics, then watching the in-flight movie, and I'm wondering how. I might also be taking the piss somewhat.

Unless you have an answer for how he can sit on a modern, electronically controlled airliner, watching a digitally recorded film via an electronic device, and have the testicular elephantitis required to call anything he doesn't use a "toy" for them filthy young 'uns...

Or do electronic things scare you, old man?

Greg J Preece

Re: Crash and Burn

I for one always ask anyone I see using a phone in an airplane to turn it off after that experience.

Yes, because '95 phones and Pentiums are IDENTICAL to an Airbus A330.. And I think your understanding of CPU clock speeds may be somewhat flawed...

And there are plenty of examples of airplanes dropping from the sky without explanation to make someone edgy.

No there aren't. It might take longer in some cases than others to figure out why a plane crashed, but most accidents are resolved to a startling degree of accuracy. You might stop paying attention when the crash leaves the newspapers, but the NTSB, etc don't. Most people still think Air France 447 was never resolved, for example. Nonsense.

Turn it off please,.. or I'll have to kill you.. Huh? Yes,.. quite mad.. and dangerous at the slightest provocation... Thank you miss...have a nice flight.

You sound more dangerous than the devices. Dick.

Greg J Preece


You sound like such a moaning old fart I'm tempted to call troll.

They wouldn't think of watching a movie or reading or doing something educational. They desire to be entertained 24/7. That explains electronic toys, Farcebook and social media.

I'd love to know how you're going to watch a movie without an electronic "toy". And I read a lot, from an electronic reader. If my solutions to being bored on a flight are inferior to yours because they're newer, then I suggest you go the whole hog and take an aeroprop to your destination. I'll be waiting for you in the bar at the other end, watching YouTube vids to pass the time.

Greg J Preece

Christ, there's some miserable old farts on here, especially considering it's a tech site. If there's some class of consumer device that brings down planes, it hasn't managed it yet, and if it exists, then leave that class of device banned. Other than that, why assume that "electronic device" refers to "something that will annoy your whingeing arse"?

Everything is electronic these days. I've been harassed before for an eBook reader. It barely uses any power to begin with, but no, can't read for large sections of the flight. That would be dangerous...somehow....somewhere....in some alternate dimension...

If I want to fire up my PSP on a flight, how is that any different to you watching the in-flight movie? And if my PSP or reader is going to bring down the plane, why wouldn't your wristwatch or the headset monitor? I wouldn't be surprised if my own body put out a larger EM field than some of the electronic kit I use.

The fear over EM fields here is exactly the same as the fear over wireless routers in schools; a load of crap perpetuated by people who don't get how stuff works. As for "keep them banned, I'm grumpy", no thanks. You can stare at the back of the seat in front for 10 hours if you like. I'm going to play God of War.

Valve chief confirms Steam-centric console-killing PC

Greg J Preece

Re: Linux is much more stable for gaming than windows

Yeah, sure. For Tuxracer maybe. The rest has to be forced to work with a half-assed Windows emulator.


Pathetic, eh? OK, what frameworks does Windows have for running Mac games?

Never mind that the major game engines are pretty much all Linux compatible from the get-go.


Greg J Preece

Re: final blow for Windows

Your games portfolio must be pretty small. :E

You're only thinking in terms of old software. If they marketed it as a console and got people to develop for it, they'd develop for it as a new platform. I'm pretty certain that the PS3 isn't Windows underneath.

There are thousands of old games that will never get a Mac or Linux port, but if they can encourage major developers to cross-platform the coming games, then in time Windows will become redundant.

Gotta get AMD to fix their drivers first, though. They're horrendous.

Greg J Preece

Re: Just hurry up with the Linux port

Not too fussed about playing on my telly tbh but they need to get working on the Linux port now.

You know that's in beta, right? I'm in it. The client looks identical to the Windows one, the overlay is a million times faster, and it's currently about as stable as Mel Gibson.

Greg J Preece

*Cough* Called it.

Bloody knew it. Ten quid says Half Life 3 is the release title. Been saying this for aaaaages.

Latest Call of Duty sequel shoots past Avatar sales benchmark

Greg J Preece

Re: Why compare apples with oranges?

It's generally done to try and show that video gaming is a legitimate media. As a certain Mr Brooker will often point out, you're allowed to be a film enthusiast, or a literary snob, and people think you're all sophisticated. Discuss how you enjoy the beautiful escapism of Okami, or how immersive the latest FPS is, and people call you a manchild/nerd.

