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Nuisance call boss gets 8-year ban after trying to dodge firms' £700k fines

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His punishment should be to have a phone spam service set just to plague his numbers...

I'm just not sure the computer works here – the energy is all wrong

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Re: Routing turned out to be the issue

Our Hospital CT machines wipe the WiFi out in one of the main corridors when in operation...

Heard the one where the boss calls in an Oracle consultant who couldn't fix the database?

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Re: Email is ever so helpful ...

I once sent an email to the wife ending Regards.

Hell hath no fury...

Ticketmaster tells customer it's not at fault for site's Magecart malware pwnage

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Web designers

From experience most web designers are only interested in making the site pretty with little thought of usability or any understanding of code.

This they will stick any old code in without checking it worked. Many designers I knew used to disable the script error pop up so they wouldn't see the error...

The best one was a site that complained they never got any messages from their contact us page.

I pointed out that the submit button had no script associated with it so iit would never send an email


BOFH: State of a job, eh? Roll the Endless Requests for Further Information protocol

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Our helpdesks specialities

Our help desk has 3 specialities:

1) Answering calls but not logging or telling users to contact us direct. The user then contacts us direct, which they shouldn’t do and then get told to log it with the help desk. At this point we found out they had contacted the help desk.

2) Totally ignoring users emails ( probably deleting them). Normally find out when the user forwards the original request.

3) Logging things which shouldn’t be logged (some seriously stupid non IT stuff).

They have excelled in getting such talented staff.

Despite being 3 levels of hierarchy above them I log more calls than some of their staff...

Support whizz 'fixes' screeching laptop with a single click... by closing 'malware-y' browser tab

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Have you ever fixed a non-problem for a user?

Have you ever fixed a non-problem for a user?

Every F**king Day

Joys of the NHS.

AI can predict the structure of chemical compounds thousands of times faster than quantum chemistry

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19 years since I ran NMR as a post grad. Day to day work was on a 250 MHz and 400 for more specialised work (often used by the supramolecular group).

I can remember Glaxo getting the first 750 MHz machine in the UK

around 94-95.

It was taken out of action for some time after the photographer taking publicity shots got closer than allowed and the magnetic caused their equipment to smash into the machine...

Mac users burned after Nuance drops Dragon speech to text software

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Apple did allow MacOS on non Apple boxes.

Before Jobs came back and secured investment from Microsoft (check the iMac launch event video), Apple kept themselves afloat by flogging the Tanzania motherboard with PPC CPU to beige box firms to make Mac clones.

The Mac magazines at the time recommended them over the Apple ones.... (better price, spec and build quality)

Apple were saved by relaunching as a lifestyle brand

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Re: Apple won't allow it's OS to be run similarly on a Windows machine

But Apple did allow their OS on generic boxes once.

Before Jobs rejoined (and Microsoft invested to help bail them out), Apple kept themselves afloat by selling the Tanzania motherboard to beige box companies to make Mac Clones.

At the time the Mac Mags recommended buying them over the Apple ones.

F5: Don't panic but folks can slip past vulnerable firewall servers, thanks to libssh's credentials-optional 'security'

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Cisco advisory for CVE-2018-10933


Microsoft returns to Valley of Death? Cheap Surface threatens the hardware show

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Very rarely used as a productive device in my experience.

Sort your spending habits out, UK Ministry of Defence told over £20bn black hole

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The other thing with MOD procurement is that many things have to be on an approved list, which takes time and money to get on.

Coupled with MOD SA's homework checkers endlessly rejecting documents for missing a full stop, by the time something is installed it is EOL or obsolete.

Batteries are so heavy, said user. If I take it out, will this thing work?

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My parents did the same thing with Windows 95 on a 486...

PC rebooted every time user flushed the toilet

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When I read the headline, I thought dodgy mascerator pump, so wasn't too far away.

I've seen dodgy motors cause issues with PC's and networking before.

Microsoft officially hangs up on old Skype phones, users fuming

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SIP implementation often isnt standard between Vendors, each having there own variations. Interworking between different systems often leads to missing features and the connection being dumbed down to a wet piece of string.

BA's 'global IT system failure' was due to 'power surge'

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Doesn't add up

One of the things reported on PM on Radio 4 that early on when people scanning boarding passes were getting incorrect destinations on the screen. They reported that someone flying to Sweden got 3 different incorrect destination when the card was scanned.

It was also reported that at least initially BA's phones weren't working at Heathrow but I would have thought they would have had some local survivability in place if the phones couldn't register to the systems at the data centre, with a backup local breakout to PSTN.

My best (albeit poor) guess that it is more likely to be network related. Faulty router(s)?

Printer blown to bits by compressed air

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Air lines

Used airlines in chemistry labs for cleaning keyboards. Used to work quite well....

Avaya files for bankruptcy

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I haven't used Avaya Red for a few years (but I still get called for advice) and it was a great product for Contact Centres with bullet proof reliability. Was never a great fan of the Nortel stuff though.

In the middle of the roll out of CUCM and not impressed, in some ways our retiring ISDX is better....

I haven't thought much of Lync either and unsure of Unify's direction post take-over. I've been doing telecoms long enough to know there is no perfect product out there and I also know it is a dying industry and look at other options.

This bankruptcy has been coming for a while due to the loans / credit coming to an end and needing renegotiating. It's not as final as a UK bankruptcy and several of the US airlines have been in and out of Chapter 11 over the years (I think they all the major ones filed for Chapter 11 after Sept 11).

The difference with Nortel is that they previously had to sell most of their assets after doing an Enron and surviving on credit which disappeared with the financial crisis.

Free Windows 10 could mean the END for Microsoft and the PC biz

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Need more details....

I think we will have to wait to see the extent of the free Windows, will it be limited to certain editions and/or licensing models.

Will you have the ability to register for the update but apply it later? (receiving a key?).

I think their intention is to try and use OneDrive. Office 365, the Store and selling data mined from Cortana (or using it for targeting ads) for at least home users and possibly SME's but I cannot see larger businesses using those services.

For the hardware makers they don't necessarily have to provide working drivers and software for Windows 10 for old kit which generates sales of new printers etc.

Amazon: Time for a new Kindle Fire, this one's sold out

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Not just the Fire but Kindle Touch 3G

The Kindle Touch 3G is currently showing as unavailable and they don't know when it will be back in stock on the Amazon UK site . http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kindle-Touch-Screen-Display-Globally/dp/B005890FOO/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1346401683&sr=1-1

Maybe it's getting an update but it's a relatively recent model.

12 of the best... mice

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Trackman Wheel

The Trackman wheel is fantastic, I use them both at work and at home but they do need cleaning about once per week.

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