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Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

Tony Brown
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@Flocke Kroes

Good for you , kep them talking and waste their time....

Although I'm lazier than that. I listen for the first line or two then tell them thats something I'm potentially interested in but need a pen and paper to jot down the details and would they mind handing on...

Pop the phone next to your favorate speaker playing your favorate Shania Twain cd (substitute the cd music for your choice) - and get on with your life. I have a line 2 on my phone so if someone "real" calls, I still get that call.

They will hang up eventually. Probably call back, but hey, more Shania.

Paris? Shania?... got a coin for me to toss?

BT slammed for 'importing' cheap Indian contractors

Tony Brown
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@John Bayly

So would you opt for a BMW with reliability, safety and a great track record... or a cheapo new entry. Thought so


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