Greg J Preece

Re: Is it sustainable?

Tribes is F2P, I've not spent a penny on it and still manage to hold my own (most games)

I would agree that it's less pay-to-win than most of the F2P games out there, and I did play it for a while. Their pricing is also less insane than others - at launch it was £35 for pretty much all the content, which is much more reasonable (except that the game didn't have a whole lot of actual content - few maps, etc).

It was also the lack of complexity in the gameplay compared with the original Tribes games that put me off, if I'm honest. For example, they kept in all the weapons and armour sets that allow you to base-camp, but removed all the kit that let you defend against that. In the original I could build my own base, mod on the fly, etc, etc. Ascend is a poor imitation, as was Vengeance.

Still, the F2P bait-and-switch is there, if you ask me. I did far better in terms of scoring in the earlier games than in Ascend, and there always seems to be someone with a superior loadout ready to mess you up.

Greg J Preece

Re: Is it sustainable?

There plenty of other FPS games out there that are free to play.

You mean pay-to-win. I got sick of the F2P model ten seconds after it appeared. If you want to have any kind of useful content, or stand a chance against the paid players, you have to pay in, and the total cost is way more than just buying a game outright. To get all the content, you need to pay a frankly infeasible amount of money, and unlocking it through free play is reckoned in some cases to take several decades.

I was excited as hell for Tribes to come back, and I got into the beta. I quickly realised how the F2P model ruined it. Same goes for Planetside 2, which looks really interesting, but at $7 per weapon they can fuck off. Hawken too, looked amazing, right up until they announced it was F2P.

I really hope the F2P business model dies a horrible, painful death. It ruins everything it touches.

Instagram starts filtering out hipster pics on Twitter

Greg J Preece

Re: Misleading headline

Instagram is, in itself, a method of identifying hipsters.

Greg J Preece


The single most pointless service I have ever seen in my entire life. Take photo, make photo look worse to somehow inversely make you look trendy, post to Tw@tter. Appending "inspirational" quotes to show how different and deep you are is optional.

Facebook invites users to vote away voting rights, some privacy

Greg J Preece

Re: Phantom voters are phantom users

In fairness, the dude is just taking cues from the governments around him. How many petitions on the official UK or US government websites have actually been acted on?

Clap Google, Amazon in irons to end tax shenanigans - MPs

Greg J Preece

Here's a notion

Rather than punishing companies for moving their profits out of the country to where taxation rates are less insane, how about making the taxation rates here less insane and encouraging international business in the UK?

Just a thought...

Home Sec: Let us have Snoop Charter or PEOPLE WILL DIE

Greg J Preece
Thumb Up

"On what grounds??"

"It's written on your trunks."

"That says Speedo. My hand was covering the 's'!"

"There's no smoke without fire!"

Sex offender wins case against Facebook vigilantism

Greg J Preece

Re: Sex offenders should be public knowledge

OK, pop quiz. How does this:

They most definitely should post the names and location of sex offenders to protect society who's interest comes before convicted paedophile's "rights".

Work with this:

Vigilanty activities should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Without even reacting to my pet peeve of seeing "rights" in quotation marks, how does publishing names and addresses of convicted criminals assist anything other than vigilantism and persecution? The aim of the justice system is to rehabilitate as well as punish. I'd love to know how that's going to happen when they've got a big marker over their head. You might as well give them armbands to wear.

Greg J Preece

Re: Blight?@ Greg J Preece

Where did the OP state that?

You're right, they merely heavily implied it, on a thread directly discussing it. How could I have ever made the connection? And if your justification for mounting the high horse is : "you swore, so you're wrong, but I'm condescending, so I'm right", then I have bad news: the OP also cursed. I think you need to go back and call them pathetic.

Also, I love the inanity of naming several famous serial killers (who received no leniency), and then talking about how the justice system is too lenient.

The OP was implying that persecution of those convicted should continue after their punishment, which was my actual argument if you'd bothered to read my post before turning your nose up at my language. And that kind of thinking makes me angry enough to use phrases like "fuck off into the sun." Geddit?

Greg J Preece

Re: Tabloid Brains

Oh FFS, are we descending to the level of Have Your Say when people start posting shit poetry?

Greg J Preece

Re: Blight?

