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Brits: Give us £1m and we'll build a crack ALIEN-HUNTING TEAM

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Please stop using the word "Boffins". This is not a gutter tabloid and I'm sure most of the readers here could be described as boffins in their own field. It just strengthens the stereotype that scientists are bespectacled weirdos, and is not appropriate for a middle-brow read like The Register.

UK prosecutors, cops ponder new probe into NASA hacker McKinnon

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Re: FFS Leave him alone!

" those that feel self-confessed criminals shouldn't be punished for their illegal acts"

I would think having your life utterly destroyed is punishment enough.

or does that not count because its not "official" punishment ? You need to get out more.

McAfee founder raided in Belize by gang-busting police

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Re: Sounds like America

Judging by the number of downvotes for cybersaur it seems like reg readers are either Mc Afee fans or are missing out on the wider news. The routine killing of dogs by the police is becoming a source of discontent among some groups in the US, as also are the armed raids by swat teams for petty offences. Take a look at http://www.reddit.com/r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut , but be prepared for stories of chihuahua puppies being blasted while they sleep in their dog cage.

Essex police charge BlackBerry user over inciting violent disorder

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So was it

the recipient of the message that ratted on her ? or just casual eavesdropping by the authorities ?

BT bumps up broadband speeds

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BT super fast or super crap

Strange how the other BT story today is about BT throttling p2p and video traffic, and having unfeasibly low download caps. Its making me confused.

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