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Asking for experience in job ads could land you in hot water

Damian Webber

Another landmark ruling..

In another landmark ruling this week, 37 stone, one-legged, hunchback esmarelda smith was award 2 million pounds by an employment tribunal after a lap dancing club in soho refused to hire her.

The tribunal ruled that the fact she was a big fat ugly cow should have no bearing on her ability to do the job.


15 years ago: the first mass-produced GSM phone

Damian Webber

My phone history

I was a motorbike courier when this phone came out, previously I had what I believe was the first hands free kit in the country. A nokia car phone, black box in the panier, phone mounted on the tank and home wired into a helmet intercom.

Then came the Motorolla portable, you know the one with a battery the size of car one attached underneath and weighed about 20kg

Then came the brick which once fell off the bike at 70mph on the M6 and still worked when I retrieved it unlike todays phone which breaks when you look at it funny (or in the case of my current WM5 device breaks when you turn it on!)

Then this Nokia, which really was the turning point in portable phones, not only do I remember the number I still have it


Sony Ericsson P990i smart phone

Damian Webber

Too Late For This User

I got a P910i when it came out, and it was without doubt the best phone I have ever had.

You reviewed this successor almost a year ago, and I would periodically check sony's website to see if it had come out but it was always 'coming soon'

About 3 months ago my P910i finally died, seeing that the new model was still unavailable I attempted to get a replacement only to be told it had been discontinued, which idiot decided to do this before releasing the new model needs sacking.

A friend had received a razr v3x as a free upgrade which he kindly gave me, but just 1 day later I came to realise how much I had come to depend on my p910i and so off to ebay I went where I sourced a new one.

Then came your review of the HTC TyTn (?) and I knew that was the next phone for me, I pre-ordered with vodafone and true to their word they rang me last week when they released it, and it's a fantastic phone.

So sorry Sony Ericsson, too late for me, and reading this review thank god I was.



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