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O2 starts charging for calls to non-places


pac codes on their way

...for two contracts. One of which upgraded in April and the other early August. On the latter there was 17 months left on it! The Blackberry will be kept.

I told them:

That bundled minutes for 08xx numbers was given to me as an adavantage of staying with O2 by the retention department at CPW when I rang to cancel earlier in the year.

I intended to use 08xx to call international service providers to get cheaper rates - brother just moved abroad.

However, they wouldn't cancel unless they found use of these numbers in the last few months, which we had.



Poisonous spiders invade Britain


In my house!

One of these nearly bit me last week. When I walked into my dining room, I saw something in the corner of my eye and it was one of these in the middle of the room suspended by a single strand of silk in mid air.

Eventually it climbed up, but when I moved it went back down again and dropped on the floor.

At this point, it didn't last very long.



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