As a matter of fact, let's just realize that some crimes should never be forgiven by society. This is one of them.

And that makes vigilante mobs OK? Fuck off. Just, fuck off. Out of the country, off the planet, and preferably into the sun.

We have a justice system because (we pretend) we're not a bunch of savages. They make un-emotive decisions, appropriate punishments, and abstract the entire thing away from the kind of cretins who would approve of mob justice. Once someone has gone through that justice system, it has not got a fucking thing to do with you.

Does anyone remember when the focus of our justice system was rehabilitation and reintegration, rather than the whims of shitheads like this?

Apple ships 'completely redesigned' iTunes 11

Greg J Preece

What's Nightingale then? :-p

Greg J Preece

God, it's ugly. I can't be the only one thinking that, can I? I've spent years wondering how Apple's default selection of greys gets called "beautiful", but when MS do it, it's ugly. For simply playing music, Songbird looks and works better than this, and that's a FOSS Mozzy app!

Bungie talks up 'genre-defining' Destiny shooter

Greg J Preece

Bungie have cited Niven...as inspiration for...Halo

No kidding? I was wondering if they'd ever 'fess up to that whole "Ringworld" thing.

Greg J Preece

Re: But but but....

BF had vehicles first.

I think you misspelt Starsiege: Tribes... Or perhaps Terminator: Future Shock. Either way, Battlefield was nowhere near the first.

Greg J Preece

Uh-huh. A "genre-defining" shooter from Bungie, eh? That's bloody terrifying. The last one was over-hyped, over-marketed mediocrity that set shooters back nearly a decade. We're still suffering from it. I look forward to watching the hype machine spin up well in advance.

Oi, Bungie, how about a sequel to Oni?

Pong creator turns nose up at Nintendo Wii U

Greg J Preece

Re: In the same way Linux runs faster than windows on the same h/w

Yeah, sure. You obviously haven't tried a modern Linux distribution like Ubuntu, other wise you'd have known that such general statements are plain BS.

Actually, I'm thinking the same of you. Every machine I have dual or triple boots, and Linux is always the fastest system by light years. I though Win7 was snappy on my desktop, then I installed Kubuntu, and it's crazy fast.

Greg J Preece

Re: If anything

Just because the PC is 'higher spec' doesn't mean that the game would look better on it than on a console.

Yes and no. You can get more out of dedicated hardware in a console than you could with the same hardware in a PC, yes. The problem is that a modern PC's hardware capabilities often greatly outstrip what is necessary to run the basic OS (and Windows has gotten faster in recent years). If you look at the processor in a 360, it's seriously old hat at this point. Every PC I ever lay hands on is way more powerful. You can stretch that chip as far as you like, but it has a limit.

The other problem is that games are developed to be cross-platform. Games that have to be released on PS3, 360 and PC are hampered because the 360 can't do anything above DirectX 9. (Windows fecking XP!) Dedicated PC games, on the other hand, can ditch the out-of-date graphics libraries, cross-platform abstractions, etc and just go all-out.

Trufax: inFamous 2 was supposed to be a cross-platform release, but Sucker Punch tried it and said "sorry guys, the X-box just can't do this well enough."

Greg J Preece

Re: I disagree

Big money in them thar handhelds.

And as I said, nowhere near as much money as BLOPS2 made in one hour. Besides, did you see the number of projects Rovio released before they made it big? And how many others have made it as far?

Greg J Preece

Re: I disagree

Those who consider themselves serious gamers are now in the minority. The mobile and Wii and Facebook and BigFish and Flash gaming crowd - we'll call them "casual" for simplicity - are a much, much larger market than the codbloppers. Even larger than the Haloites.

Perhaps in terms of numbers, but in terms of money? I can't see Angry Birds doing a $1bn midnight release any time soon.

Greg J Preece

Re: If anything

Try that with a PC and most (note, not ALL) modern games and you'll be lucky if it's even going to work in noddy graphics mode 3 years down the line.

Sorry, got to disagree with you there. There's this odd myth that old PC games don't work on modern systems. That's true with some games (Deus Ex 2 being a prime example), but they're definitely the exceptions to the rule. You can connect to Steam today, download Half Life 1, and it'll work, despite being 14 years old. I've been playing Wing Commander 1 from 1990 on my quad-core Win7 box, no worries.

Apple granted patent for microphone silhouette

Greg J Preece

Patent? Come on now, surely that's a trademark at best?

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