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Ingres and Red Hat unite to thwart Ellison's Sun love


Ingres Is Way Cooler tha ElCaro (EXPENSIVE)

You're the dumbtatrd - DUMBTARD

We've been using Ingres alongside Oracle for the past 5 years and it is Sooooooooooo much better to install, configure and maintain than Oracle.

Ingres supports the chip that it was built on so if/when thwe OS vendor updates its stack, Ingres don't insisnt that you upgrade to at least 'N-1' version to keep in support.

Ingres ask for a subscription per chip too, so a 6-core chip costs the the same as a 4, 2, or even 1 core chip.

Metalink is a bcatalogue of pain and misery. Just shows how manyu bleading edge bbugs there were BEFORE you found it in you version of Oracle.

Oracle RAC is an expensive too. Doesn't scale anything like Oracle said it would and is a PITA to administer. Ingres' Red Hat Clustering is way cool and much,much cheap/easier to use.

In the new credit crunched world, Ingres is a much better databasae than Oracle.

Or ElCaro to those who know.



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