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Japanese games group to ban twisted 'sex torture' sims


Oh great...

Those statistics aren't even viable. Considering how Japan's society differs from UK, I could put my finger in reported crimes higher. Since most Japanese are shy, they are rarely to go about reporting it with the fact that if they had their pictures shown to the public, it could defile there status. It is just how Japan runs these days and age. I say the radiation did it but whose to know? All in all, it is better to have a game where people can take there fetishes out on than on real people. It is NOT good however to have parents buying such games for their children. Knowing how many parents seem to not care for 17+/M games for kids around the age of 13 or having a sibling do the purchasing at that. All in all, if they didn't like it, they already did ban it from Amazon.com. Leave the wierd stuff in Japan, stay in Japan. In the sense that aslong as it was just only being sold in Japan, I don't see the issue here unless there were a horde of hungry raping US perps looking for some new skills oO;;



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