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Japanese games group to ban twisted 'sex torture' sims

Matt Donovan


The problem is that people that support these kinds of measures are under the delusion that certain fantasies lead to real world results.

They do this whilst blindly denying that other kinds of fantasies do not lead to results.

e.g. supporters of this move believe rape games make people rape (if they don't believe this then what is the problem?)

However at the same time a large number do not believe that violent games where you kill people lead people to want to kill people (whether that's by murdering people on the street or joining the army to murder them for some political ideal)

end of examples.

This "interesting" belief is no different to the extreme porn law foundings, that have less than zero evidence (any evidence in support is easily disclaimed - the only support coming from common sense narrative and prisoner survey) whilst the evidence against is convincing.) Or the notion that strip clubs increased crime (while statistics showed crime decreased in areas of London.) This can be extended to the lolicon debate with zero effort.

This is quite overtly a case of moral outrage against something people view as abhorent, whilst serving no purpose other then to punish the few to inflate a handful of egos.

As to crime rates in Japan all measures (quantative and qualitiative) point to secual offence being far less of a problem in Japan that it is in other modern nations - including my personal experiance of talking to Japanese woman.

Interestingly over the course of today I've decided Japan is an increadibly interesting nation to direct further studies, so once I finish my degree I feel it's a place that has many an interetsting social phenomena to study.

Matt Donovan

@On rape statistics & @@Matt Donovan

and anon

Well yes infact I do -

The ICVS (International Crime Victims Survey) places Japan again close to the bottom of the list for serious sexual assaults. This survey takes anonymous surveys of the population and is an excellent secondary source of data when combined with the police statistics.

It's pretty ignorant to just take a few misc words from google, and believe that it is fact.

The crime victimisation rate in Japan is < 13% compared to the England 22.5% > 24.9%

Matt Donovan

Some more detailed ICVS results

The ICVS makes interesting, and there is in the UK a general downward trend in crime in the UK


I just went through the appendix a

% victimised once or more in the preceding year - Sexual offences


1989 1.1

1992 2.1

2000 2.7


1989 1.0

1992 1.8

2000 1.2

Victims in year preceding: number of offences per 100 inhabitance - Sexual offences


1989 1.2

2000 6.1


1989 2.3

2000 3.1

Details on sub-crimes

Sexual incidents (woman only)

UK doesn't have a 2000 result


Sexual Assault 0.1%

Offensive sexual behaviour 1.1%

Profile of offences % of all incidents



Sexual offences 5%



Sexual offences 7%

However here note that 1) UK reported survey returned 1,136 incidents of crime in the survey and has a large number of car theft (reduced considerably since 1992 though) Theft from car robbery and assaults in comparision to Japan. Japan having between 0 and 10% uk having between 10% and 23%.

No not reporting sexual incidents, common assaults or threats

UK 283 didn't report

Japan 67 didn't report

% crime reported to police Sexual incidents

UK 14%

Japan 11%

Matt Donovan


I'd like to find where there is any evidence that your opinion is a supportable position or are you just trundelling along with a "common sense" narrative?

Just like all "common sense" opinions that say "porn increases rape" "violent sex porn increases violent sex offenses" "lolicon makes peadophiles" they have less supporting evidence then evidence that the earth is flat.

Matt Donovan


Japan Crime


Japan population


Population = 127,288,416

Rapes = 2,357

UK Crime


UK Population


Population = 60,943,912

Rapes = 13,395

Matt Donovan



"The decision follows protests from civil rights campaigners in the US who have been demanding titles like RapePlay be made illegal in Japan. "

So if hardcore muslims get in a stink about woman showing off their legs we should all bow to their pressure - both this is a travesty and you make me sick.

Hey some nations think honour killings are great how about we take on that practive? Others think drinking is a terrible sin how about we have that one too? Female circumsision is pretty popular.

This isn't even a news article it's like some twisted small minded self rightous bs editorial of some worthless elitist that thinks his petty opinions are more important then law and should have hold over a nation that is infinetly nicer then the shit holes that are the US and UK.



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